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Pantyhose for friends

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Pantyhose for friendsI arrive at your house and you invite me in. You introduce me to your wife Jill. She greets me with a kiss on the cheek. Just this gentle kiss is enough to stir my cock. We go through to the lounge where Jill sits down on the sofa and pats the space next to her and invites me to sit. I do so and you pour some drinks. We sit and chat while we drink and you comment that you can see that I have dressed as we agreed. I look and see that you are looking at my ankles where my trousers have ridden up as I crossed my legs. I haven't put on any socks and it is obvious from the silky sheen that I am wearing something sheer. I have, as we agreed, put on a pair of my favourite sheer to the waist tan pantyhose. You had told me that you and Jill had never played with another man dressed in sexy undies. I ask if you would like to see, and when you say yes, I stand up and remove my shoes, trousers and tshirt. I am now standing there in my sheer pantyhose with a pair of my wife's sheer panties over the top. My cock is stiffening and beginning to bulge out the panties. " May I" you ask, and reaching out you run you hand over my bulge. Jill suggests that you strip too so without hesitation you undress and are soon standing next to me with your cock stiff and just waiting for someone to stroke it. I reach out and taking it in my hand I move close and begin to rub your cock over the front of my panties. Jill sits back on the sofa and watches as we play and pulling her skirt up to reveal her hairy pussy she begins to finger herself as she watches. We continue to stroke each other's cocks for a while as Jill fingers herself and then when her pussy is wet and ready for some cock she stands up and strips off her skirt and blouse revealing her lovely tits, pussy and bum for us both to enjoy. She comes towards us and takes hold of both our cocks and begins to wank us both. I am keen to see your cock fucking her pussy so I suggest that she lays down so that I can guide your hard cock into her waiting hot, wet pussy. You get between her legs and taking hold of your hard cock I guide it into her. It slides in easily as she is so wet and waiting to be fucked. As your cock slides in and out of her I reach between your legs and fondle your balls and feel your shaft, slippery with her juices each time you pull it out of her and drive it back in.Jill pulls me up close to her and taking hold of my cock she begins to wank me as you fuck her, then pulling my cock out of my panties and pantyhose she pulls me close and begins to suck me. Your face is close too and releasing my cock from her mouth she offers it to you to suck and then you are both taking turns to suck me, closing your mouths together round my cock. I am going to cum soon but am holding back as long as possible. I pull away and begin to fondle your cock and balls again as you fuck your wife and then I feel them tighten as you begin to cum, filling her wet pussy with a stream of hot cum. She cries out as she reaches orgasm as your cum fills her. As you pull out of her and roll over beside her, I lower my head and begin to suck and lick your cock clean of your cum and her pussy juice. Jill is kneeling behind me and reaching round has hold of my cock again and is wanking me. I can't hold on this time and as my cum begins to spurt she manages to guide it to spill all over your cock. Once again I need to clean cum off your cock..........
09-01-2021, at 01:49 PM

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