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My First Anal Encounter

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My First Anal EncounterI could not believe I let it happen, however, when it did I wanted it even more. I had been at a bar having a few drinks when David walked past me and dropped a note on the floor. When I picked it up and red it it said "meet me outside in 5 minutes." I thought about it and decided I did not have anything to lose. Walking outside there David was standing by his car. "Do you want to go to my place" he asked? "I do not know you do I" I replied? He said his name was David and he told me he had watched me all night and wanted to suck my cock. "Well I have" was all I go out when David kissed me deeply and asked "does that change you mind?" It did be cause my cock started to grow hard by the second. I followed him to his place and as soon as we were through the door he had my cock out and in his mouth. I lifted him up and sucked his tongue rubbing his enormous cock. In a split second we were in 69 deep throating each other wildly. I could not wait to lick his asshole and went at it rimming it all around and inside. David took that to mean I wanted the same and licked my ass too. Soon I was on all fours and his cock was sliding inside me deeper and deeper. I pushed against him harder. I wanted it deeper than he could give it but I had all 9 inches already inside. "Fuck me harder" I screamed. David came in my asshole and licked what little dripped out. Now that I have been fucked I do it all the time. I love every inch of a cock in my asshole and at times have taken two cocks in my ass and one in my moth at the same time.
04-06-2021, at 07:02 PM

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