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Friends Hot Mom Was too Hot to Handle

Post #1

Friends Hot Mom Was too Hot to HandleHello to all sex stories readers. This is a story about how I fucked one of my friends hot mom. My name is Raj(name changed), I?m an average 18 year old from Bangalore ,5 ft.11 inches tall,dusky and when erect my dick is 7 inches long(haven?t checked girth).Coming to the story, I had a friend called Raghav(name changed) whom I knew through football coaching. We both were the same age and played for the same club as well. Eventually we turned out to be good friends. We used to hangout in each other?s house, but mostly it was his place. This is where I saw my friends hot mom first and boy oh boy she was one hot lady.Her name is Rani, 43 years old. She?s quite tall, slim but once you see her there are two things that?ll catch your attention ?her tits and her ass?. I don?t know what her size is, never bothered asking her but all in all it was just amazing to look at for me. After I saw his mom, I insisted my friend to hangout only at his place as it was more fun here but all i wanted was to see his mom in all her glory.Days passed by and I was getting restless, I wasn?t happy with watching those magnificent pairs I wanted to feel and fondle them and eventually get laid. One fine day, my friend and me had a football match. He had asked me to come to his house in the morning and the plan was that his mom would drive us to the ground.So I reached his house at around 7 am and his mom welcomed me inside. My jaws just dropped when I saw her. She was wearing a rather small but slim fit pair of denims on a tight grey t-shirt. It looked like her tits and ass were crying out for help to be set free. It revealed her curves to the fullest.She asked me to wait on the sofa while Raghav got ready and brought me a glass of milk from the kitchen. The sofa was quite low, so she had to bend a little forward to hand me the glass and this was the first time i could catch a glimpse of her milky white cleavage.I really got excited and before she could spot me with my erection i place my bag on the lap. She handed me the glass , turned around and was setting the newspaper on the table which was in front of the sofa. Now I got a full view of her ass I felt like dropping the glass and feeling that ass.Suddenly my friend enter the living room and he was ready to go. His mom asked us to wait outside near the car while she gets the key.She drove us to the match and the next few days were not so eventful, I couldn?t get to see her much.Finally, the day had come. I was feeling bored at home so I decided to go to Ragahav?s. I knocked on the door and as usual his mom greeted me and me to come on in. We both went inside and she told me that Ragahav was over at his grandma?s with his dad and they wouldn?t be back till next tuesday. I felt disappointed and as I was about to get up and leave, she stopped me asking me for a favor.My heart started racing with all these wild thoughts running through mind thinking she was also sexually attracted to me and was going to ask me to fuck her and all that. She said she was going to take a shower now but an important post was to be received. So she asked me to stay while she was away and collect the post and sign it for her. I agreed and stayed.It was almost half an hour now and there was no sign of the post man and I was starting to get a little annoyed. Just then, Rani walked out in a towel wrapped around her body and another towel wrapped around her head. I didn?t know what to say, just stood there without uttering a word.I could see her bare thighs and within no time I had a raging hard on. She broke the silence by asking me if I had collected the post to which I replied the postman hadn?t come yet. I asked her if I could leave as I wanted to get back home and jerk off.She again stopped me by saying that she was alone and didn?t have any plans for the day and asked me if I could stay with her for lunch. I readily agreed. She seemed quite happy that I agreed and asked me to wait while she changes and left. I was hoping she didn?t notice my hard on and I ran to the bathroom to jerk off.As I was busy playing with my dick fantasizing about her, I heard her shout out my name. I froze, I didn?t know what to do as I was in the bathroom for a long time. I pulled my pants up and with the semi erect dick ran to her room. I knocked on the door, she asked me to get in.I couldn?t believe what I was seeing. She was sitting on the bed with her back facing me and had a body lotion in one hand and asked me to apply it on her back. I was surprised and couldn?t believe my luck. So I took the lotion from her hand and while doing so I could see her right boob a little.I started applying the lotion on her back and again my semi erect dick was rock hard now. I was finding it difficult to apply the lotion with her sitting upright and she realised that and slept on her tummy with only a towel covering her ass.Now I started applying it again and was towards her right side. She turned her face towards me, looked up to me and said sorry my husband usually helped me out this. I replied that was okay and I?m more than happy to be helping you out.Free Sex Videos BlogShe looked at my crotch area and said , ?Wow it looks even bigger now?. I didn?t respond. She again started by saying,?Oh come on, I saw the tent your pants made when I came out of the shower. I just smiled at her not knowing what to say.She suddenly turned and lied on her back now. The tits that I?d been dying to see was there before me. She asked me to apply the lotion here as well. I couldn?t control anymore and I threw the lotion bottler away and started kneading her boobs. I bent down and started to kiss her.She too responded and within no time our tongues met. I got on top of her, still kissing her passionately while my erect dick pressed against her tummy. Realizing that, she pulled my pants down. We continued kissing for a long time while I sucked on her tongue and she did the same to me.By now my penis was already lubricated with the pre cum so I decided to fuck her right in that position. She guided my dick into her vagina. It was so warm and wet. As I entered, she screamed asking me to be gentle as she had never taken a dick this big before.I was wondering, this is my first time and I think I?ll cum within a few strokes because of the excitement and there she was asking me to be gentle. Like I said I came inside her pussy after a minute or so but my dick was still hard and craving for more.Free Sex Videos BlogShe got up and we started kissing again. I just loved her tongue, every time I got a chance I used to suck on it. She broke the kiss and wrapped her lovely lips around my cock. She started to suck on my cock and it felt like heaven. Suddenly the bell rang and I was shit scared thinking Raghav has returned earlier than expected.She asked me to wait in the room while she checked who it was. Thankfully it was the postman and she put on a bathrobe and headed to collect the post. She came back to the room and I was hiding behind the door. As she entered I hugged her from behind, pulled her robe and shoved my dick into her pussy.She took support of the wardrobe door while I fucked her from back. This time I lasted longer and was determined to try out other positions as well. We then moved on to the bed. We had sex in cow girl position and this was the best I could see her big yet firm tits bouncing right in front of my face and I could suck on them whenever I wanted to , all this while I could fuck her.Eventually I came in her pussy once again. She slept next to me feeling a bit tired and thanked me for the wonderful sex. We slept for a while then hit the shower together and had sex in the shower too.We had lunch in the afternoon and again ended up having sex in the kitchen, on the dining table and almost everywhere in he house. It?s like we were never satisfied and were craving for each others? body. I ended up staying at her place, called up home and said that it was gonna be a sleepover at raghav?s. That truly was the best day of my life. We tried out each and every position and roamed naked in the house.Any comments or feedback, feel free to reply.
09-01-2021, at 01:46 PM

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