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Ashwathi Blacked in Goa Part One

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Ashwathi Blacked in Goa Part One"Seat number number 50..." Ashwathi mumbled as she walked through the narrow passage in the train compartment." number 50..." She said triumphantly as she found her seat but was a little disappointed seeing another man sitting on it. The middle aged man looked up to her and was a little startled to see a young woman giving him a nasty look. He realised that he was in her seat as she waved my ticket in his face. Grudgingly, yet lazily he stood up and walked away.She continued staring at him till he walked out of sight. She threw her backpack on the berth and made herself comfortable next to it. She was the first passenger to enter the compartment. The train started from this station and she knew it would fill up completely within no time. She pushed her back pack under the lower berth which had been allotted to her. She always preferred the lower berth as it offered her the flexibility to move around instead of clumsily climbing down from the upper berth.The air conditioners of the compartment had just been switched on and it was still hot inside. Ashwathi wiped the sweat off her neck and forehead and just sat back and waited for the journey to start. Slowly, more and more passengers started coming in and in no time the compartment looked full.They had been planning this trip for months. They as in Ashwathi and her husband Raghav. Raghav was stationed abroad and she was back here in India. They had been married for six years of which Raghav spent 4 years abroad.She noticed the one berth in front of her was still vacant. She hoped and prayed for a good traveling companion; someone who wouldn't be a bore like a typical Indian family or some creep. She gazed out of the window, watching trains slowly chug past, people walking on the platforms further. The rumbling of the train air conditioner, the sounds of many passengers talking, babies crying, the stench of average Indian train station. Alas...her vacation was starting.As she looked out of the train window, she recalled how her marriage to Raghav; arranged by their parents, as it happens in most cases in India. Raghav was a couple of years older than her at 26 years old. He graduated from a prestigious engineering college and India and landed a lucrative job in software company. Ashwathi had just finished my MBA and was fishing for a job when her parents told her about Raghav.The match was too good to be denied, her parents claimed and a year later, she was married. Raghav was a good husband. Kind, supportive and good looking. Ashwathi too landed a job and they both set out to build our dream world together. They bought a house, two cars and were steadily building a great financial portfolio.Their sex life was great. She was a virgin on her wedding night and the moment Raghav deflowered her, she fell deeper in love with him. The moment he made his first move on her, she knew Raghav wasn't a virgin. She wasn't bothered about it but rather was happy that she didn't have an amateur to make love to. The next couple of years they fucked like rabbits. Spontaneity and innovativeness was Raghav's forte which made her toes curl so very often.However, as years passed staleness set into the marriage and things slowed down as they usually do. They both got busy with their respective careers as the responsibilities at work grew. Raghav started gaining weight and his hair line starting to recede. Ashwathi joked once that before the wedding, Raghav's stomach was in and his hair was out and now after years of marriage, his stomach is out and his hair is in.Ashwathi too on the other hand had gained weight but she made it a point to work hard to keep the weight to a minimum. Her waist size, though had grown by a couple of inches but her breasts and her butt had gained quite a lot. From a modest B cup, she was now a proud owner of large C cup.Raghav's onsite posting to the United States slowed things down a lot. She wanted to go with her husband but since her company wasn't sending her to the States and she wasn't getting a work visa there, her hopes of living with her husband were dashed. They visited each other twice a year and she counted the days before his two-year stint abroad would come to an end.This trip was just another visit Raghav had planned. But instead of going through the same routine of meeting family and friends on his whirlwind trips, Ashwathi suggested, in fact she put my foot down and demanded that she and her husband must take a holiday; just the two of them alone for a fortnight that he would be here.So, she was in the train on the way to Goa and Raghav would join her the next day when he'd land at Dabolim Airport in Goa. So here she was, on her way to a vacation with her husband.A while later, she felt a light jerk and I realised that the train was moving. Her week long journey was starting as the train slowly chugged out of the station. The train driver honked the horn as is customary at the beginning of every journey.As the train slowly picked up speed, moving passed the platform, she realised that the berths in front of her were still empty. Perhaps she wasn't going to get any company or maybe someone would join later on. For now, she was happy to be alone.----The next morning, after an uneventful journey, the train pulled in to Madgaon station and everyone started getting off the train. She saw her fellow passengers with their bag packs on their backs as they walked away towards the best time of their life.Meanwhile, Ashwathi boarded a cab and head straight to the hotel at Morjhim beach. She had meticulously researched everything for this trip to make it a perfect get away for her and her husband. The hotels, the sights to see, the places to visit, the whole itinerary was planned with precision. She wanted this vacation to be perfect. Only thing missing was Raghav who was on his way to Dabolim airport and would arrive soon.'Still stuck here' Raghav's message read. Ashwathi was surprised to get his message. She thought he would be on his flight to India. The moment she read it, a sense of dread filled her heart. What did he mean still stuck here! She had to find out and I called him. A couple of rings later he picked up the call."Where are you?" She asked him."Still at Heaththrow." He replied, sounding dejected."What! You're still there? You were supposed to land here by now." She replied. Raghav was to fly from London to Goa and should have been here by afternoon but he was still there."The damn volcano in Iceland erupted and the flights across Europe are delayed. I've been stuck here at the airport for a day now!" He replied."When will the flights resume?" Ashwathi enquired."Looking at the news report and the rumours going around; I don't think I will be able to get out of here for at least... 2 days." He said, especially hesitating to say '2 days'"2 Days...What the hell!!" Ashwathi yelled. She yelled so loud that the cab driver turned back to look at her in surprise."Calm down honey..." Raghav tried to calm her down."Calm down...Calm down...How the hell am I supposed to calm down?" She yelled again. This was supposed to be their time together after almost a year and now that 2 days out of a week were supposed to go waste, she was in no mood to calm down."You only got an 8-day vacation sanctioned, of which you would be travelling for 2 days and I get barely 6 days with you and now this!!" Ashwathi said as tears welled up my eyes." is just a vacation...we can go later." He said and that pissed her off even more."Just a vacation!! You and your stupid on site friends are having a blast over there. Your project gets delayed every time and I end up just seeing your weekend getaway pics on Facebook. When will I have my own getaway pics!!" She yelled at him."Ohh C'mon" He said raising his voice a little, "It's not that I am having a blast over here...It is not my fault that the project deadline gets extended every time. I am suffering here too." He said in a tone of defending himself."Yeah...that is some suffering you've got!! Your trip to Florida last month was torture wasn't it and the trip to Atlantic City and Aspen and god knows where else...all that was so excruciating wasn't it!""What can I do then? Sit at home and weep? The company isn't ready to sponsor your visa and you aren't willing to leave your job to join me here! What the fuck do you want me to do Ashwathi?" He shouted in the phone. His voice was loud enough to make her move the phone away from the ear.Ashwathi didn't say anything and started crying. She just couldn't control my tears anymore."Hello...Hello Ashwathi..." She heard Raghav's voice from the phone. She was by now angry, dejected and depressed knowing that the vacation that she was so looking forward to was destroyed. She just didn't feel like continuing the argument and cut the phone call.She covered her face with her hands and wept. She didn't want to fight with her husband but these fights had become a regular affair these days. She missed him and she was sure he missed her too but the distance, the different time zones and all the time apart was taking its toll on their relationship."Madam...we have reached the hotel." The cab driver said. Ashwathi opened my eyes and looked out of the window. It was indeed the hotel she had booked rooms in.The driver carried her luggage to the reception and left after him paid him the fare. The hotel receptionist checked her in and she was soon walking to my room. The hotel was a small property. She had read about it on the website. It had just 10 rooms but had every other amenity. It was very clean, very centrally located and had everything that a guest could want including a swimming pool and 24-hour free internet connection. But most of all, the reviews she read about the service in this hotel drew her to it.The hotel was a single story structure spread out over a couple of acres of land. The facade of the hotel was made of beautiful red sand stone which is available in abundance in costal India. The outer corridors were lined with green plants and a few coconut trees.There was a porch in front of the room where a coffee table with two chairs were placed. The door of the room was antique styled, with designs carved beautifully on it. The hotel had a nice antique, old school look but the room inside were as modern as they could be. There was a large king size bed in the middle of the room and two lamp tables on its either sides. A small fridge was kept in one corner of the room.There was also a table to keep her things, a large wooden cupboard, and a large flat screen television. Needless to say there was also a large split AC to cool the room. 3 walls of the room were painted white and one wall, right behind the bed was painted cyan blue with a painting hanging on it.The bathroom was huge with a bath tab and a separate shower compartment. Ashwathi had booked this room after seeing the pics of the tub and the shower compartment, fantasizing about how she and Raghav would 'use' it.The bell boy walked away after keeping the luggage in the room. Ashwathi just collapsed on the soft bed. It had smooth, sparkling white sheets with few blue pillows.She checked her cell phone; there was no call, no message from Raghav. She was disappointed and rather angry. The way he yelled at her during the call was really uncalled for and now that he hadn't even called me made her angrier.'Fuck it' She said to herself. She resolved to enjoy the two days before Raghav arrived. She decided that she won't lock herself in the room and sulk over her ruined plans. She would go out, see places and enjoy even if she has to do it alone.She walked out of the room after a shower. Wearing a long floral skirt and a top, Ashwathi walked to the hotel reception. She asked the manager to arrange for a rental scooter which she would travel with. She went to the dining room of the hotel and ordered a large breakfast for myself.Ashwathi was a very diet conscious person and had small meals every day to keep herself in shape but right now, she did not care. This was a vacation she wanted to let loose.As she was waiting for the breakfast to be served, she saw a black man walk into the dining room. He was tall and large. Easily six feet plus, he was lean and muscular. Wearing a white sando and black shorts, his chiselled body was clearly visible. Especially his chiselled bicep, large muscular forearm and the sando stuck to his body clearly outlining his muscular chest and wash board abs.They were the only people in the room. Since it was off season in Goa, the number of tourists coming to Goa was far less than usual. The hotels would be mostly unoccupied during this time of the year so it wasn't surprising that she and this stranger were alone in the large dining room.The man noticed her, glanced at her for a second and went and sat at a table in a corner of the room. Soon, her breakfast arrived and she dug in. She was so hungry after a long train journey, a long argument with her husband that she did not pay attention to the man for the next few minutes, focusing only on eating.After she was done eating she walked back to the hotel reception. She walked out of the hotel where the scooter was waiting for her.She got on the scooter and headed to the beach. The wind was in her hair and the sun shined bright. I was wearing a pair of sunglasses and was enjoying the bike ride through the narrow roads of inner Goa.Just then the scooter started sputtering and started losing speed. She tried to race it but the motor continued to sputter. The scooter slowly came to a halt a few meters after the engine died. Ashwathi was now stuck at the side of a narrow in country road of Goa.Since it was off season, the traffic was thin. She had barely seen any vehicles on the road since she left the hotel; Maybe one or two. She took out her cell phone and was disappointed further when she saw there was no coverage. She cursed the network operator first and then the scooter. She had no choice but to wait for someone to come.She knew she was quite some distance away from the hotel and the beach which she was supposed to go to was also far away. She was stuck right in the middle of nowhere. She knew she couldn't push the heavy scooter all the way back. Her petite frame could never handle the heavy scooter. She had once encountered a similar situation back home when her scooter broke down. She simply parked it at the side of the road and hired a cab. She returned with a friend who pushed her scooter back to her house.But right now there was no friend around; in fact, there was no one around. She was standing under the blazing sun of Goa, sweat trickling down her forehead as she waited for someone to show up to help. She checked her phone again and again but still there was no signal.It had been several minutes since Ashwathi had been standing on the road, getting desperate for someone to help her. The stretch of the road was almost half a mile long with each. One end of the road cut through a thick cover of trees, making it almost impossible to see an approaching vehicle and the other end of the road turned to the left behind a hillock.She was looking at both sides of the road, waiting for someone to show up. She heard a faint sound of a vehicle approaching. She looked around but could see no one. Just then a man appeared from behind the thick trees that covered the road at one end. He was on a motorcycle but she couldn't make out anything else about him other than he was dark complexioned.The man rode in her direction and Ashwathi raised her hand for help. She spotted her and he slowed down, stopping right in front of her. She recognised him immediately. He was the man she saw at the hotel. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses and the same clothes she had seen him in."My scooter broke down and I don't have cell phone signal. Can you please help me? Ashwathi pleaded to him.He nodded in affirmative and took off his sunglasses. She immediately noticed his black eyes, piercing gaze that she had not noticed at the hotel."Yeah sure." He said as he got off the bike. She recognised his accent. It was a typical American accent. She had heard enough Tupac and Snoop Dogg on Raghav's playlist to recognise that typical African American accent.He tried to start her bike but to no avail; It simply refused to start. She had the scooter owner's number with her. He gave her his cell phone and she called him up. She tried calling him up a couple of times but he didn't pick up. She cursed under her breath. She finally had help but was sure it wouldn't be there for long. After all, this man was going somewhere and she had stopped him.They both stood quietly at the side of the road. Ashwathi was looking down at the cell phone screen, dialling the number again and again."I am Vishwa by the way." He said to her. Ashwathi looked up to him and smiled."Ashwathi." She replied. She was a bit embarrassed that she had hardly talked to him, a man who had been courteous enough to help a stranger.She called again and this time the owner picked up. She stepped away from Vishwa to speak to him. Vishwa looked at her and kept looking at her. He too had noticed her back at the hotel and was now getting a proper look at this stunning Indian woman. She was a petite bombshell he thought to himself.Ashwathi was 5"1' but she claimed she was an inch taller. She was a slender woman by any standard. She claimed she had put on weight. Of course she had; from the skinny woman she had grown a little chubbier but no one dare called her fat. When she was younger, she was nothing more than a flat chested woman with skin on bones but now, she had meat on her, in places that needed to have meat.From a dismal B cup she had moved to a envious C. From a 26-inch waist, she had now grown to a 30-inch waist. Her ass, though was the pride of her body. It had grown into a curvaceous little piece of meat that men and at times women to stared at. Nice curved, appearing like a perfect 'C' from the side and a perfect 'O' from behind, her complimenting waist made it look alluring. The under ass curves curved right back up. Her butt was made by god her husband claimed at times when they made love.Under that floral skirt, she packed a nice C cup pair. Inch wide, chocolate brown areola were crowned with a half inch long nipples which got tight and turgid with cold or arousal. The breasts gave way to soft stomach which had a layer of baby fat at its base. Raghav would spend hours resting his head on her stomach after they made love, he called it the softest pillow in the world.As the hips gave way, her shaved pink nether lips came into view. Ashwathi always kept it shaved as she liked it that way. Soft skin of the labia hid the treasure that was underneath; a tiny clit and a pink cunt which would be any man's delight. Her thighs, her calves and her pedicured feet made completed and complimented the rest of her body.The most beautiful part of her body was her face. It was a small baby face; innocence was the hallmark of that face. A small chin and slightly chubby cheeks gave her the most innocent look. Along with those doe-shaped brown eyes which were lined with mascara gave her the most gracious look. Her lips were full and flushed with blood, appearing naturally red. With a dash of strawberry lip balm, Ashwathi's favourite, they looked even more alluring.Long and straight, naturally brown hair flowed down to the middle of her back. She tied it most of the times but it was only in the confines of her house, when alone or with her husband did she let them loose.Vishwa didn't need to imagine how her hair would look once the clip was removed. He could get lost in those locks he thought. He had bedded many women, of many races, of many countries but this his heart had set itself on this little tart. He wanted to hold those arms, those slender arms which would his hands could completely wrap themselves around.The owner refused to come to her help saying he was busy someplace else. Ashwathi argued with him but to no avail. She then called the hotel manager who said he would send help immediately. She thanked him and disconnected."Help will arrive in a while. Thank you so much Vishwa for stopping and helping me out." She said."No problem Ashwathi. A pretty lady like you shouldn't go through so much trouble." He replied.Ashwathi blushed, though slightly. She herself was a little surprised at how easily she blushed at a line that was not even great. It was perhaps that the word pretty lady was coming from the mouth of a man who was a complete stranger, someone she had met a few minutes ago and had first come across not more than an hour ago. It had been years since she had been called pretty, even Raghav didn't mention that word anymore.Vishwa noticed those dimpled cheeks flush with blood. He smiled at himself seeing that effect on this fair maiden. He knew this woman would be an easy prey. He had not even started the charm offensive on her and still she was blushing like a teenage girl.He offered to stay till the help arrived. Ashwathi was a little relieved and a little ashamed. Relieved that she had someone to help her if even the hotel staff did not show up and upset because Vishwa had to wait for her. He was clearly going somewhere and she made him stop.A few minutes two men on a bike came, they were from the hotel. They offered to drop Ashwathi back at the hotel and take the scooter back. Ashwathi was reluctant about going away with two strangers. She didn't know them, hadn't seen them and from the looks of it, she wasn't comfortable going with them. She had read numerous news reports of how tourists were assaulted and mugged here.But Vishwa too was a stranger. She didn't know him either but he had taken the effort of stopping and helping her. He gave her his cell phone so she could call the hotel, waited for her and even had tried to start the broken down vehicle. If he wanted to do something untoward, he could have done it already.He was suave, well behaved man and Ashwathi decided to choose a known devil rather than two unknown, even if she had met the devil just a few minutes ago. Vishwa sensed her hesitation too and spoke up."Where are you going?" He asked her."Anjuna beach." She replied meekly."Aahh. I was going there as well. I can drop you there if you want to. There is a place for one more on my bike." Vishwa offered her a ride.She thought for a second before handing the keys of the scooter to the hotel staff. She called the hotel manager to inform him that she had handed the bike to his men and would return later. With that, she got on Vishwa' bike, sitting behind him.Vishwa started the bike and it thundered down the narrow lanes of up country Goa. Sitting behind him, she felt comfortable. The wind was back in her hair and she held on to her hat with one hand and the back of the bike with the other. It was a rather uncomfortable position to be in, flexing her arm awkwardly to hold the back rest of the bike. She hesitated for a second and then placed her hand on Vishwa' shoulder.Vishwa smile faintly as he felt her small, warm hand on his shoulder. He sped up the bike on the clear road and felt her hand holding on to his shoulder tighter. He saw a pot hole approaching and braked right before it. Ashwathi jerked forward, her full breasts rubbed against his back form the inertia."Sorry...Didn't see that one." He feigned innocence. Ashwathi did not reply but it had dawned on her that it was on purpose. She too had seen the pothole from a quite a distance but chose not to say anything.Vishwa was sporting an erection under his shorts. The feeling of her soft breasts rubbing against his back was divine to say the least. He thanked god, he wasn't facing her, or else his obvious erection would have been awkward and perhaps repulsive to this shy young woman.Vishwa was floating in his own little wonderland, oblivious to the fact that Ashwathi, sitting behind him was blushing. The feel of a hard, muscular, manly back against her soft breasts was something she hadn't felt in months, a year to be precise. She knew Vishwa did that on purpose and a part of her wanted to be angry but she simply couldn't. His Adonis like body, his magnetic personality, his raw masculinity was something that was knocking down the walls of her conscience.She hid her face behind him, careful enough not to be spotted by him in the rear view mirror of the bike. She thanked god she wasn't facing him or it would have been very awkward to blush in front of him.Twenty minutes later they were at Anjuna. Vishwa convinced Ashwathi to be his company. She resisted at first, knowing she was in company of a stranger but his persistence paid off. Ashwathi was new to the state and had no local connections. She had planned to be with her husband with no other company and since her plans had gone for a toss, she had a good two days at least to spend alone. So instead, she decided to stick around with a man who seemed harmless at the moment."There isn't a lot going on at Anjuna. This is it." Vishwa said."Um Hmmm." Ashwathi listened intently."Vagator beach is far better. Good beach, better shacks and the crowd is better." Vishwa informed her."How far is it?" Ashwathi asked."Not more than 10 minutes from here." He replied."Hmmm...alright." Ashwathi replied. Vishwa seemed to be a regular around here and she asked him. He told her that he visited this place once every two years when he was bored and tired of the hectic life he had back in the states.Vishwa started his bike and they were off to Vagator. As Vishwa had said, they reached the beach in 10 minutes. He parked the bike and they walked off to the beach. He showed her around big vagator first and then they walked off to little vagator. On the beach, Ashwathi noticed other people, especially her own countrymen staring at her. They were perhaps aghast seeing an Indian woman, that too a woman as beautiful as Ashwathi walking on the beach with a foreigner that too a black guy.Ashwathi noticed those wide eyed stares and for a moment felt awkward. She knew how people were quick to make assumptions and jump to conclusions. Yet a minute later she felt different. There was nothing between her and Vishwa but the way people were looking at her, made her feel so slutty.Men walked passed her and as they did, they ogled at them and later smirked. She was sure they whispered to each other. Women who passed by would stare at Vishwa' Adonis like body and then give her those jealous stares that only a woman can understand.A part of her was enjoying it and a part of her was a little ashamed. She was supposed to be here with her husband. No one was supposed to notice them, let alone stare at them. Even with Raghav absent, she was just supposed to walk on the white sand by herself. But here she was, with a black guy she met not more than an hour ago, strolling on the beach.They walked from Big Vagator to Little Vagator which was separated by just a small hill. Vishwa held her hand as they navigated through the ankle deep water and slippery stones. They walked further and found a shack.They walked in and Ashwathi noticed there were no customers, just them. Music was playing but the sounds of the waves and the strong sea breeze drowned the music. Vishwa found a cosy corner at the front of the shack facing the sea.The waiter brought Vishwa a beer and Ashwathi her non-alcoholic beverage. Their glasses clinked and the first sips of the cold drinks went down their throats. Ashwathi and Vishwa stared at the open ocean for a while. She took of her hat and kept it on the table in front of her. The sun light kissed the calm ocean. The cool breeze from the sea ran through her hair and Ashwathi felt so relaxed that she would sleep; the comfort of the lounge chair added to the feeling of absolute relaxation."So where are you from Vishwa?" She asked.He took a sip of beer and placed the bottle on the table. He looked at her, nothing lecherous, nothing vulgar but just a plain simple look one gives to another when speaking. But Ashwathi gently shivered. This was the first time she was actually looking into his eyes, now that he was facing her and sitting just a foot away from her. His deep brown eyes were magnetic to saw the least. He had a b**st of a body but those radiant eyes were so calming."Chicago." He replied after what seemed to be minutes but was nothing more than a couple of seconds. She noticed the beer flow down his throat and noticed his thick neck and the broad shoulders that it led down to."Ohhh..." Was all she could say in return."You also seem to be a tourist around here." He said as he rested his back against the chair."Yeah..I am from Mumbai...uhh...Bombay." She replied."Aaahhh...I landed in Bombay a week ago." Vishwa replied. Ashwathi had been a well-read girl all her life. She knew Chicago was cold and the sunny sands and the hot sun were something these foreigners craved. The cruellest of winters in India were warm summers for America.Vishwa went on to tell her how he was a lawyer back home. He'd work hard all year to take a two-week break. He came to India for the first time 2 years ago and simply fell in love with the place and since has returned every year.Ashwathi too opened up a little, telling her about herself but not too much in detail. She was still on guard even though Vishwa had been nothing but a gentleman. It had been the way she was nurtured. Men are lecherous b**sts and a woman must never trust their intentions was the philosophy of over protective Indian parents. Ashwathi wanted to say more, speak more but somehow, the docile woman inside her wouldn't allow her.Vishwa ordered another beer and Ashwathi was still drinking her first drink. They spoke, laughed and things were now getting comfortable. Ashwathi was glad to find company with a good sense of humour, no cheap jokes and pot-shots; plain, simple humour. She was liking his company.Vishwa too was liking this woman. He did not fail to notice how she stared at him blankly when she first spoke. He could see her gaze running from his face to his neck and then to his shoulders. He smiled as they spoke but he was actually smiling at how this woman, Ashwathi was slowly falling for the bait.He too had stolen glances to check her out, carefully sizing her curves and contours. He suddenly had an idea and decided to act on it."Wanna come for a swim?" Vishwa asked he stood up suddenly. Ashwathi was taken aback by his sudden request and took a second to recover." you." She stammered."C'mon...the water's nice and'll be great." He tried to persuade her.Ashwathi thought for a second. The water was really tempting; it would be perfect to just get into it. She tinkered with the idea of going into the water for a few seconds."No... thanks...I don't have a spare set of clothes...You go. I will wait for you right here." She replied.Vishwa was disappointed that his move did not work but he recovered before his face showed it. He knew pushing this pretty, young thing too much could spoil everything. Keeping that in mind he decided not to insist."It's cool." He replied before ordering Ashwathi another drink. He stepped back and took off his sando and Ashwathi gasped. She hoped to the dear lord he didn't hear that and seeing him simply move without even much as a stare, she hoped the sounds of the sea were louder than her gasp.It was obvious why she gasped. Even though she had an idea of what lied under that thin piece of cloth, she was still surprised when he took it off. He possessed a body to die for. Broad shoulders which she had seen earlier gave way to a pair of thick, muscular, well defined chest. The dark complexion of his skin made those muscles appear larger and more alluring then they already were. A perfectly V-shaped torso led to a muscular hip. His stomach was flat like a washboard and she could clearly see a couple of pair of abdominal muscles.He hadn't missed her gasp. No matter how loud the see was, his ears were fine tuned to catch every moan, gasp, shriek from a woman he targeted. From his numerous conquest, he knew each tone of a woman. He knew his body had an effect on her and he smiled ever so faintly, being careful not to get caught smirking.He decided to further up the ante by taking off his shorts. He wanted to laugh out so loud when he saw Ashwathi's reaction. She simply turned her head away when he slid his shorts down. Even though he was wearing underwear underneath, it was far too awkward for Ashwathi. The only man who had ever taken off his shorts so nonchalantly was her husband of so many years.With that thought, the comparisons began. While Raghav had been a fit man in his youth, years of complacency after marriage had made him lose focus of his body. She remembered how she had gasped similarly when Raghav took of his pants in front of her when they first made love. Even though the situation was similar, the persons weren't.Raghav had a hairy pair of legs. His thigh muscles then were large but Vishwa had larger and far too well defined thighs and a set of calves which looked more like a large piece of meat. What was even more intriguing was the thing between his legs. Vishwa was wearing a jock, which barely hid his crown jewels but the bulge under his jocks was shockingly large.Ashwathi had noticed all this in just a second before she had turned her head away in shame. She didn't glance back at Vishwa for a minute and when she did, he wasn't there. She looked around to see him walk toward the water.As noticed before, he had a perfectly V-shaped back and his back muscles flexed with each step. She could see his taught, round butt which flexed and relaxed with every step he took. The waiter kept the drink on the table but she didn't pay heed. She had a better view and something much better on mind to notice him.The waiter quietly walked away as Ashwathi kept staring at Vishwa. It wasn't long before Vishwa walked in to the water and then lunged forward to dive in to the waves. She watched as he swam up and dived down every now and then and a part of her wanted to join him as well.She had always been fond of the water and loved to go to the beach but never had the opportunity to learn how to swim. The heat of the coast was unbearable and a refreshing dip in the water would be such a relief. But holding her back was the fact that she didn't have a spare set of clothes but that was just an excuse. The real thing holding her back was the thought of getting into the water with a stranger.She couldn't risk getting too close to him, knowing how vulnerable she could get. She couldn't risk getting her clothes wet, not because she didn't have a spare set, but because the wet clothes would stick to her body and the outlines and contours of her delicious curvy body would be all for him to see. She was far too modest to risk all this.A few minutes later Vishwa walked out of the sea. She stared at him without blinking as she took in every moment of the visual delight that was on offer. The chocolate dark complexion of his skin shined in the bright sun and the sheath of water on his body added to the sheen. It appeared as if his body was made of bronze. He waked with a gait of supreme confidence, knowing very well that he had the physique women would throw themselves at and men would cower in shame.He walked to the table and sat on it without even an ounce of awkwardness. He was sitting almost naked in front of a woman who he had met just an hour ago and he was shamelessly showing off his body. That's exactly what he intended to do. This had been his patented move, especially when he was out in the tropical countries where he could take off shirt on a whim. Back home he had to find an excuse to take his shirt off for the fear of being caught in the cold.Ashwathi could barely keep herself together. She was very awkward which was clearly showing off from her blushing cheeks. She dared not to look him in the eye and kept stealing glances at the hunk of a body that was just a couple of feet away from her.The waiter brought a dry towel and now Vishwa had no excuse to stay like that. He wiped himself quickly and wore his shorts and the sando. Another round of drinks followed before Ashwathi asked to go back to the hotel. He agreed and soon they were on the bike riding back. Now that she had seen in almost full glory, she kept recalling those moments again and again. Sitting so close to him on the motorcycle was turning her on even more as the most desirable body was just a couple inches away from her.Vishwa on the other hand was day dreaming. Even though he hadn't seen her body, he was clearly imagining how it would be once that delicate dress came off. He visualised how succulent her breasts would be, how curvaceous those hips would be and how taut, round and curvy that ass could be. He was already taken by the grace and beauty of her face with succulent pink lips, deep black eyes, a sharp straight nose, pink full cheeks and the long flowing brown hair.He wondered if she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Even though he had bedded score of women before, Vishwa seemed enamoured by this shy, young woman. She was like the ultimate prize, difficult to get yet so good once he had he. He had never encountered a woman who was so shy back home. He had read and had been quite familiar with the Indian culture and how generally docile Indian women were. Most women he had slept with usually threw themselves at him but he knew Ashwathi wasn't one of those women. He had to work hard to get her and he resolved to do so!They both retired to their respective rooms which were adjacent to one another. Ashwathi had a cold bath to cool her nerves and her loins whereas Vishwa simply collapsed on the bed with his thoughts solely focused on Ashwathi.Ashwathi had never felt such instant attraction in her life. Even with her husband, attraction, love and any other similar feeling happened after many dates. But here she was, attracted to a man who she hadn't even known existed in a matter of hours.Vishwa too was feeling similar. Even though he had been attracted to many women the moment he laid his eyes on them, with Ashwathi the attraction was far stronger. It was the reluctance in those eyes, the shyness in her body language that was far more appealing to him. He enjoyed the fact that her mind was forcing her to keep her eyes away, but her eyes simply betrayed the mind and got an eyeful of Vishwa' body. The conflict of the mind and the body was simply superb and so erotic.They didn't come out of their respective rooms for the rest of the afternoon. Ashwathi finally managed to get a nap and Vishwa watched TV but the pictures on the TV weren't his concern, the pictures of Ashwathi were playing at the back of his mind the whole time.When the sun finally started its downward journey after 5, Ashwathi stepped out of her room. Just beyond her room, was the hotel's swimming pool. She heard someone in the pool and decided to enquire. She walked to the side of the pool and saw Vishwa swimming to the other end. She felt a tingling sensation in loins, something which had almost become alien to her till this morning.Vishwa reached the other end of the pool and turned back to see Ashwathi. He smiled and she smiled back before he dived back in to the water and swam in her direction. Ashwathi stood still watching the contours of his lovely body cutting through the blue water.He came up to her and pulled himself out of the water and sat on the edge of the swimming pool."The water is should join me." Vishwa offered."No...I don't know how to swim." She replied meekly. She thought this was her best defence of not getting in to the water, close to his near naked body. But Vishwa was prepared for this line."Don't worry...I will teach you..." He replied with a glint in his eyes. He knew if she accepted his offer, he could touch and feel her soft body under the pretence of teaching her how to swim.Ashwathi was reluctant, hesitant but Vishwa managed to pursue her. She said she will be back and went bac to her room. She had carried with her a two-piece bikini and for a moment even thought of wearing one but she simply couldn't come to terms with it. But she had also carried a rather conservative one-piece swim suit. The swim suit was for when she would step out on the beach with her husband but the two-piece bikini was for the moments they would be confined to their room. The two piece was rather riske considering how Vishwa had been eyeing her.She at one point even thought of wearing a T shirt and a pair of shorts but then she was worried about being asked to leave the pool as the rules of the pool were very specific that patrons wear a swim suit when entering the pool.She wore one piece and tried to dress as modest as she could to avoid giving Vishwa a boner. She walked back to the pool with a towel. She tossed the towel on a lounge chair and looked around. Vishwa was in the water, waiting for her and there was no one else in the pool or nearby. That made her question her choice but seeing Vishwa gesture her to get in encouraged her.She thought the swim suit was modest and to an extent it was as it covered her skin rather well but what she hadn't noticed and which Vishwa did not fail to notice that the suit stuck to her body and accentuated her curves very well. The contours of her body were so clear that Vishwa got an underwater boner even though Ashwathi had tried so hard to avoid it.She gingerly stepped into the pool using the metal ladder on one side and trembled as the cold water touched her skin. Her legs, then her thighs, followed by her entire body, right up to her breasts were submerged.Vishwa was standing in the middle of the pool, encouraging her to walk to him. She prodded her way towards him and he gently held her hand to bring her a little closer to him. He walked her around the pool, hand in hand, trying to make her comfortable with the water. Ashwathi noticed how small her hands felt in his. She was aware that he had large hands and she had tiny, delicate hands; his hand almost engulfed hers. She also noticed the contrast in the complexion. She had milky white skin and he had a dark chocolate complexion. The contrast made her shudder.They prodded through the water and Vishwa took her to the edge of the pool. He asked her to hold the railing with both her hands and she did. She grasped them tighter when she realised that he placed his hand under her thighs and raised her lower body to the edge of the water."Now flap your feet..." Vishwa instructed. Ashwathi did as was told and did so obediently. Her only intention then was to flap her feet and to stay above water. Vishwa on the other hand was enjoying the feeling of her smooth thighs on his arms. The wet suit stuck to her body like a second skin and Vishwa noticed how perfect her butt was. Her shapely legs, slender waist and those delicate shoulders made Vishwa' erection harder. He knew he had to have this woman at any cost.For the next half hour, Vishwa taught her how to swim and did not leave any chance of touching Ashwathi, whether it was holding her stomach as she tried to stroke through the water or holding her hand to show her how the breast stroke is done.Ashwathi hadn't failed to notice how he took every opportunity to touch her and a part of her wanted to stop him and leave the pool but she simply couldn't muster the strength to do so. Her body which had been starved off any intimacy in more than a year was reacting to its natural instincts. Her nipples were harder than they ever were, she was breathing heavier in part from swimming and largely due to arousal. There was a battle between her bodily instincts and her morality.Morality won for the moment when Ashwathi stepped out of the pool. Vishwa was clearly disappointed but he decided to keep it to himself and followed her. She walked to the lounge chair and picked her towel to wipe her wet body."Lemme help you..." Vishwa said as he pulled the towel out her hands and started to rub it all over her body. Ashwathi tried in vain to stop him and just a couple of no's later, she was silently letting him wipe her wet body.He gently placed the towel in her shoulder and rubbed her soft skin, as if massaging them. He stepped around her and swiped the towel along her back in a one smooth stroke before moving on to her handsAshwathi wanted it to stop, she wanted to say it yet she couldn't. She couldn't believe how easily her body was betraying her. Vishwa placed his hands on her shoulders and for a second was tempted to peel off the straps of the swim suit off them but strongly resisted.Her breathing was getting heavier by the second and her nipples seemed so hard, she feared they'd rip through the suit. Vishwa noticed how her nipples were pressing against the fabric of the suit and were so clearly visible. He knew the woman desired him but he knew he couldn't act in haste. The fish had taken the bait but the pulling in had to be done patiently.With the towel still in his hands, he slowly moved down to her waist and then to her ample and supple butt. The swim suit was still wet and sticking to her body which made her fleshy butt appear more prominently. The under curves of her butt and the outline of her butt crack were so clearly visible that Vishwa just wanted to bury his face into it.He grabbed her by her waist and turned around. Ashwathi gasped loudly but let him continue. She had closed her eyes in arousal and shame but did nothing to stop this young black man from touching her.He started wiping her feet, then the ankles, the shins and calves and soon he was above her knee. Alarm bells started going off her head as he approached her vagina. She was now visibly shaking and trying her best to muster some resolve to resist him. No... No...No... she screamed in her head as the towel swiped her inner thighs.Yess...Yesss...Yesss...Vishwa thought as his hands got closer to her vaginal mound. A couple of inches more and he'd touch it. But just then Ashwathi pushed him back and rushed to her room without saying a word.Ashwathi rushed inside her room and closed the door behind her. She couldn't believe how aroused she was. She had never experienced this level of arousal in her life, even with her husband. She had let Vishwa wipe her body and almost ran back to the room when she couldn't handle it anymore.She rushed into the bathroom and parted the swim suit over the crotch. She gazed in amazement how wet her pussy was and how beautifully parted the lips were. Two of her fingers plunged inside her pussy while her thumb furiously tweaked her clit as Ashwathi moaned to an instant orgasm. She shivered and writhe from the overwhelming orgasm. She collapsed to the bathroom floor, still trembling from a massive orgasm she had just experienced.She opened her eyes; she was still dazed from the massive orgasm she had seconds ago. She had discovered masturbation just a few months ago and that too by accident. One night when her arousal was too much to handle, her hand unknowingly went under her panties and the tingle she felt when she touched her swollen clit was something she wanted to feel again and again. That night she masturbated 4 times; each time the orgasm was massive. But then her thoughts were about her husband and now her thoughts were of a man who she wasn't married to and had met just a few hours ago.She felt a tinge of guilt knowing she had shamelessly fingered herself to the thoughts of another man but when she pictured the other man, her guilt was swept away by a tsunami of arousal. She was still lying on the floor, her swim suit still parted at the crotch. She scooped her breasts out of that swim suit and pinched her nipple. She groaned in pleasure and those moans grew louder and louder with each stroke of her fingers.Vishwa was quite shocked and disappointed at how Ashwathi had scrammed back to her room. She didn't utter a word or had looked back. She had given no signal but he knew he didn't need any direct cues from this docile Indian woman. Just the fact that she had let his hands roam on her supple body without a meaningful resistance meant the oven was warm and the meat was marinating.He walked back to his room, his cock bulging out through the swimsuit, pushing the fabric to its limit. He caught a woman passing by staring at his crotch and giving him that knowing smile but he wasn't interested. Any other day he'd have been inside her wet cunt in minutes but right now, his mind was only fixated on Ashwathi and the plans to conquer her body.He walked inside his room and closed the door behind him. He stepped inside the bathroom and took off his wet trunk and his massive 10-inch cock sprang out. It was thick, erect and was pointing straight out towards the wall.His cock was wet and ready but he knew he couldn't do anything but jack off. But he knew...he knew this gigantic piece of meat would be inside that woman's waiting cunt soon.He grabbed his thick spear like cock in his hands and started stroking it. HE closed his eyes, visualising every curve of Ashwathi's hot body. His stroking got frantic as he moaned her name in that thick American accent. He knew he was close to exploding and a moment later, ropes after ropes of thick cum shot out of his cock.
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