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Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 3 of

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Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 3 ofPool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 3 of 4Synopsis: Kimberly seduces her stepdad and his friend at a family pool party. Part 3Mark had come back outside after everyone was settled down for the movie. He had hoped to continue where he and Kimberly left off when he heard the noises. He knew what they were doing. It was hard to see in the dark, but he heard the splashing and the moaning and the grunting. It filled him with equal parts jealousy and lust. He was able to walk right up on them without being detected. It would have been easy to stop them but he didn?t want to. All he could do was watch, crotch aching with desire. Without realizing it, he had begun to rub his own hard cock while watching Rick fuck his stepdaughter. Finally, he could take it no longer. He needed to be in her again. That?s when he spoke up.?Mark! Dude, I?m so sorry! It?s the alcohol. I?ve had too much to drink.? Rick pleaded. ?Hey, it?s ok. I enjoyed your little show. Besides, Kimberly and I had our own moment out here earlier. Isn?t that right, sweet heart?? Mark said as his sat down, feet dangling into the water. ?Yeah. But Rick is a lot rougher though. He almost threw me out of the pool!? Kimberly said enthusiastically. Rick was embarrassed and confused. He thought Mark would be pissed at him. Instead he was being cool. Rick decided to go with it.?Does that mean that you like Rick better than your own stepdad now?? Mark teased.?No? I like you both.? She said as she slid off Rick?s cock and swam over between Mark?s legs.?Is that so?? Is all he could muster as his cock grew tight against his damp bathing suit. ?Yup, and I miss yours already.? Kimberly reached up to feel his cock. Mark undid his trunks and let his thick meat flop out on his leg. She was still too short to reach him so she asked Rick for help. Rick came over and lifted her up. She put her knees on his shoulders as she rested her top half on Mark?s lap. Kimberly stroked Mark?s cock and balls till he was fully erect. Then she started to lick and suck the tip playfully. Rick was stroking her exposed pussy and ass hole with his fingers, making her moan softly. Mark rested his hand on the back of Kimberly?s head, coaxing her to take him into her mouth. His cock was so big, she had a hard time fitting it. The sight of her pretty little face struggling to suck his dick made Mark want to cum. Rick didn?t help either. He had begun to eat her out which made Kimberly groan loudly. With his cock stuffed down her throat, the vibrations of her voice added to his pleasure. ?Fuck, man. I?m gonna cum if you keep making her moan like that.? Rick smiled, ?What? You mean like this?? and inserted his index finger into Kimberly?s ass. She squealed and lurched forward, making Mark?s dick go down her throat. Mark was so close to cuming. He had to lift her up so she would release him from her mouth. ?Are you ok?? He asked.?Rick! You?re such a jerk!? Kimberly said, kicking his back playfully. ?What?s the matter, Kimmy? You never had your ass played with before?? Rick teased. ?No, it?s weird you jerk.? ?Weird? Lots of girls like it in the ass. You just need to give it a chance.? Rick circled the outside of her ass hole with a finger. ?See? Doesn?t that feel nice?? Mark could see she was enjoying it. She had closed her eyes and her mouth was hanging open. ?Yeah, she likes it alright.? Mark said with a smirk.Kimberly smiled and nodded her head. ?More. Do more.? She pleaded and resumed pleasuring Mark.Rick went back to eating her out while still circling her ass hole. His tongue slid up and down the inside of her pussy lips. Occasionally flicking her clit which made her shudder with pleasure. He slurped and licked her fat pussy till her own cum was dripping out of her. He used it to his advantage. He stuck his finger deep into her hunt and used her juices as lubrication so he could start entering her ass. Rick probed her slowly up to his first knuckle. She was extremely tight. He kept the finger in her and started to tease her clit with his tongue again. After a moment her tight hole relaxed and he could stick his finger in further and further till it was completely inside. He finger fucked her ass hole while tonguing her clit till she was grinding herself into him. Rick almost lost his balance with her thrusts. He kept her steady and inserted a second finger into her ass. She moaned loudly, though it was muffled by Mark?s cock in her mouth. Mark could see how overwhelmed Kimberly was. She was unable to concentrate on sucking his dick so he took to holding her hair and fucking her face on his own. Kimberly?s eyes had rolled to the back of her head in the intense pleasure of being violated by these two older men. Kimberly?s voice was muffled but Mark still knew what she was saying. ?I?m gonna cum. I?m gonna cum! I?M GONNA CUM!!? She tried to yell as her body went into convulsions. Mark pulled her off his dick. He wanted to save his cum for her pussy. Rick pounded his fingers into her ass and pussy as he licked her clit. Kimberly?s whole body was convulsing. By the end of it she collapsed and was gasping, trying to recover. Rick let her slide off his shoulders and into the water. He held her back against him. His arms under her knees, spreading her legs wide open. Both men were rock hard and wanting a release. To be continued...Look for "Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 4 of 4" to get the final ending.
09-01-2021, at 01:45 PM

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