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Granny romacing on dating app

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Granny romacing on dating appHaving the same old granny fantasy for so long now...Last week i decided to join a dating site to find, chatup and hopefully at long last have sex with a lady who was aged 60plus. The plan was to make out to be interested in these ladies lifes, Don't seem rude or aggressive in anyway, Listen to them and then win their affection...Which i found out to be much easier than i could of possibly imagined. It was a sunday afternoon, I'd only been a member 2 days and i was in contact with a few gilfs from my local area, chatting back and forth... Until a lady i was talking to called Margaret, a silm, short haired blonde, 64yo (the type i get really horny for), lonely and longtime divorced said she would like to meet up, she surprised me next by telling me her road name, and to my amazment she was only a few roads away from my home. Excitedly i messaged i could pick her up in an hour, she agreed. I couldn't believe i was going to do this. I knew that by the tone of our messages the possibility of getting intimate with Margaret was a good chance, so i decided to pop half a blue pill (because you don't wanna cum early lol). Jumped in shower, clean and now in the car on my way. My balls were tingly in anticipation as i messaged her...and waited down her road. When she walked up to my car in her tight skinny jeans and jacket i thought she likes to dress young, bet she's dynamite in bed...I waved, smiled and opened the door for her to get in, we said hello and shared a quick kiss. She didn't care where we drove so i took her for a drive to a peaceful rural spot where we wouldn't be disturbed. She was clutching her vape pen, seemed relaxed chatting away, and i was imaging it was my cock she was holding, which was giving me a bonner. When we arrived it was getting dark, it's so peaceful she said, So i lent in for a kiss. I put my hand on her leg which she liked, So i asked her to get in the back so we could have a proper kiss and cuddle...She let out a giggle and said yes. In the back of the car, 70's rock on the radio, things were getting heated very quickly between Margaret and myself, she smelt gorgeous and up close her slightly wrinkled face looked beautiful. My hands roamed over her soft, sagging, skinny body exploring this old treasure. Her boobies felt very small when handled through her bra, and her skinny ass felt tight as i grabbed it. She put her hand on my jeans and massaged my already uncomfortable bulge. My hand went up her top and removed her bra, gently groping her tiny titties i felt her nipple...It was unusually large for such small breasts. I couldn't take much more with her rubbing my tightly packaged penis, he need to i pulled him out and set him free. Margaret let out a lil gasp and was clearly delighted at the sight of my long, smooth semi, so i pulled the top off her exposing her small saggers. But its was her inch long nipples that made my cock throb to its full 7inches, which she instantly became hypothesised by. I sucked and played with those nipples whilst Margaret tiggled my tight ballsack, then squeezed my meat in her hand, running my shaft through fingers. I thought to myself then that this is probably one of my greatest experiences lol. Margaret was like putty in my hands and i decided to unbutton her jeans and remove them. I discovered an old lady young at heart, wearing a damp, white thong which was being eaten up by her sexy scrawny ass. In a second i had pulled them to her knees, exposing her trimmed but hairy meaty looking virgina. I slid down the seat and pushed my face into her incredibly warm, wet grey pubed pussy and smelt it was good to eat. Her moans were instant and straight away i teased her cilt with my tongue and ran a teasing finger gently over the meaty lips of sticky honeypot. Margaret's groans and wimpers followed her to orgasm quickly and she shuddered alittle, she said i made her body tingle...and i was so horny right then i grabbed my dick and began jerking off over her naked body, gently squeezing her big nipples, she pulled me close enough to kiss my big shiny helmet, took me inside her mouth and then began gobbling me like an old lady possessed. She tried hard to swollow some of my meat but she needs more practice, but it was great to hear her giving her best even the slurps and burp lol. Lying her down i told her to get comfortable and spread your legs and pussy lips for me. I took in all the beauty of her petite wrinkled body before i slowly pushed my excited penis towards Margaret's old pussy and in between her warm and moist meaty lips. I slid inside her with easy but it's a nice fit, i put my hands around her hips as i pulled my cock out till just my helmet was buried inside my wrinkled old lover, then i pushed my penis all the way deep inside her and she let out a squill. Slowly at first she said, I've got to get use to this again... It wasn't long before i was getting deeper trusting and her hungry pussy was eating my meat all up, we were both loving it. I turned Margaret over and got a proper look at her inviting ass and pussy from behind, i pulled her hips and ass up so to get better access, her asshole seemed to sparkle when i saw it, i thought i hope she lets me penetrate that tight hole. I preceded to pound away at her pussy and massaging her sweet cheeks, its was heaven...Lol until i saw how soaked my car seat was becoming. It was a nice evening so i got her out the car, we were parked off a country lane so we not worried we were naked. I bent Margaret over my car and fucked her passionatly, she got louder with her moans and i notice her pussy was so wet her sweet juices were running down both her legs. I pulled out my dick, slapped her around with it and gone to shove it back and within a second had squeezed half into the asshole, she screamed no please I've never done that. I said it was an accident, my darling was struggling to stay standing so i sat on the floor and she rode my cock the best she could, but she was old and tired so i thrusted into her dripping pussy, loving every groan she made...Until watching Margaret's tiny saggers, with those unreal nipples jiggle about uncontrolably made me blow my load inside her. We cuddled, cleaned up and i dropped her home...And Margaret and i shall do pretty much the same next week, and so on!
09-01-2021, at 01:46 PM

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