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Cum in the conference room

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Cum in the conference roomAfter work one Friday, when I was feeling even hornier than usual, I wenthome, had a quick dinner, then drove back to the office. Several of us havekeys to the building, in case we need to work late, after regular hours. Ihad told colleagues I had a report I needed to finish that night, so ifsomeone drove by and saw my car there it would not seem odd, but it wasunlikely anyone else would work late on a Friday night.I let myself in to the building, then locked the door behind me. I walkedthrough to my own office, and quickly stripped completely naked, leaving myclothes in a pile on my desk. I often stroked my cock at work, sitting atmy desk, but I could not usually get naked here! I walked back out into themain lobby, and stood there, slowly running my hands all over my nude body,caressing myself all over. I ran my fingers lightly over my chest, strokedmy nipples, ran my fingertips across my belly, up and down my thighs, overmy ass. I caressed and fondled my balls, then finally I reached for mypenis. By now I had a full erection and my dick was sticking straight outin front of me. Very lightly I brushed the hard shaft with my fingertips,then brushed over my cock-head. I ran my fingers round and round the ridgeof the crown, then over my piss slit. I massaged my piss slit lightly withmy thumb and forefinger, then ran my fingers back down the underside of myshaft to the base. I circled the base of my cock with my thumb andforefinger and started to very softly and gently masturbate, with long,slow strokes, all the way from the base to the tip and back. I moanedsoftly and tugged gently on my balls with my other hand as I jerked off,standing there in the lobby. I imagined my colleagues walking into thelobby and standing watching me as I stroked my cock.After a few minutes I walked through to the office of a younger guy I workwith. I really think he is hot, a young married stud, athletic andhandsome. He and I have worked out at the gym together a couple of times,and in the locker room I have seen that he has a great body, and caughtglimpses of a nice, cut cock in a thick bush of curly black pubes. I satnaked in his office chair, jacking my cock, and thinking about him,thinking about his naked body, imagining him here in his office with me. Istood and humped my cock against the back of his chair, then I rubbed mycock on his desk, and rubbed the head of my cock across his computerkeyboard, leaving a little trail of pre-cum. Now on Monday he would sit ina chair where I had sat naked, jerking off, and he would type on a keyboardthat I had rubbed my cock on and left traces of cum on!I left his office and walked through to the copy room. I climbed up on topof the copy machine and lay across it, with my dick and balls on theglass. I pressed the copy button and made 2 copies of my cock and balls,enjoying the wave of heat over my cock as the machine scanned me.Finally I made my way to the main conference room. This was the room wherewe held customer meetings, and also held our weekly in-house reviewmeetings. There was a huge table in the middle of the room, surrounded bybig leather swivel chairs. I had sat in one of the big chairs through manyboring meetings. On the wall at the end of the room was a large whiteboard. I walked over to the white board and wrote "I love to wank my hardcock" in big letters on it. Then sat in one of those big chairs starknaked, and leant back, wrapped my fist around my cock and masturbatedvigorously, moaning and bouncing a little in the big leather chair as Ipounded my meat.When I got close to cumming I stopped, tugged on my balls, and took a restfor a few minutes. Then I stood and climbed up onto that big table. I stoodright in the middle of the table, stroking my cock, looking down at thechairs, imagining all my colleagues sitting there, watching me wankoff. Then I sank to my knees, then lay full length face-down on the table,with my boner pressed to the hard, shiny smooth surface. I reached above myhead and grabbed the edge of the table with two hands, and used theleverage to slide and grind my body up and down the table, pushing downwith my ass at the same time. I humped the table, and I leaked a lot ofpre-cum, which lubricated my cock. Soon I was sliding up and down the tablewith my cock in a slippery trail of cum, humping and thrusting with mybuttocks, moaning, groaning and working up a sweat. Harder and harder Ithrust against the table, faster and faster I bucked my hips and humpedslid up and down that slippery surface. As I got really close to climax Iturned over onto my bock, feeling the sticky cum on my ass. I grabbed mycock in my hand and started jacking it with short, hard thrusts, poundingmy fist against the base of my cock in a rapid fire fashion, my bodywrithing with pleasure on the table. I imagined all my colleagues sittingwatching me, laying naked in the middle of the conference table during ameeting, masturbating. I bent my legs at the knee and lifted my back andass in the air, so that I was supported just on my shoulders and feet, mybody from my shoulders to my knees rising up from the table at and angle. Ibucked my hips and thrust my cock against my fist as I wanked furiously. AsI reached orgasm a wave of electric pleasure washed over me. My back archedup, hips bucked, and my cock exploded with streams of cum, which shot rightover my left shoulder and splashed down on the table next to my head. Ohfuck man! That was fantastic!I lay on the table, panting and heaving for a few minutes. I milked thelast few drops of cum from my dick, then cradled my balls in my hand andgently squeezed them. I reached over and dipped my fingers in the pools ofcum on the table and wrote "I jerked off here" with the cum, then wrote myname and the date. After I had recovered I walked back to my office and gotdressed. Then I returned to the conference room. I erased my message fromthe white board, and reluctantly I wiped my cummmy message off the table. Ilet myself out of the building and drove home, very satisfied with a greatwank.The following Monday afternoon I was in a big meeting in the conferenceroom, every chair around the table filled. I could not concentrate on themeeting, I just kept thinking "what if they all knew?!" and rememberinghow, just a couple of days earlier, I had been laying there in the middle,a naked masturbator on the conference room table!
09-01-2021, at 01:51 PM

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