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Making love to a fuck buddy. The turning point

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Making love to a fuck buddy. The turning pointIt was just a normal night of me being at home alone and horny so I texted a fuck buddy of mine to see if she had anything going on. We?d only hooked up three or four times before and she had already told me she was starting to like me as more than just a late night fuck which I can sort of see why. The first time we met I came over to her place and she wasted no time telling me how excited she was that I was actually interested in meeting her. (I think she?d never been with a black guy) Her profile pics weren?t anything too revealing. They were just pics of a middle aged white woman in regular clothes so I was actually shocked when she met me at the door in jeans and a t shirt only to strip down into lacy black lingerie after she led me to her room. That?s when she started to really get my attention. Her body was somewhere between slim and thick with small breasts even though her nipples were standing fully erect and she had a fairly voluptuous ass. Her face was thin with thin lips, blue eyes and straight blonde hair that was pulled up into a ponytail. She was hot in a weird trailer trash kind of way. Anyway after I got naked she blew me and then I fucked her missionary on the edge of the bed and she came within all of two minutes then a few minutes after that we came together before we got dressed and she told me we need to keep in touch. This continued for a few weeks and every time she saw me her eyes would sparkle and she?d smile then after we were done she would tell me nobody?s ever made her feel so good before. I would always give her the same response, ?I?m glad you liked it but I?m just trying to have some fun.?Fast forward a few weeks and after I sent her a late night ?you up?? text I was once again heading to her place for a quick fuck and dash. When I showed up she was in sweatpants and a t shirt and she told me I was lucky to catch her before bed. I told her she was the one that was lucky and we both got a good laugh as she agreed. The laughing quickly ended when we got to her room and it was all business from there. We both stripped out of our clothes and she turned out the light and opened the blinds. This was the first time she?d ever done this and she asked me if I was ok with it and I assured her I was. Then she giggled and dropped down to her knees to suck my already growing cock. She was a true oral pro. Using her toungue, hand, spit, and throat to please me. Every now and then she would take the whole length down her throat and push her nose against my stomach and look up at me before gagging and gasping for air. As usual it was so hot it made me want to fuck her so bad!I pulled her head away from me and helped her onto her feet and over to the bed where she laid down spread eagle inviting me in. She was always so wet and I never had trouble sliding into her especially with all the spit coating my cock. I started out nice and slow wanted to feel everything inside her while she was grinding her hips with my rhythm. We were both without a doubt enjoying ourselves like we normally did but something was different this time. It?s as if having no light or sound from the tv or stereo and having only the moonlight shining in on us somehow made it more intimate. I could hear the sound of her breathing becoming more and more labored and the sound of her wetness around my cock. The feeling of her skin underneath mine and the touch of her hands was intensified. It was a welcome change from pounding her with the tv turned up or the billboard top 100 blasting from the stereo. This time it was just us. I was almost in a trance taking in the sensation of everything involved and before we knew it I was thrusting into her pussy deep and hard but not fast. Still in a slow rhythm every few seconds. I loved seeing the silhouette of her face moan and gasp every time I shoved my cock inside her. I could feel how tight her hands were grasping my body while I laid on top of her continuing to give her what she wanted. I started to switch between up and down and in and out motions while going fast and then slow again, never allowing her to know which stroke was coming next. I could feel her juices dripping down her inner thighs and all over me. We kept this up for what seemed like forever then she grabbed me tight by the back of my head pulling my face toward hers and between gasps she whispered out, ?Kiss me! Please just kiss me!?.To be honest even though we had already had sex a few times before we never gave each other anything more than a quick kiss on the cheek. In a split second so many thoughts ran through my mind and I didn?t want it to turn into any type of relationship especially since she?d already told me she had some feelings for me but it felt right at the time. I locked my lips with hers and our tongues intertwined while she was moaning from the continuous strokes from my cock. At that moment something changed. Everything was so passionate and she had fully given herself to me as the flood gates to her pussy opened up and she came harder than I?d ever experienced before. Her eyes clenched shut and she let out muffled squeals as I continued to kiss her. Our now sweaty bodies glistening as I continued to explore every crevice of her pussy. She trembled and writhed beneath me with her legs forcibly making a feeble attempt to come together. I moved my hands down near her knees, keeping her spread for me. I wanted to give her everything and make sure she took it.I was in such a passion filled frenzy I nearly came too, pulling out to regain myself just before the point of no return. While she laid there attempting to compose herself I sucked her hard, sweat covered nipples and caressed every part of her body my hands could reach. Then I rolled onto my back and pulled her toward me allowing her to straddle my hard glistening cock and lower herself onto it. She was still a little winded from her last orgasm and only slid up and down on me a few times before she stopped and started grinding back and forth. Normally I?m not a big fan of women doing this but she looked so fucking sexy to me at the time so I clenched my fingers tightly onto her soft plump white ass and guided her hips as I begand to slowly fuck her from below. I matched the rhythm of her hips with my cock giving us both what we had only been a few minutes and already I could feel her pussy starting to pulse again. Her baby blue eyes locked with mine as she whimpered, ?Fuck baby I?m gonna cum again!? . With her juices dripping down my balls and ass crack she tried her best to keep riding me when eventually she collapsed onto my chest gasping for air between moans. Seeing her so satisfied really got me off. Normally I wasn?t that focused on giving her what she wanted but now all of that was different. All my ecstasy wasn?t from the pleasure she was giving me. It was strictly from pleasing her. I wanted to do everything in my power to please her. Nothing else mattered. While she was resting on top of me with my cock still inside her, I rolled over back on top of her and began giving her slow deep strokes while kissing my way up her neck and back to her inviting little lips. Then I wrapped my arms around the backs of her knees and lifted her ass up off the bed ever so slightly so I could deep dick her. I gave her hard deep strokes with my tongue down her throat, silencing her moans and grunts. Everything about the moment felt so right and so amazing. I couldn?t hold back anymore. We were still kissing when I started unloading my seed into her tight hot pussy. She held me in place and kissed me as if she was trying to suck my life out and we continued to kiss each other deeply until every drop of cum had been deposited inside her. I slowly slid out of her and took my lips from hers long enough to roll over and recoup. Without hesitation she leaned across me and started sucking my cock again. I arched my back and moaned aloud while she ensured she got ever drop of juice available. Then she moved up to kiss me on the chest a few times before laying her head on me, exhaling, and saying ?Damn you?re a good fuck! I want this all the time?. I just laughed and tried to dismiss it but truth be told I was afraid because I now wanted the same thing. We fell asleep in each other?s arms until early the next morning. We never dated or had an official relationship after that. But things definitely changed.
09-01-2021, at 01:44 PM

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