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My Hero, My Master and Now My Lover

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My Hero, My Master and Now My LoverAfter the training they both felt it was time to relax a bit. So Scooby proposed Grizzle to hang out with him, they could go to his room and play the new video game he had bought recently.Grizzle immediately got excited: ?If I?! That?d be great! I heard about ?Wretched Phoenix Tornado Bite?, but I?ve never played it before!??Well, I think you gonna like it,? Scooby smiled.They got themselves comfortable and put out their sweaty clothes, leaving nothing but their undies on. Grizzle was still feeling pumped up after the training ?tho, and when Scooby passed by him to get the game, Grizzle tackled Scooby down on the bed. As in a reflex, Scooby started to wrestle the little pig. He pinned Grizzle down and held him in a tight grip, sitting half above him. Grizzle tried to get loose but in the process all he managed was to unintentionally rub Scooby?s dick over and over again.Pretty soon Scooby had a boner. He looked upon Grizzle with an evil grin and said: ?You awakened the b**st and now he wants to play and you gotta please him?, pointing at his huge erection.Grizzle swallowed and his heart beat went up in excitement. He had always longed for him and his hero to make the b**st with the two backs one day. But he got also a bit nervous. Knowing Scooby?s reputation, Grizzle blushed and said: ?I don?t want you to go all rough on me, I?m still a newbie when it comes to taking dicks as big as yours, Scooby.??I?m sure you?ll do alright, k**do. But don?t worry, I?ll go really easy on you, giving you the beardog treatment. My lovin? won?t do you no harm, just gonna make you feel good?, he said gently to Grizzle while patting him on the head. Scooby took Grizzle?s hand and placed it on his undies, letting the little pig play with the beardog dick, still hidden behind the fabric. His dick was struggling to get out and when Scooby released it from his undies, Grizzle touched it carefully but eagerly and his heart skipped a beat. It was sooo huge and it felt so good in his hand. He doubted if he wasn?t dreaming and if he was he didn?t want to wake up. Its musk smell had the effect of poppers on him. It made his heart pound faster and gave him a new boost of horniness. He was now swallowing rapidly. Not letting go of the dick in his hands, Grizzle sat on his knees in front of Scooby and started to suck him off. Its taste made him crazy. It tasted like nothing he had ever tasted before. It tasted like raw sex and his mind felt like exploding into rainbows. By that time the little pig got completely overpowered by lust. Slowly he stood half up and his mouth went for Scooby?s. They kiss and bite while he rubbed his body against the beardog?s. Scooby started playing with Grizzle?s dick. It felt small in his big hand. His other hand caressed the k**?s belly and he asked him to turn around while pulling his undies down. Facing Grizzle?s ass, Scooby played with Grizzle?s dick, giving it a hand job massage while he kissed his shoulders. Despite having promised him to be gently, Scooby ripped Grizzle?s undies apart and asked him to sit on all fours. He spat on his giant dick to lube it up. Ever so gently he tried to push his giant dick inside the k**?s warm ass. He had trouble doing so but continued his trials, letting the excess part of his belly rest on Grizzle?s ass and shoving his dick inside inch by inch. That way Scooby took Grizzle slowly, giving the little pig all the time he needed to get used to the massiveness. When he no longer felt any restraint, he pulled him gently back by his hair, kissing his shoulders an letting his hands wander all over the young pig?s body. After a while, Scooby leaned back in the sofa, pulling Grizzle up and making him sit upon his dick, rocking the sofa. Grizzle felt like he could take it all in by now and let the dick slid further and further inside him. When it reached the end he started to move back and forth slowly, stretching his ass more with every movement.Not once had the k** screamed in pain and the only sound he was making now were long soft moans while saliva was dripping from his mouth. Scooby made him stand up so he could sit down again but facing him now. It was Grizzle himself now who took matters into hand. He grabbed hold of Scooby?s dick and guided him inside his ass. Scooby grasped the firm buttock cheeks roughly, helping him to go up and down upon him. This was intense breeding. With his hands around Grizzle?s neck, Scooby went in as deep as he could and he was going fast now. Suddenly Scooby?s whole body spasmed out in violent contraction, shooting long hot streams of cum high up inside the pig while breezing it out. The sensation had made Grizzle all numb and he continued to sit upon the beardog?s dick, that good Scooby?s dick felt inside his ass.Scooby had an intensely satisfied look in his eyes but was already recovering. He looked at the still erect dick of the young pig and smiled. ?We still gotta take care of that business,? he said, ?it isn?t the beardog treatment if it doesn?t go both ways.? Scooby spat on his hand. With his big hand he took Grizzle?s dick and started rubbing it. Instantly Grizzle began to precum, thick colorless streams oozing out. The firm hand on his dick held just the right pressure and it felt like it was made for that. When the beardog started to French kiss Grizzle, the little pig felt in paradise. The thick tongue filled his mouth completely and the passionate kiss tasted like popping candy and liquid sex. Scooby took the occasion to put his finger inside Grizzle?s ass and started to finger his prostate again while his other hand pinched the k**?s nipples. To Grizzle it felt as if he was reinvented, remolded to an upgraded version of himself. The way Scooby treated him gave Grizzle shots of power, as if Scooby handed over all control to Grizzle. Grizzle took Scooby with one hand by the neck while his other hand guided his dick inside Scooby?s mouth. Youthful as he was, the little pig fucked Scooby?s mouth like crazy. Already Scooby felt some drops in his mouth. Seconds later the little pig came all the way. Scooby tried to swallow it all down, but he couldn?t, that abundantly Grizzle came. He sprayed his jizz over Scooby?s face, head and body. When he was almost finished, he shoved his dick back in Scooby?s mouth and the beardog drank the last drops of it before licking Grizzle?s cum covered balls while keeping a good look on the pig?s dick and beautiful body. ?Now that was fun?, he said. Grizzle just nodded, he had no force left to speak.?Next time you drop by we can play ?Wretched Phoenix Tornado Bite??, Scooby said and he winked to Grizzle and laughed. A loud dirty roaring laugh that filled the room.
09-01-2021, at 01:51 PM

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