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The Sleeepover - Chapter 16

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The Sleeepover - Chapter 16The Sleeepover - Chapter 16by samslamThe next morning I wake up to the world's most wonderful sensation. It starts out as this amazingly erotic dream that is so vivid it feels like it is actually happening. Gradually I start to ascend out of my dreamlike state and realize my cock really is engulfed in a warm, moist mouth and a tongue really is teasing the underside of my cock. I start humping my fully aroused cock into my s!ster's mouth before I even open my eyes. "Oh God, Lauren!" I moan as I start spurting cum into her warm mouth. "What a great way to wake up!" I'm still thrusting my spewing cock into her slurping mouth as she sucks and swallows my heavy morning load."I thought you'd like it," she says, licking her lips and crawling up my body. "So what do you think about fucking mom?" she asks without any preamble."I think I'd rather fuck you," I answer honestly as I wrap my arms around her and mash her tits against my chest. "Even if you could have us both?" she asks, raising her eyebrows at me."I can barely handle you and Kristina," I smile. The idea of fucking my mother is growing on me but I'm not sure that it shouldn't just stay a fantasy. I say as much to my s!ster."I bet mom could really fuck your brains out," she answers. "She's so much more experienced than me or Kristina." Before I have a chance to answer she jumps off the bed and slips on one of my button down shirts. "What's for breakfast?" she asks, turning to head for the kitchen.I slip on my boxers and follow her.Lauren makes us bacon, scrambled eggs and toast. She looks so sexy prancing around my kitchen in just my shirt and nothing else. She only did up one button on the bottom so her boobs are flashing at me whenever she turns or bends down. By the time we sit down to eat my cock is well on its way to recovery.Lauren's cell rings as we're clearing the table. It's mom but I can only hear Lauren's side of the conversation. "No, we decided not to go fishing," she says, smiling at me. "What do you think we're doing?" I'm shaking my head and trying to dissuade her from disclosing too much but she's having too much fun teasing both mom and me. "We're probably going to be busy most of the day," she says coyly. "Lauren," I whisper. "Please don't say things like that." She covers the mouthpiece with her hand. "Mom wants to know if she can come over," Lauren says matter-of-factly. "This is your chance, Brandon," she adds. "Yes or no?" "Seriously?" I ask, not believing that's really what mom said. Lauren is nodding so vigorously that her tits are almost shaking out of my shirt. "Fine, whatever you guys want," I answer, shaking my head because I don't know how we got ourselves into this. "Brandon says come on over," Lauren says into the phone. "Okay, see you in a bit. Love you, too.""Mom's coming over!" Lauren says, jumping around like her own mini cheerleading squad. "We should get dressed," I say."No we shouldn't!" Lauren admonishes me. "She knows what we've been up to and wants to come over and be part of it." I'm pacing the kitchen in my boxers, running my hand through my unruly hair. "Please, Brandon," Lauren says, stopping me and pulling me against her. "Don't worry," she says, "It's going to be awesome!" This is the last thing I expected to be doing on a Saturday morning but I kiss my s!ster and assure her that I will keep an open mind.* * *We're sitting in my living room when mom shows up. She smiles when she sees our state of dress... or undress. "Tell me everything," she says, taking a seat next to Lauren. "What have you two been up to all night?""What do you think?" Lauren asks, smiling at mom."I can tell just by looking at you," mom laughs. "Have you worn him completely out?" she asks.I'm starting to resent being talked about like I'm not here, but instead of objecting, I use the time to check out my mother. She's wearing a thin summer dress that displays a significant amount of cleavage. Her legs are bare and she's wearing flip-flops on her feet. Lauren raises her eyebrows at me when she catches me staring at mom's boobs. "Would you like to watch us?" Lauren boldly asks mom. "Really?" mom asks when Lauren stands up and motions us all into my bedroom. This is just getting weirder and weirder. "I don't know," I protest pretty lamely but I follow my s!ster and my mother down the hall. "What would you like to see?" Lauren says as she turns and embraces mom, pressing her perfect tits against mom's bosom. "Oh..." mom hesitates and Lauren kisses her on the mouth, pushing her tongue between mom's lips. "I really want to see you two fuck," she whispers. "But whatever you two want to do will be wonderful.""Do you want to get naked with us?" Lauren asks as she slips off my shirt and pulls me towards the bed. "Um... no," mom stutters, backing towards a chair in the corner of my room. "I'll just sit here while you two..." her voice trails off as she sits down."Come on, Brandon!" Lauren says, tugging on my boxers. "I want mom to see how big you are!""Lauren!" mom scolds in a very motherly tone, which is kind of ridiculous for the situation. "Please don't embarrass your br0ther. Let him take his time." The whole time she's saying this, her eyes are locked on the front of my boxer shorts. What the hell!I blush as I strip out of my boxers, displaying my semi-erect cock for my mother who inhales audibly at the sight of it. Hopefully it was a gasp of appreciation but I'm quickly distracted by my s!ster's hand pulling my cock towards her mouth. For the second time this morning I have the pleasure of my s!ster giving me a blowjob. Lauren stares right at mom as her lips glide down the length of my quickly hardening rod.I swear mom is licking her lips as Lauren's mouth works its magic on my cock and I'm fully erect in no time. Sucking up the length of my rod, Lauren lets it plop from her mouth and then falls back spread eagle on the bed. Her pussy is moist and inviting as I move between her legs."I haven't cum yet this morning, Brandon," Lauren says to me but she's looking at mom. "Fuck me like you own me," she adds seductively. Glancing at mom, who is staring intently at my saliva coated shaft, I align it with her steamy opening and rub the head up and down between her outer lips. "Mmmm," Lauren moans and it sounds like mom might be moaning along with her. Lauren pulls her knees up and plants her feet on the bed as I slowly slide my hard cock into her welcoming pussy."Oh my God," mom says breathlessly as my cock bottoms out in my s!ster's pussy. I take long, slow deliberate strokes as I press my chest against Lauren's luscious tits and push my tongue into her mouth. When I come up for air, I notice mom has moved closer to the bed and is trying to see my cock entering her daughter's pussy. I smile as I decide to make it easier for her. "Mom can't see, S!s," I say as I withdraw my cock from her warm tunnel. "Turn over. We'll make it easier for her," I say while playfully slapping my s!ster's ass cheek."Oh yeah!" Lauren says, smiling at mom.She flips over onto her stomach, raises up on her knees and bends her head down into her folded arms. Mom has moved over beside the bed and I let her see me align my slick cockhead with my s!ster's juicy folds. Easing my cock between Lauren's wet pussy lips, I slowly inch it inside her fiery cunt, giving mom a great show. "Mmmm," Lauren moans as my cock burrows deep within her. Mom has pulled the chair next to the bed and is watching intently as my cock glides in and out of my s!ster's pussy."Harder Brandon!" Lauren pleads. "Fuck me harder!" I raise my eyebrows as I look at mom as if asking for permission. She nods her agreement and I start pummelling my s!ster's pussy with long hard strokes that still give mom a great view of the action. "Oh yeah!" Lauren cries as I grab her hips and jackhammer my cock into her tight love canal. The only sounds are our collective breathing and the slapping of my pubic bone against my s!ster's ass. I lose myself in the moment, fucking my s!ster and ignoring mom's presence until I hear a soft whimper from off to the side of the bed. Glancing in her direction, I almost lose my grip on Lauren's hips when I see mom's legs wide open and drayped over the arms of the chair with her skirt hiked up over her creamy thighs. She has her black thong pulled to the side, exposing her neatly trimmed mound as she feverishly pumps two fingers in and out of her pussy. Holy shit!Mom's eyes are glued to my cock as it batters Lauren's cunt. Of course, I'm not one to talk because my eyes are just as glued to her fingers disappearing inside her lovely snatch. It appears that she is synchronizing her masturbation with our fucking so her fingers are entering her cunt in time with the downward thrusts of my cock. Un-fucking-believable!I slow my stokes to see what she'll do and damn if she doesn't slow along with me. Holy fuck! Could she be fantasizing that I'm fucking her? Why not, she's obviously condoning insest between Lauren and me and she's admitted to extramarital sex. How much of a stretch is it for her to want to fuck son? Mom's eyes glance up to my face and she blushes when she sees me watching her. It doesn't slow her movements, and when she nervously smiles at me, I seriously consider what it would be like to bury my dick into her juicy cunt. "Oh God! I'm going to cum," Lauren pants at the same time as I feel my balls tighten. "Let's go, S!s," I respond breathlessly, slamming my hard cock into her juicy pussy while watching mom use her other hand on her engorged clit. We all finish about the same time with Lauren flying over the edge and calling my name as she shudders violently. "God! Brandon!" she screams as I drive a final thrust deep inside and start spurting jism into her hot, quivering tunnel. Mom is noiselessly spasming in the chair while still humping her hand. The only sound she makes is her loud breathing. She's staring silently at her two offspring as she rides out her orgasm.Lauren lets herself fall forward, pulling my shiny, spent cock from her equally spent pussy. I flop down beside my s!ster and we both watch mom arrange her thong and pull her dress back down. "Why don't you just take it off?" Lauren asks. "Brandon can be ready to go again in a few minutes, can't you, stud?" she asks, turning my way. I just smile and shrug, waiting for mom to make the first move. She does but it's not the move I was expecting.Mom abruptly stands up, her face flushed either from her recent orgasm or embarrassment at what she just did, I can't tell which. She runs her hands down her thighs to smooth her dress, gives her hair a quick pat and picks up her purse. "I have to go!" she says, her voice heavy with emotion. "That was..." she clears her throat as she approaches the bed where Lauren and I are stretched out on our backs. "I really have to go," she blurts out again, looking wistfully at my cock as she leans down and gives us each a peck on our cheek. "Enjoy the rest of your day," she says as she hurries from the room."That was weird," Lauren says. "I thought she would want to join us.""I think she did want to join us," I answer thoughtfully. "Did you see how she was looking at my cock?""Yeah, like she was ready to devour it!" Lauren says, rolling on her side and resting her hand on my upper thigh. "Then why didn't she?""I don't know," I answer wrapping my arm around my s!ster's shoulder as her fingers dance across my cock, still slick with her juices. "Something is holding her back from me, but not from you. Weird." I try to think of why mom would see having sex with Lauren as okay but not with me, especially when it was so obvious that she wanted it."I was really looking forward to threesome, too," Lauren says with a mock pout. We look at each other for about a minute and then smile as we come to the same conclusion. "Kristina!" we say in unison and Lauren reaches for her phone. Kristina anxiously responds to her newfound siblings' invitation and shows up a few minutes later.* * * "You guys always start without me," Kristina smiles as she peels off her clothes and joins us on the bed. Lauren and I had agreed in advance not to mention mom's visit or anything about Lauren and mom. We spend a wonderful afternoon in various combinations of pussy eating, cock sucking, fucking and watching. I particularly love watching Lauren and Kristina in a sexy 69 position as my cock recovers from an intense orgasm in Kristina's tight pussy. They have an insatiable appetite for each other's pussies and with Kristina on top I have an erotic view of her sexy ass gyrating as Lauren's tongue slurps out a combination of our juices."Your pussy's full of cum!" Lauren laughs, taking a breath while she explores Kristina's pussy with her fingers. "What did you expect?" Kristina asks, breathing hard as she lifts her mouth from Lauren's pussy just long enough to answer. "Damn, Brandon!" Lauren glances at me. "How much did you shoot in here?""It was intense, S!s," I answer, enjoying the casual banter between my sexy s!sters while my cock rejuvenates. "Yours isn't exactly devoid of boy taste either," Kristina counters. "Not that I'm complaining. This is like the perfect cocktail," she says. "One part boy cum and two parts girl cum," she laughs, diving back into Lauren's pussy."I love it, too!" Lauren responds. "God, we are so depraved," she smiles as her tongue replaces her finger and she drives Kristina towards another orgasm. My cock is rock hard by the time they finish.The girls finish me off with an incredible joint blowjob and I can barely move as I watch them get dressed to go home. I'm lying here completely spent while they continue to kiss and grope each other as they slip into their clothes. Did I mention insatiable?"I'm going to sleeep well tonight!" Lauren exclaims as she kisses me goodbye."Me too," Kristina says as she playfully sucks my limp cock into her mouth one more time. "There's nothing left there," I laugh."I know," she smiles. "I'm just saying goodbye.?"I like the way you say it," I answer, smiling back at her. I fall asleeep immediately after they leave, hardly believing the life I'm living and barely giving a thought to mom's abrupt departure.* * *In fact, I don't give it another thought until I get a call from Lauren a couple of days later. I've just eaten some left over pizza when my phone sounds Lauren's ringtone."What's up, S!s?" I say, as I drop the empty pizza box in the trash."Mom wants me to fuck dad!" she blurts into the phone. "What?" I ask, not sure I heard her right."That's what it was all about!" she says, not explaining what 'it' she is talking about. "I was eating her pussy..." she takes a deep breath. "She asked about your cock... I could barely focus on her pussy... they have this agreement... what am I going to do?" she asks. "I think you should start by breathing," I answer, completely confused but absolutely certain we need to talk about this in person. "I'll be right there. Tell mom and dad we're going for ice cream." "Okay," she says. We disconnect and I pull on a shirt. It's about 8 p.m. on a weeknight. It won't seem odd that we're going out for a treat. * * *"Want us to bring you anything?" I ask mom and dad as Lauren scoots past me headed for the door. "No thanks, honey," mom says, eyeing me apprehensively. "You two have fun." "Mom wants me to fuck dad!" Lauren says as she's buckling her seatbelt. "So you said on the phone," I answer as I start the car and head to my place. "Just relax for a minute. You can tell me all about it once we get there.""What? I'm not discussing this at an ice cream place," she says, turning her defiant face in my direction."Relax," I answer with a smile, patting her thigh. "Did you really think we were going for ice cream?" I laugh."Oh... um... Jesus, Brandon. I'm just... I don't know." She falls back against the seat and takes a couple of deep breaths. "Thanks for coming right over.""Anytime, S!s." I answer. "You know that.""Yeah," she smiles. "I do." She leans her head back against the headrest and closes her eyes. * * *"Can I tell you now?" Lauren asks, turning to me as soon as we walk in my house. "In a minute," I answer, taking her hand and leading her to my bedroom. "Take off your clothes and I'll massage your back while you talk." Lauren looks at me sceptically but starts to unbutton her blouse. "Why do we have to be naked for me to tell you about mom?" she asks as she watches me pull off my shirt and unbutton my shorts. "Because you obviously need to relax," I answer, putting my arms around her and pulling her naked body against mine. "And because I'm horny and want my hands all over your lovely flesh.""Brandon! This is serious!" Lauren says, pushing against my chest."Shhh!" I whisper. "I know, S!s," I answer, keeping my arms around her. "Trust me, okay?""Okay," she says, melting back into my embrace. "Now, face down on the bed and I'll take care of these tense shoulders while you tell me about your afternoon with mom."Lauren crawls up on the bed and I take minute to admire her sexy ass before grabbing some massage oil from the bathroom cabinet. Sitting on the bed next to her, I coat my palms with oil and begin kneading just under her shoulder blades."Okay, let's hear it," I tell her. "Well, mom came home early just as dad called to say he was running late. With just the two of us in the house, I followed mom into her bedroom when she changed out of her work clothes. Naturally, one thing led to another.""Naturally," I agree as I gently dig my fingers into the spaces between her vertebrae. "Mom took the lead and got me off first," Lauren says dreamily as my hands drift down across her butt cheeks. "God, she is so good with her tongue," she coos as I massage her sexy ass."Afterwards we were just cuddling when I told her we were surprised that she left the other day without fucking you," Lauren continues her story as I move my hands down to her thighs."Oh honey, I couldn't do that," mom said. "It wouldn't be right.""Why not?" Lauren asked. "I thought you'd be over the insest thing by now, especially..." she let her words trail off as mom started to answer."Oh, it isn't the insest, at least not anymore," mom smiled knowingly as she rolled over on her back. "In the interest of time, why don't you eat my pussy while I try to explain." Lauren moved down between mom's legs and began licking her succulent pussy. "I've never fucked another man without your father's permission," Mom explained as Lauren buried her tongue inside her juicy hole. "It's the agreement we made when we started going to the lake with the Andrews. Everything has to be reciprocal." Mom entwined her fingers in Lauren's hair and pulled her more tightly into her crotch."I'll have to speak to your father first," she said. "Before we go any farther.""You're going to tell dad?" Lauren asked, raising her mouth from mom's pussy."Well... like I said, we have this agreement," mom answered. "You know, like with the Andrews." "You're going to tell him about us?" Lauren asked incredulously."Please continue, Lauren," mom said, pulling her face back down to her cunt. "I'll tell him everything and see if he wants to join us," mom said matter-of-factly. Lauren froze and lifted her head again."Join us... as in?" Lauren looked at mom with her eyebrows raised."As in join us," mom said, locking eyes with Lauren. "I'm not going to tell you if you keep stopping." Lauren just nods, and resumes her pussy eating."You think I should fuck your br0ther, right?" The way mom said it made it a statement rather than a question. "Well then, don't you think your father deserves a reciprocal arrangement?" Mom had a tight grip on Lauren's hair and was humping her pussy against her face, not letting her answer.It sounds like a good place for me to interrupt Lauren's story and have her turn over. She complies and I straddle her hips and start massaging her luscious breasts. My cock is hard from listening to her story as much as from massaging her beautiful body."I told mom that I had never even considered this and wasn't sure how I felt." Lauren continues. "But the way mom said it made it sound perfectly natural." "When you think about it, I guess it is," I offer, as I rock my hard cock against my s!ster's pussy mound and rub massage oil into her perfect breasts. "What else did mom say?""She said I have time to think about it while she figures out the best way to broach the subject with dad," Lauren says as she starts rocking her pussy against my cock. "She said I could let her know in a day or two. I mean, what the fuck! What am I going to do, Brandon?" "You know, I never thought about it but mom makes a good point," I answer, raising up and spreading my s!ster's legs. "I know! That's what's so frustrating," Lauren says as I settle between her widespread thighs and align my cock with her fully aroused pussy. "I just don't know if I want to fuck dad!"We stop talking for a minute as I slide my hard cock inside her snug teenage channel. I start with slow even strokes, savouring the sensation of my s!ster's tight pussy. "Have you ever even looked at dad's body?" I ask as we pick up the pace and start to really fuck. "No!" she responds immediately. "That's the thing, I can't seem to think sexually about dad at all. Mom says he's great in bed and I won't be disappointed but that just seems ewww... too much information." She grabs my shoulders and starts bucking her hips off the bed as I pump my cock into her."But the idea of mom and I fucking isn't ewww, huh?" I ask, panting as we work our way up towards the summit of pleasure. "I know!" she cries. "It's hypocritical as hell and I feel like an idiot." Lauren is breathing hard now and bucking her ass off the bed, meeting me stroke for stroke. "Can we just shut up and fuck?" she asks.And, of course, I readily comply.
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