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Corina Chapter 18

Post #1

Corina Chapter 18I get to watch he fucking again!!!ENJOY!!!I woke up the next morning and Corina was in the bathtub taking a soaking bath and I went in to take a piss. When I finished I gave my sexy little wife a passionate kiss and asked her how she felt. Corina said her butt hole was sore and she smiled and said it was worth it. I lay in bed until Corina was done with her bath and I went in to take a shower. When I finished I went out and coffee was brewing and Corina fixed us a cup each and Traci was taking a shower. Corina asked me if I wanted to go take one with her and I said I didn't have it in me to get hard again so soon after last night.We relaxed the whole day and even went down to the pool for a while. Traci left early and Corina and I never brought up the game or the night before until we got in bed that night. Corina worked for a couple hours on the notebook while I watched TV and I didn't bother her much. We finally were ready to go to bed and we cuddled up in the warm bed. Corina's tiny kitty was tight already and I realized that using that toy on her wasn't enough to loosen her pussy up for long. The toy was only in her tiny kitty for maybe a half hour or so. When Morgan fucked her while I watched it lasted for hours and her kitty was left swollen and loose for days. I decided she needed a real cock to make her pussy the way I wanted it for a while.As we lay there I asked Corina if the toy was too big for her and she giggled and said it didn't bother her kitty a bit. I told her since Traci took the toy with her I would get her a new one. I kissed her and smiled as I said I would make sure it was a little longer and thicker to see if that would make her kitty happy. Corina told me to get the one I wanted to use on her and she kissed me. I then told Corina I thought she might last another month before she finally opened her kitty for another man to fuck. Inside I laughed knowing she has fucked a lot already and she didn't know I knew it. She seemed to enjoy the feeling of fucking around without her husband knowing. I never tried to have sex with her or her with me. I knew Morgan would rut her with his big cock the next day while Corina was off of work.I kissed Corina and she smiled and said she would work a lot on the notebook today and I told her that her kitty will be really wet for me when I got home then. I was pretty busy and didn't think about Corina fucking Morgan much until I was driving home. Then I just kept imagining Corina fucking that big black cock wildly with her tiny kitty. I wanted so badly to find out how stretched open her kitty was for me tonight and hoped it was full of Morgan's cum. I kept rubbing my hard cock in my pants as I got home as fast as possible.I got home and Corina was writing in the notebook at the table. She had a little pullover top on and a pair of loose shorts as she was sitting there. I walked up behind her and nuzzled her neck while I reached under her shirt and found her tits loose without a bra. Corina giggled and I kneaded he firm little tits and when I started to squeeze her nipples Corina said to be gentle because Saturday night was hard on them. Corina turned around and kissed me passionately and told me she missed me a lot today. She rubbed my hard cock through my pants and smiled. I reached down to get into her panties to feel her kitty and Corina stopped me and giggled. Corina then smiled and told me her kitty was really wet from writing in the notebook all day. Then she acted like she was thinking deeply and then said I couldn't touch her kitty yet.Corina then unhooked and unzipped my pants and then slid them to my knees. Corina giggled and slid my boxers down to them and my hard cock sprang out at her. Corina smiled and then kissed the head and looked up to me as I stood there in front of her. She said little Ted already needed attention and she started licking it from the balls to the tip without sucking it. I asked her if I could play with her kitty and she shook her head no in a very cute way. Then Corina just sat there while she got all my clothes off of me and told me to lie down on the floor. She then seductively came over sliding off the chair onto her hand and knees. I watched her moving so sexy and teasingly over and she kissed me really sexy. Corina didn't say anything and I watched her slowly take off her clothes in a sexy strip on the floor next to me.Corina then got on her hand and knees again and kissed me long and sexy. When she backed up a little bit I could see a big hickey on one of her tits and I knew I didn?t do it Saturday for sure. I told Corina I was sorry for being so rough with her cute tits the other night and Corina giggled and said she liked it and was just sore a little bit. Then she kissed me again and whispered in my ear that her hot kitty was so wet today and wanted my mouth and tongue to play with it. She held my hands out with her hands and she moved up and held her pussy just above my mouth. I could really smell the sex and knew she got fucked today for sure. Corina smiled down at me and asked me to lick her kitty with only my tongue. I raised my head and ran my tongue all around in her slit and then tickled her clit with just the tip.Corina just kept staring into my eyes and she lowered her kitty down on my face. I could really tell she was swollen and was surprised it didn't bother me to lick and suck on her kitty after she was fucked by another cock. Corina would let out soft moans and she never stopped staring into my eyes as I licked and sucked on her swollen kitty. Corina moved off of me and snuggled up to me and sighed. Then she asked me if she tasted good and I said she always taste great. I smiled at her and said she must have played with herself a lot today while she was writing because I could taste the sweat mixed with her juices and she tasted salty from it. Corina smiled and said she tried not to touch herself and just was really horny today.I asked her if she wanted to hear something kinky and she giggled and shook her head yes. I grinned at her and said when her juices mixes with her sweat it lets me imagine I was licking her kitty after someone fucked her. Corina giggled and said I was really a strange man and she kissed me and told me she loved me more being so strange and honest with her. Corina smiled and said she loved the game and asked me if the game ends after the three months. I looked at her and said it depends on her completely and said she promised at least one man would fuck her at the end. I said if it bothered her I wouldn't push it anymore and it would be over. I laid there silently for a while and Corina finally giggled and asked me what would happen if she ended up liking it. I kissed her passionately and smiled at her. I said if she liked it I wanted her to have fun with men that turned her on. I grinned big and said I would want to watch her getting fucked once in a while too. Corina laid there for a while thinking and asked me if I wanted an open relationship and I told her no instantly. Corina looked confused and I told her like I did before that I would only have sex with another woman if my wife told me to do it. Corina then asked me if I got turned on with other girls and I told her sometimes other girls really get me horny. I said I would never act on it unless my wife told me to do it and would always walk away if she didn't.Corina looked confused still and I said it is like when a man has a really cool car he likes showing it off to other guys and taking them for rides in it. I said I had a beautiful wife that had a killer body and can fuck and suck the balls off of a man. I said I just liked showing her off and it was fun letting other guys drive her once in a while. I smiled and said it was such a turn on watching her have an orgasm and go wild thrashing all over the place. Corina asked me why I had this thing about someone with a really big dick fucking her. I smiled and said I have read about women that swear that it is so much better being stretched and fucked by the biggest cocks they could find. I grinned bigger and told her if she did decide to fuck someone and she liked it I wanted her to find out if size really matters. I chuckled and said she should find out if there is a cock too big for her out there.I asked Corina what was with her not letting me touch her kitty today and she giggled at me. Corina said I told her I could tell by feeling, smelling, or the taste test if she got fucked. I shook my head yes and she said it was now part of the game of which test I had to do first each day and she picked out the taste test. Corina smiled at me and asked if she tasted like she was fucked today and I said not really. Just in my imagination as I was licking her did she taste fucked. I slid my hand down to her crotch and Corina didn't stop me now and I felt a very loose open and swollen pussy. I knew that Morgan fucked her for sure and thought it was funny and figured she wanted me to catch her with cum inside her. I kissed her and figured I would never say she failed any test ever until after the time was up.I smiled at Corina and said there was only one test left and I rolled her up on me and she giggled. I slid my hard cock in a very loose hole and smiled at her. I said her pussy was the same as always and she still hasn't tried another man in her tiny kitty. Corina kissed me and smiled down to me as she started to move her hips fucking my cock with her soft swollen pussy. I asked her if she was weakening at all and Corina smiled at me. I pulled her face down and whispered in her ear that her kitty was so warm and sexy today. I asked her if she thought about letting some other man fuck her today and she whispered maybe softly with her moans. I whispered in her ear if she thought about going to Morgan today and she moaned and whispered maybe again.Corina stopped and rose up sitting on my cock and wiggled her hips around and said she loved her husband's dick. I smiled up at Corina and asked her who she would fuck in three months for me and she said she didn't know. Corina giggled and said I should pick who I wanted to watch fuck my wife. Corina wiggled around again and I said I already knew who I wanted to watch fuck her. Corina smiled down at me and said I should really think about it before I pick because it might be the only one to fuck her. I said I already was positive about it and Corina giggled and asked me who I wanted to watch. I smiled up to her and said I picked Tom and Corina asked me why him. I told her I already knew Tom had a killer cock. I said Tom must be really big when he is hard and that would take care of her trying a big cock.Corina smiled down at me and she asked me if I was telling her to fuck Tom and I said I wasn't telling her to fuck him. I said she has to desire to fuck him and not me telling her to fuck him. I smiled and said I only brought up Tom because she said I should pick. Corina kissed me and lay on my chest and really started fucking me and moaning with her face against mine. I held her tight and one hand was on her butt as she was grinding her pelvis on mine. Corina was really moaning loudly and moving faster on my cock and I whispered in her ear. I whispered if I had to pick I wanted to watch Tom stretch her little kitty and I hope he fucked her a long time. Corina was so close to an orgasm and I whispered her kitty would go wild while Tom fucked her and she came on my cock. Corina jerked and grunted as she slowly ground her pelvis against mine and her orgasm lasted a while.Corina rose up and stared at me and slowly started fucking me again after her orgasm was over. Corina smiled at me and asked me again if I was sure I wanted Tom and I said yep. I said the first Saturday after the time was up I wanted to invite Tom to come over. I smiled up to her and said I wanted my wife to act normal until we finished dinner and was sitting around with a drink. Then I said I wanted to watch her seduce and fuck him for as long as he could last right in front of me. Corina smiled and I said that would be my best fantasy and just knew she would have a lot of orgasms with him fucking her. Corina giggled and said she will find out how brave she is and I reminded her she promised me she would do it. Corina smiled down at me and said she would do anything I wanted to and she just wanted to make me happy.Corina was working on getting me off now and just kept staring at me as she rode my hard cock. I lost control and filled her kitty with my cum and grunted under her as she stared at me. Once I stopped spurting she kissed me passionately and whispered she will do my fantasy for me in three months and find out if I do like it or not. I rolled her off of me and felt around in her pussy and said that is what a fucked pussy feels like and I would always be able to tell if she got fucked. Corina giggled and I smiled and asked her if her desires were getting stronger and she whispered maybe again. I asked her if she thought about maybe going down to Morgan's apartment today and she giggled and said it did cross her mind a couple times today.I smiled and said soon she will lose control and her desires will be too strong to stop. I grinned bigger and said she might last a month or so and Corina laughed hard at my comments. Then Corina said I made it sound like she couldn't stop herself from fucking another man. I smiled and said with her husband saying he wanted her to do it that her desires would be free to let it happen sooner or later. I chuckled and said one day she will think about it and get so horny that she will finally feel another cock fucking her kitty. Corina did her pouty look and said I thought she would be a real slut or something. I smiled and said she would be the sexiest slut ever if she did let herself be slutty for her husband.When we went to bed that night Corina was snuggled up in my arms and we held each other and talked. Corina said maybe it would be easier for her if I tied her down and let Tom fuck her that way. I asked her if she would enjoy it more that way and Corina giggled and said if I ever did that to her she wouldn't be mad at me. I said I wanted to watch her face when Tom first pushed that cock in her tiny kitty. I smiled and said her eyes would flutter and her face would show me how it felt to her while a big cock stretched her kitty open. I said I wanted to watch her getting fucked by Tom in as many positions he could do before he finished. Corina asked me what was going to happen after that and I said it was up to her.Two days later while I was going to my car for work Morgan met me. He smiled and gave me a memory card and told me I would like it and I went to work. I never had time to watch it until Corina had to either work late or she was fucking someone. She was working late and I figured she was really fucking Steve again. I set up my home laptop and put in the memory card and found a couple of movies on it. I played the first movie and it was like Corina was being interviewed by Morgan. Morgan asked Corina what she was there for and she giggled and said to be fucked by his nice big dick. He asked her why she was doing it and Corina said that her husband wanted her to be a slut. She continued saying if her husband wanted a slut she was going to be the best slut possible. Morgan asked her when it started and Corina said about a month ago. Then Morgan said what he really wanted was a complete list of all the men that she has fucked in her life so far. Corina listed them as the guy that took her virginity and she said he was really bad at any kind of sex. Then she said her husband was next and he was always fantastic and was a really kinky man. Then she talked about three days before the wedding Traci and her went out drinking and Traci talked her into picking up two guys for one last fling before marriage. Corina said that Traci and her ended up fucking each one and then traded men. She ended up fucking one guy twice and the other guy one time. Corina said both of them didn't fuck very well but one guy was good with his mouth.Corina was laughing and giggling while she was talking about the different men she had sex with so far. Then she said our friend Tom fucked her and she said he was a fucking stud. Corina said when she fucks him the sex is the best and his dick was really big. Corina said Tom makes her feel so tight because he is really thick and it makes her orgasm really easy. Then Corina said he fucks a really long time and always keeps it interesting. Corina finally said he was good with everything about sex and never messes anything up. Corina giggled and said Tom calls her his fuck toy and they fuck a lot all the time. Then Corina smiled and said Morgan fucks her fantastic and is right up there with Tom. Corina then said she has fucked a supplier named Steve a couple times and he was just a normal fuck. Morgan asked her if there was any other man she has fucked and Corina smiled and said not yet. Then Corina said she has three months to fuck anyone she wants to fuck because her husband said she should. Morgan asked her if she had any other guys in her mind to fuck and Corina giggled and said she hasn't met any yet. Morgan asked her how many different men were going to try her pussy and Corina giggled and said her husband told her at least twenty or thirty. Then Morgan said that was about it and Corina said she wanted a copy to show her husband when it was time. Then Corina giggled and said she was really horny and wanted her favorite neighbor to play now. The movie ended and I sat there and understood what Traci was going to tell the night she was with us. It made me smile to think that Corina started the game before we got married and I never knew it. To me my wife was the sexiest woman around.I sent a text to Corina asking when she would be home and started the second movie. Corina was standing up with a blindfold on and Morgan turned her around to show her hands tied behind her again. Then I watched another black guy sneak out of the bedroom behind her and it seemed like Corina didn't know he was there. Then Morgan asked Corina if she was going to let him do her ass now and she giggled and said he was too big still. Then the other guy took her arm from behind and Corina looked shocked as he led her into the bedroom blindfolded. Right away she wanted to know what was going on and Morgan told her she was going to fuck and suck like she wanted to try someday.Morgan set the camera down and finally was in the movie. His cock was hard and Corina looked scared as Morgan laid her across the bed on her back with her head hanging off the other side. I watched the other guy walk over to her head and he put his cock on her lips and it looked like he was about 8 inches and not as thick as Morgan. I watched Morgan squirt something on his big cock and watched as the other guy had her open her mouth with her head hanging over backwards and he slid his cock inside her mouth. Corina wasn't putting up a fight now and he held her face on both sides while he fucked her mouth with over half his cock. Morgan rubbed the lubricant all over his cock and then got on the bed on his knees between Corina's spread legs.I watched as Morgan took her legs and put them both across her stomach from each side and held her ankles with one hand together. Then he moved up and took his cock and smacked it on her pussy and clit a couple times. Corina grunted with each smack with that cock in her mouth and I could see her stomach jerk. Then he rubbed the head in her pussy and aimed it as his hips pushed forward. That big black cock sunk into my wife's wet pussy almost all the way in one shove and she stiffened up for a second. Then Morgan held her ankles and started fucking her fast and hard as she was trying to wail with that cock in her mouth. I could see my wife coating his cock with her white juice as he fucked her for about a minute like that. There was no mistaking she was in ecstasy all the time now.Then he pulled his cock out and so did the other guy and Corina was gasping and catching her breathe from the hard fucking that didn't last long enough. It wasn't long and the other guy slid his cock back in her mouth and Morgan was slapping her pussy with his cock again. I looked closely and on some strokes in my wife's mouth he was all the way in her and down her throat. I could actually see a small outline of his cock on the outside of her throat as he did that once in a while. Then Morgan fucked her pussy fast and hard again and Corina was wailing with that cock in her mouth again. Then they both pulled out again and she was gasping and loudly said oh god just before his cock went in her mouth again.Then I saw Morgan take his cock and put it at her asshole and Corina instantly struggled hard as she could being tied and pinned down like that. Morgan let go of his cock and slapped her clit really hard and then said next time it will hurt for weeks. He then told her to relax and it will be a lot easier if she did. He had his cock at her asshole again and Corina just softly seemed to wail when he pushed forward and her asshole opened slowly. I watched as the head of his huge cock slid in my wife's ass as she was being fucked in her mouth by the other guy.Morgan kept still for a few seconds and then slid more into her and Corina was a lot quieter now. Morgan started rubbing her clit with his hand from his cock now and slowly pushed forward until he was all the way in my wife's ass. Morgan didn't move his cock a bit and I watched as he worked four fingers in her tight pussy and was fucking her with them. He took his other hand off of her ankles and started rubbing her clit as he fucked her with the other hand steady. Corina was groaning around that cock in her mouth now and her feet rose up as her thighs spread wide and up close to her head. It was plain to see she was now realizing to just enjoy it if she could. Morgan slowly started fucking her ass with his cock a little and Corina started moving her hips to what his hands were doing and his cock. Soon as her hips started fucking back he took his hands and held her thighs forward as he leaned over forward. Soon Morgan was fucking her slowly with full strokes with that big hard black cock and Corina was wailing on that cock in her throat. The other guy told her to quiet down and she did. Then he pulled his cock out of her mouth and she was moaning and groaning as Morgan's cock fucked her ass. Her head came up and Morgan leaned forward farther and they kissed as he fucked her ass. When his lips left her mouth she laid her head down again and the other guy was sliding his cock in her open mouth again.I watched Morgan raise back up and his hands started rubbing and fucking her juicy pussy as his cock was fucking her ass. Corina had her legs up and they were shaking hard in the air and then she started cumming. There was no mistaking it as she was jerking around grunting on that other guy's cock. Morgan then took his hand off her jumping pussy and kept her legs against his chest and leaned forward. Corina's legs were tight against his neck between his arms and her moved forward more and held her head and kissed her long and sexy. Corina was kissing him back and moaning and groaning into his mouth as his hips kept driving his cock in and out of her ass.Morgan fucked my wife like that for about ten more minutes and Corina started softly saying her ass is going to cum. She started wailing and groaning out oh god yes over and over again. Morgan was really slamming my wife's ass hard and grunting all the time now. Then Corina suddenly came and that sent Morgan over the edge. He shoved his big cock in her as far as he could and I could tell he was filling my wife's ass with his cum. My wife's feet were shaking hard since she couldn't move any other part of her body much. Morgan kept her pinned down and folded under him until his balls were empty. Then he got up off my wife and she let her feet down with her head hanging over the other side. She just lay there gasping and the other guy grabbed her feet and he sunk his hard cock in my wife's pussy with her feet spread wide. Corina gasped loudly oh my god yes fuck me and that guy went to town on her pussy. He took no time to get going fast and hard and Corina was moaning and gasping all the time. Corina would grunt and gasp out fuck me over and over again and he did just that. Then she started jerking and cumming on his cock now and he never slowed down. Corina was twisting and wiggling all over trying to get off his cock as he just held her legs and kept banging away at my wife's pussy. A couple minutes after Corina had her orgasm he was grunting hard and driving harder. Corina just kept gasping and grunting and softly wailing as her pussy was rutted by this guy. Morgan was standing next to him and I heard him say to fuck her harder and he tried. Then he suddenly grunted louder and stiffened up as he slowed down his thrusts. I watched as he grunted and stood there still after a while and knew my little wife was lying there as his balls emptied inside her pussy.He let her legs down and Morgan picked them up and Corina laughed and asked if there was another cock for her. Morgan just kept looking down to her and told her only two cocks were here. I heard her sigh and then giggle and she told him she wanted to fuck more after she rests. Then she exclaimed she never knew she could have an orgasm with just a cock in her ass fucking her. Morgan let her legs down and rolled her over untying her hands and then he removed the blindfold off of her. Corina sat there trying to get her eyes used to light again. Then she giggled and told Morgan that it hurt when he fucked her butt and yet it felt awesome too. Morgan asked her how her ass felt now and she said it was sore.Then he helped her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him with a lot of passion. Soon as she stopped she went over to the other guy and gave him the same as he held her in his arms. Then Corina asked his name and he told her everyone called him Mouse which made her giggle. Then she smiled and said he didn't have a mouse cock and laughed. Then she asked Morgan if he was ready for more and he told her he had to rest up a bit first. Corina giggled and told him she wanted his cock in her pussy while the mouse fucks her ass. She smiled and said she always dreamed of two guys fucking her at the same time. Morgan picked up the camera and turned it off and the movie was over.I looked at my phone because I never got a text from my wife saying when she was getting home. I looked and almost 2 hours ago she texted me she would be home in about two hours. I closed the program and hid the card in my drawer. I then hurried up putting the laptop away and went out and turned on the TV before she got home and I sat down. Corina didn't walk in for another 50 minutes and I got up and kissed her. She had jeans on so I couldn't check her easy so I didn't bother her about it. I just asked her if her night went good and she said it went really nice and she giggled. I just stood there and didn't say anything and Corina smiled at me as she stared at me teasingly. I could smell the sex even standing a foot away from her and I just turned and sat down.Corina sat down smiling and she asked me if I was going to ask her if she got fucked. I said I wasn't going to fall for that again and she stood up giggling and walked into the bedroom. A few minutes later she came out with her jeans and panties off and asked me if I wanted to check her. I motioned her to me and felt around in her pussy and she was really swollen and moist. I shook my head no and Corina could tell I was disappointed and she sat down next to me and hugged me. I just acted like I was really feeling bad about it and she kissed me. Then she smiled at me and said this game was going not a bit like her Teddy wanted. Then she held me again and whispered in my ear maybe she should just let somebody fuck her. I told her I was ok and just to keep the game going like we agreed.Continued with Chapter 19
09-01-2021, at 01:48 PM

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