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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 10

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 10Out of AfrikaA fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B******Chapter 10Chloe was in a constant state of excitement caused by all the exhilarating things that were going on in her life. For one, at 18 years old she was regarded as being an Adult which meant there was little that she was legally not allowed to do and that thought alone thrilled her. In truth she was still emotionally immature racked with all the teenage insecurities that are part of growing up. She was constantly aware that unlike many of her friends she had yet to be actually fucked by a real penis. That didn?t mean that she was still a virgin for her hymen had long been penetrated by the most agreeable set of circumstances. Her mother as head of marketing of Rhino Adult Products had seen to that for she had provided Chloe with so many different sized and shaped vibrators and toys to be ?tested? in her delightful pussy as part of market research over the past couple of years. Chloe felt herself to be a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful open-minded mother and lucky would be the boy who would be first to slip his cock into her for he would find there would be no resistance from her well practiced vagina.Another thing to occupy her mind was that she had recently completed her first year at college and was no longer a wide-eyed freshman so that was an achievement in itself then yesterday, to top off her feelings of joy, after what seemed like years of dedicated training she had just been informed she had been accepted as a Cheerleader for the Rhino-sponsored high school sports teams. She couldn?t wait to tell her parents and knew that her father would be especially pleased given the interest he had always taken in her efforts.If all this wasn?t enough for the nubile teenager to cope with she was dealing with re-establishing her friendships with her dearest cousins Holly and Rachael whose family had come back to live in Hawksville after years of living up-state. Her cousins were such special persons and influences in her life given their past closeness of growing up together and now they were going to be around again. Chloe was thrilled especially where Holly was concerned for she had always felt closer to her more sympathetic, girly older cousin. Rachael had been more of a Tomboy liking more rough and tumble than Chloe appreciated. Holly, on the other hand, had always been the one she liked to have fun with and she had taught Chloe so much before she moved away. Now she was back and it was just all so exciting and her mother shared her joy.Holly was a couple of years older than her cousin and given they shared the same gene pool looked more like sisters. In the early days of growing up they also shared experiences and secrets and it was the older girl who invariably took the lead so it was from her cousin that Chloe learned the delights of masturbation at a very early age. It was Holly who when they played endless games of ?Doctors and Nurses? that showed her that her funny little slit was more than just a hole to let your pee out; that it wasn?t really naughty to touch yourself around there to produce the most delightful feelings; that things like a hairbrush or toothbrush could be used for more than just brushing; that the little bud at the top of the slit was the place to touch with a wet finger if you really wanted to feel nice. Holly was so wise and knew so much and now she was back. Chloe was thrilled and was looking forward to learning more.For Holly the move of her family back to Hawksville wasn?t such a major event given that as a college girl herself she had already made a life away from home. Now in her third year coming home for semester breaks to a different house was no big deal as she had already untied the emotional bonds to the place where she had spent her formative years. When her father had announced that the family was moving back to Hawksville on account of him getting a well-paid managerial job with some electronics company based there her only concern was whether there would be a bedroom for her whenever she did come home. She needed to have no such concerns for her father?s appointment with Rhino Electronics came with a complete package that included a house provided by the company.As an integral part of their expansion plan Rhino had been steadily buying up properties in an agreeable part of town which after refurbishment would be used as company housing for employees who qualified for such a benefit. After a couple of years this policy had resulted in a substantial area of Hawksville?s suburbs being regarded as a ?Rhino-town? given the number of adjacent homes that were now company-owned. Newcomers had no surprise when allocated a house to find that their new neighbour was also an executive working for the generous corporation.So it was with Holly?s parents who had now been in residence for the past three months. They were delighted with the sprawling well-furnished house that sat in its own plot surrounded by lawn and gardens. Although they had been required to furnish some of the rooms themselves they were impressed to find that throughout the house already there were flat-screen TVs and other audio equipments installed in most rooms; an extra perk, said Rhino, to reward our favoured employees. For Gerald, Holly?s father, his job as vice president finance was most rewarding and as time went by he found himself becoming more and more involved in the company culture and had no objections when extra demands were placed upon him by his most persuasive black bosses; they were such nice fellows and in the atmosphere that surrounded them any suggestions were taken on board without question. In a short period he had become the complete company man.Holly had been ?home? for a couple of days and was still a little bemused at the changes that were apparent in her parents behavior. Sally, her mother, had seemingly undergone an epiphany if the change in her behavior and outlook was taken as a measure. Frankly, it was little disturbing to note how her mother had changed from the reserved, very shy woman she once knew to being a much stronger-willed woman who seemed somehow, well, sexier. Her father had also, in her opinion, changed from the focused disciplinarian of her youth to a more compliant person who did as he was bidden without question. They were certainly no longer the reserved, buttoned-up Mom and Pop that she had grown up with. It was all rather strange and seemed like there had been some kind of role-reversal had occured. She later challenged her mother and hinted that ?something didn?t seem right? but she was fobbed off with a mild admonishment that she was being silly and that ?Mom and Pop? were very happy with how things had worked out and she shouldn?t worry. Then there was the thing with her younger sister, Rachael. Holly recognised that Rachael was now at college and still going through the pains of puberty and growing up but she thought it very odd how she had completely embraced wearing clothing that was both vulgar and revealing; a world away from the prim and proper girly dresses that she had always worn before they had moved back to Hawksville. It was all very unsettling she thought and then there was the other strange thing of every new family friend and neighbour to whom she had been introduced was always black. It wasn?t that they were prejudice ? perish the thought ? but everything was a complete turnabout in the way they lived before.Living next door was a family who had, likewise, recently moved in and it was no surprise to learn that the husband was an employee of Rhino and that they were black. They had a daughter of similar age to Rachael and it was at their house where her sister seemed to spend most of her spare time hanging out with her new friend and other black girlfriends. Holly had only been back to her new home less than a day when she answered a call on her old mobile phone and accepted the invite to visit Chloe and to have a good catch-up with her dear cousin. She was looking forward to that and as part of the intended gossipy chat she decided she would discuss her observations. However, the eagerly anticipated visit turned into an almost surreal experience for she found that Family White?s behavior had likewise changed beyond her recognition and, like her own family, the Whites had transformed into something that she couldn?t make out as being anything like the family she remembered from the days of when they were just little girls playing together. There was no problem with the warmth of the welcome and it was almost like old times when they all gathered around the kitchen table and sipped coffee and juice to lubricate their chat. She learned that they now had another ?family member?, Janice?s boss, Oskar, who lodged with them when he wasn?t away on his frequent business trips and what a fun guy he was; other family developments were discussed; local gossip shared; tips given for living in Hawksville. There was hardly a break in the conversation and a couple of hours just flew by as they caught up with each other?s news. However, all the while they were talking Holly observed that, just like her own mother Auntie Simone was now equally bossy especially when interacting with Ian, her Uncle. Ian, she noted, seemed to be quite content to be ordered around and seemed almost like a puppy looking for approval as he reacted to frequent requests from Simone. Then there was Chloe who had grown into such a stunning young lady who seemed wise beyond her years.The kitchen chat came to an end when Simone announced she had some errands to run and that Ian would be driving her. That was the signal for everyone to get up from their seats and to embrace each other accompanied with the sincere hopes they would be seeing much more of each other now that, once again, they were living in the same town.The parents departed and Holly made to leave herself but Chloe pouted and said, ?Oh no, don?t go. You haven?t looked around the house and we?ve still haven?t finished gossiping and anyway I?ve got so much new stuff to show you. Come on upstairs to my bedroom...?Holly followed her as they climbed the stairs admiring the pert rounded bum that strained against her short denim shorts. They turned down the passage and the extent of the tour was Chloe pointing firstly at the door of her parent?s bedroom and then pointing at the next bedroom door and saying with a giggle, ?? and that?s Oskar?s room...? adding enigmatically, ?? there?s a connecting door between them.? Holly pondered on what that was supposed to mean as they continued their way into Chloe?s very girlie bedroom. She was still musing about her last remark when without warning Chloe spun around and gathered her in her arms and gave her an impassioned embrace. Holly was quite taken aback ? but only for a moment and she melted as the embrace was followed by an equally passionate kiss that seemed to last forever.Chloe was almost in a state of collapse as they broke apart but managed to sob out, ?Oh Holly, I?m so pleased to see you again; I?ve missed you so much.? She had tears in her eyes as she said it; tears of happiness.Holly was stunned. She had also harboured unspoken regrets but never thought that her cousin had felt so ardently about their parting. She gathered her thoughts and returned the embrace but a gentler one this time. They stood holding each other and Holly became aware of Chloe?s nipples pressing like hard little thimbles into her own chest. She eased away and slid her hands up under her younger cousin?s crop top and discovered that not only was she wearing no bra but that the pert bare tits were indeed very aroused indeed. ?Chloe, whatever are you thinking?? she said with mocked sternness.Chloe said, ?I told you that I missed you and now I want to show you the reason why.? With that she pulled her top over her head fully exposing her lovely young breasts which were each tipped with a rigid little pink nipple that looked just like delicious marshmallows. ?I?ve cried myself to sleep so many times over the past few years thinking about all the fun we used to share together; how we used to make each other feel so good; all those naughty things we did in our bedrooms when I was growing up. When you went away I thought I?d died; when I heard you were coming back I felt like I?d gone to heaven especially when I let myself believe we might do some of those things again.?Holly smiled at the outburst and she also licked her lips as she surveyed the sight that fed her hungry eyes. She, like Chloe, had many fond memories of the fun they had enjoyed together and to see those firm young tits being presented for ?inspection? was a sharp reminder of those happy times. She reached out and cupped the soft globes and giving her another kiss said, ?Let?s do it again.?The two girls quickly stripped off their clothes and lay down on the Queen-size bed and straightaway rolled to face each other and embrace once more. Holly pulled Chloe firmly toward her so that their breasts were squashed together. She reached behind her cousin and felt the softness of her firm bum. Chloe pushed her hand between then and with outstretched fingers scrabbled to seek out the source of heat that was emanating from Holly?s cunt. She was gratified when a finger successfully slipped inside a very wet slit and to hear Holly squeal with delight at the invasion. The older girl thought, ?Oh my, this IS just like old times ?? as she felt the digit wiggle inside her. She threw a leg over Chloe?s and began to finger fuck her while at the same time she rubbed her fuzz covered pussy against her cousin?s thigh. It became all too much stimulation for the over-sexed pair and within minutes they were both crying out in ecstasy as the first of their orgasms flooded over them. It was Chloe who, once she had regained her breath, spoke first. ?Oh my gosh, that was wonderful. Phew, let me get my mind back in gear and then maybe we can try something else.? Holly looked at her quizzically, ?What do mean something else??Chloe reached over and opened her bedside cabinet drawer to reveal a collection of sex toys. Holly?s eyes opened wide at the recognition of what she was seeing. There were dildos and vibrators of various sizes; some long; some fat; some with comical looking bulbous knob ends. She rummaged around and pulled out a string of beads and then found, and put to one side, a butt plug that looked as if it really would hurt. There was such a variety but all had the common feature of being black in colour. ?Where in the world did you get these from; does your mother even know??Chloe laughed and explained that not only did she know but it was her mother who had actually provided them with the instruction to try them out and report back on their effectiveness. She further explained that her mother was a marketing manager or something with Rhino and part of her job was to promote the sales of their line of adult toys. She ?employed? Chloe as a willing tester.Holly was gob-smacked as she tried to absorb this information and struggled equate this sexually open family that now populated this house with the straight-laced one that she had previously known to have lived there!Chloe went on and said that her mother was always bringing home cool stuff as part of her job and they even had TVs all around the house that had come from Rhino. Holly looked up and saw for the first time a flat-screen monitor mounted on the wall. ?Wow, that looks just like the one I?ve got in my bedroom in our new house. I guess my Dad must have a similar deal.?Chloe smiled and said that Rhino must be a great company to work for and since her Mum had been with them their lives just seemed to have turned around but,? she quickly added, ? in a good way. Let me show you how good,? and with that she selected her favourite black vibrator that, not known to Holly, looked very similar to the cock of Oskar, her Mum?s Boss. She switched it on and it emitted a soft purring that very nearly overrode a similar purr that began to radiate from the direction of the TV. ?You?ll like the feel of this,? she said to Holly who obediently lay back and opened her legs.?Just as much as I will the sight of it,? whispered the technician to himself back in the support centre as he adjusted the levels on his recording equipment.******It was late afternoon when Holly drove away from the White house feeling very satisfied from the pleasures of her visit with Chloe who she could see waving her goodbyes in her rear-view mirror. She had a smile on her face that she could not erase thinking that any future trips she now made from college would be something to look forward to rather than previous when her ?coming home? was regarded as more of a duty. Such were the thoughts swirling through her head as she drove into town to do a little shopping of her own. She was not there long before driving the few blocks along familiar streets to her new address.She parked on the drive alongside her parent?s cars and went into the sprawling single storey ranch-style house. She called out a hello as she shut the door behind her but getting no response assumed that they must be out taking a walk or maybe tending the garden or some other such chores. She carried her purchases toward her bedroom at the back of the house but was soon disabused of the idea that she was alone in the house for as she passed by her parent?s bedroom door she could hear noises, strange noises that could only be generated by someone having sex. ?Oh my God,? she thought, ?surely not; not my parents who had never acknowledged since she was capable of knowing about such things that they indulged in such rude activities; not my prudish parents who to her knowledge only ever readied themselves for bed and sleep with lights out; not my parents who never ever got around to explaining the mechanism of how she had been conceived.? The bedroom door was slightly open and with her curiosity at fever-pitch she crept forward to stealthily position herself so that she could peer at the scene inside. From her position she caught sight of the edge of the bed and her expectation was, however unlikely, that she would see something of a sheet-covered ?Mom and Pop? humping on the bed. The only fact that fitted her expectation was that it was indeed her mother who was on the bed but she was neither covered by a sheet nor was it her father who was causing her to grunt and scream like a cheap whore, no, it look as if it was the black next door neighbour who was thrusting his rigid cock back and forth into what was clearly a very willing cunt. Holly clasped her hand over her mouth to suppress her gasp and fought a feeling that she was going to be sick. With her heart thumping in her chest she stumbled away from the door and leaned back against the wall. ?Oh my God; what the ??!? She was lost for words or comprehensive thought as she struggled to gain the breath that had been driven from her by the shock of what she had just glimpsed. In the background the noises went on and she felt compelled to take another look, if only to deny what she was hoping was not true. She returned to the door and again took up position steeling herself for what she was about to observe. The scene inside the room hadn?t changed much and she took time to focus on the action and the details. Yes, it was clearly the man from next door; Oh Dear God, yes, it was her mother who was urging him to fuck her and to fuck her hard as she lay naked, spread-eagled beneath him. From her viewpoint Holly could hear the squelching sound that accompanied each thrust of the obscene looking big, fat black penis into her mother?s hairy vagina and the slap as his balls smacked against her upturned butt. They seemed to be almost singing a chorus as they exchanged lewd comments to each other to accompany the violent fucking he was giving her. Once again Holly felt a mixture of dizziness and nausea begin to wash over her and she turned her head away thinking, ?This is unbelievable. Does my Dad know about this?? Gaining her composure once more she turned back again to take another look and her unspoken question was quickly answered. As she softly pushed the door a little wider to reveal to her view all of the bed she saw that her father was kneeling at its side. That wasn?t the full extent of her shock and amazement for she quickly realized he was clad in what looked like a Baby Doll nightie and she could see through her tear-filled eyes that his cock was contained within some weird looking cage-like contraption. Around his neck was what looked to be a dog-collar and on his face an expression of adoration as he murmured encouragements to the rutting pair on the bed. She staggered away in shock and stifled a sob, ?Could this get any worse?? she thought. Well actually, yes, if Holly had stopped a little while longer she would have seen the black husband?s smiling wife sitting in a chair behind her father with her dress pulled high up to her waist and her legs spread apart. In one hand she held a dog leash that was attached to Gerald?s collar; her other hand was stroking up and down her gaping pussy as she masturbated in phase with the couple noisily fucking on the bed!Holly felt that she must entered into some kind of outlandish bad dream. This could not be happening; she must be hallucinating; surely she would soon wake up and be reunited with the family that she had left in the house a few hours before. She crept along the hallway towards the sanctuary of her bedroom leaving the a****listic grunts behind her. As she passed by her sister?s bedroom door it was to have her nightmare compounded for through the open door she saw her sister and her black friend both naked with their legs scissored and between them a black double-ended dildo with which they were very expertly fucking each other. Rachael looked up as she passed by and gave her a cheery wave. Holly did not return it but fled to the safety of her room.She closed the door behind her and leaned back against it as if to further shut out the sights and sounds that she had just witnessed. She could just make no sense of it at all; what kind of household had she returned to? This wasn?t the safe, happy little world that she knew. What was going on; what was to become of her; what should she do? As she tried to settle her thoughts and confusion she slowly became aware of a throbbing, low humming inside her head. At first she thought that she was having some kind of nervous reaction to the surreal scenes she had just witnessed for it felt as if she was developing a headache but then the flicker of the TV screen caught her eye and she realized that the humming wasn?t inside her head but rather it was emanating from the TV itself. As soon as she came to that conclusion she was overwhelmed with a sense of calm and the images and thoughts that had been swirling around inside her tortured brain began to fade. She felt a compulsion to go and sit on the end of her bed and to stare at the TV which was now beginning to display a kaleidoscope of colours and changing shapes. She leaned back on her elbows and responding to an almost inaudible command she settled and began to enjoy the display which she found such a restful tonic and a perfect antidote to her recent turmoil. She slipped into a complete trance and found herself listening to a soothing voice which shared with her a number of suggestions. She was told that black men were irresistible to white women. She pondered a while and then nodded her agreement. She was instructed that white men were inferior in almost every way and that she should avoid giving them any encouragement especially in sexual matters. She nodded her acceptance at this suggestion. She heard that it was the duty of white women to subjugate themselves to the superior black race whether male or female; she smiled at the idea and mouthed her approval toward the unseen tutor. All the while that the soft voice was whispering to her the screen was displaying a slideshow that graphically reflected the words that she was hearing. She stared at an ever-changing vista of black cocks being attended to by white hands, mouths and cunts. Interwoven with the pictures were short video clips that showed even more effectively how easily a fat black cock was accommodated by a willing, welcoming white wet pussy. It was a show of the utmost depravity and the longer it ran and the more the voice spoke to her so the sleepier she became. Eventually she could take no more and she collapsed back onto the bed and closed her eyes. It wasn?t clear if she actually fell asleep but what was certain was that she was now totally convinced that the recent scenes she had witnessed were quite a normal thing and quite acceptable way of enjoying oneself and passing the time. She robotically undressed and got into bed and slipped into the deepest sleep she had ever known.******The following morning she awoke bathed in the soft glow of the TV screen and to the smell of coffee wafting up from the kitchen downstairs. As she stretched and emerged from her deep satisfying sleep a lot of very disturbing images started to replay through her mind. She was unsure if she was recalling a dream or whether the pictures going through her head might actually be something she had recently seen. What was certain was she began to feel a mounting excitement that perhaps those events might have happened and, more significantly, was surprised at her acceptance and that she was not shocked or distressed at those thoughts. The duty technician back at Rhino?s support centre had no such doubts for he was witnessing a person who had been successfully ?treated? and could now be regarded as a willing participant and contributor to Rhino?s grand plan. He updated her file.Holly pulled on a robe and went downstairs to find the source of the delicious smell. Her mother looked up as she entered the kitchen, ?Hi Sleepyhead; finally you?re awake. I didn?t like to wake you earlier as I?m guessing you must have had a busy day yesterday.? She poured out a cup of coffee and continued saying nonchalantly, ?Saw you come in last night but didn?t want to disturb you as I could see you were looking to go to bed.?Holly?s mouth dropped as she heard this. ?Saw me ? didn?t want to disturb ? off to bed? whatever is she talking about? She was tempted to say, ?For crying out loud mother I saw you being fucked by a black man while my father looked on and you think that?s normal?? but she didn?t for something nagging in the back of her mind told her that it really wasn?t any of her business what her parents got up to and, anyway, she now beginning to feel a little bit regretful that she hadn?t lingered a little longer and maybe got involved. The moment passed and she gratefully accepted the cup being proffered.?Rachael and me are going shopping this morning; do want come? The Rhino store in town is having a blue flag day and I hear there are some real bargains to be picked up.??Yeah, OK. Sounds good, I need some new summer clothes and I really ought to get a new phone. This one of mine is ancient and the battery keeps running down which tells me it?s time to say goodbye.?Sally nodded, ?Good, I?ll go and get your sister up and send her friend home then we can get going,? and with that she left the kitchen. Holly sat sipping her coffee and looked forward to the shopping trip. She felt really good inside and thought that maybe contrary to the expectations she held before she came home that maybe her summer holiday at home with her folks was not going to the trial and strain that she had previously been contemplating.The girls drove into town and parked up in the Mall car park. It was another example of the positive influence of Rhino coming to town had produced for the new shopping complex had been financed by them primarily so that they could open what was to be their flagship store selling all kinds of electronics and domestic goods. Located discretely at one end of the complex was an outlet for their ?Adult? goods which included a women?s clothing section that had proved to be a very popular ?must-go-to? shop for the ladies in town. With grocery and food outlets plus a cinema complex the Mall was really all the citizens of Hawksville required and they were most grateful towards Rhino for its provision.Their first stop was the store where Holly hoped to get rid of her old phone in exchange for a new Rhino Mobile. The black salesman was most attentive and understood her needs completely. He suggested a particular model and then when he learned that her father was a Rhino employee he gave her an even greater discount than the blue flag was applying. Holly was charmed and even more impressed when he insisted on helping to set up the new mobile account. There was no doubt that the process was a little involved but after a few minutes the attractive chap had the phone up and running. She couldn?t suppress a smile of gratitude as she held the glowing screen to her ear and listened to the welcoming message. ?What a nice start to the day,? she thought.?What a nice looking slut,? thought the salesman as he tapped a few commands into his sales terminal.?Thank you so much,? she said as she left the store clasping her phone. ?See you later.?The salesman returned her wave and thought, ?I know you will!?She found her mother and sister finishing up grocery shopping and when they had paid up helped carry the food to the car. Once everything was stowed they went to the Adult store and without any hesitation entered the Aladdin?s Cave of treasure and pleasure. The store front belied the size and the extent of the store within and inside were separate departments catering for all manner of goods. The main retail area just inside the door was devoted as an area where toys and ?aids? could be found. As expected there were dildos and vibrators of every shape and size on the racks. Most of them, especially the large size, were made from black materials; if a customer preferred something smaller then they could only be found in white or pink. For the more adventurous and imaginative customer there was a wide array of floggers, paddles, handcuffs and cock restraint cages to be found. The only common feature to the goods was that they all were embellished with the Rhino logo which long-standing customers had come to recognize as denoting them as being top quality.To the left of this retail section was a doorway which took customers through to ?Media and Entertainment Central?. There could be found a vast selection of books, magazines and Rhino-produced videos and DVDs. A lot of the videos were compilations of the recordings that had been clandestinely gathered over the few years by the Support Centre and were predominately interracially themed. They had been expertly edited and although close examination may have revealed that the subjects were mainly local inhabitants nobody had yet made any mention of any resemblances. They were a very popular seller. Alongside the wall was ranged a series of comfortable booths which had both monitors for viewing any intended purchases and in the interior walls were large circular holes positioned just below waist height. This feature proved popular with both sexes and complimentary packets of tissues were on hand.However, none of this was of current interest to Holly, her mother or sister; they were visiting the store for the clothing section located on the opposite side of the store. Sally and Rachael seemed to be very conversant with the layout and knowing what Holly was seeking they steered her towards the racks of summery dresses. The choice was almost overwhelming in its range and styles; Holly was delighted and could have spent hours making a choice. However, she had been particularly smitten by a halter-neck dress that she had seen hanging in her mother?s closet and she was determined to buy something similar. Previously she would have considered such a style as being too slutty given the short hemline and the deep cleavage of the neckline but now having seen a lot of women in town wearing such dresses she had to agree that to show off one?s ?assets? in such a brazen manner was both exciting and, well, empowering. They spent a while helping with her choice and eventually a yellow number was decided upon that they all agreed would show off her breasts to best advantage and was short enough that she only had to slightly bend forward to show off her panties, ?If you should be wearing any, that is,? said Rachael. They all laughed at that.She took the dress toward the check-out and on the way they lingered as they passed through the lingerie and nightwear section. They could not stop themselves from examining the flimsy looking garments that were arrayed on the shelves, racks and on a few mannequins. Silky French Knickers; lacy half-cup bras; corsets; bustiers; suspender belts and every erotically charged item of female underwear could be found. One mannequin had been garbed with a pair of crotchless panties and even the worldly wise Sally was moved to remark that to have the model exposing a very realistic looking pussy beneath was a real shock.As they stood in line waiting to pay Holly whispered to her mother that some of the underwear and clothing sizes they?d seen seemed to be rather large and that she couldn?t imagine that there were many ladies around who would be suitable candidates. Sally smiled, ?You silly, they?re sized for wives to buy to fit their husbands.? Holly recalled her father had been wearing a Baby Doll nightie and it all became clear.She reached the head of the line and proffered her credit card. As the clerk totalled up and packaged her purchases he drew her attention to the bulletin board alongside the cash-point. She was both amused and intrigued to read small ads of a most explicit nature advertising for couples looking for others to share their interests There were others, mostly posted by single black guys, offering to provide to females the sexual excitement they may be missing. She took a moment and used her new phone to note down a few of the numbers before they returned home.All-in-all it had been a most successful and satisfactory shopping trip and she was glad to get back to the house and kick off her shoes. They settled themselves on the sofa and shared coffee and took a look at their purchases whilst in the background Uncle Gerald was busily fussing around vacuuming, dusting, polishing as part of his daily ritual of carrying out a set of household tasks. Sally caught Holly?s expression and said, ?Oh don?t worry about him. He enjoys doing it ... ,? adding a little sinisterly? ...anyway, he knows better than to object.? Holly mused on what that was supposed to mean but said nothing instead she steered the conversation back to the examination of the packages. She unwrapped her new dress and held it against her and all three of them cooed and made complimentary comments of how lovely, how sexy, how the colour suited her, etc. She stood up and quickly took off her jeans and top and slipped the dress over her head. Rachael giggled, ?It?s no longer than a long Tee shirt; how cool is that? Turn around. Ha, I can see your butt cheeks, you Slut!? Holly blushed at the joke but as she smoothed and adjusted the fabric over the swell of her breasts and shook out the folds and creases she felt excited to think that might be reaction that she might attract whenever she wore it. Indeed, the exposure to all things sexual at the adult store had left her feeling distinctly horny. Goodness, she thought, what a change in her way of thinking over the last 24 hours. She shook her head to try and lose the thought and asked brightly, ?What?s happening then; have we got anything planned for this evening??Sally answered, ?Nothing special. Your Dad is on a ?boys? night out? with your Uncle Ian. Saturday is their weekly Boy Scouts meeting down at the Church Hall. Uncle Ian is the troop?s scout leader and your Dad has volunteered to help out.? Holly made some indifferent response for after what she saw last night she wasn?t really interested in what her wimpy father got up to.Her mother dismissed Gerald and his arrangements from her mind and continued, ?I thought us girls could have a take-out delivered and we can just spend the evening on the sofa with a good movie. What do you fancy, Chinese; Indian; Pizza? We got a great choice now in town. You name it; Your call.?Just then Rachael?s phone gave a chirrup signalling she had been sent a text message. She took her phone from her back pocket, looked at the message and said, ?Excuse me, gotta run.? With that she got up and disappeared down the hallway to her bedroom leaving Holly and her mother to muse what might have caused her to want to leave them.?Err, Pizza sounds a nice idea,? said Holly at the same time as they heard the faint strains of music coming from the direction of her sister?s bedroom.Sally got off the sofa and announced she needed to go and freshen up and maybe have a little lie-down to help recover from the exertions of their shopping trip. In fact she was keen to get to the privacy of her own bedroom so that she could closer examine the new toys she had bought at the Adult store. Gerald heard her and smirked, ?That sounds like a good idea. I?ll come with you.?Holly watched them go and turned her attention back to coffee and her new dress. Both in their own way gave her comfort. However, she could only take so much of her own company and she decided that maybe she should also go and sort things out in her own bedroom. She followed their path down the passageway and as she approached Rachael?s room the sound of music grew louder through the door that was not properly closed. Thinking on what she had stumbled upon the previous night she began to walk more stealthily in anticipation that there might be something to see; she was not disappointed for sitting cross-legged on the floor was Rachael clad in only her flimsy red underwear staring at the wall-mounted TV from where the strange sounding music was being softly broadcast. It was a song by an unknown artist that Holly had never heard before. Likewise, Rachael had never heard of it either but she had tuned in because that?s what her text message had told her to do. Holly leaned against the doorframe trying not to disturb or make noise. She needn?t have worried about attraction attention for Rachael was already deep in a trance and only had eyes for the TV. The music began to swell and as if on command Rachael unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her little breasts now unfettered stuck out proudly tipped by stiff nipples. She then cupped her small tits in her hands and Holly held her breath as she watched her sister begin to pinch and roll the little nubbins between her thumbs and fingers. There was no doubt that the treatment was having the desired effect for she started to groan and sigh as pleasurable sensations began to flush over her young body. Holly held her breath at the erotic sight and was grateful that she was still wearing her short dress for she had no problem when she dropped her hand to touch her own pantie-covered pussy and to give herself some much needed attention.The music continued but neither girl was actually paying much attention. Rachael got to her knees and deftly slipped off her red thong which, in truth, had been ineffectively covering her shaven pussy. She settled back to sit on her heels with her legs spread and began to masturbate herself in time to the rhythm of the music. Her hands alternated between squeezing and caressing her tiny tits or stroking her fingers up and down what was obviously a very slippery slit. Holly thought it was a delicious sight and involuntarily began to emulate what her sister was doing to herself. The music became louder and the tempo began to increase causing both girls to follow suit and feel the need to properly finger-fuck themselves. Rachael?s cries became louder as her orgasm began to build and as the music reached its crescendo so did she. Holly was not far behind and biting her lip to suppress her own cries of passion she groaned out her own climax as she felt her juices squirt over her hand and fingers which were buried inside her sopping vagina.She opened her eyes and glanced inside the room to see Rachael prone on the floor with her eyes firmly shut and her chest heaving as she gathered her breath. The TV was silent other than the familiar, comforting hum that denoted it was in standby mode. (There was no such thing as ?standby? with a Rhino TV; it was designed to be always ?on?. The technician back at the support centre depended upon it!) She gathered her own breath and was about to resume her journey to her own bedroom when she was distracted by a call behind her. She turned and saw Sally peering round the doorway of her bedroom, ?Hey, now you?ve finished looking at your sister why don?t you come here; I?ve got something to show you.?She did as bidden and retraced her steps back to her parent?s bedroom. The d****s were drawn casting a shadow over the room but there was sufficient light for her to see at least two things. One, that her naked mother was wearing a strap-on penis that was bobbing obscenely in front of her; two, that her naked father was laying on his stomach on their bed.In any other situation or time Holly would have been shocked and her reaction would have been to faint from shock or, at the very least, run from the room. She did neither for the soft humming that had been heard from her sister?s TV was being echoed by the TV in her parent?s room and, she hadn?t realised, from the new phone in her pocket; the hum was telling her that everything was normal and she should just chill out and enjoy what her mother was about to show her.Sally took her daughter?s hand and led her to a chair that was strategically placed at the end of the bed. ?Sit there sweetie, I don?t want you to miss a thing. I bought Daddy a present today. It?s something he?s been asking for a while now and I am just about to give it to him.?Holly sat down as directed not quite totally bemused but certainly a little concerned and apprehensive about what she suspected she was going to witness. However, the humming surrounding her and the words that kept whispering in her head convinced her there was nothing to be anxious about and told her that she should just sit back and enjoy the show. She watched as her mother moved to position herself behind the supine form of her husband. She held the monstrous black rubber cock in one hand and in the other had a tube of lubricating jelly.?Spread your cheeks Honey I?ll just squirt some of this gel on you.?Gerald did as he was bidden and as he did so Holly saw a glint, a reflection of light, twinkling from the metal cage that was clamped around his cock and testicles. Even from her angle she could see his swollen cock was straining inside the chromium cage. He gave a start as Sally applied the cold gel and smoothed it along the crack of his arse and then Holly?s view was denied as her mother moved closer and, she presumed, aligned the strap-on cock with the crinkled hole that was his anus.He gave an odd little squeak as she thrust her hips forward and then exhaled his breath as Holly made an assumption that his arse was now being violated by his mother in the most depraved fashion. Sally moved a little closer, a little more forcefully and then with a firm shove entered fully into him. He cried out with what sounded initially as a cry of pain but Sally ignored his pleas and began to thrust in and out in the manner of a male fucking a female?s cunt. The cries of distress then made a transition into moans of pleasure as her father raised his butt from the bed and at the same time buried his head into the pillow that he was clasping beneath him.Holly stood up and moved to stand alongside her mother so that she could better see what was happening and the sight of that slick, shiny rubber cock attached to her mother slipping and sliding into her father?s rear was just about the most erotic, depraved thing she had ever seen. She felt her insides churning with lust and she slipped her hand down inside her soaking wet panties and began to finger-fuck herself as she continued to focus on the scene before her. Her mother turned her head to look at what her dear daughter was doing and gestured to her to step closer. Holly did so and Sally gave her a kiss on the mouth that quickly developed into a passionate French kiss as they swirled and probed their tongues into each other?s mouths. Beneath them Gerald was grunting with each thrust and then he gave a final wail which caused the girls to break apart. At that moment another orgasm flooded over Holly and with her fingers still firmly inside her aching pussy she looked down and in the shadows between his legs she could see a spreading stain on the bed sheet of his sperm that had escaped the confines of his cock cage. She silently groaned her own approval at the evidence.Sally disengaged and gave him a pat on the butt, ?There, don?t ever say I don?t take care of you. Now get yourself up and get this place cleaned up. You?ve been very messy.? Turning her attention back to Holly she said, ?There, did you enjoy watching that. No, silly question, I know you did. Look at the state of you, you naughty girl.?Holly still in her trance-like state could only smile in response and stood there not knowing quite what to do next. Her mother provided the answer by saying, ?Oh look at the time. We need to get ready. I?ve just remembered that I invited next-doors over for a drink and a little supper. They are dying to meet you and I?ve promised that we shall have some fun together once your father?s gone out. He wanted to stay but if he will commit to doing other things then that?s his hard luck. Anyway he shall be having his fun with the boys so don?t let?s worry about him.?Holly staggered back to her bedroom once again determined that this time she would indeed get the tidying up done that she had originally intended to do. As she hung her clothes and ran her bath she mused on what kind of fun her mother had in mind when the black neighbours visited. In her new state of mind prompted by the Rhino charged atmosphere in the house she needed to have no concerns. She was destined to have a very nice night indeed.
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