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The Neighbours Birthday party 5

Post #1

The Neighbours Birthday party 5"It's Leia Mason's birthday party this weekend" said my mother holding up the invite."Who?" I asked looking confused because I didn't recognise the name."Leia Mason, she lives down at number ten, with her husband Billy!" replied Mother "They're the young couple who moved in a couple of years ago!""Oh" I said still not sure who she meant."So, are you coming to this one?" my mother asked "I'm sure you won't regret it!" she then added with a knowing smile.Of course I was going to our neighbours birthday party, after the last few I really didn't want to miss out on any of them, and so eagerly, on that Saturday evening, I put on my best t-shirt and jeans, and with my mother and father strolled down the road a little to number 10.When we arrived, we were shown through to the back garden where the party was, and half of the street, and quickly getting a drink I began to look around, intrigued to see who this Leia Mason was."I think you'll find her over there!" said Mrs Dixon, one of my mothers hot blonde mature friends, and looking over at the table near the birthday gifts I saw a beautiful petite woman in her early twenties, with long brown hair, and a big round belly."What?!" I exclaimed looking at her in surprise."Oh did no one tell you, she's several months pregnant!" Mrs Dixon chuckled before walking away.After that I strolled around for a bit drinking and exchanging smiles with several familiar faces from the street, until finally I found myself sat with Tyler, Katie, Willow a young petite redhead and Harry her boyfriend, a tall well built guy, and all people I knew from school, and eagerly we drank beer and talked rubbish for a bit.Then as the younger families disappeared off, and the other younger teenagers also went off, a quietness feel over the party and then I saw Billy help Leia to her feet and walk her into the middle of the garden where she sat on a chair, and then Billy announced loudly "Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe it is time for my birthday girls extra birthday treat!" and then everyone began cheering and clapping, and then Billy leant in and began kissing his hot pregnant wife.As he did, he slowly began lifting up her little white cotton shirt, until he pulled it off of her and revealed her big plump white breasts with their big puffy nipples, before he eagerly leant down and began sucking on them.I stared in amazement as I watched, because I had never seen a half naked pregnant lady before and her big round boobs and big puffy nipples looked so incredible juicy I just wanted to suck on them as well.Then after a bit, Billy moved down onto his knees, and taking hold of his wife's jeans, began undoing them before she lifted up, and he eagerly slipped them down her petite legs and left her completely naked, and again the eager crowd cheered excitedly, including me.Billy then eased his wife's naked legs open, and from where I was sitting I could just about see her perfectly bald smooth puffy pussy lips, and felt my cock twitch in my jeans on seeing it, before her husband then buried his face between her thighs and began eagerly licking his wife's pussy.Everyone cheered and clapped him on, as Leia leant back in her seat, closed her eyes for a moment, and began groaning loudly as he licked away at her.As I watched this hot pregnant birthday girl getting a good tongue fucking, I noticed out of the corner of my eye movement, and glancing around I saw Katie had pulled out Tyler's huge cock and was eagerly stroking it with both hands, while he had slipped a hand inside her jeans and was busy fingering her pussy, and across the table Willow was doing the same to Harry.I watched eagerly both hot young women stroking their fellows cocks, something I never dreamed I thought I would see when I knew them at school, and yet now here we were, and it was happening right in front of me.Then, looking back over at the middle of the garden, I saw Billy stand up, and begin to take off his shirt and jeans, and very quickly he was naked and sporting a fairly big hard cock, and eagerly his hot pregnant wife took hold of it, and pulling him closer, began sucking on it, to more cheers.As she eagerly sucked on her husbands cock, I saw another young woman, probably one of her friends, get up half naked with a nice pair of big hanging boobs, and move towards Leia, before she crawled down between the pregnant woman's open slim legs and begin licking her pussy.Leia groaned happily with a mouthful of her husbands cock, as this hot half naked woman began licking her, and then I watched a older man get up, completely naked with a big hard cock, and then move towards Leia, and eagerly Leia reached out for it, and began stroking it with her free hand.Watching this really got me hard, and eagerly I began undoing my jeans before I pulled out my hard member and began gently stroking it, but then a hand moved mine away, and looking around, Katie smiled at me as she took hold of my hard cock and began stroking it for me, while still trying to do the same to her boyfriends massive dong.Feeling the soft young hand of a hot brunette woman, who was only a year or so older than me, on my hard cock really got me excited, and I groaned happily as her hand jerked up and down on my length.Then I looked over at the middle of the garden, and saw Billy removing his hard cock from his wife's mouth, and move towards her legs, where her hot blonde half naked friend eagerly knelt up, and then took hold of Billy's cock and gave it a good suck, before Billy then stepped in front of her, placed his cock at his wife's big wet puffy entrance, and with a thrust, slipped into her wet pussy.They both groaned, and everyone cheered as Billy then began fucking his wife, and the hot blonde woman, then leant in between his moving legs, and began licking at his big hairy balls.While Billy was fucking Leia eagerly in front of friends and well wishers, the other older guy was now getting his cock sucked by the pregnant birthday girl, before two other naked guys with hard cocks strolled over to her, and eagerly Leia began jerking and sucking on those too.Then I gasped as I felt something incredible and wet touch my cock, and looking down Katie had leant over and started sucking on my cock, and I groaned again as her little wet petite mouth began bobbing eagerly on my hard cock.I glanced over at Tyler, who had got up, and was now stripping off and heading over to the main party in the middle leaving us to it, and so seeing my chance, I moved my hand down Katie's back towards her arse, and then slipped my hand into the back of her jeans and had a good feel of her cute little round soft arse.Leia groaned with a mouthful of my cock, before I saw her wriggling a bit, and then her jeans opened fully, and my hand slipped down further until I found the soft moist spot between her slim fit legs, and began massaging that glorious little bald mound.Then I heard grunting and loud groaning, and looking up, I saw Billy getting more and more excited between his pregnant wife's legs, as he thrust away wildly, until finally he pulled his cock out and with a mighty groan began blowing his load all over his wife's big belly.There was immediately more cheers, as he unloaded his white goo all over his hot wife, until he finally stopped, and stepping away, one of the other guys eagerly moved to take his place, and as the next guy moved in, I saw the hot blonde once more lean in, and then begin to lick away at the guys testicles as he slid his cock into the puffy wet pussy of the birthday girl.I stared excitedly as I watched Leia taking another cock, and then as I was close enough saw her eyes light up as Tyler's mammoth member came into view, and eagerly she took hold of it and began stroking it, while two other guys fed their cocks into her mouth.Then I glanced down to see Katie still happily sucking on my hard cock, and looking over the table I saw Willow now half naked with her little round perky tits out rubbing her boyfriends big wet cock all over them, before slipping it back in her mouth again.It wasn't long before I heard more loud groaning and grunting, and looking up, i saw the older guy then pull his cock from Leia's pussy and explode all over her belly, covering it in more white sticky goo.He then moved to one side, and eagerly another older guy took his place, and as he slipped his hard cock into that hot pregnant young woman, the hot blonde kneeling between his legs began sucking on his balls, while I noticed another hot slim brunette woman, who was completely naked with an incredible big perky breasts, move to join in the fun as well, and eagerly she knelt beside Leia and began sucking on her big pregnant saggy tits.Leia groaned more, with a mouthful of two cocks, and happily seemed to love all the attention she was getting, as the next guy thrust eagerly away between her open legs.Katie was now deep sucking me, sticking all of my cock right down her throat and back, and drooling over my balls and I groaned louder enjoying everything she was doing, while my fingers slipped into her wet pussy back and forth making her groan as well.Then looking over I saw Willow still sucking on her boyfriends cock, lift a long slim leg up onto the table, and eagerly Harry pulled up her skirt to reveal a perfectly bald smooth pussy mound with just a hint of red hair above it, and happily he began fingering her pussy as well.I watched them for several minutes, until I heard more loud groaning and looking around I saw the next guy pull out his hard cock from Leia's pussy and blow his wet sticky load all over her big pregnant belly, and then I saw Tyler begin to move to have a go.Leia's eyes seem to widen excitedly as her mouth was still being stuffed with cock, and then stepping over the blonde on the ground, Tyler placed his big hard cock up against the birthday girls wet and ready pussy, and with a thrust he slipped into her pussy.The birthday girl let out a loud moan of pleasure as his monster cock filled her wet pussy, and then Tyler began thrusting into her, and hearing her moans only muffled by cocks being shoved into her mouth every other second, I knew I needed to get over there and have a go myself, or I would end up blowing my load in Katie's sweet mouth, and so eagerly I excused myself from the hot young brunette sucking my cock, and made my way towards another.As I stepped towards Leia, I could see Tyler sliding his big long length back and forth between her puffy wet pussy lips, and the way he was doing it, you would have thought he was sawing wood, but Leia was clearly loving it, and groaning happily, between having her mouth stuffed with cock.Then as I stepped up beside the others I looked over to see my father lining up on the other side, he smiled back at me, and it was then I remembered my mother, and looking around I saw my mother leaning back in a chair with her summer dress up around her waist, as an old man knelt between her legs licking her wet pussy.I watched my mother getting her pussy eaten for a moment or so, until I felt a hand on my cock, and looking down I saw the hot brunette who was busily sucking on Leia's big tits had reached up and was now stroking my hard cock, and she smiled at me as I smiled back at her.Then I heard Tyler beginning to grunt and groan, until after a few more thrusts he pulled his huge hard cock from that hot pregnant woman's pussy, and with a roar began unloading all over her belly.However his squirts of cum were blasting out so powerfully several shot over her belly and hit the hot brunette right in the face and happily she let out a delighted cry before trying to catch more in her mouth.Once Tyler had finished blowing his big load, he went to step away, but not before the hot blonde between his legs had a quickly suck on his big spent cock, and then finally as he moved away, another guy took his place, and as he slipped his hard cock into the pregnant birthday girl, I looked around in time to see my father getting his cock sucked by Leia as well.For the next few minutes the guy between her legs pounded his cock into the birthday girls used pussy, while my father slipped his into her mouth, and the hot brunette sucked on her big tits, while stroking my cock, and all around me others were sucking, stroking or even fucking now, and eagerly I wanted to get in on the action, and so pulling my cock from the hot brunettes grip, I moved up towards Leia's face, and happily she took hold of my cock and began stroking it.Then she fed it towards her mouth, and my cock slipped in beside my fathers, and now we were both getting a blowjob at the same time from the same hot pregnant woman.I happily stood there letting this hot young woman suck on my cock, while my father did the same on the other side, until I heard more groaning, and glancing around I saw the next guy pull his hard cock out of the birthday girls cunt, and explode all over her belly making it more wet and sticky.Then eager to have a go, I pulled my cock from Leia's mouth, and quickly moved towards her legs, and as I stepped between them, I could see her big puffy pussy all red and wet and slightly gaping open, and eagerly I moved up to it, placed my cock against it, and then looking up at her, I slipped my cock into her pussy.The hot naked birthday girl groaned happily as I entered her, and then as I placed my hands on her chubby hips and began thrusting into her, the hot blonde on the ground got between my legs and began sucking on my balls just like she had done to all the others.This was incredible, fucking a hot young pregnant girl, on her birthday, while many others watched, and a hot blonde woman who I had no idea who she was, sucked on my balls, I was in heaven, and eagerly I continued to drill my cock into her giving her what she wanted.After just a few minutes though, as I drove my hard cock into that hot wet pregnant pussy, and another woman sucked on my swing balls, I began to feel the usual excited feeling in my crotch.I then tried to hold on, still pounding away between the birthday girls open legs determined I was getting to make this last as long as I could, but with her groans being muffled by my fathers cock, and this hot blonde sucking on my balls, the excitement eventually got the better of me, and then I felt my balls begin to tighten completely."OH FUCK!" I groaned loudly, as I whipped my cock from Leia's puffy little pussy, and then aimed it at her big round naked belly and began shooting my load."Fuck!" I exclaimed again as I unloaded wad after wad of wet sticky cum all over that naked pregnant woman to more cheers and clapping.After blowing what felt like a huge load all over the birthday girl, I finally stepped away, and watched my father eagerly take my place between her legs, and turning around I saw my mother now leaning back in her chair with her chubby white legs wide open, as the old man was now fucking her.I stared at them for a moment watching yet another guy fucking my mother, before I moved back towards where I was sitting to find Katie lying on the table naked, while Willow was eagerly licking between her legs, and Harry was feeding her his big cock.As I stepped up beside them, Willow reached out a hand and took hold of my sticky cum leaking cock and began tugging on it, and as I watched her continue to eat her friends little wet pussy, and Katie suck on her friends boyfriend's cock, I soon began to rise again.After just a minute I was fully hard in Willows hand, and then eagerly she let go f my cock, and climbed up onto the table and knelt over her friend on all fours, and they began to kiss as I stared at their perfectly wet bald pussies.Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity, I quickly moved between Katie's hanging naked legs, and placing my hard cock up against her smooth bald pussy, I thrust in, and my cock slipped between her little teen pussy lips and to her wet hole.Katie groaned as she felt me enter her, and then continued to kiss her friend who was still kneeling over her on all fours, and as it was there, I leant in, and began licking at Willows sweet little bald pussy too.Both young teen girls were soon groaning because of me, and as I glanced up, I saw Harry strolled away towards the birthday girl, leaving me with two of the hottest girls I knew at school.For several minutes I pounded away at Katie's wet little pussy, while licking away at Willow's, and eagerly tried my best to satisfy both girls, then Willow lowered spread her legs more, lowering her pussy towards Katie's and kind of sensing what she wanted, I pulled my cock out of Katie's sweet wet hole, and then slipped into Willow's.Now it was Willow's turn to groan as I fucked her, and not wanting to let Katie feel like she was missing out, I quickly slipped a couple of fingers into her little crack, and she began moaning again as well.For the next few minutes, I happily switched back and forth fucking one teen girls pussy and then the other, eagerly trying to satisfy each of them, and enjoying the feeling of two hot girls wet pussy's being engulfed around my cock repeatedly, before the inevitable would happen.But finally with them groaning and kissing, and their hot naked bodies withering around in front of me, and me loving every second of my hard cock slipping in and out of both them, the inevitable did happen, and I began to feel my balls tighten once more."Oh god! I'm going to cum!" I groaned as I tried to hold on.Willow immediately glanced around at me and said "Don't cum inside of us! We want to taste it!" and with my orders very clear, I thrust a few more times into Katie's amazing little wet pussy, until finally I couldn't hold on any longer, and with a groan I pulled my cock out, and quickly the girls dropped to the grass just in time for me to explode."OH FUCK!" I cried for the second time that night, and then began blasting more sticky white cum out, and it rained down on both hot teen girls.They eagerly stuck out their tongues and opened their mouths, trying to eat every dollop I shot their way, until after several amazing seconds I had blown every I had in my balls, and I was spent.I then looked down at them both, and they giggled and laughed as they licked each other and sucked up all my white goo I had just showered them in, until finally they turned on my cock and began taking it in turns to suck me clean.After that I was pretty much done, and happily watched as they sat together kissing and fondling each others naked bodies, until it was time to head home.
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