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Breast Enhancements

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Breast EnhancementsHi My sweet Friends. Thank for taking the time to read my post. This one is about our neighbor Miss Marshall who lived in the trailer next to us. There is a story about her on my blog. She was a seamstress and would make me dresses, skirts, tailor my outfits so they would fit just right. I would visit her often and we would sit and talk about everything she loved who and what i was which made it so easy to confide in her. Every time she made me a new dress or fixed others I would mention that all I wanted was breast. She would always say "Maybe one day dear you will have them". One day as i came home from school (10th grade) she was waiting on her porch. "Hi Michelle how was your day please come over when you can I have something for you:. I smiled as always "be right there Miss Marshall" . I went home and took off my skinny jeans and slipped into a short dress (as always was already wearing a garter belt, stockings, panties) then went to see her. She had a big smile on her face as she raised up the cutest pink under-wire lace bra with white trim. "Hear honey" she motioned me over to her. She undid my blouse and took it off. She wrapped her hands around my waist and hugged me moving them up to my nipples. She pinched them as she had done so many times before. Stepping back she put the bra on me OMG she had sewn breast enhancement into the cups. Cute puffy "A" cup breast just what I dreamed of having. They looked so natural and felt even better as i caressed them. Kissing her and thanking her then modelling for her striking poses with my new breast so happy and looking like a real girl. She pressed her lips to mine and caressed my breast saying how natural they felt. Then she went into her bedroom coming out with a box an handed it to me. Second OMG as I pulled out the most adorable yellow print dress I ever saw. "I made this for you my love" she said. Holding the dress up to me "try it on" she said. I unzipped my skirt kicking it off hearing her sigh as i exposed my stockings, garter belt and panties. She took of the bra from me and I stepped into the dress and she zipped it up. I melted feeling the breast enhancements she had sewn into the bodice of the dress. The dress feel over my body perfectly. Tight around the waist the pleats flaring out over my hips and the bodice snug to my chest with the breast pushing out. I spun around and the dress rose up again so happy feeling my new breast. You look so cute Michelle, I made it so you can also wear a petticoat under it and it will not take away from it's form. "let me adjust it for you" she said she knelt down on her knees adjusting my dress then as she had done so many times pulled down my panties rubbing my little smooth bald clitlit cock. She took it in her mouth her moans echoed throughout the small mobile home. She pulled off it stood up took my hand and walked me to the bedroom. She pushed me down on the bed raising my dress and peeling off my panties. She went right down on me kissing and sucking me. My eyes closed enjoying feeling her granny soft lips work my tiny cilitit . As i mentioned in the previous posting only men would suck me off only she, mom and cousin Marlene were the only females that had. She knew from years before that I would not fuck her. She Stood up reaching into the night stand draw and pulled out a dildo. She took off her dress caressed her breast (old but not saggy at all) her pussy was bald with large puffy lips. Back on her knees pulling me closer to the edge of the bed as she slipped the dildo deep inside her pussy. As she sucked me she worked the dildo in and out faster and faster in time with her mouth up and down over my sissy cock. She started to shake and shiver and I tensed up then flowing my sissy cum in her mouth as she came at the same time. She was shaking so hard from her orgasm my cum leaked from her lips. She slurped most of it back in as she stood up with the soaking wet dildo in her hand. Her pussy lips were glistening from her flow. She rand 3 fingers between them and finger fucked herself as she dripped. Laying on my back my clitlit dripping from my cum and her saliva she reached over and slid her fingers in my mouth. I sucked them clean tasting her juices before she pulled them out and kissed me flowing my cum from her mouth into mine.We swapped the sweet cum kissing and licking. I found myslef lowering running my hand over her breast and down her body. Hold crap I started to finger fuck her soaking wet pussy with 3 fingers. She moaned and rubbed my limp wet sissy cock as I worked her into another orgasm. Again she shook and shivered as she held my hand pushing my fingers deeper inside. As she flowed she started to pant, then she collapsed next to me gasping for breath. I pulled my fingers from inside her and she held my hand. I went to kiss he but she pushed me away she was so tender to the touch until she composed herself. After a minute or two she rolled over kissed me and cuddled with me. We lay there for awhile before we broke from out embrace. Smiling at each other with a little giggle "hope you like your new breast Michelle".
09-01-2021, at 01:45 PM

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