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A Vampire?s Tail by DannyV

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A Vampire?s Tail by DannyVJosephine stood, eyes closed, in the shimmering water of the lake. Her naked body glistening in the dying sunlight. She enjoyed the feel of the cool water on her skin, how it ran down her body, making her ample pubic hair curl in odd patterns around her luscious, pouting pussy lips. A twig snapped in the nearby forest, and Josephine?s eyes snapped open, her hands instinctively covering her ample breasts.The sun was almost setting, and she cursed to herself to be out so late in THESE woods. She would have believed the stories to be nothing but camp-fire ghost tales, if it were not for the disappearances. Four young ladies and five strapping men in the last two months alone.She scanned the forest as best she could in the dimming light. Making her way to the lake shore where she had shed her clothes. She ignored the elaborate lace undergarments, and quickly through her heavy green velvet dress over her body. He long auburn curls were quickly tied in a neat bow of lace, and she was pulling on her short leather boots.?You should not be out in the woods this late, my lady.? A cool, deep voice wafted out from the trees. Josephine could still see no-one. She clutched at the knife hidden in her left boot. ?No need to fear? the strange voice paused, ?Well, not me in any case.? And finally, the man stepped forward into the fast fading light.He was a young, slender man, strangely at odds with the deep, sonorous voice. His blonde hair tumbled to shoulder length, and there was something effeminate about his manner. But his pale blue eyes lingered on the curves of Josephine?s body none-the-less.?Were you watching me, sir?? Josephine said, at last, with the hint of a grin on her wide, pink lips.The young man smiled. ?Enough to see that your cuffs and collars match.? He smiled broadly, the last hints of sunlight glinting on his small, white teeth. ?But it is getting dark, and we should be getting you to shelter.?Josephine shuddered involuntarily. ?I?m a-ways from home?, she said looking to the south. ?Took me most of the day to find this spot.?The young man smiled, and waved his hand in a bow. ?Then permit me to offer the sanctuary of my humble home. It is quite close by.?Josephine smiled at the effeminate foppery. ?I would be most grateful, sir.? She said.He smiled ?I was counting on that.? And his smile seemed somewhat naughty.Josephine did not mind. She would not even mind a good seeing to from this young lord. The thought of it caused a stir in her belly, and a slight wetness in her pussy.?But I don?t even know your name.? she said, suddenly.?Nor I yours, my lady.? The young man smiled, and pushed his shoulders back, standing proud. ?I am the Count Von Barrovia, last heir to the Castle and lands of the Barrovian family.?Josephine kept a straight face. The Barrovian?s had died out centuries ago, everyone knew the tale. The last Count had taxed the people so much that they could take it no longer. They rose against the Count, killing him and his entire retinue in a raid at dead of night. She was about to say something, but decided not to. ?And I am Josephine.? She said. ?Just plain old, ordinary, Josephine?.The Count smiled. ?Then you must call me Gavin, and we shall be off to the Castle.?Beyond the sudden hooting of an owl, that had Josephine clutching at Gavin?s arm, the journey was uneventful. They arrived at the Castle, more of a large manor house really, within a few minutes and they entered. A female servant, beautiful and buxom, took Gavin?s cloak and asked if he was ready for supper. He smiled, and declined, but instructed her to make the lounge ready, and to have the whole household gather there within the hour. The maid bowed, showing a great deal of cleavage, then scuttled off about her duties.Gavin then led the way to the lounge and offered Josephine a seat on one of the luxuriously embroidered couches. She lounged beautifully upon a richly tapestried piece in green and gold. Gavin recline on a couch opposite where he could watch her at leisure.They sat in silence for some moments, then the awkwardness of the situation was broken by the arrival of three men and two women. Each was dressed in fine clothing. The men in tight riding breeches with ruffled white dress shirts, the ladies in silk and lace evening gowns which showed far too much bosom for modesty. Josephine wondered what kind of people she had fallen in with. But the tingling in her groin only grew, as did the wet patch on her dress.?These are Thomas, James, John, Ruth and Rebecca? Gavin said waving vaguely in the direction of the new comers. ?We are all family on one way or another, though you may not think it to look at us.?Josephine could only agree. The beautifully blonde Gavin was nothing like the rough-hewn Thomas, or the tall and muscular James. John was quite dark of eyes and hair, his jaw-line fixed and square, his chest broad, and his breeches somewhat full. ?So, you admire John, eh?? Gavin said. ?I can?t say I blame you.? He seemed to think a moment. ?You must have him, right now.? Gavin looked at John. ?Take off those clothes and come see to the lovely Josephine.?As you say, my lord.? Said John and began to dis-robe. Josephine?s eyes widened, and she looked from Gavin to John to the others. None seemed to think anything unusual was occurring. In fact, Josephine noticed that Thomas had moved to stand very close to Rebecca, his hand reaching around behind her.About to protest, Josephine stopped as she gazed upon the now naked torso of John. His muscular arms and chest covered in a light dusting of dark hair. His stomach flat and hard. Then the breeches came down and Josephine gasped a little.Gavin smiled ?Oh he?s far more impressive than that when he gets going.? Gavin stood and moved toward John, kneeling in front of him he took the limp, eight inches into his mouth and began to suck and lick the huge member into life. ?There,? said Gavin. ?Is THAT not impressive.?Josephine gazed in awe at the thick, hard cock that must have been at least ten inches long now. The foreskin seemed to roll back of its own accord, as John flexed the muscles at the base of his penis. A small bead of creamy white liquid emerged from the single opening in the glistening purple head. Josephine stood as though commanded, or in a dream, she shed her gown. Standing naked in the room filled with strangers she approached John, pulling him in for a lingering kiss. She could feel his hard cock against her slightly rounded belly. She kissed her way down his chest, until she was on her knees and face-to-face with that monstrous cock. She gripped it firmly in one hand, bending it slightly to one side. The she started to lick. She started at the hairy, heavy hanging balls. She licked, and sucked one of his testicles into her mouth, squeezing it lightly. John gasped, his rod twitching, as Josephine licked her way up the underside of his cock until she could devour the head in one swift gulp.Around the couple, the others stood and watched. Rebecca?s hand was rubbing hard on Thomas breeches, making his cock bulge through the thin white fabric. Ruth had stepped out of her gown, and now knelt in front of James pulling his breeches to mid-thigh. His hard cock sprang out, slapping her in the face, until she took it, full length into her throat.Gavin stood, now naked also, his thin body pale and gleaming like a marble statue. His penis was yet quite small, standing in its supporting accompaniment of balls. Maybe it would grow to the epic proportions of John?s member, Josephine mused as she sucked and licked that very cock. She felt a hand on her sopping wet cunt, and plopped the huge penis out of her mouth to see who it was. The buxom maid, now naked too, was running her dainty hand between Josephine?s legs. She could feel the wetness increasing, and the heat growing. She returned her attention to John?s glistening cock, spitting on it, she rammed it back into her mouth, and began pounding away on it, sucking and licking as she moved it in and sometimes completely out of her mouth.She tried to gasp, but the cock in her mouth was too big, as the young maid thrust three fingers into Josephine?s sopping cunt. The squelching sounds echoing around the large lounge. Josephine felt something small and warm against her arse hole, and realised it could only be the maid?s tongue.Releasing the huge cock from her mouth, Josephine looked around the hall. Rebecca was now on all fours, Thomas behind her mounting her fiercely. His cock making sucking sounds as it slapped in and out of her wet pussy. She gasped at every thrust until Gavin moved in front of her and pushed his now moderately hard cock into her mouth. She began to suck as her wet pussy was being pounded at the other end.Ruth and James, likewise, were fucking hard across one of the couches. James had one of Ruth?s ankles held high in the air, while the other rested on the floor. Josephine could see every detail of James? hard cock pushing into Ruth?s tight red pussy. The blonde wisps of pubic hair stuck, black looking to the pubic skin.In front of her, still deep in her mouth, John was nearing his climax. Josephine pushed him back and signalled for him to lie down. She moved forward, feeling the maid?s fingers pulling out from her cunt, a thumb slipping from her arse hole. She gave John?s cock one last lick then mounted it. Her pussy felt stretched by the massive cock. She had never felt anything so big inside her before. She leaned forward over John?s chest, rocking her hips to get the best contact between his throbbing shaft and her aching clit.Thomas pulled his impressive member out of Rebecca?s gaping cunt, and moved in front of Josephine. He grasped her by the chin, and as John?s cock was moving in her pussy, he pushed his between her other lips; she began to suck and move her head up and down the lubricated shaft.Something was behind her. She could not look around since her mouth was as occupied as her cunt, but she felt a small cold member ease its way into her arse hole. It must be Gavin, she thought, savouring the feeling of being completely filled in every hole.James now came to stand beside the writhing group, he rubbed his erect cock against Josephine?s body, bringing it close to her face. She plopped Thomas? cock out and took the full length of James?, sucking hard.A dainty hand reached from behind Thomas, as Rebecca began to wank his cock vigorously, pointing it at Josephine?s face. Thomas could take it no more, and a thick spurt of cum shot out onto Josephine?s face, then another, and a third. Nine shots of cum hit her in the face, sticking her eyelid closed on one eye. As it stopped, James began to spurt into her mouth. She could feel the rich creamy cum running past her lips to drip onto John?s chest below her. She almost choked as Thomas? hips bucked forcing his cock deep into her throat.Now free, Josephine?s cum drooling mouth gasped as she neared her own orgasm. John, below bucked hard and groaned as his semen spurted deep inside Josephine?s cunt, and that too, was too much for Gavin, whose small penis pulled out from Josephine?s arse hole to spurt a copious load over her rounded and reddened bottom.The other two girls had cradled themselves in a top-to-tail, their tongues and noses bringing each other to writhing, spurting orgasm.Josephine sat back, cum dribbling down her face and chin, and oozing from her gaping cunt and arse hole. She smiled.?I think you will fit in quite nicely.? Said Gavin. ?But I like to give YOU the choice.? He smiled, his cruel white fangs glistening in the firelight. ?Would you like to join us forever??Josephine went cold. Perhaps he WAS the Count after all. An undead creature of the night. But he and his brood could fuck like nothing she had felt before. ?Count me in.? she said with a devilish smile.The girls applauded softly, while the men smiled and nodded to one another. Gavin moved in close, ?You?ll feel a little prick.? He said.Josephine laughed, ?What again?? she smiled.Gavin pursed his lips, feigning displeasure. The he sank his fangs inter her lovely, cum splattered neck, and took a deep long draught. Josephine?s skin, already pale, paled more. As her heart stopped beating, Gavin opened his wrist and let her drink. The ritual complete, he sat back and waited.Josephine?s eyes popped open, she sat up quickly. The whole world seemed more real than it had ever seemed before. But there was a hunger. She looked about the room, but could see nothing but cold, undead flesh. Except the maid.At speed that made her almost invisible, she had disappeared from the centre of the room and appeared next to the buxom maid. She sank her new formed fangs into the pulsing artery in the neck and drank.After a few seconds, Gavin pulled her off. His strength was incredible and irresistible. ?Enough,? he said ?we need little Minnie for out parties. She is a delightful fuck, and sucks like a hurricane.??We shall hunt tomorrow evening ? and feed. Unless I come across another candidate for some Vampire tail.?
09-01-2021, at 01:48 PM

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