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Rose [3]

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Rose [3]Rose is almost finished at school. Shes knows me as her teacher. I have a second relation as birding friend.I take her on walks to watch them in private. I watch her as well secretly with my binoculars. It is number three.Rose knows now I watch her bedroom window at night and also I know her secret sex storie. It is number four.I slowly let her find out and want me. Rose finally gets what we want allthough it againts my will, become my love! Rose is cfirst only a long series of short sexy seductive stories in my mother tongue.I have a dozen up in answer to the five from I her I encounter earlier, in inspiration.Rose is as shy as bright, so she is not likely to respond here as first to our tales of love.I intend to tell our full story as it developes through last Spring and our long hot Summer.Rose is as amazed as I am, how fast she crosses borders she never imagined she would.I intend to keep you all interested informed, at a pace of few fresh installments every week.Rose is still so innocent at our start, but a quick nice naughty mind is a joy forever and it will help her a lot.I will need to teach her almost everything about all the pleasures of the flesh between a man and a woman.Rose is also open for erotic encounters with experienced women for lots of love, kisses at all sets of love lips.I know how she sometimes longs to explore her best female friend from class between the sheets of her bed.Rose loves close reading I teach her to see such things between the lines in some novels or in autobiographies.I know she admits in her last love story how lovely looking Linda, her beautiful brownskinned neighbour got her.Rose pretends when her neighbour invites herself into her garden where she is sunbathing, it is her first time.I know she is not telling the full truth, as I had seen earlier through my looking glass sexy Sanne make her comeRose is on a walk with me and Sanne for bird waching with my looking glass I also always use to spy at her in bed.I switch fast forward when we are private and the girls need to take leak and undress right in front of me to test me.Rose proposes positions without words while she smiles.I see she simply slips her slip from her hips steps out of it.Rose squats, spreads her perfect pretty pussy proud openI see she squirts, showering me almost watching from close.Rose feels as hot as dirty and wants to wash up and cool down in the little lake at our beautiful beach.I feel the same and Sanne as well, so we watch each other undress, seductively sensual slow show.Rose feels as curious as Sanne to meet my member, measure my manhood meat by big eyes wide.I feel the pole poking through my tight tent in expectation of exciting things to happen here to us three.Rose starts on purpose to cross borders I order of not touching others as long I am their teacher at school, SummerI am as free as them after their exam and do not have any obligaton to have my hands not touching them anywhere.Rose pees at me, soon Sanne from the other side. We are all wet with red heads, they push me into the pond.I feel how they try to grab me under the water get hold of my pole and pull at it. Rose is strong sporty and fast.Rose wins with Sanne who holds me from the back in some judo trick grip, I can not move my arms, feel her hips.I am open to the front attack from Rose who is the hard hiiter at hockey where Sanne strong unbeatable goalie.Rose starts to kiss keen precious Peter as she starts moaning madly from firm ferocious fanny fingering.I hear how horny hot also awesome attractive slender sensuous sensational sweet subby Sanne sounds.Rose starts to tease to take that tasty tool my mighty magnificient manhood intimately immediately inside.I hear how horny hot the two tight tough teens become by brilliantly bringing both closer constantly coming.Rose knows how hotly long looks my manliness sofar only from long distance through her binoculars.I know she knows as well as Sanne. Without doubt within reach of their hands it is three times hotter.Rose knows now how strict I stick to proper regulations until graduation, when we can do what we want.I know she longs long, loves touch me, suck me, swallow everything, same inside: feel me coming!Rose finally finishes and looks at me and Sanne asking her with an eyewink to follow order.I see she simply repeats the same precedure as she keeps my eyes fixed on her hot show.Rose finally finds an occasion to safely seduce me as Sanne is witness and her best friend.I see a second shower splattering splendidly, enormously erotic and arousing all of us three.Rose holds her breath when she gets a good grip at my enormous erection and softly strokes and squeezes it.I hold my breath as well for a moment before I sigh together with her and Sanne who has her hands at my ass.Rose holds her long legs wide while she waits till I will hold her there to take my turn to touch her so intimately.I hold my both beauties by their twats and slowly start to caress snatches which are wet inside from wanting.Rose is disappointed when I walk them till my proud pole disappears from their sight with water hiding a good look.I am sure she will understand soon why I do this on purpose when we start to splash and play and touch eachothers.Rose is afraid first to try to touch my member under the the cover of the water. She can not resist the tasty tease.I am sure she will try touch it casually first to check my reaction, not sure if she is allowed to grab and hold me there.Rose smiles, stretches, hold her hands out to us and asks me to walk with her within the water holding hands.I answer by being in the middle of my maiden, get a gentle grip at a hand of each offering them a hot handkiss.Rose smiles she is first. Sanne is second. Rose is right. Sanne left. We holds hands while we walk waterwards.I answer unasked questions quoting from what I read in their minds: How far will our dear Peter lets go and come?Rose is first, already under the cover of the water, where Sanne scores second, which I even do not notice.I her how often later. I let them walk me out of the water back to the beach, where they push me over in the sand.Rose rides her hips at mine, Sanne at my face. I almost can't breath with is enormously exciting as I now know.I feel I suffocate and something strong tight hot around my proud purple pole milking me, my cream coming.Rose can not stop the clenching of her cunny, she loses self control, rides her hot waves up and down with me.I feel I pass out then for a moment, as the next thing I remember is a lot later. It is if I wake up from dozing off.Rose and Sanne cover me I feel and clearly see now. She notices I get back to reality She smiles, tells all.I listen with eyes wide open, did we really do that. Sanne sais Yes Sir weknow what we want and we want it.Rose adds in unisono song, youhoo you and me, sing a melody only rising in pitch, each new numberI come first. Sanne soon second. Were You third Sir, we were not sure, at least not then, at that momentRose needs to be sure, so we drag You ashore, surely You remember this, wse take the top seats at You I am afraid we lost contact then, with our man we wan,t to make so happy You far gone, as I feel You in me.Rose can still sing, dozen more lines to You Sir, as many lines as we came so far. let me go on keep countingI am in the mood, want to add another dozen. I dance back a Your pole Sir, makes me remember all much betterRose I am and am a great goal getter, I am proud of my sporting successes, they turn me on, always alone in bedI feel more pride in winning with you Sir, You are my dream, I so often already came for you, now once more Sir, Rose wins with You by dozen dozens to only one dozen Sir., I think You owe me drink or two, I am already eighteenI feel free to do as like, Sir like to see the bottle, I know You hide one in Your bag Sir, let us open to those bubblesRose I am and I know what I want when, Rose is thirsty from her love song Sir. I really need please a glass at last.I am Rose and so much stronger, I deserve a pretty price to get what I want, if not I will kiil You sweet sexy Sir.
09-01-2021, at 01:45 PM

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