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A Week after my husband's return

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A Week after my husband's returnA week later after my man return from his overseas business trip I was off my period. It was a Saturday night Once my daughter was asleep in her bed just after 20h00 my husband and I moved to our room. Standing in front of him he grabbed on to my bum and squeezed while we exchanged a passionate kiss. Once our lips aparted, we stripped each other down naked and he then pushed me onto our bed and immediately made his way to between my legs. He licked my pussy up and down, stimulating my clit with his tongue as he muffed me with passion. I moaned as he brought me to climax with his tongue. After I orgasmed he moved up placing soft kissed on my belly and up to my boobs where he sucked and bit on my hard erect nipples, making me moan from the pleasure and love he was giving me before moving higher and looking me in the eyes as he entered his hard cock in into my wet pussy, for the first time in over a month. He thrusted hard back and forth in missionary position making me moan from the pleasure he gave me with his cock. He ran out of breath after a few minutes of hard rough thrusting and we swapped for me to be on top. I mounted my man lowering my wet pussy onto his cock and started riding him back and forth. I road him hard and rough as I moaned from the pleasure. I soon reached climax and my pussy tightened around my husbands cock as I orgasmed while riding him. After I finished orgasmning I climbed off my man and kneeled down on all 4s as i wanting him to give it to me in doggy style. He wasted no time in moving to kneel behind me and re-entered his hard cock into my horny pussy. He grabbed onto my hips and pulled me back into him as he thrusted hard and rough forwards into me. I moaned from the rough sex my man was giving me and my pussy tightened around his cock as he groaned and thrusted harder while we both orgasmed simultaneously. Once his cock finished shooting his cum into my pussy he pulled out of me and we both collapsed down onto the bed next to each other to catch our breath. After a few minutes I got up and went to the bathroom, as I sat down on the toilet my man's cum oozed out my pussy. I cleaned myself from his cum and Once done I made my way back to bed and cuddle my man after being well pleasured. The next morning I woke up early to my man laying behind my back and his left hand on my left boob massaging and pinching my nipple. I soon turned over to lay on my back and his hand immediately moved to between my legs and he started playing with my pussy. He rubbed up and down between my pussy lips as he kept eye contact with me, and once he started stimulating my clit and I reached climax, he lean down and kissed me passionately as I orgasmed.After I finished orgasmning he moved ontop of me and entered his hard cock into my pussy and started thrusting slow and deep in and out of me while looking me in the eyes. My husband made slow love to me this morning after last night's rough sex and as he neared cumming I wrapped my legs around his waist, putting my arms around his neck and back to pulled him deep into me as he gave slow deep hard thrust into my pussy as his cum shot into me. After he finished cumming he kissed me passionately while pushing his cock as deep as he could inside my cum filled pussy and holding it there as we kissed. He kissed me with passion, our tounges massaging each others for a few minutes and then once our lips aparted and as he said he loves me he pull his cock out of my pussy. I said I love you to my love as He moved to lay next to me. I then got up to go to the bathroom to clean up his cum from my pussy again. I then returned to bed and cuddle my man while we watched some tv and exchanging a few loving kisses till our daughter woke up and joined us in bed. She cuddled with us a while before we all got up ending a lovely loving Saturday evening of good hard rough sex and passionate love making early Sunday morning which I thoroughly enjoyed with my hubby.
09-01-2021, at 01:50 PM

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