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Risky Affair Of Aunty

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Risky Affair Of AuntydeleteddeletedMy mother is so hot bombshell with good asset aged 39 years. she has big boob size of 34DD. Ass is so big that any one fall in love with this big round ass. she always wear saree along with blouse and petticoat.All the society member lust on my mom whenever she goes out of house because of her sexy figure. some cheap people like watchman, milkman, driver always fantasize about her. she is housewife from conservative family. she also of funny nature as she always deliver desi funny jokes and make all member laugh. Milk delivery man, one black hunk with about 6 feet height and aged 52 years, having strong muscular body. he is talkative person. he always dreamed about my mom.His friend is also milkman who deliver milk to our neighbor. He is also well built black man with 6.2 feet long and aged about 58 years. Neighbor aunty is also very hot looking woman in her late forty. Her figure size is 34-28-36. Her name is asha.As you read in previous stories how neighbour aunty turned into slutty woman. This story is continuation of her slutty side. Mom and Aunty became whore of milkmen. They all enjoyed whenever they got chance.One saturday, Mom and Aunty were enjoying with milkmen in our drawing room. I was watching T.V. just beside them. They didn?t bother about me as i was just a teen.My father was at office. Mikmen were standing near drawing room window which was open from where society road was fully visible, and aunty was sitting on wall of open window and my mom kneeled just opposite to them.My mom was sucking both milkmen?s cocks one by one by holding both cocks in each hand. Aunty?s ass was visible from window. Ramu was kissing aunty and nathu was sucking her big juicy boobs. They didn?t even bother about society members who can watch them from the main gate. They all were in their own world of joy. Watchman was watching this scenario from outside. He thought that she was my mom.After meanwhile, my mom stand up from her position and she saw the watchman and signaled him to come near them. Nobody hadn?t yet seen him. She ordered him to lick aunty?s ass. Aunty was stunned by this sudden reaction and turned her face to see who he was. She surprised by seeing watchman. He was also stunned by scene as he found neighbour aunty as whore. Then, my mom told them to be calm.Mom: Relax mrs. sharma, he is regular guy for me.Milkmen: how many cocks have you taken other than ours?Mom: (stoking both milkmen?s cock) Three, no?.It was four. watchman and his two nephews and Ramesh?s ex-boss.Aunty: (forcing ramu?s head on her tits) How can you manage all this affairs while your husband is at house?Mom: I like sex with risk(squeezing balls of nathu). (I have been gangbanged by watchman and his nephews while my husband is taking afternoon nap.Watchman: Madam, also talk about how we enjoyed on street at 2 pm in night before 2 days.Mom: That night was awesome.Watchman: I think Hussain saw us fucking.Aunty: Who is hussain?Mom: He works as driver in my husband?s company. He comes everyday to pick up my husband. He didn?t see us fucking. There is no activity from his side in last two days.Aunty: didn?t your husband see you?Mom: He was highly alcoholic at that night.Aunty: ohhh!!! let?s finish the action first, then we will talk all this stuff.Then, all of them came inside where i was sitting. All were in semi-nude condition. Mom?s boobs was exposed and all button of her blouse were open and she is wearing petticoat. Aunty was only wearing bra.Her big melons were hanging out from her bra. Both milkmen were in only their t-shirts. Their trousers and all other clothes were on the floor. They all became fully nude in no time.Then, Nathu lied down on floor near sofa on my mother?s saree. Mom came upon his body and sat on his cock. Aunty sat on his face by spreading her vagina.Ramu and watchman were on each side holding their cocks. Mom and aunty were kissing each other. Ramu and watchman were spanking their cock on their cheeks while mom and aunty were kissing.Then, Mom made both crossed cock together by holding in her hand. Mom and aunty were kissing by taking both cocks between their lips.Nathu was fucking mom and licking aunty?s cunt. Mom and aunty were pounding their ass in great pleasure. This continued for 10 minutes. It was sharp 12 o?clock.Me: Mom, what are you all doing? That all is disturbing me.Mom: Son, go and play outside?Me: what are they doing here at this time???Mom: Milkmen uncles are here for milking me and for delivering extra milk(cum) to me as i like their milk.Me: What is aunty doing here?Aunty: I am here for same purpose..Me: what is watchman uncle doing?Mom: I invited him for some extra help in house. He is helping us in milking me and your aunty.Me: But i want to watch cartoon? i am not going anywhere.Ramu: You can watch your cartoon, beta?We are showing you real picture of your mother.Nathu: my slut, your son should know about your slutiness.Watchman: yeah, your son should know about their all step-dads.Mom: What are you all talking?.Phone rang which was on table near me. I picked the phone. It was my father on other side. He was asking about my mom and i was showing that all three men were spanking on Both ladies? butt. Both ladies kneel on sofa by exposing their butt in air..Dad(on phone): Where is your mother?Me: She is busy with some work.Dad(on phone): What kind of work?Me: milkman is milking mom and aunty and watchman is helping them.Mom: Who is there???? uuuuiiii maa ?. stay calm for while(to nathu and watchman who was spanking her and talking with each other)Me: it is dad. he is asking about you.Mom: please, don?t do any noise?.uuuiiiii?give me phone?don?t do this?Ramu: Nathu, put your finger in her ass and pussy and start finger fucking..Mom: No?No? jut hold for two minutes(she takes phone) helloooo?I? I? phone): What are you doing with milkman and mrs. sharma and what kind of noise it is???Mom: ahhhhh?nothing..milkman is here for delivering milk for making some sweets for mrs. sharma..(Aunty is licking mom?s one breast, nathu is fingering mom, watchman is playing with other boob and mom is sweating heavily)Dad(on phone): We have to go to Ahmadabad as your sister-in-law is admitted in hospital. I am coming home in half an hour. We will leave at 2 o?clock.Nathu: ramu, give your cock in her mouth?Dad(on phone): who is this and what is he talking about?Mom: (with ramu?s cock on her lips) nothing, my loveeee?He is watchman ?he is here for delivering some grocery..Dad: Okk, I am on my way to home. Be ready (Hang up the call)Mom was scolding all of them in high moaning. Mom asked them to over their fun session quickly. Mom asked them to fuck her all holes as she wouldn?t get this cock-cream for next 2-3 days. Watchman sat on the sofa with his fully erect cock.Mom took his cock in riding style. Ramu inserted his cock in her ass and nathu was standing near them on sofa by stroking his cock in front of mom?s mouth. aunty was licking mom?s breast. Mom was moaning with high voice(come on?hardeeerr.. ahhhhhh?. ohhhhh?. uuuuuuiiii? mmamamm).After 15 minutes of vigorous fucking session, Nathu ejaculated in mom?s mouth. Ramu sprayed his cum in her ass. But, watchman was still fucking her. Aunty was licking cum from mom?s ass.Then, they became relax on sofa and mom was still pounding on watchman?s cock wildly. After 5 minutes, when they started clothing, my dad was on the gate talking with someone on phone.So, they all got alert and went in kitchen. Watchman carried mom(still fucking mom and mom was hardly able to control her moans) to bathroom of her bedroom. In the kitchen, Aunty asked milkman to join her for further action in her house.As soon as my father entered in the house, Aunty(fully clothed) came from kitchen and said that my mom was taking bath and she was going to her house. She went away from front gate. In meanwhile, both milkmen escaped from back door of kitchen and went straight to the aunty?s house with aunty.My dad became busy packing his stuffs in his bedroom where he can clearly hear the noise of banging and moaning. So, he asked mom about it. On which, She replied that she is massaging her legs(cunt) with oil(cum) as she had pain of legs(pussy) and also shower was open.After sometime, it became normal and mom opened the bathroom door to check whether my dad was out or in of bedroom. She found him sitting on bed with packed luggage so, she asked him to give her towel which was in back varandah.As soon as, he had gone to take towel, watchman escaped(fully clothed) from bathroom and went out of house. Then, mom came out covering towel on her body and became ready. Then, She cooked lunch for all of us.It was 12:45 on the clock when aunty and milkmen entered her house. Her In-laws were watching TV. and taking care of their grand-daughter. Her MIL had a lack of sight and her FIL was deaf. As soon as they entered the house, her FIL asked her about this two men. To which she replied that he was our milkman and he was here for his payment.Then, she took them to her bedroom and her In-Laws became busy. Both milkmen relaxed on her bed for 10 minutes and aunty was in middle exposing her both boobs and milkmen were playing with it like her small babies. After sometimes, both milkmen slept and aunty came out of the bedroom. She went to cook lunch in the kitchen. She prepared lunch and served her In-Laws on the dining table. It was 1:30 p.m. Ramu was peeping from the bedroom.From the bedroom, he saw side face of aunty and her MIL and back side of her FIL as Her FIL was sitting on a head chair. Ramu was waving his hand to call aunty. Unfortunately, Her MIL saw something but can?t recognize so, she asked aunty about it. Firstly, Aunty was scared but then she realizes about the condition of her FIL. She signaled him to stay in the bedroom but, Ramu ignored her and started walking towards the kitchen for drinking water. In the kitchen, He purposefully broke one glass. So, Aunty was scared more as she had feared that if her In-Laws saw him in the house. But, she handled situation by some silly answer.After sometimes, They finished lunch and aunty was in the kitchen. Ramu was playing with her and she was doing her work. Her one boob was hanging out of her blouse and her petticoat was up to her waist. Ramu was fingering her and licking her boobs. She was moaning lightly. They both were u*********s about surrounding. At that moment, her MIL came near the kitchen door to tell her that they were going for rest in their bedroom.But, she heard the light moaning from outside of the kitchen. She asked in a loud voice that anything happened to her. So, Ramu and aunty were scared and Ramu hid behind the fridge. Aunty was still in that situation. Her MIL came in the kitchen but, she couldn?t able to see her naked boob and pussy due to her blurred vision. while returning out she also saw the ramu near the fridge. But Ramu was standing steady and she didn?t recognize him.As soon as, Her In-Laws closed their bedroom door, Nathu came out from the bedroom and shouted loudly that anybody was in the house. He forgot about aunty?s In-Laws. Immediately, Aunty came out from the kitchen and signaled him to be silent and to come in the kitchen.As soon as, Nathu entered in the kitchen, Aunty?s FIL came out holding one stick in his hand. Suddenly, Aunty came out of the kitchen as she knew that if he came near the kitchen, He could see both milkmen. After some conversation, Aunty said that voice came from outside of the house. When her FIL went into the bedroom, she became relax.She then went into the kitchen where both milkmen were having lunch. She sat near them and fed them by her own hand like her small babies. Milkmen were making love with her body and same time eating the food. Then, milkmen went into the drawing room and were watching T.V and chatting. After sometimes, Aunty wrapped up her all work and went straight to her IN-Laws bedroom. She peeped into the bedroom and then locked the door from outside. She came near the sofa and sat between milkmen.It was 2:15 p.m. Aunty made her boobs free and started playing with it. She was rubbing her both hand on both milkmen?s cocks. In no time, she made both cocks fully erected. She wanted both cocks badly so she asked them to double penetrate.Ramu carried aunty in her hand and started fucking her in standing position. Nathu inserted cock in her ass. Both were fucking her vigorously. Doorbell rang. They all scared of the sudden door bell. They all came near the main gate and milkmen was still fucking aunty in that position. Aunty watched through the device on the door and became relax as me and my mom was there. she opened the door. Mom and I came into aunty?s houseMom: (stunned by scene) Ohoo mrs. sharma, Nobody was at home?hmmm(biting on her lips)Ramu: come and join us, my slutAunty: let? play together!!Mom: No?. no?my husband is locking the house..and I am here to drop renish at your home..can you take care of my son for two days???Aunty: of course..darling, I will do it for youMom: Thank you..(bend to kiss both cocks as they are still in aunty?s pussy and ass).I am gonna to miss this yummy taste and your love juice.Dad(from outside): Dear, come quickly.Mom: yeah(kiss all of them and leave the house)Aunty: go inside, renish and play with Sheela?s toys..Nthu: and we play with her father?s toy.Both of them were fucking the aunty in different positions and banging her each hole. It was 3:15 p.m. They were still enjoying sex. Her In-Law?s bedroom door was knocked as it was locked from outside. so, they headed towards the kitchen and said me to open that door.I opened the door. Aunty?s In-Laws along with her daughter came out of the house and became fresh. Aunty shouted from the kitchen that she was making tea for them. she then took one vessel out and made both milkmen cum inside it. she knew about cum-tea that my mom makes every day so, she want to taste it. she then added some milk and made some tea for herself and her In-Laws.She also made fresh tea for both milkmen. She asked me to take tea for her In-Laws and also gave one more task. All were naked in the kitchen. I took all clothes from drawing room to kitchen gave them. Then, they wear clothes and started talking. Milkmen planned to stay at her house till next day night. Aunty was very happy. Aunty came out and started talking about me to her In-Laws. At that moment, both milkmen went into the bedroom.After sometimes, she went for shopping grocery and vegetables as she was going to make a special dish for her lovers. Milkmen were getting bored into the bedroom, so, they came out of the bedroom and sat on dining chairs which were behind the sofa. Aunty?s In-Laws were on the sofa and I was playing with Sheela. I had seen both milkmen.On TV, a religious channel was running. They also bored by watching T.V. In the meantime, One cell-phone rang. That was head by Aunty?s MIL and turned to see. Milkmen got shocked. but, She couldn?t able to see any phone so, she asked her husband to see the phone. In that time, Nathu disconnected the phone. both milkmen hid in the kitchen.TBC...
09-01-2021, at 01:49 PM

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