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A Close Shave

Post #1

A Close ShaveOne of the benefits of my job is I have the choice to work from home. Last Thursday, I did just that. I didn't feel like driving through all of the road construction. So I called my boss, told her I was working from home, and all was well. I was two hours into my day, when there was a knock at the door. I opened it, and there was Becki, still sporting her Katy Perry style short hair cut. She was dressed in pajama pants and a plain black t-shirt. She had a shopping bag with her."I saw you were home, and decided to visit." she said, rather slyly. I opened the door, and let her in. Her free hand happened to rub against my cock. She sat down on my couch, and I sat at my computer4 chair. No chance of any work getting done now.Becki told me of her NYC trip. She talked about her Latino friend Sonja. Sonja was described as a stunner, perfectly sized breast, large booty, and jet dark hair. Along with three other friends, they went to a club and drank and danced. When they returned to the hotel, their friends passed out while Sonja teased Becki with a lesbian kiss. Instead of following through, Sonja passed out in Becki's arms. As she slept next to her friend, Becki rubbed her own pussy until she had her release an went to bed. Becki showed me a picture of Sonja, and the mere thought of these two 24 year old hotties licking and fucking each other made my cock grow. And it then that Becki reached into the shopping bag, and pulled out a razor and shaving cream."I let it get too hairy, daddy," Becki said, "Will you shave it for me?"I took a deep breath, an agreed. As we walked to my bathroom, I could barely take a step thanks to my erection. Becki closed the lid to my toilet, and began to remove her pajama pants and panties. Her bush was plenty ample. I licked my lips as I readied the shaving cream. "I don't mind a hairy pussy," I said, "But if you want it shaved, I'll shave it." I applied the cream and rubbed it all over. I wet the razor and began to shave. I decided I was going to give her a landing strip. "Sorry I let it get so hairy, daddy," She said, "But it's all right now." Still felt weird that she called me daddy, but what the fuck, you know?It took a couple of minutes to shave her, and made sure to brush my hand against her clit. After a while she had a nice strip of hair. I took a towel and wiped off the excess. "Look," I said, "I missed a spot, I better clean it off." I drew close and began to lick her pussy. She still tasted sweet. I placed my hands on her hips, and licked her well. She began to moan with delight. I worked my tongue in and out of her pussy, up and down the walls, being sure to suck on her clit. My cock felt like it was actually getting harder, so hard it hurt. Becki ran her fingers through my long hair as I ate her pussy."Lick me, daddy, lick me good." she pleaded. I drove my tongue deeper into her pink canal, so far that her remaining pussy hair went into my nose. She moaned with delight with each passing lick. As much as I enjoyed the taste of her tender pussy, my cock needed attention. I rose up, and was ready to take off my pants. Becki brushed my hands away, and nearly tore my cock out of my pants. My throbbing erection was in her mouth and she sucked me well."Oh yeah, babygirl, suck my cock, mmm, suck me good." I said. She asked me if she was doing a good job."Am I daddy?" She asked, "Am I sucking good." I assured her she was doing quite well.After five minutes or so, I wanted her ass. I pulled away and stood her up. She was bent over, with both hands on my sink, and I spit into my hands and moistened my cock. I licked her butt-hole, driving my tongue deep into it. I'd never eaten a woman's ass before, but I wanted to now. I licked her tight butt hole with delight, sliding a few fingers in as well. I could tell by her moans that Becki like it too. Soon enough, I needed to fuck that ass. I rose up and readied my cock. I placed my hand on her shoulder, and leaned forward."Get ready, here we go." I said, giving her warning. I wasn't just going to jam it in, that would be rude. I rubbed my head against her butt hole, and teased entry, Finally I put it in."Oh my fucking god!" Becki screamed. I worried that my cock was hurting her, but she assured me she was fine. So I began to fuck her ass. I pounded away, the sound of a flesh echoes against the walls. I pounded her ass, and she kept screaming please, please daddy fuck my ass! This drove me to fuck her harder. Then I had to catch myself, because I was afraid I was going to cum too soon. I pulled out, spun her around, and began to fuck her pussy. Becki wrapped her arms around my neck. I groaned with delight as I fucked her nice pussy. Sweat was now pouring off both our bodies "Yeah babygirl, you like this, how does this feel,?" I asked."Feels good daddy, you make my pussy feel good," Becki replied, "But your cock, I want your cock in my mouth." I'd barely pulled out before Becki dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. I tightened up because I was ready to bust the moment she had my cock in her mouth. I'd had sex with many women, but Becki, this young thing, she could suck a cock better than women twice her age. "Cum, please cum for me honey," Becki pleaded, "Babygirl needs something to eat." I agreed, and got ready I warned Becki this was going to be a big one. Becki went from stroking my cock to sucking it. Soon enough I was ready, and gave her the sign. She jerked me off until the cum sprang forth from my cock to her face. She rubbed my cock against her face and shockingly, against the closely buzzed side of her head. Had to admit, it felt weird and good at the same time.We each got dressed and left the bathroom. We kissed and hugged as she got ready to leave."Think about it," Becki said, "You just got to have sex, and got paid while doing it." She laughed at her own joke, as I did.I watched as she left, keeping an eye on her sweet booty."Coming soon," she said, "Round two!" I stood at the door, and thought to myself. I looked forward to round two.
09-01-2021, at 01:46 PM

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