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My Fuckbuddy WorK Colleague

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My Fuckbuddy WorK ColleagueI had worked in my current job for about 4 years and from the first day I fantasised about the receptionist. She was attractive to look at and was only 4 feet 11 inches tall (I?m 6 feet 1 inch). She also had a knock out figure. Actually my crush on her started before I began working there. I was smitten with her when I attended an interview for the job and she was so sweet and helpful, putting me at ease. If I wanted the job before I now had another reason to work there. However, I was in a long term relationship and I knew that she had a steady boyfriend. I knew of her boyfriend because I overheard a conversation she was having with a girl colleague in which she disclosed that her boyfriend had an 8 inch cock and that she was enjoying regular sex. She was also some 20 years younger than me. Fate intervened when a night out for all staff was arranged and I learned that she had finished with her boyfriend. When she tuned up she looked really cute and my desire for her knew no bounds. We had a few drinks and then all went to a restaurant for a meal. I managed to get sat next to her and she seemed quite pleased about it. We struck up conversation throughout the meal. When we had finished eating and just sat around chatting I put my arm around her and could feel the delicious swell of one of her breast. She didn?t seem to mind and she cuddled a little nearer me. I then moved my hand under the table onto her leg and gradually worked my way up her thighs to her cunt. I began to rub her and push my hand against her cunt and she responded by opening her legs a little wider and pushing back against my hand. Nobody seemed to notice although I don?t know how with our jerky movements and if anybody had looked at my face it would surely have been a give away. She was wearing tights and these were inhibiting us so I whispered to her that maybe she should go to the lady's room and remove them. She quickly got up and returned a few minutes later with a cheeky and mischievous smile flitting across her lovely face. When she sat back down I quickly set about exploring her lovely femininity and found that she was quite wet. I so wanted to fuck her there and then but clearly that wasn?t possible with all our colleagues around the table. I asked her if I could take her home afterwards and she told me that a couple of our colleagues had brought her and arranged to take her back home afterwards. However, she gave me her address and told me to come round after they had dropped her off. We left shortly afterwards and I was so keen to fuck her that I got to her house before they did. I had to lie down in the car so that they wouldn?t see me. Immediately they had seen her to her door and driven off, I was out of my car and knocking on her door. She opened the door straight away and I rushed in excitingly.She said that she always had a drink of tea before bed especially after she?d been out drinking and so we went into the kitchen. We chatted and I watched her with increasing desire while she made the drink. My pants were already wet with pre cum just watching her. She had to lean across the table for something and I stepped up behind her reaching round to caress her tits. I nibbled her neck and worked my hands inside her top and undid her bra. It was the most wonderful experience to feel the weight of her bare tits in my hand after fantasising for so long about feeling them and fucking her. She had the most beautiful tits and gorgeous nipples with a biggish areola that I tweaked and kissed unable to get enough of them. The tea was suddenly forgotten as we rushed upstairs.On entering the bedroom we tore off what remained of each others clothes. When she removed my pants my cock shot up into the air hungry for the wonders of her damp cunt. We were fucking in no time and I found her cunt surprisingly quite tight, whether due to her being small or because she hadn?t had c***dren. Most women's cunts are less tight in my experience after c***dbirth. I was so enjoying the tightness and the desire that I shot my load in no time, far quicker than I or she wanted to. I wanted to fuck all night with her. She was a little upset that I had cum so quickly but I told her we would fuck again shortly and that I would take my time and pleasure her.I gently rubbed her clit and went down to use my tongue and to enjoy the taste of her juices. She had pubic hair but kept it neatly trimmed just to my liking. Before too long I was hard again and my nob was throbbing to get between her legs. This time we were not so desperate and took our time to enjoy the thrill of great sex. When I came it was like a torrent and swept around her cunt to gently dribble out a little later. There is nothing better and more satisfying than good sex. We were both completely knackered by now and I bid her goodnight so that we could both get some rest.The following morning at work we were both a little coy, perhaps not believing what we had enjoyed the previous night. Later in the day she found an excuse to come to my office and sat on the edge of my desk immediately by the side of me. She was wearing a tight top exaggerating her superb tits and a mini skirt highlighting her shapely legs. It was irresistible and I ran my fingers up the inside of her thigh as she slowly parted her legs in response. I knew that we both wanted to fuck again there and then but it was just too risky in work. I told her that I would follow her home after work and she readily agreed. The end of the working day couldn?t come soon enough. By the time we got to her place we were both almost bursting with desire to fuck and fuck and fuck again. Her cunt was the same tight responsive cunt that I recalled with joy from the previous night. Afterwards we lay watching a bit of pornography and she was showing an interest in a double penetration video so I asked her if she would be up for it. She didn?t answer, just put her finger to her lips, but it was clear to me that she was interested but was just a little coy to saying so. She then admitted that she had not tried anal sex. This was perhaps why she didn?t jump at the chance of double penetration first time. However it was clear that she was very interested. We agreed that next time we would try anal sex and that if it went well we would consider a threesome so that she could experience double penetration for the first time. Alternatively we could start using a dildo and my prick before inviting somebody else to join us. We left each other both very much looking forward to more experimental fucking.
04-06-2021, at 07:02 PM

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