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Special weekend at a spa!

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Special weekend at a spa!Wife went to relax at an excellent spa, her best friend was suppose to join her, but she couldn't make it. My wife decided to visit on her own. She booked a relaxing massage prior to her arrival. She unpacked her suitcase, then went for a massage with Helga. Upon arriving at the spa she was told Helga called in sick and they'd like to recommend Jamal as a good replacement. She thought about leaving but decided to give Jamal a chance.She undressed, lied face down on the massage table and put a towel over her backside as best she could. Jamal entered , he was friendly, polite and very well built young black man. He rubbed the lavender massage oil and started on her back, he hit all the right spots, specialized in shiatsu pressure points. She totally relaxed, he next worked on her legs and feet. She loves it the harder the better on her feet, he told her he enjoyed someone who could take a good, hard foot massage. He next came to her buttocks, she told him to remove the towel, so she now lay completely naked on her front with Jamal massaging her butt. She loved his pressure, when he moved his hands to massage the inside of her thighs the backside on his hands gently slid along her pussy lips. He did this several times, she felt her labia, clit and womb start to come to life, getting warm and wet. He moved back to her butt cheeks, she told him she really liked his previous massage points. She opened her legs to give him better access.He now purposely yet gently pushed the back of his hands into her now very engorged pussy lips and surrounding tissue. She even panted a bit, felt an orgasm might be imminent. Jamal then stopped, asked her to roll over. He offered to cover her up, she said it's okay, don't worry about using a towel. He expertly massaged her face, neck and shoulders. Then moved to massaged her ample breasts (she's 44EE-37-44), he noticed her nipples became very hard. She loved it. She was slightly nervous when he massaged her belly as she's a mature women, no more six pack and has a little extra here and there, but most noticeable at her belly. He masterfully pushed down just above her pubic hair rejoin, she felt he was massaging her ovaries. Really turned her on, was breathing harder, kept her eyes closed. He next moved down and did the front of her legs, she parted her legs to assist him plus give him a great view of her genital region. She'd open her eyes slightly to catch him looking between her legs. She was ovulating and very turned on by now. So her mucous was coming out her vaginal opening, her labia and pussy lips were very flushed and engorged with extra blood, she very much liked giving this handsome young black man a great view. So also knew that when she's super excited her pussy lips part exposing her vaginal opening. Sometimes I've noticed there's a good 2 inch opening. He couldn't resist staring right into her vagina. She loved it!He'd again slowly rubbed the back on his hand against her pussy lips, gently pressing and rubbing them. She groaned then opened her eyes fully and smiled at him. He asked if he could touch her there, she nodded yes. He took some mucous on his fingers and asked about this sticky, green super lubricated substance. She told him she's ovulating, he said he liked it's texture and was thoroughly impressed how her vagina remained open for him to look inside, commenting he could see her cervix. She next noticed his very hard and full erection through his shorts and commented how nice it looked. He removed his shirt, she gasped at his six pack and nicely refined muscles. She then laughed, asked him why a mature woman like her would excite such a handsome young black man? He replied "you're gorgeous, great breasts, fantastic face, lovely blonde hair and incredible womanly curves. Everything a black man likes in a mature white woman"! She next asked him how old he was? He replied "18". She laughed and asked how old do you think I am? He said "35". She said nice try, how would you feel if I told you I'm 25 years older than you? So try 43 (actually it was 35 years older than him, she's really 53 but doesn't want to scare him off). She just directly asked if he'd like to come to her room for them to make love? As she asked him she reached over and pulled his shorts off. He was nervous, so looked out into the spa reception area, with Helga sick and another masseuse on vacation the place was empty except for them. Jamal put his right hand on her genitals, inserting a couple of fingers into her vagina and leaned over to kiss her. She had a massive orgasm, as he moved his lips off of hers he said I have a condom in my wallet. She kissed him with a huge smile and said "I don't mind if you don't use it, I've never asked a black man to wear a condom". He smiled and said "but you're ovulating, don't really want to become a father today". She smiled and said 'your choice, but it's okay if you change your mind and don't want to use it'.She slid off the table, looked at him and said "my room is 2 floors up and the other end of the hallway, did you want to tempt fate and do something exciting?" He said "okay, what did you have in mind?" She said "let's leave our clothes in your locker here, we'll leave here with just my room card, walk there in the nude and take our chances on being seen". She knew he was very nervous as his erection was gone, his penis hung straight down about 9", very thick foreskin with great veins showing and extra skin at its end completely covering his penis' head.Both laughed as they crossed the hallway and entered the stairwell, my wife's 44EE breasts flopping and swinging wildly and Jamal's 9-10" penis with two large low hanging balls swinging from side to side. They exited the stairwell on the 4th floor, where my wife's room was. They started to walk to the other end and suddenly the elevator opened. Wife gasped, said to Jamal "hope there's no k**s on the elevator". Luckily there wasn't. An older couple about 70 came out and turned to walk towards Jamal and my wife. The wife openly gasped as she looked at Jamal's 9-10", thick hanging penis, the older husband couldn't take his eyes off of my wife's ample breasts. Jamal and my wife continued walking. Would they call security was all my wife was thinking. As they passed the older couple they wished Jamal and my wife a great time, all laughed.Wife and Jamal entered her room, so excited their encounter with the older couple went so well. He picked her up and carried her to the bed, he was panting after walking through the living room to the bedroom, wife laughed said to him "hey, I'm not 110lbs anymore, little extra here and there adds up my young black lover". As they kissed she asked him if he remembered his condom. He said 'yes', this was much to her disappointment. She kissed his penis and balls, nibbled and sucked them. He moved his head between her legs, gave her a massive orgasm, then moved between her legs, reached over and asked her to put the condom on. Wife ripped the package pulled it out, put it at the top of his penis and asked him if he still wanted to use it, he replied 'yes'. She rolled it onto his now engorged thick, veiny 10" manhood.He lasted only about 10 minutes then unloaded into his condom. They slowly kissed afterwards, he pulled out. She carefully rolled the condom off his still fully erect penis, making sure she didn't spill any sperm. She remarked about what a large load he shot into the condom. She held it in one hand while lowering her lips to his penis, she inserted her tongue under his ample foreskin, rolled her tongue over his penis head, nibbled it, sucked his sperm off its head. Moved her head back from his penis and commented how his sperm wasn't bitter tasting, she liked that!She then asked him to use both his hands and open his foreskin. She held his full condom up and said "wow, what a load! Must be a billion sperm inside". He smiled, was proud of his sperm production. She then very carefully poured some sperm from the condom into his foreskin, then some over his penis shaft. She gently rubbed the sperm over his entire penis shaft, then twisted the condom and placed it on the side table. It still had an ample amount of sperm and she didn't want any to leak out.Next she laid back, opened her legs and asked him to enter her again. He slid inside her, they kissed, rolled back and forth on the bed, they pumped each other in numerous positions, after about 45 minutes they stopped with him on top, she moved her arms out and clasped his hands into hers. She then said "you're really big, I feel your head pushing against my cervix, it feels great!" He then said "I'm oozing sperm plus all the sperm you rubbed on my penis and put under my foreskin means you'll have millions of my sperm have swam up into your womb". She smiled and was delighted, saying "my waiting eggs are definitely swimming in a sea of your sperm inside my fallopian tubes."Jamal said "I don't know about becoming a father though, not sure". By the way, "what did you mean by eggs, as in plural". My wife replied "well, my last three pregnancies were all paternal twins, so maybe I've released two eggs again". He was very hesitant at impregnating her though. So she suggested he pull out and they have a relaxing bath so she can lay in his strong, young black arms.As she laid in his arms in the bath, he massaged her breasts, they kissed, washed each other. They exited the bath, she noticed him staring at the water beads running down her 44EE breasts, she dried him off and suggested because he liked watching the water beads on her nude body that she didn't want to dry off her body, he liked that, just combed her long blonde hair. Jamal carried her to the bed, she lied on her back, opened her legs, this time he didn't hesitant to enter her. He pumped her vigorously, a man on a mission she thought. She hooked her legs around his and pulled him deeper inside her while grabbing his butt cheeks and pulling him inside. He exploded, she had a massive orgasm.Both lied there giving each other slow deep passionate kisses for several minutes enjoying their simultaneous eruptions. She goes "now you've done it! With a load like that, how can I not get pregnant!" As they kissed some more she reached over and picked up the full condom. He looked at her, she asked him to pull out and she'll hold her bum up and have him pour the condom's contents into her vagina. He gladly did as she requested. She next asked him to fist her and massage her cervix to pull all his sperm into her uterus. His hand barely fit, it hurt a bit but she had a couple of orgasms as he fisted her vagina. He commented on how he could feel her cervix sucking the sperm into her uterus.When Jamal noticed all his sperm had disappeared from her vagina and was now deep inside her womb, he pulled his fist out of her. She rolled over onto her belly and lifted her butt up into the air. He entered her from behind and started to pump. He was masterful, hit all her orgasmic spots, finally he made sperm deposit # 3. She pulled away from him and rolled over on her back, opened her legs, lifted her arms up towards him inviting him to enter her again, missionary position. Jamal entered, they both went wild in each other's arms, orgasm after orgasm for her, then he made sperm deposit # 4. As both lay there panting, they moved their faces from each other giggling hysterically and laughing. She asked him not to kiss her, but just pound her as hard as he wanted, she assured him she could take it. She thought to herself 'what a trooper, endless endurance, only as a young black man can do'! He pounded her for almost 30 minutes, was starting to hurt her a bit, but then he quickened the pace, and again both had a simultaneous orgasm as he made sperm deposit # 5. He pulled out, she lied beside him with her head at his chest, she rubbed her left fingers up and down his six pack abs enjoying this handsome young black lover who probably just deposited a billion or more sperm deep into her ovulating womb. She moved her head up to face him and said "I have to tell you something. I'm not really 43, but 53". "Wow", he burst out. "I didn't know a woman could still be fertile at 53! So you're 35 years older than me, that's incredible, I loved making love to you, you are the best!" Her eyes welled up with tears, she said "I'm glad you find me so attractive, I've always wanted to try for a black baby or if I'm lucky black babies." Both laughed, they fell asleep.Wife woke up an hour later, woke Jamal up and asked if he could stay. He couldn't, but had some time before he had to go. She rolled over onto her back, opened her legs, he slid inside, she asked him not to move, let her do the work. They slowly and tenderly deep tongue kissed each other as she slowly rotated her hips in a circular motion while sliding her nails up and down his back beside his spine. Their pleasure slowly intensified over the next hour until both exploded in another simultaneous orgasm. She smiled, moved her face from him and said "wow, sperm deposit # 6, love all your sperm, hope a couple of your sperm get lucky!"They laid fixated at each other, he said "you don't even know my full name". She put her right index finger on his lips and said "'re simply Jamal. Don't want your full name, your phone number, don't want any money from you, I'm rich so don't need it. Just simply want to carry a couple of your beautiful black babies. I'd love that!" As he pulled out, kissed her goodbye, she told him to kiss her belly just above her pubic hair, to say "goodbye to his babies". He asked if he could borrow a robe as he had no clothes, she offered to walk back with him in the nude through the hallway as before, he was nervous, thought they were lucky with the older couple they had encountered before and didn't want to lose his job if reported to security for being nude in a hallway. At the door he said her offer was tempting to have her accompany him in the nude back to the spa but he had better not. After getting dressed in the spa he walked back to her room with her clothes she had left there. At her door she stepped outside the room completely naked and deep kissed him in the hallway, to say goodbye. He knelt down and kissed her belly again to say goodbye to his babies, she laughed.After being home for about 10 weeks and not having another period she was getting very excited and thought she must be pregnant. Took a home pregnancy test, it was negative. Went to our doctor for a definitive blood pregnancy test, negative again. She read that getting pregnant at 53 is almost impossible, so that's were her wild spa weekend adventure ends. She doesn't regret a single minute of losing herself in his 18 year old arms and trying for the black babies she had always wished for, just wasn't meant to be.
09-01-2021, at 01:46 PM

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