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Blackmail by Daughter's Friend

Post #1

Blackmail by Daughter's FriendI have recently been blackmailed by pictures that my husband took of me when we first got married. My blackmailer is having me write down everything for his enjoyment. I never thought it would get this far, but it has. I have no recourse unless I want to hurt my family, which I refuse to do. I am 47 years old, I have a daughter who is 17. Her friend from elementary school is who hold the pictures and now videos over me. A day after a party for my daughter, in which I had to get the boys off the computer because they were looking at porn, Christopher shows up at my door during the day.?Hello Mrs.Martin, can I come in???Shouldn?t you be in school???I should, but I had something I wanted to show you, and I wanted it private??liz isn?t here and I don?t feel comfortable with you here alone?He pushed past me and pulled a folder from behind his back. As the door shut he turned to me and said ?I am going to drop the Mrs. Martin shit, you are just a slut to be used.? I was about to slap him when he opened the folder and I saw glimpses of me with a cock in my mouth and in different lingerie. I Stared at him and asked how he got them. ?your husband should be encrypt stuff on his computer. I wanted your daughter to have a taste of my black cock, but I will have to settle for you.??Chris, there is no way I am doing things with you and stop rubbing your crotch??bitch, I you have 10 minutes to make me come, or I am going to post these pictures all over OUR school, we will how your daughter?s life is after that. Now drop to your knees and get to work slut.?He moved forward and grabbed my hair, he pushed me down until my face was even to his jean?s zipper. He unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor, I could now see the outline of his dark cock inside his boxers. ?bitch, you have 9 and a half minutes to get naked and make me cum.?I removed my top and jeans, so I was only in my bra and thong. Then I pulled down his boxers and his dark cock was pointed at my face. I move my hand to its shaft and felt it pulse. I felt his left hand on the back of my head pulling me towards the head of his cock. My mouth automatically opened accept his head, I closed my eyes and moved my hand up and down his shaft. That is when I heard the clicks of a camera. My eyes shot open and I removed my mouth from his cock. ?I own you cunt, you are going to be my slut from now on. You have 5 mins to make me cum??Tears were running down my face, I heard the clicks stop, I looked up to see him holding the the phone down towards my face. I felt him pull back and grab his cock. I saw him start to moan and then I felt the first jet of cum hit my face. I closed my eyes and felt 4 more jets of cum splash against my face. I could feel his body move back, so I opened my eyes. I saw him still with the phone pointed at me. ?Aleasa, look at the camera and taste my cum. Tell me how I taste. ??Please don?t do this to me, don?t you have enough???your choice, did you want to see this on youtube? Or youporn??With that I brought my fingers up to my face and then licked them clean for the camera. This continued until he put his phone away. He began to pull his boxers up and then his jeans. He had a huge smile on his face. He walked over to me and grabbed my hair and almost pulled me backwards.?listen cunt, this is the beginning. You now have a choice, you can keep doing what I tell you or your husband and the police can see this video of you r****g and u******e boy. I bet your hubby would love the fact that I just came all over your slutty face.??What do you want from me?He let go of my hair, pushed me forward so I was on my hands and knees, I felt hit hand slide underneath my thong and into my pussy. ?damn, slut, you are so wet. I wasn?t going to fuck you today, but I think that you want it don?t you.??Chris, please don?t do this to me, please take your fingers out of me?I knew my body was betraying me, he was able to slide in and out at will. That is when I felt a huge smack on my ass.?Bitch, you didn?t learn did you, now you are going to have to pay, beg for my cock?I saw the phone come out again and pointed right at my face, I didn?t respond fast enough and was smacked again. I began to beg into the camera, telling him that I wanted his cock inside of me. I couldn?t believe that he was already hard again, but he was. He put the head of his cock into my pussy and then told me to make him cum. When I didn?t move quick enough I was slapped again. I pushed back against his cock until I felt him bottom out. I wanted to get this over faster, so I was moving up and down on him pretty good when my body started to tense up. I could feel my pussy squeezing his cock. I looked back as I started to moan and saw the phone still pointed at me and a big smile on his face. As I came down from my orgasm, I felt two hands on my shoulders, then his raging cock hammering into me. I started my second and finally my third orgasm as he pumped his cum into me. He pulled out of me and grabbed my hair and pulled it to his cock. He slapped it on my face and told me to clean it. I almost choked when I tasted his cum and my pussy on his cock, but I couldn?t take him hitting me again. When I was done, I looked up; the phone was still pointed at me. ?Slut, whose cock sucking cunt are you? Say it slut!??Christopher, I am your slut??Just in case you forget who you belong too, and what you are, check your email tonight so I can show you?.?He bent down and took all my clothes, including my thong and walked out the door. I started to feel the cum leaking from my pussy, thank god I was on the pill. I got off the floor and headed to the bathroom to wash up. I didn?t want to know what was next. I knew that I was in trouble, I didn?t want to be one of those c***d m*****ers, but how could I prove that I didn?t want it. He made me say all those things. God, how did I get myself into this?After Christopher left, I managed to get into the shower. The water was so hot, but I didn?t care, I needed to get his smell off of me. I couldn?t believe that less than an hour ago, I was ****d by one of my daughter?s friends. My pussy was sore, I didn?t think about the size of his cock when it was in me, but it must have been a good size, because I had never remembered being this sore after sex. Before I realized what I was doing, my fingers were already rubbing my clit. I was about to cum thinking about him. My knees started to get week so I decided the shower wasn?t the best place to finish this. I quickly dried off and headed to the bedroomI heard the front door close and heard my husband walking up the stairs, I was a little bit angry, I was going to have to wait to cum. I headed to the close in defeat. I heard Jeff call my name, he followed my reply to the closet. I was still naked from my shower. He pulled me to the bed, I could already feel his hardness through his pants. ?I dropped liz off at Chloe?s house, we have a free night.? With that he hugged me to the bed, I wasn?t in the mood. Aleasa, my god you are wet, I always love to feel you like this. I moved up onto all fours, so he could take me like Christopher. He pushed inside of me, I went to move back to try to get him to bottom out in me. I was disappointed to feel it not even close to earlier. He was already starting to moan. I reached down between my legs to rub my clit but he was already panting and cumming in my pussy. Aleasa, god you never felt that good, sorry it was so fast, I had been thinking about you all day. I couldn?t believe it. He got soft so fast, I had to get the cum out from my pussy again. I dressed after the bathroom and went down stairs. After dinner, Liz and Chole walked in the door with Christopher, apparently Chloe?s car had a problem and they called Christopher to drive them to our house. Jeff left with Chloe and Liz to get there car, I thanked god that Chirstopher had left with them without doing anything. I had spoken too soon, no sooner had jeff left when I heard the front door open. It was Christopher with a big grin on his face. ?Sad to see me cunt???Christopher, you can?t talk to me like??That was all I got out before I felt a hand smack me hard on the ass. He grabbed my hair and pulled me over to couch. He pushed me down on my knees so I was looking out our front window. He raised up my dress noticed that I didn?t have my panties on. He roughly shoved two fingers into me. ?First, I can talk to you how ever I want too. I own you. You are my slut, my whore and my cunt. You lost any rights after you made the video of you begging me to fuck you. You can say anything you want about not wanting to be those things, but your pussy is soaked.?I felt him reach a hand in front of me, then pushed roughly into my mouth. I thought they were the ones that were just inside of me, until he told me that they had just been in Chloe?s pussy. I almost spit them out, he was laughing at me. I felt his body behind me; I could feel his thick shaft moving up and down my pussy. ?Alright slut, I want you to take my cock in your hand and I want to put it into your pussy?My hand was shaking, it barely fit around his cock. I moved him up so his head was just about in my pussy. I pulled him forward, without thinking I pushed back and he entered me all the way. I felt him push past my cervix and almost hit bottom inside of me. ?You are learning slut, make me cum?He was laughing as he said it; he told me that my training was going well. I started to tense up, I was trying not to cum but he started to plow into me, I had no choice. After I subsided, I felt him push my head down into the cushion, he moved forward so I was pinned down. I felt him pull out and then felt spit hit my butt. He was soon moving up, as he started to push into my butt, I yelled and tried to move but it was no use, he already had me pinned. I started to scream in pain, but it was just muffled by the pillows. ?Maybe next time you won?t cum before me, your ass is so tight?He was getting into a rhythm, the pain started to go away but it still hurt. After about 20 strokes, he pushed so far into me, I thought he was going to break me in 2. That is when his hot cum shot through my intestines. He pulled out of me and grabbed my hair, I instinctively took him into my mouth and started to clean him.?Aleasa, remember to check your email tonight, and by the way, you ass is open for business, you are my 3hole slut now.?Like that he was gone. I couldn?t move, everything hurt. I couldn?t even sit. I ran to the bathroom and the cum came gushing from my butt. I was going to get into the shower, but I heard the door. Both Liz and Jeff were walking into the door, Liz noticed my flushed face and asked if I was ok. I said that I had a little headache but I was fine. She ran up to bed and I was standing there in front of Jeff.I am sorry about earlier, I will make it up to you. You just felt so good, I couldn?t help from cumming. I told him not to worry about it, I would meet him upstairs, I had a couple of things to finish for work and I would meet him up there.I was nervous logging on to the computer, I didn?t know what was in store for me. I saw an email from u******e_student. Hi Whore,I would ask if you are wet yet, but I already know. I know after reading this you are going to masturbate, thinking about being taken by my young cock. You are already wet aren?t you slut? I have been busy since I left you this afternoon. Are you ready to find out what the world will see if you don?t obey me? I love the clip where you are begging for my black cock. I imagine what your husband/boss/daughter would think of you when they learn what a slut you are? You like the torture don?t you? You like to be controlled. I can tell by how wet you were when I was fucking your ass. Reach down cunt and check that pussy. I bet you are wet. You do realize that I own you now right? If you don?t obey me, everyone you know will know that fucked me. I will go to police and show them the tape of you fucking someone u******e.I know that tomorrow you get off of work early; you are going to meet me at Crunch, My older cousin works there as a personal trainer. I want your body tighter. My Sluts need meet certain requirements. Your workout outfit will only consist of grey yoga pants and a sports bra. No thong, no panty, you got it Slut? See you tomorrow whore??..I reach down in my thong and felt the wetness, oh god. Why is this little asshole turning me on so much. I moved a finger into me, I can?t believe that I wanted more. I can?t believe that I was already about to cum, I tried to bite my lips so I didn?t moan. I was already cumming. My body started to shake as I was coming down from my orgasm. What am I doing
04-06-2021, at 07:02 PM

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