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Revelations Pt.7

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Revelations Pt.7"Danny?"He had been so engrossed in his own thoughts that he hadn't noticed that Paula had been silently looking at him for some time."Oh sorry Paula," stammered out Danny. The woman was close to ten years younger to him and he had just been caught shamelessly staring at her breasts."You haven't done anything that I wouldn't want you to do so stop apologizing," replied Paula with an impish smile. "Anyway, you have already seen and tasted what I have to offer," she continued, enjoying the discomfort she was causing Danny."About last night Paula ... I mean what happened ...""You're a good man Danny and by saving my daughter your standing in my mind and heart is now way up above the clouds," replied Paula as she cut off whatever he was going to say. "And what happened last night was by mutual consent. It was the most natural way to show love and affection. Mother Nature has made us that way and try as we may we cannot fight that."Danny nodded his head in agreement. But the look on her face indicated she hadn't finished yet."You saved my daughter ... okay, okay, you may protest and say that the water was not all that deep but I'm a mother and you were there for my c***d in the hour of her need. And ... and what happened between us last night was like I said natural. Mother Nature has made us women like that.""Well you won't find me complaining but being a married man, I shouldn't have taken advantage of your state of mind. Perhaps the drinks we had also had a say in it.""You refused to enter me and by doing so you more than stood by your marriage vow. It was a loud and clear message and so no harm was done to your marriage in spite of our close intimacy," replied Paula in a serious tone."But still we had oral sex and that should count as having sex, whether penetration was involved or not" interjected Danny.Paula looked thoughtfully at him for some moments before replying."It's all in the mind Danny," she replied softly, her eyes looking straight at his face. Yes, we had sex of a type last night. But you really hadn't planned on stepping out of your marriage vows. In your mind and heart, you're still as committed to your marriage as you were before last evening and that matters a lot. Perhaps that's the reason why we're talking about last evening rather than trying to take the opportunity provided to us by the k**s and continue where we left last night." She knew the final chapter of their relationship had not been written!"I guess I'll have to just put this behind me. No point in dwelling upon it," replied Danny."Now that's a good boy! I would have been really sad to see you leave with bitter memories of our meeting. You really can't imagine how much I and my c***dren enjoy your company. Like I told you, my husband died some years back and they don't have a male figure in the family to look up to. We miss him even today and having you with us kinda filled that void in our hearts, albeit temporarily." Paula turned her head away as she said those last words. Tears were welling up in her eyes and she didn't want Danny to see them. After some moments she controlled herself and turned back to face him."Will ... will you be telling your wife about what happened between us last night?""No, I don't see any reason to do that. She would think it was a revenge fuck and I was rubbing it in her face. Whatever she has done, she doesn't deserve that. Besides that, would also mean I have used you in executing a revenge fuck and that would be wrong on you. You ... you are the perfect image of a woman and family I didn?t mean to complicate you and your k**s? lives. The two stood staring at each other for what seemed an eternity before they embraced each other. It was a goodbye hug and they both knew that. They kissed each other like teenagers and embraced again before Danny finally turned away with a wave of his hand. He had just taken a few steps when he heard his name called out."Danny!"Danny stopped and looked back at Paula questioningly. She walked up and placed herself in front of him. "I want to ask you something.""What's that?" he asked quizzically."We just discussed our situation and agreed that what happened was a genuine mutual attraction between us, but in your mind and heart you continue to be committed to your marriage vows and that it wouldn't be happening again with another woman or me for that matter. Right?""Yeah, I'm there with you so far.""Secondly you won't be telling your wife about us because you don't want to hurt her."Danny nodded his head in agreement but his eyes clearly showed he didn't know what she was driving at."Then why the double standards?""What are you talking about?" shot back Danny, his irritancy evident in his tone."I was thankful to you for saving my girl and after some heavy drinking I came on to you heavily later in the evening. You too were attracted to me and we had some great sex of a sort. It's true that you didn't put that lovely piece of manhood of yours inside me, but we definitely had sex and it was great. I got an opportunity to show my gratitude and I enjoyed your attention. But never the less you had sex with another woman. You have promised not to let this aberrance occur gain but we both know you stepped out. You may not tell your wife but deep inside you know you cheated on her."The two were by now watching each other warily as though sparring in a boxing ring."Perhaps Dawn too did not wish to tell you about her relationship with her boss, just like you don't want to tell her about us. She wanted to pull her boss out of the depression he had gone into after his wife died and chose a method, she considered best though debatable in hindsight. But neither of you have stopped loving each other. Mind you I said relationship and not affair because that would connote something that is not there. And she certainly didn't want to hurt the man she loved by making confessions. The real thing would be to ensure that it did not happen again, just like you have just decided. I'm sure she has been the perfect wife to you since then and perhaps even before.""I don't know. I just don't know what to believe in when it comes to my wife," replied back Danny bitterly. "Are there some more courier packages waiting to be opened by me? I don't know, just don't know.""You were there for my c***d in the hour of her need. You're somebody special for me. So, trust your instincts when you see her again. That's all I ask of you." Danny felt something inside him that he hadn't experienced ever before, perhaps something close to how he felt when he had fallen in love with Dawn so many years ago. Yes, something like that. His erection was there. But there was something else going on in his body and mind as he looked at Paula. He stepped closer and kissed her lips."I ... I'll keep in mind what you have said," he finally said. The two stood holding each other's hand not wanting to be the first one to part ways."I fed my number in your mobile phone directory in the morning. Call me if you need anything more from this shrink," or me the k**s have really taken to you and there are exceptions to all rules, you are defiantly an exception. She then took a deep breath and stepped back, releasing his hand from hers, as she turned her head, he saw a tear run down her cheek.
09-01-2021, at 01:47 PM

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