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The Business Trip

Post #1

The Business TripJared was a 37 year old salesman whose work required that he travel about 75% of the time. He had been in this job for more than 10 years and while he liked the work, he was bored with the travel, the hotels, the restaurants, and all the things many people thought sounded glamorous when he told them of his work. And now, after 12 years, he found himself newly divorced. His wife, Megan, was more than just tired of his travel all the time. She was still full of desire and he wasn't around enough to meet her needs. Their sex together had always been good, but just not enough of it for her, so she gave him a choice: he could quit his job or the marriage. He had tried hard to find a job that eliminated the travel and even considered just quitting and taking it on faith that he would find something, but the financial realities were that quitting without another job lined up was not an option. He came home from a business trip eight months ago to an empty apartment and a note. Then the divorce papers arrived in the mail after another trip. Jared gave up and let her go. His travel partner for the last six months was Eric. Eric was in his late 20's, never married, was reportedly gay according to the office gossip, and was the classic outgoing, energetic kind of person well suited for traveling sales. While Jared was six feet, two inches tall, broad shoulders, thick-chested - an imposing figure when he entered a room - dark hair, blue eyes, and all around classic good looks, Eric was about six foot, slim, dark hair, brown eyes, and more boyish in his general appearance, but also attractive. There was nothing about him that hinted he was gay and Jared didn't care one way or the other. They enjoyed each others' company and since Jared's divorce, they had taken to the habit of having a couple of drinks once or twice each week they were on the road. Rarely did the conversations over drinks turn personal and Jared was just as happy that they didn't.One night, however, the conversation did turn not only personal, but intimate. Jared had gotten a letter out of nowhere from his ex indicating that she was having second thoughts about the divorce and wondered if he might forgive her and consider a reunion. Jared was so emotionally confused that he had no idea what to think. So he chose to have a few more drinks than usual. Eric noticed and asked what was up. When Jared explained, that was when the conversation dove into the deep end of the pool.Jared was good at holding his liquor after years of practice while on the road. He was far from intoxicated, but he had had enough that he was willing to open up and get personal."You know, in the first few years of our marriage, we would fuck all night, take a nap, and wake up and fuck all morning. There were times when it seemed like all I had to do was look at her and she would cum. Then I started traveling. We'd have phone sex when I called in the evenings. When I would get home, as soon as I walked in the door, she would jump my ass. She would already be naked. I would just drop the luggage and fuck her in the entry. Sometimes it would be against the wall, sometimes on top of the suitcase. It didn't matter. Sometimes, I wouldn't even get dressed again until Sunday night when it was time to pack and leave for the next trip. We'd just fuck all weekend. But then, looking back on could see that she began to cool off some. I thought it was normal, you know? The sex was still great, and there was plenty of it, but she didn't quite have the same enthusiasm. She began to complain about the travel and then sometimes we would fight. She would accuse me of cheating on her when I traveled. That would ruin the sex for sure. But I was totally shocked when she left me.""Maybe you should just leave well enough alone and try someone else," Eric said. "You know, a guy with your looks and success has many choices.""What about you, Eric? I know you aren't married, but have you had to deal with that bullshit?" asked Jared with a tinge of jealousy in his voice."No, I have never had anyone that steady in my life. I would actually rather have your problems. I get lonely."The waitress brought them another round of drinks - two for Jared, one for Eric."So," started Jared, "I have told you about my highs and lows. Tell me yours."Eric looked at Jared, evaluating whether he should actually open up to his coworker. "There's not much to tell really. I have had a few girlfriends, nothing that lasted too long. The travel kinda fucks that up. I -" Jared interrupted."Wait," said Jared, "I heard you were gay." he said softly, looking confused.Eric rolled his eyes. "Actually, I am bi. I was getting ready to tell you that since the travel tends to screw things up for relationships with women - at least the long term relationships I prefer, I have more or less chosen to just have more casual arrangements with guys. They are just as satisfying for me and the commitment pressures, at least right now, aren't as high."Jared leaned back in his chair, evaluating the information and sipping on his drink. "Just out of curiosity, how do you meet up and get acquainted with like-minded men? I mean, I know how to pick up a woman, but I would have no clue about connecting with another man. I know that sounds stupid as shit, but I am curious."Eric smiled, "Nah, I get it. How do you know another man is interested in you sexually? Just like the conversation we are having now. You meet someone, you get to know them and their interests and sex eventually comes up in the conversation. Body language, facial expressions, all that stuff."Jared was again confused. "How is that like the conversation we are having now? We are coworkers having a very personal conversation. That's not the same thing as looking for a piece of ass."Eric leaned over their small table and smiled. "You have to be observant, Jared. For example, you are curious about a gay lifestyle. You leaned back in your chair and spread your legs. I know you well enough to know that when you do that, your mind is open. You also have an erection. The bulge in your suit pants tells me the thought of being with a guy actually excites you some, although you aren't sure why and you aren't entirely comfortable about it. And I can tell from the direction of the conversation - the how do you find someone part - that you may want to know for future use yourself. I have studied you because you fascinate me and I am interested in you. I know when you ask questions that you are interested. If you don't ask questions, it's because you have no personal use for the information and don't give a fuck."Jared squirmed a little. "You figured all of that out while we are sitting here drinking?""No, figured that out by studying you for the last six months," said Eric. "In fact, I'll bet if we weren't coworkers, after this conversation, you would be interested in finding out what it's like to have my mouth wrapped around your clearly fat cock." Eric gave off a laugh in case that comment landed wrong with Jared and he could pass it off as a joke. But the truth was, he lusted after Jared and wanted even just one night with his coworker.Jared studied Eric for a moment. The alcohol was slowing his brain's processing. He looked around at the nearly empty bar. The place was dimly lit and the two men were already sitting nearly side by side because of the nature of the conversation and the fact that earlier there were many more people hanging around."If I were interested in experimenting - not saying I am - but if I were, what would you - or someone with your interests expect from me in return? I mean, you know, a blow job is a blow job, but that doesn't mean I would be willing to do anything or everything or, well, you know."Eric laughed at him and reached out to place his hand on Jared's thigh. "You work it out together." Eric slid his hand further up Jared's thigh and gently rubbed his balls through his pants. Eric had had enough to drink himself that he was much more bold than he would normally be. Jared's head tipped back and his eyes closed briefly at the feel of someone else's touch on his private areas. Eric slid his hand up further and wrapped his hand around Jared's very large and long shaft, squeezing it through his suit pants, eliciting a groan from Jared. Jared opened his eyes and sat up straight as if startled. Eric withdrew his hand."Your room or mine?" Jared asked. They paid their tab and headed for the elevator to Eric's room. When the elevator door shut, Eric began feeling Jared's cock through his pants again and Jared began to do the same to Eric, finding that Eric was equally erect and had pretty good size himself.Once inside Eric's room, he gave Jared some suggestions and advice. "Relax and let me take the lead to start. I won't do anything without you having a chance to accept or decline." Jared nodded. "Now," said Eric, "let's undress each other and just do a little touching."They nearly got tangled up in each others' arms as they began to undress each other. Jared had a hairy chest, while Eric was smooth, either by nature or by choice. Once naked, Eric put his hard cock against Jared's erection, rubbing them together side to side and gripping them together to stroke them together at the same time, up and down. Jared began to fondle Eric's ass, and looked down at Eric's hand work on their cocks. Eric began to stroke the cocks with one hand and play with Jared's heavy balls with the other. Jared was breathing heavily and pre-cum was leaking from the end of his cock. Eric licked his lips and decided it was time to swallow a savory load of cum. He told Jared he wanted to suck his cock and Jared nodded his approval. Jared laid down on the bed and spread his legs. Eric went down on him, studying the erection just inches from his mouth. He ran his fingers up and down the shaft, tracing the prominent veins, and estimated that he was playing with a cock about nine inches long and very thick. He was already gauging if he could take that up his ass. Jared took the lead this time and guided his cock with one hand and Eric's head with his other and clearly wanted to get his cock sucked and drained. Eric opened and took Jared's cock head into his mouth and let his tongue swirl around, tasting the pre-cum. He flicked the head with the tip of his tongue before taking a deep dive down the shaft, causing a convulsive lurch from Jared that nearly buried his entire cock into Eric's throat. Eric responded by sucking and bobbing up and down at a rapid pace, movements almost at the speed of fucking. Jared had both hands on Eric's head as if to control his fucking motion. Eric then slowed to a more manageable pace and occasionally changed up the routine so as not to make Jared cum too soon. Then Jared motioned for Eric to shift his body around so that he could play and study Eric's cock as well. Eric's cock was also thick and his balls hung down further than Jared's. He estimated that Jared's cock was seven or eight inches in length. Jared played with his friend's balls and stroked his cock, finally working up the nerve to lick Eric's cock from the base to the tip. When he got to the tip, Eric slowly pushed his cock forward, indicating he wanted it sucked on. Jared, tentative at first, let the cock head slide into his mouth. Each of them were on their sides now and enjoying the simultaneous stimulation of sucking and being sucked. Jared pulled away to warn Eric not to cum in his mouth. He wasn't ready for that just yet. Eric nodded, then pointed at his mouth indicating that he did want Jared to shoot his wad into his mouth. Jared continued to suck Eric's cock and could feel his own cum start to boil up inside of him and knew he would not last long. Then Jared surprised both of them by slipping a finger around to inserting the tip into Eric's asshole. Eric thrust forward a bit indicating his approval and pleasure and Jared began inserting his finger deeper and started a fucking motion with it. Eric sucked harder and Jared could hold back no longer. Month's of built up passion and the new experience combined to created a rocket launch of cum down Eric's throat, flooding his mouth and throat with long, stringy shots of the white, salty cum that Eric was craving. He squeezed Jared's balls and stroked his shaft, milking all of the cum he could get from Jared's reservoir.Meanwhile, Jared was full finger length deep in Eric's ass and was even close to having Eric balls deep in his mouth. Eric tapped him on the ass to indicate he was about to cum, but Jared didn't really notice. Between fingering Eric's ass and learning the art of cock sucking, and cumming himself, he was oblivious to anything other than the genital stimulation and new experiences. So Eric went with it, grabbed, Jared's head and emptied his balls down Jared's throat. Jared had no choice but to swallow and fortunately, Eric had pushed deep enough that there was no risk of choking. Eric then pulled out and finished cumming on Jared's chin and neck. They moved around on the bed so that they could lay next to each other and continue to fondle each other as they talked about Jared's first experience with a guy."You're a quick study, Jared!""Thanks, good teacher!""I see you are still hard or getting hard again. Interested in fucking my ass?" asked Eric hopefully."Sure. I have come this far." said Jared, a bit shocked with himself that he had enjoyed the experience up to now. Of all the wonderful things he and his wife had done sexually, she was never into the idea of letting him fuck her ass. And he had always been okay with that since the rest of it had always been so awesome. Now he was about to get his first experience of driving his cock into an ass and it would be with a guy. He never would have thought it would turn out this way. Eric retrieved some lube from his suitcase and returned. His cock was also getting hard again. Jared's had returned to full erection as he considered their next round and was actually admiring his coworker's ass and his cock as he moved around the hotel room. "I actually prefer to lie on my back," said Eric. "Do you mind standing while you fuck?""No, you just tell me how you want to do this." said Jared.Eric bent over the bed. "First, lube me up inside and out, then lube yourself."Jared lubed Eric's asshole, working it inside and around his rim and fingered Eric's asshole as a bit of foreplay and noted that Eric was truly enjoying it, as he hunched Jared's fingers a little at the insertion and lubrication. Eric then rolled over on his back, spread his legs and lifted them up toward his chest, so that Jared had a clear view and path to Eric's anal opening. Eric watched as Jared stroked the lube up and down the shaft of his cock and coated his cock head until it glistened in the hotel room light. Eric slowly stroked his own cock as he waited eagerly for Jared's entry. "Now, just take it slow and easy. You are hung like a bull and it takes a little time to get it all in place and feeling good." instructed Eric. "I will let you know when you can speed it up and actually fuck like I know you want to."Jared stood at the side of the bed and guided his cock to Eric's dark opening. He rubbed his lubed cock head all around Eric's asshole as Eric stroked his own pole and closed his eyes in the enjoyment of the moment. Eric always enjoyed the moment of anticipation just as penetration began and then after penetration when the fucking was under way. He was always impatient with the entry part. If his partner was unskilled like Jared, it could be painful and time consuming. But Jared was a good student himself and had figured out the proper angle from having finger fucked his buddy's ass earlier. He took his time and pressed his cock head into Eric's asshole, just covering the tip to start. He paused, pressed further so that his mushroom was now in, then paused, pushed again as soon as he felt Eric relax a little more. Jared then used one hand to rub and toy with Eric's balls resting on his own cock shaft. Eric stroked his cock a little faster and Jared pushed in even deeper. Then Jared, began the in and out stroking motion going a little deeper each time, still slowly, until he was now completely buried. His cock could feel the unique tightness and warmth that was familiar in one way yet different from that of being buried in a pussy. He loved the sensation and he enjoyed looking down at Eric stroking his cock while getting fucked and Jared also liked the visual of his cock sliding in and out of an ass. He now placed his hands on Eric's thighs as a way of getting some leverage to make the fucking more consistent. Eric allowed his legs to rest on Jared's shoulders and used that to lift himself slightly for the best possible angle."Oh! That's it! Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard and fast. I want to feel you cum deep in my ass. I bet you will pump as much cum in my ass as you did down my throat earlier. Give me that hot cum."Jared was aroused by Eric's talk and began pounding his ass at a much faster rate. He could feel and hear his balls slapping against Eric's body and watched as Eric's balls rolled up and down between the two cocks with each thrust of Jared's cock. For Jared, watching Eric was like looking in a mirror watching himself fuck. He could tell by the expression on Eric's face exactly what Eric was feeling. Not so much the taking it up the ass feeling, but the arousal, the boiling of cum in his balls waiting for that magic moment of release, the hand wrapped around his cock stroking toward the moment of shooting cum all over. Jared felt in some ways like he was fucking himself and the idea appealed to him. Eric's head began to roll side to side as he rapidly stroked his cock and relished the fat cock pounding his ass. Low groans began to escape his mouth and he said something about cumming and repeated his desire for Jared to fill his ass with cum. Then Eric let go. Jared watched as Eric shot rope after rope of white, sticky cum up to near his neck line in nearly straight lines until he shuddered as he then emptied a small pool just below his cock head onto his abdomen. That sight was enough to finish off Jared. "Oh, fuck! I am cumming. I am going to fill your ass with cum!""Yeah! That's it. Give it to me. Empty those big balls into my ass. Cum!" Eric encouraged.Jared could see in his mind's eye his cock shooting his streams of hot, sticky cum into the depths of Eric's ass. It seemed to Jared as if his cum would not stop spurting as he came harder than he had in years. When he finally finished, he was reluctant to pull his cock from its new home. Both men lay beside each other and enjoyed what had been one of the best sexual encounters either of them had had in many months or more."That was pretty hot, Eric. I enjoyed watching you shoot your cum and you have a very tight ass. I could get used to this.""Me, too," said Eric. "The good news it is only Monday and we have all week. And we travel a lot together. Maybe we can get a woman or two involved as well.""That sounds like an excellent plan to me, buddy. What do you say we take a shower together and consider another round before we call it a night.".
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