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The Scheme 1

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The Scheme 1Role PlayMature and YoungStretchingGroup SexAge Play The Scheme GrowsMarla and Kim were in the community room seated at their card table. They both noticed the new lady sitting alone knitting. As they discussed their recent encounters, Kim looked up an caught the old ladies smile. She appeared to in her late 50's, conservatively dressed, clean with silver hair in a bun. A classic Granny. After their discussion Marla noticed her also. An hour later, Marla invited her to sit with them since she was alone.?Gilda? sat, chatted very friendly with them, but they both noticed she frequently sniffed as if clearing her nose. Marla assumed that at some point, perhaps she had a d**g problem? The more time they spent with Gilda, Marla knew something was different about her. She was worldly intelligent, street smart and very open. Kim and Marla were rocked in their seats when she said, ?So you're both fucking the same man??As they sat in shock, Gilda told them she wasn't being critical that everyone needed to survive. She continued with, she certainly wouldn't condemn them because she had did worse. While they were digesting what they were hearing, Gilda stood up saying that maybe they could talk more tomorrow and walked away.When they left the center, they found Gilda sitting outside and invited her with them. At the Park they sat as Kim started her routine. After 45 minutes, Gilda said ?you're fishing?. After a few men made their play, Gilda said ?Good act but your pond is just small enough to dry up?. After 2 hours, Gilda rose and told them, ?Reel them in and take care of business. I'll see you back at the center later?. Kim asked where she was going? Gilda laughed saying, ?I have a young man that needs some Granny love?.Marla barely made it back to the center before lock out. Gilda sat at their table sketching on a pad. Kim recognized herself in the portrait as Gilda said, ?starting a family etching, I hope?. Gilda sniffed and told them that they had been busy. Smells like both of you shared 2 and Marla had 3 additional. Up by 5, I'd say. Marla's mouth fell open with her asking how she knew?Gilda told them that she had fucked men 18 to 88 for more than 45 years, had caught enough cum to be measured in gallons, sucked more cock and ate more pussy than she could remember. Kim said, ?you should be rich?. Gilda burst laughing saying, ?who says I'm not?? Marla scratched her head to say, ?why are you here?? Gilda whispered, ?fishing for you?.Gilda explained that she had worked 10 years turning tricks in a legal whore house out West. The girls got younger and she became a ?fluff-er? doing whatever was needed to get a cock hard, or a cunt wet. She said she got old enough to realize she needed to get off the line and run the line. She said that she moved East and specialized in the unusual. ?Why us?, Marla asked? She told them that high class call girls came a dime a dozen, often got them and their clients in trouble. She searched homeless centers for average people who experienced some hard knocks, had ?common sense? and would appreciate a hand up, safely. Marla and Kim were mesmerized as she continued to say that her nose always steered her right. Gilda stood told them that she done there. She would be leaving in the morning, they were welcome to come with her.It was a warm, windy morning as Gilda waited in a cab. They ate breakfast at an IHOP while Gilda answered a million questions. Leaving out, a Coach RV pulled up. Gilda said, ?my office? as the door opened. Inside the met Nathan the driver and Sheldon aka ?Shade's?. Both Black, handsome, young men. Shade's had lighter skin and wore designer shades. Kim and Marla toured the RV before they left. Gilda explained that Shades was #1 under her and also her personal assistant.After an hour as they traveled, Gilda got down to business. With Shades at her side taking notes, she had Marla stand and strip. She was thoroughly measured and inspected head to toe. Gilda chanted single words for notes. Marla was seated and Kim went through the same checks. Going back to Marla, she had her fold her thighs to her chest and hold them. Gilda lapped and sucked her cunt, stopped long enough to chant key words, then told Marla that she needed her to cum. Five minutes later, Marla was moaning and cumming on Gilda's tongue. With a wet face, she smacked her lips and rolled her tongue as if she was wine tasting, then chanted. Kim was taken the same way.Gilda and Shades went through his notes. Shades finally said, ?Marla, we are adding Fruit Juices to your daily diet. We are going to make your cum just a little sweeter. You will also get a custom trim. I suggest vacuum pumping your nipples and your vagina. Accenting them is always positive?. He looked at Kim and smiled. ?Kim, you will now be referred to as Kimmie, period. Your ?product?, your body as a little girl, is perfect. Fruit Juices for you also?. Gilda told them that they would enhance, them yet keep them at a natural state. Acting and appearing amateurs, but being professionals for their clients. Gilda left the area. A few minutes later, Shades took them still nude, to Gilda's Master Bedroom.They sat and watched as Shades leaned over her and very lovingly kissed Gilda. They were tearing up as he told her how much he had missed her. They listened as he told her that he couldn't take being 5 days without her again, she had to keep it at 3 days max. It was like watching a Hollywood movie as he slowly unbuttoned her blouse, dipped his head and munched on her filled bra. He lifted the cups off her breast, hand cupped them and gnawed them like a hungry c***d. His head lifted and he squeezed them. First they saw a droplet of fluid appear on her nipple. Then a solid spray of milk shot upward with each squeeze of his hands. He looked back to Marla and Kim, motioned them over, then shot the spray into their faces and mouths. They knew it was real milk. Shades suckled Gilda then stood and unclothed.He stood nude in seconds. His wide chest, rippled abs and muscular build was impressive. Looking at his crotch, they saw he was shaved. From him hung a massive cock, thick, vein filled and 13 inches while soft. He turned to face them as it stood slowly stretching longer. Kim opened her mouth to ask, but before she could Gilda answered ?16 inches?. Below it hung almost unnaturally large, nut sacks. They could actually see his sack wiggle and twist.Shades turned his back toward them. On his shoulder a tattoo read ?Gilda?. His backbone was embedded deep in muscle. His ass cheeks appeared rock hard. The muscles extended down through his wide thighs. He walked away, crawled on the bed, roughly flipped Gilda's long skirt clear of her legs. He paused as if waiting, staring at Gilda. ?I'm sorry that you had to wait. I know you really need me. Don't spare me?, she spoke.They saw Shade's hand fall then the sound of ripping fabric as he body lifted off the bed. Her panties flew into the air as his hand gripped her hips and his hips rocked forward. A fleshy slap echoed as their bodies met. ?Yes my Love, own me? Gilda spoke loudly. Shades softly laid on her and began a half stroke pumping in her. They watched as Gilda rolled her face their direction showing a wide smile. Her deep blue eyes seemed to flash with each stroke he made. Still looking their way she said, ?slam it, knock the bottom out.?. Shades pulled his cock clear of her then slammed it back in. Her cleared and slam stroked several minutes. Still looking at them she said, ?roll me up, Baby. I want you in my womb when you cum?. Shades who had been silent said, ?are you sure? It's been a while and I don't want to hurt you?? He rolled her until she was nearly on her shoulders then pressed slowly deeper inside her. They both moaned ?owwwww?. They both slid back flat on the bed. They laid still as Gilda caressed his body and said, ? I got you. Fill me, give it to me?. She turned her face back to the girls saying, ?don't make me beg you. Just let it go?. They could hear shades starting to hiss. Gilda slid his dark shades off his face, then threw them toward the girls. Shades emitted a long, slow groan until Gilda covered his mouth with hers. Her kiss suckled him, pulled it out of him. She glanced at the girls saying, ?he's filling me?. She closed her eyes as he unloaded.They lay in afterglow, resting and kissing. As they recovered, Gilda turned Shades face toward them. She stroked his face lovingly saying, ?we are going to make them family. Show them, Baby?. Marla and Kim didn't have any idea what to expect. A minute passed, nothing happened. Gilda spoke again, ?I'm looking at them. Show them that you love me, Baby?. They watched as his eye lids slowly opened. Their eyes opened wide as they saw his. His eyes matched hers exactly! They were still holding their breath when Gilda said, ?yes..... He is....mine?. She reached for them with one hand and squeezed theirs.Shades slowly rose off Gilda with his cock still in her. He grabbed her hips dragging her back connected, until he sat on his knee and heels. He directed their view to his crotch and said, ?watch?. He inched back withdrawing his cock. When it was nearing the tip, Gilda's cunt bulged. He spoke to Gilda asking, ?ready?? She whispered, ?yes?.They watched as Gilda's cunt spread. It opened wider and wider until a red mass bulged forward with his cock embedded. He inched back until several inches, red and wet, were outside her cunt. Suddenly there was a wet sounding ?pop? as Shades baseball sized cock head dropped down. The red mass trembled then oozed his spent cum out. Kim's little hand moved toward it and Marla caught her wrist stopping her. She explained that it was Gilda's womb and neither of them were deserving to touch it yet. They all watched it for a full 5 minutes as Gilda drew it back inside.Thirty minutes later they were all dressed. Kim laid on one side, Marla on the other holding Gilda, still in bed. Gilda told them that ?yes?, she had Sheldon. ?Yes?, she had taken his virginity. ?Yes?, she is still lactating many years after losing a c***d prematurely. Also ?yes? that the c***d was Sheldon's. She told them to remember she said, she had done it all.Kim and Marla were both kissing Gilda when Shades walked in. He stood a few seconds then said, ?Excuse me, If I can break up this Love Fest. Is anyone besides me hungry?? No one answered. He said, ?well, fuck me for asking? and laughed. They looked at him and spread their legs wide. Shades hurried out.Gilda told them that the best she knows, Shades hadn't ever fucked any one but her. She had encouraged him to, but he chose not. She added that she never refused him, and his daily needs are great, but he comes to her.An hour later, the RV was stopped at an over night parking. The side outs were opened and Gilda cooked spaghetti, while Nathan fucked Marla and Kim. Around the table later, Gilda looked around and said, ?OK, who's hand is under my skirt??
09-01-2021, at 01:49 PM

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