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Fun With a Black Couple

Post #1

Fun With a Black CoupleA Few years back I had an internet site ad seeking sex it said... White male in panties wanting to service hot married and or straight black studs on a local website. had a few replies mostly just flakes , The usual types who include pics and say like.....Don't have a ride come get me and spammers for cash and replies from small cock white guys looking to have their lil cocks sucked claiming their wife's don't please them good and send lil small cock pics claiming they are packing big cocks till they send a pic of themselves which make me laugh......So one night I had an e mail from someone named Ozella who simply said......Want to see you with my ole man playing his white bitch in your panties we for real ...........So hhhmmmm this was interesting to me so I responded back ....And the e mail follows.....Sounds hot are you all a couple ? Yes black couple married live in the city we discreet u b too....Cool I'am and will respect the same.....Ok fine.... Been wanting to see my ole man with another man you good with that ?Ages and looks of you both.....?I'am 39 He is 40 been looking to do some stuff with another man and want to see him with another man and your ad seems interesting.....So you want to see me with your husband ? I asked...Yeah with me there too and might do some stuff too ...Some stuff with me and him or just me and him ? Depends .Really want to see you with him.....Ok any pics of you two ?Yeah any more of you ?........ I did send a pic to her earlier of me in panties .Yeah gonna send now.....she sent 4 pics two of her and two of her hubby....The first pic was a nice looking light skinned black woman with nice brown hair and another of her body she was quite nice looking with nice boobs and a hairy bush and nice legs....The other two pics were quite nice also ....A dark skinned black man in his undies smiling and the next pic he was his holding a big black cock that looked to be about 9 or more inches in his hand.....Fucking nice pics I thoughtDamn you are both hot I said after seeing their pics...Thanks she said.....So you up for doing this she asked ?..Sure I said would love to get with your hubby and you....What would you do with him she asked ?Whatever you want me to do I responded...So you would dress up and be his lil slut boy while I watched and directed ? she saidOh yes would love to kinda turned on thinking about it right now I said.....Would like to chat on the phone with you soon you ok with that she said .......Give me a call if you want so I gave her my number.....Ok will do, nice chatting and will be in touch to set this up she said...And that was that for a few days...A few days later......................................RING RING RING RING....My phone was going off Hello ....Hey this is Ozella we chatted online a few days ago....Yeah hey hi ...I said.... So you still interested in my ole man and me ? she said....Yeah would love to get with him and be his lil slut while you watch...HA HA lol she said ...that's what I'am talking about she said ....So your husband is cool and stuff with this I assume.....Oh yeah he seen your pics and he is interested as long as I am there too she said.....So you want me to play his lil white slut boy I take it? I asked her....Yeah and do what I tell you to do with him and me she replied.....HHHmmmmmm I thought ....Ok so when and where I asked....This weekend at our home she said can you travel ...yes I said...Ok fine will send you our address and we are discreet you know...yes me too I responded....Ok see you then she said and ended the call.....An e mail later she sent me their address and the time for the friday night coming up which was 3 days away. I was a lil excited about her husband and looked at his pics again and again he had a nice big black cock and nuts on him and was kinda hairy down there...And the thought of a woman there especially his wife was new to me what the fuck was I gonna do with these two ? But the thoughts turned me on.......Getting ready friday night had me all hot I had the address they lived about 10 miles away to the east in a nice neighborhood and told me the time about 10 pm pull in the driveway and ring the doorbell....I arrived with my lil bag of clothes and stuff and rang the bell....The man in one of the pics answered the door Hey whats up he said.....I'am Rodney he said ... Hey nice to finally meet you I said seen your pics Ozella sent me and you look better in person I said....Ha Lol he said...Ozella in the kitchen come on in you want some wine he asked... sure would love some....I said...We went into their newly remodeled kitchen where his wife Ozella was she waved at me and Rodney said have a seat at the kitchen island as he got me some red sweet wine...Ozella was on the phone with her mother ok mom will see you at church tommorow she said and ok bye night night she said.......Oh hey sorry that was my mom she wanted to know what service we were catching tommorow at the church....So you look like your pics I see she said...Well both of you do too I said also...sipping the sweet red wine that was good....good wine I said...We wine drinkers she said.... Cool with me I said....Rodney was sitting across from me and I complimented their nice house and kitchen this is so nice I said....Thank you Ozella said Rodney did all the work with his buddy and some friends she said....Yeah I'am all cashed out now he said with a lol.....Ozella blurted out....So what do think of my man ? Well he seems nice I said what kind of work do you do Ozella I asked ? Oh I'am a nurse she responded....Oh nice job I said..... I was a lil nervous but the wine was helping me along as I looked at Rodney standing up in the kitchen......after some small talk and stuff and admiring their house Ozella said well why don't you come with me to the back you got your lil bag of stuff she asked ...Yeah right here I said....Rodney we gonna be in the back she said....Ok babe call me when you ready.......he said. Ozella led me down the hallway off the living room to what was their master bedroom it was nice and huge and had a big bed with a large bathroom in it.....Come on ms girl she said as I smiled.... you and me gonna get ready together she said......So what you think about my ole man she asked ? He looks hot can't wait to see him naked I said....Are you two gonna get it on and I watch or what exactly you want me to do I asked her....You go ahead and put your lil stuff on and I'am gonna put my stuff on and we gonna call him back here as we both lay in the bed together....Is that ok she asked.....Fine with me I said....So Ozella started stripping down in the bathroom and putting on her attire as I watched and she watched me we were giggling and teasing each other......She was not shy and had a nice hairy pussy bush and nice tits and nipples....Zell you have a nice bod I told her......Thanks But Rodney thinks I'am fat...Lol I way....Zell reached over and felt my prick thru my black panties I put on Oh turn around she said as she slapped and felt my ass....This was quite a turn on being with a woman while dressing as a woman...I had been with girls before bit not in this kind of situation with a black couple while I was gonna be her husbands lil bitch boy....The funny thing about it was that Ozella was pretty open and the church stuff and her mom conversation was a lil weird to me...But what the fuck I wanted her old mans cock.....So doing a few final things in the bathroom, I asked so Zell what you want me to do ? I want you in the bed on the right and I'am gonna escort Rodney In and we just gonna go from there she said.....Turning on the lamps on each side of the big bed....I got on the right side and layed down with my arm across the pillow...Ok I'am getting him now she said leaving the room....She left and a minute or so later they came in together.....Look what I got for you honey she said.....As she entered the room with Rodney....Damn he sexy as hell and got on panties and shit he said....I had on all black stockings, garter,panties and negligee ......Get your ass in the air and show that ass Ozella ordered....As I turned over and reared my ass in the air..... Ozella had on a purple nightie......Look at this lil bitch I got for you she said to Rodney....He for me damn....... Rodney said.... Get over here and unzip his pants and take off his clothes she told me.....I was excited and felt my cock tingling with excitement.....I got off the bed and stood in front of Rodney and pulled up his shirt and unzipped his pants as they hit the carpet he was now only in his undies and shorts....He stepped out of the pants..I kinda knew Rodney was playing along with her and knew this was up after all...But what did she want to see him do? or me do to him?....Ozella had a lil fuzzy clear thing that she was holding in her hand .....Get your shorts off she said to Rodney as he dropped his undies his prick from the photo popped out and she wagged the fuzzy lil brush on his cock...That tickles she said ? ....Rodney giggled a lil hee hee .......What Ozella had seemed to be one of those soft thingy's to clean ceiling fans and dust with.....She rubbed my face with it......LOL I tickles....Rodney was a nice looking black man he was about 5/11 med build hairy legs and ass and a nice 8 1/2 incher that was not wide or fat but what looked perfect for fucking my ass as he had a nice curved upward black stick that looked like sweet black licorice candy.....As he stood before me......I was now on my knees on the carpet ...Put your dick in his mouth Ozella told him....Rodney picked up his cock with one hand and aimed for my mouth....mmmmhhhmmmmmhhmmmm I moaned out as he entered my mouth the head of his dick parted my lips and I started slowly sucking him....Ozella stood and watched as I gazed up at her from below...Suck his dick....suck his dick good.....! she said as she slapped my ass with her fuzzy stick and rubbed my back with it...Move over she said as she got down next to me and took away Rodney's prick from me .....My turn she said....taking Her husbands cock in her mouth and sucking and working one hand on his shaft....Ah yeah ah yeah he said as his wife sucked him....She had some pretty good head skills as she started popping his head in and out of her mouth....Go girl I said to her suck him good baby girl I said to her.....Ozella looked over at me and said rub my pussy rub my pussy....I reached down under her nightie and felt her full black bush and was rubbing her ass while she was blowing her husband as he stood...I started a good hand rub on her twat going faster and faster Rodney seemed to be turned on by it as she was going faster and faster on his cock with he skills....Ozella stopped after a lil bit more of working her husbands tasty cock and offered it back to me...Get in the bed and lay back I told Rodney as I got between his legs sucking his cock as he and Ozella looked at me....He sucking you good she asked him? As my head went up and down on her husbands delicious black treat....Oh good head good head Rodney replied in a soft tone of pleasure....My turn again she said as she took my spot and said eat that pussy for me....She reared it up in the air doggy as she blowed Rodney and I got under her and digged my mouth into her wet musty pussy...Oh shit he eating me good she said to Rodney....He can suck dick and eat pussy good !... damn she said....I stopped and decide to get behind her and give her a good rimming of her asshole while she had her ass up in the air....Ohhhhhhh damn... !!! He licking that shit hole now daddy she said taking her lips off Rodney's prick for a few seconds...Rodney seemed unphased as he was taking in the pleasure...Ozella was really getting hot from the sex action and soon stopped and said gotta get on that dick baby....Talking to Rodney...He was hard and her pussy was wet she climbed on top of him and I grabbed his cock and helped guide him into her pussy hole. It was a pretty site to see his black cock parting her pink pussy lips and her riding it she started to creme out and her asshole was a nice turn on as she rode her husbands cock I had to taste her ass again as she rode his black prick.....I got down there and started licking her asshole again as Rodney's cock was just a lick away also...I flicked my tongue up and down hitting Ozella's asshole and Rodney's cock back and forth....Ah this was so hot and I was dripping on their bed sheets...Between the black cock and black pussy they both were fantastic...I wanted to get Rodney's cum before he shot it in Ozella....Rubbing his balls as she rode him and watching and licking some more I could tell she was about to milk him...Ohhhhhhhhhh Rodney said gonna cum ..Hop off Zell let me get that nut I said.... No this nut for me baby she said just as Rodney's creamy white sperm ran out her pussy and down his shaft...Ohhhh AAAhhh yeah he said.....I have to say Ozella had a good ride she was a lil greedy but it was her hubby after all....So that was that we had a short good time and I met some new friends anyway..................
09-01-2021, at 01:50 PM

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