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Swinging in Jamaica

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Swinging in JamaicaMy wife and I were enjoying a nice resort at a nude beach in Jamaica.The second day we were lounging on the beach, when a well-built light skinned black man came up to my wife while she was sitting reading a book.He was standing next to her and his soft cock was right in her face. I thought she would look away from that dark nine inches dick; but she actually stared at it as she spoke to him. He introduced himself as Ben and he said he was there with his wife and another couple. He pointed to them and I noticed they were white people. They came over and we talked for a while and made some drinks?Then they invited Ana and I to join them at their room. There we started dancing. The whole thing was very exciting and both couples were very hot.I had quite a buzz when I noticed I was dancing with the two wives Jeanne and Sondra. As we danced, both women started playing with my cock?All of a sudden I looked at my sweet Ana, thinking she was dancing with Ben and his friend Tom. But she was on all fours on the floor, sucking Ben`s black dick, as Tom was rubbing his big cock on her ass.The wives then told me that both couples loved swinging with other people.Before I knew, they had me kneeling before Tom. Sondra held my mouth open, as Jeanne put his husband Tom`s thick cock deep into my throat?I had never sucked a cock before. As I sucked Tom, I could see that Anita was sucking Ben?s hard huge black cock. She smiled to me.Then Ben took his cock out of Ana's mouth and motioned for me to come over. As I did, my wife went to Tom. Ben`s black dick was even fatter and longer than his friends. He pushed it deep in my mouth Then I felt Sondra playing with my balls and inserting her long fingers in my asshole. Jeanne was under Ana`s body, licking her pussy lips and ass.Sondra was rimming my asshole, as I worked on Ben?s black bald cock? Now I felt Sondra`s lubed fingers entering my anus; as I looked that Jeanne was doing the same to my wife.Then Ben pushed his black cock deeper in my mouth and at the same time Sondra's small fist pushed into my ass. I heard that Jeanne was asking Ana if she was ready. My wife smiled nervously and confirmed she was ready.I heard Anita let out a light scream and realized that Jeanne's fist had penetrated her tight ass as well. Ben looked at me with his cock in my mouth and said that my time would come later. Then he pulled his black cock out from my mouth and slapped my lips with it?He laid on the bed, telling me to bring Ana to him. My sweet wife straddled him, facing both wives, who started to lick and suck Ana`s hard nipples?Ben ordered me to lick her pussy and make sure she was nice and wet. In less than a minute, her juices were pouring from her pussy all over Ben's cock. Then he told me to grab his cock and put it in my wife's cunt for him.That black cock easily slid into Ana`s cunt; so wet and stretched by Jeanne`s fisting.The black man told me to lick her clit while he fucked my wife. The wives were still playing with Ana`s nipples, as they were fingering her ass opening it up. Tom pulled me to him, telling me to suck his dick and get it ready for Ana's ass. He roughly pushed it in my mouth until my nose touched his pubic bone and held it there causing me to gag on it.Then he ordered me to guide his cock inside my wife`s asshole. I looked at Anita and she nodded yes, as the ladies filled her rear door with lube oil.Tom`s cock slid in my wife's ass, as he told me to tongue his ass while he was sodomizing my sexy wife?He grabbed my head, telling me to stick my tongue in deeper and I did it.Those two bastards kept fucking Ana this way for quite a while, until Ben said he wanted to fuck my wife from behind on her knees. Both slipped off from Ana`s holes and I helped her to get up from the bed. Once on her hands and knees, I could notice her ass and cunt are were and gapping.Tom immediately moved in front of my wife and she grabbed his cock, starting to suck it. Meanwhile Ben made me suck his black dick one more time, before pushing it deep inside Ana`s asshole.Sondra moved behind my wife`s body; so she could alternate sucking her hanging boobs and her pussy. Anita started moaning loud, as she felt that huge black dick buried so deep into her tight anus.Jeanne kissed me and played with my balls, as she led me to Tom`s dick, which was sliding in and out of my wife?s mouth. That bitch Jeanne pushed my head down and ordered me to join Ana. She smiled to me and took that big wet dick from her mouth and put it in mine. Jeanne lay on the bed in front of me and sucked my cock at the same time. Ben took his huge dick from Anita?s ass and had me reach over and suck it.My wife watched me sucking that black cock and soon she begged Ben to put it in her wet pussy. But he decided other kind of humiliation for my wife and me. He ordered us to put our faces next to each other and open our mouths. Then he started to stroke his black dick. His first cum shot went right into Ana?s open red lips. Then he aimed at me and his next shot went directly to my face?This caused a great arousal in me and I came in Jeanne´s mouth. That bitch took it all without losing a single drop. Anita and I opened our mouths and took the rest of Tom huge load.Ben started fucking Anita?s pussy as fast as he could go and Sondra was licking her clit. Both women began to moan and soon Ben was filling my wife`s cunt with his warm cum. When he finished he told me to take Sondra?s place under my wife and suck his cum from her cunt?I slid under Ana`s cunt and I felt Ben?s cum began to drip into my mouth. Both men were done with us and then offered me to fuck his wife`s ass, if I had still my stamina. I declined, because I was really exhausted.Then he said Tom would love to fuck me in the ass?I did not say anything, just assumed the position before Tom?
09-01-2021, at 01:49 PM

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