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Tom, Kimmy, and Shemeeka.

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Tom, Kimmy, and Shemeeka.It was a Saturday morning, and I had a 9 AM appointment for a full body waxing. Getting dressed in some loose, comfortable clothing, I head downstairs, give Tom a big wet kiss, and let him know that I?m off and plan on going shopping after my appointment. I promise him smooth and willing pussy to play with when I get home. As I?m sitting in the lobby, Shemeeka, my stylist, comes out and calls my name. I was glad to see her since she has been taking care of me for a long time and I am very comfortable around her.Hi Kimmy, it?s good to see you!Hi Shemeeka, I?m glad to see you!We go back to room 3 where she closes and locks, the door, ?so you?re here for a full body waxing, I see.? ?Yes, I am.? ?Okay, get undressed and crawl up on the table?Stretching out on the table she walks over and starts to examine me. Running her hands over the hair in my pits, legs, and pussy to gage the length. Her touch was very sensual, and I had never felt that with her before. She did my pits first making some small talk about the weather and such. Then she went to my legs, spreading them open a little to do the tops and sides, having me roll over to do the backs. She had me roll back over and gently caressed the inside of my leg, starting at my ankle and moving up to my thigh. I wonder to myself is she hitting on me? She is a very attractive woman with dark brown hair and skin, and I start to wonder if she is Bi or Lesbian. ?Open your legs up a bit hon.? So, I spread them nice and wide, ?do great job, my man says he wants to take it for a spin when I get home after shopping.? Giggling, she replied, ?will do, I?ll shine that bad girl up for him.? She sets about her work and after about 15 minutes she is finished on the front side, so she has me roll on my side and spread my ass so she can do it. In just a few more minutes she is done with that. Walking over to the table she gets a bottle of oil, and telling me to keep my cheeks spread, she applies the warm oil to the waxed area, and to my surprise directly to my asshole. Now I?m turned on! Having me roll over again, she has me stretch my arms back and she does my pits. While doing my pits she tells me that she is getting off a noon and plans to have lunch and a beer over at Kelly?s Bar and Grill. She finished with my pits and went back to my pussy. ?Open up a bit hon.? Relaxing, I spread my legs nice and wide. She smiled as she slowly oiled my thighs on each side of my labia. She then moved into the labia and with some gentle pressure, she oiled my labia and clit. Now, I know I?ve been hit on. After I got dressed, I walked over to her and ask what time she would be at Kelly?s. She said around 12:30 and I asked her if she would like to split a sandwich with me. Yes, was the answer. Paying my bill and leaving her a nice tip, I go to my car and texted Tom what had happened and that I was going to meet her for lunch.Feeling the text notification go off, I see that Kimmy has sent me a text, reading it made me laugh so I answered it back. ?Now, that?s just not fair! I?m mowing the lawn in this hot sun and you?re getting felt up by a beautiful woman and then you?re going to have lunch with her!
09-01-2021, at 01:49 PM

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