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Mom sleep over last night.

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Mom sleep over last night.Hi All . Again, thanks for checking out my stories all my post are real situations I and or friends of mine have been in. This one happened last night when mom spent the night. So, ENJOY and please comment if you like I will answer all of them. If you do not know anything about me and the special relationship I have with my mom I will give a brief outline. When I was around eight years old and my fem side took charge of my mind and body and it was diagnosed that in all reality I should have been born a girl due to a thyroid condition that produces more female hormones then male (transgender). So this being the case I was raised as a girl. I dressed acted talked, sat, walked as a female and it was natural to me. Mom embraced this and did everything she could to raise and treat me as her daughter. Her pet name for me is ?Her Special Princess?Mom worked nights at a dinner and would get home around 11:30 PM. We lived in a small tailor with one bedroom and slept together. Each night I would be in bed waiting for her most times awake. Even when I was asleep she would sit on the bed run her hand across my cheek smiling and saying ?how is my Special Princess tonight? then lean down and kiss me. She is one of the two females I ever had sex with the other being my cousin Marlene. We were/are lovers with a bond that never will be broken. If you have read any other post regarding her you would know our sex ual relationship is second to none and will please each other in every way.When I finally made it with my graphic artist career and moved out mom would spend Thursday nights with me. SO, last night was our night together. We speak every day and the other day she told e she had a date after work with a man she met at the dinner and would be late. I told her to enjoy and I wanted to know everything about it when she came. It was 1:15 AM I was sleeping but very lightly knowing she would come. She sat on the bed, ran her hand over my cheek smiling ?how?s my Special Princess ?leaning over kissing my cheek. I woke smiling at her and out lips met. Her soft red lips pressing to mine as our tongue flicked across each other?s my hand resting on her thigh rubbing it over top of her black hose. She pulled down the sheet ?You are so cute? she muttered as we continued making out. Her hand on my soft inner thigh just below my teal ruffled panties of my baby doll set. We broke from our kiss ?how was your date? I asked. ?It was ok for a first date he is a nice man? she replied. Asking ?he fuck you?, No he was short on time so we just had a few drinks, but I did rub his cock she said. She confessed she wanted to be with me more than him it is our Thursday night together and she loves our time together as much as I do. She stood up reached behind and unzipped her red dress. I smiled seeing it hit the floor and she stepped out of it wearing only her black thigh hi hose, lace trimmed red under wire push up bra, and matching panties. She again sat on the bed leaned over and kissed me again. She pulled my baby doll panties aside rubbing my small limp bald clitlet. Moaning as she did. I moved my hand up her thighs and slide my finger under her panties. My finger slide inside her and got sucked in like a vacuum she was leaking so wet as the 2md then 3rd then 4th finger went in and she started humping them. Standing up my soaking wet fingers pulled out of her. She slipped off her panties and bra teasing me like a stripper would. She rubbed her finger between her wet bald pussy lips and sighed.She started finger fucking herself then slid her wet fingers across my lips and I took them in my mouth sucking her sweet juices from them. ?Want more Princesses? she asked in a whisper. MMMM I moaned as she straddled my head and pressed her soaking wet dripping pussy to my mouth and my tongue went inside her like it has done a thousand times before. Licking tongue fucking her as her mouth surrounded my clitlet and she started licking and sucking it. I drove my tongue in her as far as I could pulling her flow out and filling my mouth and smearing it on my face. My fingers found her waiting gaped hole with my tongue. Licking finger fucking her sloshing sounds filled the room as she pressed her tongue deep inside my clitley slit. Pulling my head back, replacing my mouth with my fist. Pushing it in with ease my hand then wrist then forearm moving sliding deeper In her as she humped it moaning all the time. Deeper as I twisted and turning it her pussy so wide open begging for more. She sat up humping my fist and arm. ?What more slut? I said. ?Please princess I want it so bad take me you little faggot? She yelled. Pushing my arm a few more inched deeper in then I yanked it out. Her flow followed with a gush splashing all over me. I got up went into the large closet. ??close your eyes skank? I yelled Walking to the bed with a monster horse cock strap on holding it up with 2 hands. For you slut I said. She opened her eyes looking at the large mushroom head hanging down. OHHHHHHHHHHHHhh she sighed reaching up for it and pressing her lips to the monster head. Kissing licking it she grabbed my arm pulling me on the bed rolling me on my back. In a second she straddled it standing up on the bed sweating down the head pushing her soaking wet pussy lips wide open. The tool so big I had my hand tight around it holding it steady for her. I thought it would pop out of her mouth when all of a sudden she impaled herself on it. The 18? monster ripped all the way in her with one thrust. She kept it all the way in as she started to grind it the outline of it showing as it pushed out her belly. She then started pulling off it them back down on it. As she did she was pulling and twisting her hard puffy nipples stretching them as he small breast were being pulled out. Looking at me her eyes wide open ?Why did you do this to me princess, you are going to swallow every drop of my pussy cum just like you do to the men you dirty girl faggot whore? She was going wild have not seen her like this in a very longtime.Three or four minutes later as she humped the toy she yelled OPEN YOU SLUT MOUTH? and pulled off it quickly she straddled my face and let her flow go. It shot out squirting over and over then became a steady flow. She squatted about 2 inches from my mouth as it flowed. I always looked forward to taking and cleaning her sweet juices. As her flow was ending and she massaged her erect clit ?sorry princess? she said as she started to pee. She leaned back her hands behind her resting on my thighs as her pee flooded my mouth and soaked my face body hair and sheets. She collapsed rolling off me panting taking deep breaths cuddled up in a ball shaking and shivering. I got up unstrapped the toy and cradled her as her flow dripping off me as I held her. After a few moments she looked up smiled ?sorry princess? I smile back ?my pleasure my love? I replied. She ran to the bathroom tossed me a towel laughing at me SKANK she yelled giggling. As we stripped the wet sheets and rubber bed cover off the bed we kissed laughed hugged slapped each other?s ass like two teenagers petting. I showered, and then I drew her bubble bath. Sitting next to her washing her back and other parts taking we talked like mother and daughter as we did always. As she finished I made hot tea and a light snack and, continuing our conversation. I had changed wearing a lavender short lace trimmed nightgown she into a long black nighgown. My head on her chest we fell asleep as she stocked my face. I woke before her this morning letting her sleep. When she came down I made her breakfast. She apologized for not satisfying me. I told her I was totally satisfied with that she knelt down lifting my nigh gown and taking my clitlet in her mouth till I leaked and flowed. We spent the rest of the day watching chick-flicks till she had to go to work at 3.
09-01-2021, at 01:47 PM

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