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Sub lin and Mistress K

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Sub lin and Mistress KSo my wife is sub lin (though she's more a slut than a sub) and this story is about a hotel party I arranged where she was the party slut and another female was her domme that night. Hotel was in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Have fun reading it.Afraid it?s been awhile since I wrote about any of our sexual adventures, with Lin now being on an amateur site and doing the odd additional adult photo or video opportunities . . . writing the stories has taken a bit of a backseat. But I?ve found a little time and although this particular encounter took place several months ago, I?m going to try and recall it with the assistance of the photos taken that night and memory.Anyone that has read any of our previous encounters knows that most are almost like a little stage show. We have one or more main participants that use sub lin in whatever manner they care, but they should be prepared to do so in front of a small group of others ? who will be involved as how the ones directing the scene decide. I have always been intrigued with the idea of sub lin being put on display and being used by several and just recently came across a website that has similar situations called Public Disgrace. This particular encounter was to take place in our favorite hotel, that has a two room suite arrangement and was to be a female Domme named Mistress K using sub lin in front of a group of four men. We ended up going to pick Mistress K up at her location and bringing her back to the hotel prior to the males showing up so that she could have some time with just the two of us. In fact she decided she wanted to use me as a sub to her and make lin watch, which was fine by me, as long as it was not when the other men were there. So we had a little time prior to play in which she tied my hands behind my back and then used me sexually for her enjoyment, it was a different experience for someone normally in charge. When it came time to get ready for the men attending, the layout of the evening was discussed and Mistress K decided that she would play the part of a schoolgirl (since she had a schoolgirl outfit). She would use lin as a female teacher that had mistreated her in the past, whom she had blindfolded and cuffed with the opportunity to strip, use and humiliate her in front of the men. It was a new and interesting theme and we ran with it.I looked after welcoming the male guests as Mistress K and lin got appropriately dressed, sneaking into the washroom the two gals had a quick tote to help them ease the nerves of their performance. It ended up that we had four men show up, I can?t quite recall how many had been invited ? likely 6 or 7 considering you never get all to show. Of the four, we had played with two of the men before in somewhat similar scenarios ? which certainly helped as they knew what kind of kinky play it would be. Once I had all the men in the room and sitting, I informed Mistress K that she could start her production anytime. She eventually opened the bedroom area door and led sub lin out. Mistress K was dressed smartly in a red plaid skirt, white blouse, nylons and heels with a black face mask on and a black hat to try to hide her appearance to the men. Right behind her was sub lin, being led in by a leash attached to a collar and blindfolded . . . dressed in a black skirt, white blouse, nylons and high heels, plus I knew that underneath all she was wearing was her black cup-less corset. I thought they both looked quite stunning.Mistress K placed sub lin in the middle of the room and began to play her role to a tee. Telling the men how the female she had on the leash had treated her so badly when she was in school and that it was time for ?Teach? to get her due abuse. She called sub lin a slut and told her how she was going to make her perform for the men in the room. Of course sub lin with the blindfold on had who the men were or how many were present. She has always found it arousing to be a bit in the unknown, which the blindfold does and she trusts me to make sure she isn?t placed in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation. Mistress K soon had undone the front of sub lin?s blouse which allowed her 36dd?s to be on display to all the men, who at this time were only allowed to sit and watch the erotic scene unfold. She played with sub lins ample breasts, sucked on them and then proceeded to lift sub lin?s skirt to show the men that her teacher slut had no panties on and told the men what a horny slut her teacher was and deserved to be disciplined. Mistress K pushed the skirt up around sub lin?s waist so that there was no obstructed view for the male spectators, allowing them to easily see her tits, pussy and ass. She then proceeded to finger sub lin?s pussy for the group enjoyment, tormenting her with dirty talk as she did so. She then ordered sub lin to turn around and lean onto the desk that was in the sitting area, exposing sub lin's ass to all the men. Still blindfolded sub lin had no idea that Mistress K had positioned her in this manner because she was about to administer several whacks on lin?s ass by way of a small black paddle. Mistress K kept sub lin in this position for a few minutes, before I mentioned to her that there was a small dressing bench in the bedroom that could be used in a similar fashion. I quickly retrieved the bench and soon Mistress K had positioned sub lin on the floor on her knees bent onto the dressing bench, only inches away from the seated men. Mistress K showcased sub lin?s ass to the men, periodically taking time to paddle it a little more as she continued to verbally degrade sub lin as her teacher slut. I?m not sure why, but I find it very arousing when others place my dear lin in situations somewhat humiliating, calling her derogatory names and displaying her in explicit manners. The strange thing is, that I?m pretty sure lin gets aroused in these situations also. It?s almost as if her reasoning is that ? okay someone is making me do these humbling acts, so I must do them (but secretly I love being made to do them). Thus I usually encourage those that are using sub lin that this type of activities are allowed with limits.After Mistress K had ceased paddling sub lin, she assisted her up to sit on the bench so that she could once again play with lin?s tits. Mistress K finally removed the blindfold from sub lin so that she could see who and how many people she was being entertainment for (I often thought it?d be wild if one of these encounters lin was blindfolded for the entire time, never knowing who used her). With the blindfold removed Mistress K then commanded sub lin to suck on her tits, quickly pulling them out so lin could get her mouth on them. Since Mistress K had finally tired of wearing her black headgear and removed it, the two females were now able to partake in some bi-sex play in front of the men ? kissing, groping each others tits and ect. Then Mistress K directed sub Lin to kneel on the floor with hands behind her back, which made sub lin?s tits stick out even more obviously and allowed the men to see them better. As Mistress K casually talked to the men, sub lin remained in the position of obedience until told to do otherwise. This soon occurred when Mistress K led sub lin on knees over to where the men sat, instructing her to take each man?s cock out and give him oral pleasure. Unfortunately one of our four male participants had to suddenly leave, likely one who?s conscience of being out from the wife got the better of him, so sub lin was led on knees to each of the remaining three men. Mistress K directed her slut teacher to suck each man, at one point reaching up as sub lin was bent over and fingering her from behind. Several times she stood above sub lin leaned over her back and helped guide sub lin?s mouth on to each of the awaiting cocks. Mistress K was obviously savoring the opportunity of being able to make another female obey her every command. Of course at these events, it?s always my job to insure I get good photo memories on camera and insure that the other participant?s identity is kept out of our photos. It?s always quite exciting to look at the photos taken at an event at a later date and have all the erotic memories of the encounter come rushing back.Once Mistress K had made sub lin suck each of the men ? just enough to get them aroused, she felt it was time to put on more of a show for the gents. Making sub lin sit with tits hanging out on the stool for the men to drool over, she directed me to the bedroom area and anxiously inquired ?What you think about me using my strapon with sub lin, I?ve never had the chance to use it yet!?. Of course I responded enthusiastically that I was sure it would be a great idea. So Mistress K rummaged through her bag and pulled the strapon out and had me help her into it. The strapon consisted of a rubber dildo attached to a small harness which a female would pull up around her waist and instantly male available a female with a cock. Once I helped her into her new device to torment sub lin, she pranced back into the sitting room area of the suite and showed off her toy to the men before walking over to where sub lin sat patiently.Mistress K stood next to sub lin and then grabbing her by her hair, guided her mouth down to Mistresses cock ? instructing her to suck the toy and prepare it for use. Of course sub lin did as she was instructed and seemed to get a bit of a thrill out of being made to perform the somewhat humiliating act in front of the male group. I?ve often wondered to what extent sub lin enjoys being used in humiliating scenes ? she has been showcased naked, made to play with herself, allowed others to play with her body, tied and made to do actions and even on occasion been made her get naked in public. Situations that some may find humbling or embarrassing I?ve come to the conclusion that sub lin finds arousing, exciting and thrilling. Therefore after Mistress K had made sub lin suck the dildo in preparation, it was not surprising to then have her instruct sub lin to position herself up on the stool on her hands and knees. Willingly sub lin complied and Mistress K lifted lin?s skirt and prepared to fuck her doggie style from behind with the strapon.After several minutes of solo doggie style fucking, Mistress K directed one of the males to get up and go around to sub lin?s head and make her little slut suck his cock in unison to her fucking her. The lucky fellow chosen was the one with the rather sizable cock head .. Mistress K had commented on the size of his penis head earlier .. so now sub lin was being penetrated doggie style by Mistress K's strapon while taking a real cock in her mouth. Mistress K was truly enjoying this activity as I feverishly tried to get as many great photos of the scene as possible. Eventually the evening progressed into a mini orgy, as Mistress K encouraged the other two remaining men to join in the fun. With all the sexual use that Mistress K had orchestrated sub lin with, it had gotten to the point that she herself had to get involved with the studs. Sub lin was used by all .. while Mistress K picked and choose who she played with. The finale of the night took place when all the males had left but big cock head guy, Mistress K led sub lin into the bedroom and had the lone male lay down so sub lin could once again administer oral pleasure to him. Since the position in which sub lin was performing the blowjob, she had her ass in quite an elevated vulnerable angle ? Mistress K once again went to her bag of tricks. She pulled out a string of Ben wa balls on a string ? then instructed me to insert them into sub lin's anus. Once fully in, I watched/photographed as Mistress K slowly removed them from inside sub lin. Removing her mouth from the cock she had been tending to, sub lin moaned in pleasure as the balls were removed. A new experience had been just given sub lin.We ended up giving Mistress K a ride back to her home and thought there might be future endeavors with her, but unfortunately that was the last experience we had with her.
09-01-2021, at 01:44 PM

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