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338 coastal cuckolding

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338 coastal cuckoldingPart 5Well, she had had anal, and he knew that until he got some sort of lube, he was never going to taste those delights himself, thus it was that they went shopping on a Saturday, something he hated, or at least avoided normally. They were on the return journey when he dragged her into Scrooges shop, walked boldly up to the owner, there being no others in and announced, ?Ah Richard, as we are apparently sharing my lady, perhaps we can agree a few things.? By now Scrooge was both red and a little flustered, knowing that in an attempt to keep his identity secret she always called him Richard, he was unsure how to react. Seeking her eye contact as he muttered ?oh, yes, well!? just then a couple of browser came in,Tim bulldozed on saying, ?perhaps tonight you would honour us at our table for tea, after you close, I would like to talk to you.? that agreed they were about to retreat when a glass-case caught his eye, so acting like another customer he asked if the rings were genuine, he was assured they were, unredeemed items of over a year or more from his side line as a pawnbroker.? The glass case was duly opened, and Tim had Flo, choose an engagement ring, the proprietor dealing with the customers, and her delight as she tried ring after ring evident in her smiles. She chose a red gold ring with a small diamond in the end, the other customers departing as she checked the price, gasping at the price tag.The Welshman smelling a sale, or at least a bargain, appeared as if by magic at the case, took her hand and appraised the ring saying how it suited her but not as much as this one, so saying he pulled out the best ring in the box, slid it onto her finger and whispered, ,?The price to you and only you, is that your wife shares my bed every week on a Friday night, just for vanilla sex, and the last week of every month I get to punish her, just until Easter in the way we have been, The monthlys will be for the rent but, you must attend those monthly meetings as she wants you there I can tell if only just to watch unless I say differently.?Then he added, ?and I will come to tea thank you.? glances were exchanged, nods from her and the deal was soon done. The happy couple toddled off home, the ring on the ladies hand.After the shop closed and he had smartened himself a little, the little shopkeeper arrived at their door, in his hand a bottle of wine. and clasping a small sports bag though he didn?t enlighten them as to its content`s.Tim said that, ?he had begun to suspect quite early that you were Richard, her bull and it was confirmed when the rent book appeared, so what would he be rather addressed as? Scrooge suggested ?Edwin? and that was agreed. The meal was congenial, and by mutual consent, not a word said out of place, after they sat on the sofa in front of the telly, he to her right, Tim to the left, and wine in hand. They began to talk about the triangle they found themselves in. Tim explaining, ?he was no faggot, or wimp but he couldn?t bring himself to hurt his wife to be, even if it was her joy, though he was happy to allow her to be used if that?s her wish, it just seemed to be a simple way out for him.Edwin smiled, said that ?he was honoured to enjoy the lady, and to help out, since he was young, he had had a thing about domination, and he had enjoyed every moment with this attractive lady!? he went on ?had she shown him the collar?? Tim said he had, so Edwin said he would lend them the cuffs to go with it, as she loved being secured. Tim thanking him but saying ?i normally liked her hands on my body as we have vanilla sex, but since you had had her anally, I am perhaps happy to use them for that!? the men laughed, then Edwin said ?go fetch that collar girl, and I will show your man how to secure you. oh, and fetch my bag!? she scampered off returning collar in hand, and kneeling at his knee.He fitted the collar, comfortably around her neck, then from the bag, he took the cuffs her presenting her wrists one at a time and waiting patiently for his next order. It was a simple one ?STRIP!? She glanced at Tim, shrugged, then slowly removed the tea shirt, her bra was an older one, red and supportive, the breasts still showing the whip marks. The bra came off, her bruised nipples now in sight now as she jiggled the sweats and knickers from her hips. She stooped, stepping from the clothing in a delicate half step. and dropping them onto the floor returning to her knees at his side for him to clip the cuffs to the collar. He explained that ?with a couple of extensions,? which he showed Tim from the bag, ?he could put her hands behind at her back to leave the breasts clear to work on!?He ignored her lifting her left breast and saying, ?at the end of the month as I said I am going to nail these tender breasts to a board, am I not?? She shuddered but said ?if that was his gift for christmas, then so should it be!? to which he laughed, and Tim winced.Then said she was to get into position over the table in a while, and first he, and then Tim would be having her anally. She struggled to her feet and then went into the kitchen standing at the end of the table and simply waiting their pleasure. It was a while, the men discussing the limits, and safe words, and that at any point below the landing of his flat, it would be Mr Thomas, or Edwin and Mr or Mrs Evans or Tim and Flo!The came into the kitchen Tim fetching the lube as she bent forward, his slippery finger probing and lubricating her sphincter as he tried manfully to open her and cause her the least pain as she was penetrated.Roughly Edwin pushed away his hand and without a hesitation lined the head of his prick to her trembling brown star, then it was in, hole in one, bang right up to the balls. She screamed, there`s no other words to describe it, the cry of an a****l in sudden pain, he grinned and kept his hips right forward waiting the pain to subside.She took a breath, and he began his jig her cry`s easing to grunts then to oh, oh, Oh?s of increasing magnitude, showing she was now enjoying the game. She began to cry out ?god I`m coming, OH, OH, WONDERFUL, GO ON FUCK MEEEE! Then as he filled her, she collapsed forward in a slump. Quick as a flash he was out and pushing the younger man by now sporting a big stiffee, into his place, his seed dribbling from her a little adding its slipperiness to his entrance.She began to revive, his wider tool stretching her even more and the pain fetching her from her slumbers, he waited till she raised her head then began his dance, gently at first like some giant locomotive piston picking up speed with every stroke. She began again cries of oh, then oooh, reverberating around the kitchen as her head nodded and the sound built up once again, till together they tumbled over the waterfall together. It took a while, she believing her bowel would burst from the seed of both men, he, sad that he had hurt her, but ecstatic at the orgasm he had afforded them both.After a while she, still naked, ran down to the bathroom knowing she needed to empty herself. this time she found the stairs to be no problem though she was a little sore.On her return she found the two men both in high spirits, both sat drinks in hand waiting her return. She knew then they would walk this path again, but tonight was now over, though she dint bother to dress. It was Edwin who confirmed her worst or perhaps best fears, they had fallen to planning Christmas, the two toms were off to their families, the remaining three other than a dutiful visit to mum for Tim, and the two brothers for her on christmas eve, had nothing on, so they planned to spend the day together, then Edwin suggested that ?perhaps we should do something special as its christmas??She looked at him and asked, ?what did he had in mind?? He grinning and said, ?he would think of something, but did she really trust him?? she said, that ?she did but wanted to know beforehand as for her, the nervous anticipation was part of the whole thing.? Tim said, ?for him it would be shear terror and he still couldn?t see her joy in pain, and to walk down to Edwin`s as she did, knowing what was to happen, was beyond his mental capacity!? she smiled said she, ?didn?t understand it herself, but that it turned her on like crazy and the pain sent her over the top, the air restriction thing added an extra twist too, and once in the zone?wow it became megga.? Edwin said had they not watched it on the computer, but they said they had not got the cash for that sort of item, so the subject was dropped, Edwin then said ?he must go, but before he did, was she truly serious about the nails thing? Would they really let him nail her to a board or was that just too ott?She was about to agree but she caught Tim`s look and said that they would answer that perhaps tomorrow after they had talked about it. He went off home and they washed up before going to their beds.
09-01-2021, at 01:50 PM

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