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238 A Dairy conversion (8)

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238 A Dairy conversion (8)238 A Dairy conversion (8)After her work on the awaited day, Ann collected Sam from the station, a wind from Siberia was blowing and snow was about swirling in the air in heavy flakes as they made their way down onto the remote marsh. They [and I indoors] were glad to hear the familiar rattle of the cattle grid at our gate; it had been a slow journey.They appeared at the doorway all stamping feet and shaking coats. I had been very worried at the weathers had turned and had been on tender-hooks till they appeared. They were quickly wrapped around my finest casserole, and dumplings and we were soon sat over coffee in contented companionable silence round the sitting room fire, as the storm outside roared its way round the little wooden home.Sam had what he termed bad news, he said his company was losing a shift and he had been made redundant, his parents having passed away a couple of years ago he was on his own and he was going to have to sell up as he could not afford to keep up the mortgage despite it being nearly paid off. We discussed his lack of work and his prospects, for a while each of us apparently shy of discussing our last meeting.Ann though was made of sterner stuff and asked what he thought of the story that started us off? Sam laughed it had he said been ?stimulating!? and that he had been as surprised as we about the Homestead, he asked if the pictures, painted in the story, were here but we had to tell him we had not seen hide or hair of them. He asked about the Dungeon and I told him I had been working on it but that we had not as yet used it, as we had been busy and had saved ourselves for his visit. Tomorrow was to be its grand opening. He laughed at that, asking if we had a plaque or a bottle of champagne...He said he had come bearing gifts, and opened his bag presenting Ann with dozen assorted pre-packed surgical needles and a pair of red candles as well as for me he had a pair of stainless steel handcuffs. He then presented us with the milker pump, now fitted with a small electric motor from a sewing machine Ann kissed him and said, ?Tomorrow stud, tomorrow.?She shared our bed with the lad, and we all slept well. By dawn the next day the snow was deep crisp and very uneven. Our veranda was nearly clear protected by the hedge, though the front door was a foot deep in the ghastly stuff, Sam and I fetched logs from the stack and piled them on the veranda, and he called it ?ready to use ammunition!? We were to be glad of that before the week was out. Ann meantime had cooked a lovely breakfast and by 8.45 we were on the coffee stage when Sam rose to his feet presented Ann with a large box of chocolates and a bottle of expensive perfume. I in turn presented her with the movie camera she had long wanted.He then wished her whatever she wanted from her birthday then read out from the menu Ann had written like a sentence from a judge. I slipped the new handcuffs onto her wrists, and we moved to the dungeon, where Sam declared the place open. He then set the camera rolling and produced a black silk hood which had no eye or mouth slits before placing it over Ann`s head.He put her hands into leather wristlets taking off the handcuffs, a cord soon linked the soft leather wristlets, and she was soon in the hook of the lift and on tiptoe, unable to see as her breathing increased its pace, anticipation being every-thing we left her as she had left us, and spent a long twenty minutes, preparing a meal in our slow cooker.Sam lit the candles and we approached our victim on tiptoe and in silence. Unexpected the first drips were onto her nipples, which caused a jerk of epic proportions through her body and a deep groan. Sam removed the hood revealing Ann`s face blinking in the unaccustomed spotlight. In Sam`s hand appeared a rat trap, he gently pulled the nipples of both her breasts together for me to hold, then oh so very gently he lowered the spring to secure her as she had us, she began to moan, so I asked if she wanted a gag, ?perhaps later? she whispered as I tipped the melted candle wax onto her breasts causing her to jerk and twitch in her bonds with a scream. We played with her lovely breasts with the wax for some time until her whispered ?enough?We left her hanging there though we did remove the trap and putting on jackets we then went out to the workshops, to collect her birthday present a rocking horse which I had made for her.Outwardly a crude, adult version of a c***d`s rocking horse painted black and white, complete with head mane and tail; the only difference being rather than a conventional saddle, along its back was a short length of 4? angle iron, its back upwards. We removed the hood to reveal the horse, her eyes lit up partly with fear partly with expectation and partly I hoped in thanks.We took a leg each and slid the horse under her leaving her well clear of the horse dangling over what was to be a really pain-filled ride.I set the clock markers one for the ten o`clock point and one for the ten thirty point her eyes watched the hands intensely, she knew what they meant. The third I set for another 5 minutes. She asked in a whisper for a gag, so Sam fetched hers and fitted it for her.The finger of the minute hand clicked restlessly up to the hour, we lowered her till her lips just touched the metal saddle, she recoiled as if to back away but Sam read to her from the menu; ?my greatest wish is regardless of my tears or my plea?s to be made to ride the horse for as long as I able to bear plus a while,? I spent a second or two opening her cleft and Sam lowered her a little further until most of her body weight rested on her softest tenderest parts finally allowing her to have her full weight and her arms barely taking slack, she now had the choice pull upon her arms and save her softer parts or rest and the whole weight would come onto her in the most painful way.Sam and I made coffee and then sat in the armchairs, watching her exquisite dilemma as the clock relentlessly ticked. By the twentieth minute tears were freely running down the face, her moans were continuous whimpers, broken by moans as she tried in vain to pull herself up from the saddle her strength slowly ebbing away. As the hands hit the 30minute mark we raised her on the lift just enough to take some but not all her weight as I began to rock the fiendish horse as the hands of the clock ticked away the last seconds of the thirty-five minutes. We were quick to lift her and remove the horse its warm saddle now running with her spend. She was lowered to my shoulder and I carried her to our sitting roomBarely conscious I lay her on the floor, Sam removed her gag, she was such a poor state that both Sam and I were in two minds as to continuing with her menu, she opened her eyes and with a quiet voice said, ?well what are you waiting for? We exchanged glances, then I read the sentence; ?Then to be spit roast regardless of my discomfort.? Sam placed his rigid prick to her lips and she began to suck, softly at first then with increasing strength. It was up to me to administer the coup de grass; I knelt and slowly opened her bruised sex-lips gently forcing my stiff member into her channel.Her whole body began to move as if to reduce the pain of her bruised sex as I began my ride, her moans muffled as they were, by Sam`s member trying to slide into her throat, she became like a rag doll, pushed first towards Sam then by him towards me, with the movement and the stimulation we were fortunately quite quick to climax, the first that the three of us had achieved simultaneously, Sam gasped ?awesome? and she gurgled a scream. We rolled away from her, as she gasped for breath and she lay like gutted fish on a slab, well satisfied or so we men thought. We lay together dozing in that sublime state of relaxed after the climax enjoyment; the fire crackled and outside the snow had started again as we lay recovering for a long time.Sam, the youngest after all made restorative tea, which Ann took thirstily, she said her ?fanny was now out of bounds for a few days? the first time since we had married that I had ever heard her say that in a serious way. To our amazement she turned to Sam and quietly asked if he still wanted to complete the menu, surprised he answered that ?he was game, but didn?t she feel she had had enough??A smile passed over her face, as she said that it would be a pity to waste a good birthday present and with a shrug she said she was going to be a day or two out of action anyway, so a little more pain would not be the end of the world. She also said she would never find out her limits if she did not try it all. I was amazed at my lovely wife`s simplistic thinking, but if that was what she wanted, it was her birthday!We sat in front of that fire sipping tea and discussing how she wanted it doneShe said she would stop us if she was free, so she needed to be very secure, she didn?t want to sit, though that is what she had had planned in her mind. I suggested the chains or the cross, we would let her choose.She said in her fantasy she wanted to have three needles in each breast with a pause between each. One directly through the breast, one through the nipple and the third through the ring around the nipple the tenderest area we were to do them one needle at a time a long pause between each breast, so she knew exactly what was to come maximising the apprehension. She was insistent that we were to do it slowly regardless of her pleas, there was to be absolutely no safe word and we were to carry it out to the letter, if she was to faint, she said we were to wait till she was round again before continuing. She said there was to be no gag, but she said she would scream she knew she would, her final wish was that after the needles were in place we were to add weights to them and leave her for a while perhaps an hour hanging in near darkness alone regardless of anything else.I protested saying it was just too much, but she kissed me and said she had been fantasising about this for some time, and it was her birthday, it was what she wanted, and we were to promise to carry it out to the letter regardless! We reluctantly in some ways, both promised. It was she said something she needed to do but we were however, to be certain that this was probably the only time she would ever have the bottle to allow this to be done to her, so we were to make the most of the scenario and film it all, so we could all relive it at will. Still troubled I said I would go along with it, for her, but that she would be confined to bed the next day to sleep and recover. Which, she readily agreed to. We set up the camera again then left her to prepare mentally while washing her breast`s in spirit and selecting her securing device and the weights herself.We returned at her call to find her spread on the cross, awaiting securing, she was dressed in a long skirt and shoes but nothing else; we secured her arms her ankles and her waist. Sam asked if she wanted her head immobilised with a strap at the throat and round the forehead, but she said she needed to watch the whole thing and it would make that difficult though she did ask for straps around her thighs and shoulders as she felt she may well need the support and she wanted to be very still.We were soon ready; Sam opened the first needle pack and looked deep into her eyes as she nodded at her right breast. I raised it by her nipple and Sam started the point into the underside of the orb about an inch from the nipple aiming for a point about 2? from the nipple at the top, slowly the needle vanished into the creamy flesh, as my beautiful wife let out a loud moan of shear agony the needle slid upward ever upward. I pushed against the upper skin with a small piece of clean flat wood. The needle then stood an inch through the skin and we stood to admire our handiwork, the second needle went downward through the nipple, slowly pushed through against my helpful wooden block. The pain hit her like a wave as the thing was in and she screamed loudly. Tears falling from her eyes like a fall of salty rain.Sam placed the third medium sized needle against the tender dark flesh to the right of her nipple then waited, the sharp tip pressing into the skin, through her vale of tears she nodded, and he began to push the thing deeper through the flesh slowly oh so slowly. The tip disappeared, stretching the skin as it forced its way back to the surface just from below the nipple line, to the outer ring. Sam stopping me from helping it to break out with the block and it slowly burst through while trying to lift the whole breast weight. The pain must have been immense. Her scream was pitiful echoing around the dungeon as she lost consciousness from her first huge climaxWe stepped back to allow her to come around. Then waited as instructed, I wiped her eyes and blew her nose telling her that the long needle had a little blood as had the last needle, her eyes held a look of pain, and expectation knowing what was to come, we stood for a further couple of minutes then Sam lifted her left breast by the nipple and I placed the long needle to her skin, Sam with the wooden block began to push down on the top surface as I forced that terrible needle slowly upwards.Her screams abounded, her head thrashing back and forth in abject pain. That needle now through we waited the few seconds while her screams died away then slipped the short needle through her nipple, she passed out again as the pain hit, we waited till she was completely back with us, then I began with the last needle. Forcing the tip through the brown skin and very slowly, as Sam had done, I forced the needle up through the lower skin lifting the whole breast she passed out again, we let her rest for a moment till she had returned to us, then continued to break out the needle point through the edge of the ring, again she climaxed and passed out. She came around more slowly her whole-body limp in its bindings as we gave her water. We then gently hung the fishing weights she had selected from the tall needles adding smaller weights on the other needles stepped back we turned down the light and left her to her, own, self-requested agony.That hour passed oh so slowly for us, realising we had not eaten since breakfast, knowing she was hardly likely to want food after the day she had had we ate our meal to pass the time in silence and wondering at the agony she must have been going through we waited.Time at last was up. On with the lights and rapidly lift the weights from her breasts, the relief showing in her barely conscious face.Sam asked? if or how?? she wanted the needles removed and game to the last she gasped ?it was up to us she was our plaything.? We soon removed the two longest needles, then the nipple needle`s, lastly came the medium needles, slowly they slid out as she whimpered and howled, blood dripping from the small holes where each needle had been. So, another round of spirit washes. We quickly released her bounds and for the second time that day she fell onto my shoulder, I carried her to her place on the sofa in front of the fire as Sam supplied hot sweet tea. Another half-hour or more passed before she sat up rubbing her damaged breasts, we asked if she was alright, and she smiled her gentle smile kissed us both and whispered, she was starving....After breakfast next day we woke our heroine, she seemed keen to talk, sat up with tea. She started to tell us of her day then stopped remembering something; she bid Sam ?fetch her package from her dressing table.? She opened the box and asked Sam to produce his tool which he did though he reminded her he was to be celibate for the next few days. She quickly fitted a plastic retainer before his prick started to grow the lock snapped on and his penis was enclosed unable to rise without a deal of pain. She said he was to wear the thing for the next few days and that she alone would remove it, my smile soon vanished as she asked me to reveal my own tool and I quickly found myself encased in a similar uncomfortable device. She then began again to recount her side of yesterday, She started with Sam having sentenced her and our having hooded her something she did not expect. She said that she found the first drops of hot wax as much as a shock as painful, she said that earphones would have added an extra something as though she didn`t hear us, but could have, heard us approach. As the layers of wax built she said the pain lessened the lower layers insulating the new wax from her skin. The rat trap on her nipples was unexpected too. By now our pricks were hardening and the discomfort was enough to remind us to exercise as much control as we could muster.She said hanging waiting to see her present was a ?cool period? and her heart rate had nearly returned when we arrived with the horse which she described as wonderfully fiendish and thanked me with a kiss. She said it needed stirrups to be just a little more ?comfortable? and a more conventional seat with perhaps a sybian as an alternative. I asked why she had jibbed at being lowered into Place at first and she Laughed and said the thing had been in an unheated shed for days and it was bloody cold, we not having thought of that, we all laughed. In her words, ?Her old Jack and Danny, was excitedly cold to start with but it was now bruised and sore? she said but that was to be expected but she would willingly use the horse again if I would make the modification`s which I promised to do. That clock though, had added an extra something and it had been a near thing, her getting to the time marker without collapsing.Of The spit roast she said, ?did we not all think it was a perfect climax?? However, for her the pain was something out of this world and she had thought she was going to die from lack of air so far down her throat was Sam. Sam said he had been amazed that she had wanted to go on after that and the precise instructions had been the most special thing of the day for him, to which I readily agreed. The surprise thought was that despite what she had said yesterday she had no regrets and that she would ask us to do some of the needle thing again for her but not for a while yet, she said that the first needle had been painful but not as bad as when she had had a hospital biopsy some years ago. However, she said those in the nipple area where something, different again. The nipple, less than the areola, but the pain had sparked a number of fantastic climaxes, even blacking her out a couple of times. That second breast knowing what was to come had really freaked her out, her mind had screamed NO but her fantasy and her climaxes overruled it and she knew anyway that as she had instructed, we would not relent, the slowness of the areola needle sent her over the top though she said she mentally cursed me for waiting for her to come round before finishing that awful piercing, the weights had added to the acute discomfort as she had been afraid of tearing her nipple`s and she had had multiple orgasms alone in the semi darkness when we had been taking our meal break to the point she had blacked out a number of times with sexual overload. Removing those needles, she said was a trauma, however, after a rest a good meal and a sleep she was sore but tired.We left her to sleep popping in from time to time to feed her and such like, both of us in a heightened state of discomfort with our new devices.The weather eased the next day and Sam and I built the first pair of Kennels using the big solid panels that had stood up against my shed since delivery. Such a shame the concrete was not down for the other pair and the tiny barn that was to go between them both. Our evening was spent watching the box, playing cards and generally chilling out. Ann was up and about, tiny scabs showed at entry and exit points, and her bruises though still blue were getting better by the hour. The sun, a watery affair that gave little heat appeared on the next day and we shuttered up ready for the new base, put up the frames of the runs and stretched wire we were ready for the first two dogs if necessary. Both of us men had learnt to live with the restraints, painful as they could be, we could still pass water, but to get a stiffy was a definite no, no. Ann on a whim kept saying odd things or doing odd things to arouse both Sam and I, to the point Sam had offered to spank Ann over his knee should she keep up her tricks.Sam seemed quite happy to help me with the work on the kennels, glad of something to keep his mind from his financial position and Ann`s body which with her flirting and sly comments was causing both of us some discomfort. Thanks to Sam the concrete pad was soon down, and the other Kennel and the barn were up, though the fencing was not finished I could do that on my own we were both well tired as the evening before his birthday we sat in front of the fire, however Ann our accountant lady, asked for exact details of his financial problems, it seemed that to sell his property basically he needed to pay the mortgage off and was somewhat short only then could he sell. She said she would give it some thought.We begged Ann to release us from the securing device but ?no? she said sternly ?not till your birthday and moreover I am going to sit down and draw up your ?menu.? We sat, trying not to get aroused, at the thought of what Ann was dreaming up for the lad, telling him the menu would appear on the kitchen notice board...Tomorrow morning! Till then she said it was her secret. In bed that night Ann and I spoke of the lad`s problems.
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