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A Gift for the Gifted Student

Post #1

A Gift for the Gifted StudentGifted student sounds a little not PC. But that is what we called ourselves. Accelerated student might be a better way of putting it. But none the less we were very smart k**s and the school district wanted to make sure we did not get bored and go some where else so they came up with these special events and classes and field trips for us. I mean there were only ten of us in the program. I was excited about this trip to the city for a week. We would get to stay at a fancy hotel and go see all the museums and art gallerys. My parents had something come up at the last minute and could not go. Then the hotel screwed up and did not have enough rooms. So I ended up sharing a room with our teacher, Mrs. Rossi. The other three students each had a parent and got their own room. It did not bother me too much as Mrs. Rossi and I got along really well. I had known her and her husband for many years. They were both teachers. They really liked me as a student. The first night Kelly Rossi and I got settled. She was happy because this was a small group and each student had a parent so she did not have to "babysit." We had to share the bed as all they could get us was a king bed. Kelly went into the bathroom to change into her sleep wear. She came out in just a tank top and panties. "I hope you don't mind but this is all I have. I packed thinking I was going to be alone in my room." Kelly said. "No that is fine, my mom and sisters dress like that for bed. I am used to it." I said trying not to stare at Kelly's firm tits with hard nipples or the dark shadow or her bush showing in her panties. My cock grew hard. Kelly Rossi is a great teacher and a friend. She is around forty years old. I had never really thought about her sexually till now as she was always dressed pretty conservatively. But now I could see her tits, 32 "C". Her curly dark brown hair and brown eyes. I now found her very attractive but before I thought of her as average. Her smooth legs, nice hips, pointy tits and no makeup combined with her flirty attitude all made me want to drain my balls in her. "I feel like I am in high school again!" Kelly said with a big smile as she hit me with a pillow. We talked and flirted and finally went to sleep. As we laid there she snuggled with me, her tits pressed against me. When I awoke the next morning Kelly was already in the shower. I thought nothing of it. But when she got out she walked into the room with a towel on her head and was drying off. She made no effort to hide anything. I got an eye full of her naked body. Her bare tits, her neatly trimmed dark bush, her flat stomach. "Oh my, I feel so much like we are family I did not even think, well guess you have seen me naked now. Just do not tell anyone. Not many guys get to see their teacher naked." Kelly smiled as she dried off letting me see her naked. My cock now was so hard it hurt. I just stood up and walked to the bathroom my cock making a tent in my pjs. "Mark! I am sorry about that, I feel bad making you hard like that." Kelly smiled as she looked at my hard-on. I just got in the shower thinking I would rub one out. I am good at rubbing one out as I do it several times a day. Someday I will get a girlfriend and get to fuck for real. As the water ran down my body I started to think about sex and wondered what it would be like to fuck a girl. Just then a hand went around my cock. "Kelly! What the hell!" I said as she held on to my hard dick. "I feel bad about getting you all excited and thought this was the least I could do." Kelly said as she stroked my dick. I liked having her stroking my dick and was in no way going to stop her. Kelly stroked my cock just like I would have. After about thirty seconds I nutted a huge wad. Kelly squeezed my wang just as I would have as my jizz squirted out and landed in the water. "Wow! Now I feel even more like I am in high school. Its like our first time to explore each other." Kelly said with another smile. Kelly had a very pretty smile. She jumped out of the shower and I finished. We dressed and met the rest of the crew and had our day. All I could think about was Kelly naked and Kelly holding my cock as I came. As I watched her through out the day I wondered what it would be like to be inside her and to cum inside her. When we finally got everything done we wanted to do and got back to our room we were tired even though it was only seven. We changed into our sleepwear, which meant Kelly was wearing just a tank top and panties and got into bed to watch a movie. As we laid there snuggled Kelly brushed against my hard cock. "What the hell Mark? you are a real horn dog! Does this thing stay hard all the time?" Kelly laughed. "Dang, it is just like high school." Kelly said as she massaged my cock and balls. I just laid there waiting to follow her lead. Kelly finally put her hand down my shorts and started to fondle me. So I slipped my hand down her panties. Her bush was trim and short. Her lips were spread open and she was very wet. I could smell her and I even brought my wet fingers up to my nose to en hail her aroma. My other hand started to play with her hard nipples and we started kissing. As we did Kelly pulled down my shorts and her panties. She slowly mounted me right there. Sliding down on my cock. Her pussy was tight, warm, and wet. I could not believe how good it felt to be inside her. She slowly moved up and down on my cock. She started to rub her clit. I held back as long as I could and when she slid down I thrust up deep into her and let my cum flow into her. I will never forget that feeling as my cum flowed into her, rope after rope spraying deep inside her. Kelly started to cum with me her pussy clamping tight around my throbbing cock. We stayed like that for many minutes afterward.After five minutes I fucked her again blowing another load deep inside her. I wanted to dump as much cum inside Kelly as I could before she decided we should not do that any more. We fell asleep naked and I woke later and slipped my dick in her gooey pussy and nutted again. The next morning we fucked twice before going out meeting the group. When we got back to our room we fucked and fucked again. "Wow! This is really like what my first time was like, I feel I am living my high school all over again. Fuck me again." Kelly smiled and spread her legs. I guess I was lucky that I had stroked my wang so much for years before or else I would have been really sore from all the fucking. We fucked so much, Mrs. Rossi never said no. I was pretty bummed out when the week was over and we were on our way home. Kelly had done a really good job acting like nothing was going on between us. We ignored each other on the trip home. Once back at the school we all said our goodbyes and the others left. Kelly and I were alone in her classroom. She dropped her pants and pointed her ass towards. I could see her cute little wet pussy peaking out from under her ass. "How about a quickie before we go home?" I walked up and slipped my dick deep inside her and thrust in and out of her hard. We both came together, my cock pumping its load deep into her womb. "Oh my, I am going to miss that cock." Kelly said. "I am going to miss your tight little pussy." I replied as we cleaned up and dressed.We tried to not fuck anymore but could not stay away from each other. We were able to kept it a secret but I could not get enough pussy from Kelly and had to get some on the side. She understood. I fucked many girls and then got one of the other teachers. Mrs. Johnson, an older lady. In her fifties. She did not a have neat bush like then others I had been with. But she did like to fuck and would take my load almost any time I offered it to her. She also liked to swallow my load. Which none of the other girls would do. Mrs. Johnson also would talk about all the guys she had fucked in the past. I liked that. She was a real slut when she was younger. Well I would later discover she was still a real slut. But that is another story. I wish I could fuck Mrs. Rossi a few more times for old time sake but I guess that will not happen. Her pussy and my dick were made for each other.
09-01-2021, at 01:49 PM

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