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THe Back Packer Visitor

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THe Back Packer VisitorThe Back Packer VisitorI had been a long time since the wife and I went anywhere together. It was a lovely day so I suggested we go for a drive and spend the day at the river, we could hire a boat just the two of us. She was delighted and rushed to get sandwiches and drinks made up for us and I grabbed a carton of beer from the outside fridge and off we went. The river was about twenty miles away but it was a nice spring day and the weather was great so the drive would be good.We were almost at the turn off from the highway and noticed a guy sitting on a log, his hands in his face. My wife Margret said. ?Pull up John that guy looks like he is in trouble.? As soon as we stopped he almost ran to the car then told us he had been picked up before by three guys who bashed him and took his only possessions and his back pack and left him beside the road. He asked if we could give him a lift anywhere. He was so scared. saying he had no money or cards, no mobile, being he was from Africa and had only arrived three days ago he had no idea at all where he was. Also that he was a student hoping to enjoy his break from his studies before his next term back in Cape Town. We told him to get in the car, we couldn?t just dump him In the next town he had nothing and knew no one so we decided to turn around and take him home with us. Once there he couldn?t stop thanking us enough, he was a fine looking young man, well built and spoke with a soft accent also he was as black as I had ever seen a man, I swear in the sunlight his skin had almost a purple tint in it. His name was Randy He asked if he could use our shower he had not washed for three days. ? I haven?t got anything to change into? he saidI gave him one of my dressing gowns ?Throw that on ole mate, the wife and I always wear our dressing gowns on at home?. While he showers Margret and I changed into our gowns. ?Oh John, he is gorgeous and a lovely man, how shiny his skin looks wow??Settle down baby you?re getting horny over him aren?t you? I said smiling?Weeell?maybe? she giggledI slapped her on the arse and told her to put our sandwiches out for lunch. Just then he came into the kitchen he laughed at me giving me wife a slap on the arse. ?John this dressing gown has a faulty clip on the front it doesn?t stay clipped? ?Don?t worry about it mate, we are all friends here, if it gets annoying take it off we will do the same okay?? Margret called out to him to grab a plate of sandwiches which he did then as he walked back to the dining table his gown unclipped and opened.?WOW!? I said ?That?s some sort of weapon you have there, Randy?. His cock hung for all to see and it was huge and shining black. ?I bet the girls love you back home?Before he adjusted himself my wife saw it to. ?Oh my God Randy that?s beautiful? she said a big smile on her face. She reached for the gown looking at me as though asking for permission. I nodded yes. Margy and I often fantasized about a black cock to share.She had his gown off in an instant and spun him around. ?Oh Randy Randy, I am sorry but I have to do this? then dropped to her knees and wrapped her mouth around the head of his big black prick, she had both hands wrapped around it and her mouth as she sucked.?Oh my God? Randy yelled?Its okay man, just enjoy it she is very good I can tell you?I moved closer my left hand stroking my wife?s head as she sucked and the other caressing that lovely black arse. My cock now was as hard as a rock and pressing against him. I was so horny. I reached out and kissed him on the side of his face as I whispered.?I bet you would like to fuck my wife wouldn?t you? ?Oh Fuck yes please can I?We both looked down at Margret she was having a lot of trouble trying ram as much of his enormous cock in her mouth as she could.?In a minute le mate, why don?t you grab my cock and wank it for me??Oh boy it?s so white and big. he said with a horny look in his eyes. I now had my fingers riding up and down his arse crack feeling for that man pussy. I sucked my fingers to get them wet and slipped one then two into that black arse and fucked him with them.?Margret dear why don?t you lean over the table and let Randy fuck you from behind like a dog? I said as I pounded his arse.She bent over the table yelling now ?Oh Yes please FUCK ME! I want that big black sausage up me to the hilt? she laughed as Randy positioned himself behind her.?Let me help my friend? I said holding my wife?s arse cheeks open then I grabbed that prick of his, gave it a few rubs and a kiss as I steered it into her. Randy eased it up her a little at a time, slowly it went in at least three quarters of it. I still had my hand on the rest.?Oh Fuck!? He yelled as he started to fuck her. ?She is so fucking tight its wonderful?Now his cock was going in and out a bit easier as he got into his motion. Margret shouted. ?Oh John John he is so fucking big?I smiled and said ?Do you want him to stop??DON?T YOU FUCKING DARE? she screamed back ?just FUCK MY RANDY, FUCK MY WHITE PUSSY, DON?T STOP! PLEEEASE DON?T STOP!.I moved in behind Randy. Wet the head of my throbbing cock and slipped it up his juicy arse and started to fuck him in the same motion he was fucking my wife, as he pulled back on my missus I pounded in to his arse I had a tight grip on his thighs for leverage as I rammed my prick up him. I was having little nibbles on his back as I fucked him. ?Hey Randy boy, Do you like having a nice piece of white Australian meat deep in your gorgeous black arse?I was in another world now so was my wife, she was having so much fun she couldn?t say a word.?Are you having a good time ole mate?? I said as I licked and sucked his black skin while I fucked him.?It?s the best time I ever had, you two are sex maniacs and I love you both? he panted?Are you okay my love??Oh fuck yes. I want him to move in with us, I want to go to sleep tonight cuddling that black meat, OH RANDY FUCK ME HARD DARLING?I AM CUMMING AGAIN OH MY GOD ?OH! YEEEESSS YEEEES!!!?I could see the juice running down her legs as she kept Cumming. I looked down at my cock as it pounded him and knew it wasn?t going to be long before my cock would shoot its load.?I?m going to fill your arse Randy, any second now are you ready to take my load???Oh yes I am ready, I am close too soon your lovely wife will have the biggest load she has ever had up her cunt soon, is that okay with you John???You go for it my friend, leave a little on the head she will want it in her mouth too? I replied a little shakily almost out of breath as I fucked.?Remember this Randy. Tomorrow I want that black meat up my arse okay but right now Here it comes. RIGHT NOW!! OH MY GOD! MY GOD!!! I AM CUUUMMING RANDY TAKE IT ALL?TAKE IT ALL! FUUCK FUUUCK! WHAT A GREAT ARSE YOU HAVE FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!? when I had finished I collapsed on his back exhausted.He was there too now he yelled to Margret to get ready and she yelled back ?Give it to me I want it all.?I got off his back now to watch this giant black cock explode into my tiny wife.?Here it is?Marg?HERE IT IS?.OH FUUCK FUUCK NOW NOW NOW TAKE IT YOU SLUT BITCH. ITS YOURS ALL OF IT?He had lifted her off the table and her tiny body was rocking back and forth against his body while he pumped her full of spunk, she looked like a little rag doll in his hands as he pounded in and out in and out. He had her now off the table and actually walking around the room with her still like a rag doll on his cock. Cum was everywhere. Finally, he finished Cumming and lifted her off his cock and let her down.? You okay darling? I said pulling her into my arms. ?That was some fuck baby, you were magnificent??Look at my legs darling? they were literally covered in cum, mine
09-01-2021, at 01:51 PM

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