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Curious and Lucky

Post #1

Curious and Lucky"D" was my college freshman roommate. D was tall, lean, very good looking, and D was also a black guy with smooth dark brown skin. I'm white and one of the few white males out there with no racial baggage messing up my head. Which D and all my other black friends picked up on immediately.D and I both had girlfriends but on this Friday evening we were both on our own. Our girlfriends both were away for the weekend.D liked to walk around our suite in the nude. Whenever it was the easiest thing to do. Before and after a shower, whenever he was dressing or changing his clothes. I soon began to do the same thing and we saw each other naked every day. But it was just as if we were both fully clothed.Until this same Friday evening, that is. We were both just out of the shower and just hanging out and talking. Both of us totally nude at the time. That's when I began to stare at D's very big dick. For the first time ever. D had a huge cock, or at least it was a huge soft cock - longer than my also big 8 incher when it was fully hard. So it had to get even bigger when it got hard. I couldn't take my eyes off that huge thing, even after D saw me staring at it. We would talk, my eyes would lock on his big black dick, he would catch me, I would look away, and then I would stare at it again a few seconds later. This went on repeatedly for almost 10 minutes.That's when D finally asked me why I kept on staring at his dick. I was embarrassed and also worried that I just fucked up our good friendship. I said I was sorry and that I didn't know why I was doing it after months of sharing our suite with him, and then I said I hoped I didn't offend him or make him angry or uncomfortable. D is a very mellow person. So he replied by telling me not to worry, and no, he was't offended or angry or uncomfortable at all. "Relax dude. It's natural to look and it's natural to be curious and its also natural to be a little turned on by another guy's body sometimes. Besides, I'm used to it - trust me. Everyone checks out my dick every time I'm in the locker room or the shower at the campus gym. I know I have a really big dick and to be honest I kind of like it when other guys look at it. Everyone - girls and guys too - is naturally sexually attracted to a big black dick. It's the ultimate sex magnet."I was relieved by D's nonchalant reaction but I didn't want him to know I was really turned on by looking at his naked body. His huge dick but also the rest of him too. So I tried to convince him of something we both knew wasn't true. "I was just curious that's all.""Curious?" D asked me. "Curious about what exactly?"I had to think fast. "Well, that thing is really big in its Which made me wonder how much bigger it gets when it's....when it' know..."D finished my sentence. "When it's hard, right?"I replied yes and nodded my head. I felt a rush of panic mixed with embarrassment but what D said next made that all go away.This is what D said to me next: "Well I can tell you it gets very big. But why don't you get on your knees and put it in your mouth and you'll get your answer very soon." You all know what happened next. I of course accepted his offer and not only did I get my answer, I also gave him a hot sexy blowjob which was the first blowjob to completion I ever gave to another guy in my life. I also asked him to tell me the exact length of his big black monster dick and when he told me it was just under 11.5 inches I broke out into the sluttiest cocksucker's smile to show him how much I loved his 11.5 inch thick and beautiful black dick.That's what led to that first blowjob. By me and to him. Many more blowjobs followed - by me and also by him as well. I asked him to fuck me the very next morning and he was my first gay fuck partner too. We became secret gay lovers. We fucked girls - lots of hot girls - too. But when we both were home in our suite at the end of the day we almost always wanted to have sex together. Sometimes just oral but usually oral followed by a hot fuck - his big black dick in my ass every time. He wasn't into getting fucked and I wasn't into fucking guys so we were both very happy. Very happy and a great match in every way for the hottest black on white gay fucking every single time.This is a true story. I miss D and I miss our two year secret sexual relationship.
09-01-2021, at 01:46 PM

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