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The Slaver's Retaliation

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The Slaver's RetaliationDark Fantasy, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bondage and restriction, Discipline, Humiliation, ****, SpankingIntroduction:Two girls pissed of the wrong guy in town and punished for their transgression.Story contains r****g, humiliation and degradation of female characters. Read at your own risk. If you do not like this particular genre, please don't read it and then dislike it for being too disturbing for your taste. You have been warned. Please judge my writing based on the prose, plot, language, character development, etc. Criticisms are welcomed. Thank you. Chapter 1I'm a slave merchant. I k**nap women and sell them off as slaves. You would have thought that such morally corrupted dealings is something of the past. Far from it. There are a lot of sick people out there with a lot of money to spend and there's apparently no shortage of women to be taken to fill the product line.Slave trading, or in its more insidious terminology, sex trafficking, is an ignominious profession no matter how you try to twist and turn it. You could say that some women deserve to be slaves or that some women would live a better life being a slave to a millionaire. Whatever the excuses are, it's still a fucking horrible thing to do.With that said, that doesn't mean I couldn't use a couple of excuses to reduce some of the guilt associating with destroying one's life. Particularly, a woman's life. I do need to sleep at night after all. And while most slavers don't really care who they catch, I have a self-imposed principle that I follow by when selecting potential product. No c***dren. No young professionals. No mothers. The world is already too fucked up as it is. The least I could do is to avoid taking people that may actually help fix the world a little.There's another kind of women that I do not take. Rich brat with loaded daddies whom paid for their designers shoes and diamond encrusted watch. Believe me, these bitches deserved to be turned into slaves more than every other women I have taken. But the world isn't fair and money is power. One wrong move and I could have ended up taking the daughter of some CEO who has ties with some powerful people in the political sphere. Which will not be a good thing if one's interest is to be low profile.But I'll be damned if I can't teach these ungrateful bitches some table manners once in a while.I was at a five star hotel at Honduras. I had just finished delivering a product to a respectable client. As agreed, a hundred thousand dollar was wired into my multiple anonymous accounts. With more cash to spend, I decided to stay for a few nights as a reward for my own hard work. There's really no point doing something so risky and no allow yourself to enjoy life a little.After checking into my hotel and followed by a quick change into casual wear, I went to the beach to enjoy the sun and wind. I found a shack by the sandy beach and popped myself onto one of the many high seats. I ordered a Gin and Tonic from the bartender and sipped the cool liquid as I enjoyed the scenery.That was when the tiny peace I had found myself in shattered by the giggling squeal of a couple of bikini clad girls. Judging from their accent, I would place my bet on the United Kingdom. One had a long blond hair and the other was a brunette with a pixie cut. They were very cute looking and I don't usually say a girl is cute unless I really mean it. My eyes quickly fell to their voluptuous breasts that the skimpy fabric had a hard time to contain. My eyes went further down to their flat stomach, their round butts, then the smooth long legs and finally what seemed to be really expensive shoes. I didn't missed out the classy bangles and platinum necklaces that adorned the girls too.The blonde caught me looking at her and nudged her friend. The two women, who certainly looked no more than twenty, turned and sneered at me."What a creep." the brunette said.I raised my glass at them and proceeded drinking the cooling liquid nonchalantly. I had been called worse in my line of work, believe me. And I couldn't really blame them. Young women preferred hot looking men. I hadn't been working out much lately and my once well-structured body sort of melted off into a less defined mass of muscles and fat. The fact that I was hitting forty obviously didn't help too. Still, I could probably haul these two over my shoulders and gave them both a hard spanking without breaking a sweat."Stop looking at us you perv." the blonde hissed."Stop putting yourselves on display then, bitch." I countered.The two widened their eyes to an almost comical size. Their jaws dropped as if that's the most horrible thing they had ever heard. The blonde moved around the curved bar and a second later, she was only a couple of inches from my face."What did you just call me?" she hissed and I instantly smelled a hint of alcohol from her breath. Little sweet cake here had obviously been drinking too much booze for her own sake."You heard me." I calmly said and reached for my drink. That was when feisty blonde here slapped it out of my reach. The crystal tumbler fell off the table and tumbled down the slope before resting on a heap of sand. The content of it spilled out along the way."Do you know who you are speaking to?" she asked in a threatening voice."Who? The Queen of England?" I gave a mock response before gesturing at the bartender for another Gin and Tonic.The brunette came to the blonde's side apparently to show moral support for the blonde and almost tripped along the way."Her dad's the Chairman of Pymex Corp. And my dad works as the CEO." the brunette announced proudly, almost giddily too. Figures. These were brats with rich daddies that I detest. From the scent of alcohol in her breath, I took it that she too had been drinking far too much for her own good. Nothing makes young women like them the easiest target for slavers like me than drinking too much in a country like Honduras. In fact, I had quite a few slaves taken right out of this beach a few years back."You must have heard of Pymex, haven't you?" the blonde said patronizingly."Pymex? Is it a snack?" I asked with a mock sense of humor. Of course I knew Pymex. It's the largest pharmaceutical corporation in Europe and practically the largest supplier of medical products to customers such as the NHS."It's the largest pharmaceutical company in the world." the blonde announced with a genuine sense of pride, as if she hadn't caught on to my sarcasm."Yeah. Her dad has so much money, he so can hire someone to fucking kill you." the brunette hissed."I hope so. I feel like dying already just listening to you bitches." I retorted."What did you say? Fucking old perv." the blonde spat on my face. She had the audacity to actually spat on my face! I felt a flush of anger rushed into my face. My fists tightened into a hard ball, ready to be swung across the bitches' face."What? You wanna hit me? Is that it?" the blonde goaded further with a slap across my face. "Come on. I dare you. My dad's going to chop off your balls if you do.""Yeah. Come on you wanker." the brunette joined in the verbal assault.I knew in the open, any v******e towards women, no matter how justified it was, was always wrong. That's how society sees it and I would lose no matter what. So, I simply let my rage simmer down and wiped off the spat with a napkin from the bar. The tumbler of Gin and Tonic the bartender had just delivered helped a little to quicken my recovery as I downed the whole thing. I then dropped a couple of tens on the counter and walked off. They would pay for their stupidity soon enough."Yeah, you old perv. That's it. Walk away with your dick between your legs." I heard the brunette called out and then the two burst into giggling laughs."Oh darlings," I muttered softly to myself, "My dick will soon be between your legs."Chapter 2Honduras was a haven for criminal activity if one knew where to look. One could get just about everything under the sky with the right price. With the exception of nukes and biological weapon, the extensive selection of weapons were really quite the sight. One could even buy a tank if one so wish to. I on the other hand bought myself a high performance taser used by law enforcement. I also got some handcuffs and some mild sedatives, which would prove to be really handy soon enough.Then, I rented a small studio in an unremarkable part of town and hired the usual workmen that I had worked with before, that would keep their mouth shut for a price, to furnish the otherwise barren lot. A couple of hours later, there's a large bed with metal post and chains on each corner, two medieval wooden stocks, a modified Spanish donkey, a couple of specially designed chairs with a large hole on the seat where the butt would fall into, and various other implements designed to keep its user restrained and exposed indefinitely. Some time in between a delivery truck came to deliver a horde of sex toys, whips, canes and torture devices and when I came back after lunch, the entire lot now looked like a fanatic's BDSM chamber.The only missing things then were the two bitchy English girls. They were the only things I didn't hire anyone to acquire. First, their daddies were too rich to risk hiring outside help. No secret can be kept when money is on the table. So, I had decided to do the dirty work myself. Which wasn't all that difficult considering how blissfully ignorant and unassuming these two were. They were practically flaunting their bodies for people like me to take. But I guess their daddies weren't stupid enough to let their precious little sweet cakes go Honduras without security.I followed the two girls to a tourist center. Behind them were three security details tailing the two inconspicuously. It took me quite a while to notice them. The three were obviously professionals and I had a feeling that even those two nut heads didn't know they were being checked on by their daddies. I wouldn't be surprised if the blonde had a tracking device up her cute butt too.I had studied the layout of the tourist center down to the number of restrooms it had. There were multiple secluded corridors and hidden pathways; a legacy of the old decrepit structure before the renovation a few years back. Something that I doubted the security details knew of. Nevertheless, I had taken the necessary precautions.When I noticed the girls entered a clothes store, I knew where exactly I needed to go. With the map of the center still fresh in my head, I moved myself through one of those legacy pathways that would without a doubt lead me to my preys. With me was a large suit case as well as a high-performance duffel bag that would soon to be the temporary housing for the two girls.I finally found the place I wanted to be and sneaked into the back of the high end store. This place obvious had security cameras but like most of Honduras, most of them were just for show. As long as I kept my head down, no one would be able to see me through the whatever grainy images, if any, that the police would find.I watched the two girls each entered a tryout room and behind them was a salewoman about the age of forty holding the garments the girls were going to try. Hidden at the corner, I reckoned three other employees. All three of them were busy handling the customers at the front of the shop, leaving the back relatively secluded. I put on a balaclava, timed my watch for two minutes, and then lunged into the tryout area.The salewoman didn't even know what hit her as I applied the taser onto her back. She jerked a little before going limped entirely onto my arms. I let her down slowly until she's lying on the floor. The whole thing happened so quietly, the two unsuspecting prey were still yapping about the dozen ugly men that hit on them while they were on the beach. Which was great as it would provide cover for my identity should the police come looking them, since anyone could have been the one that had taken them.I pulled out a syringe containing a dose of anti-depressant and slipped through the curtain. In front of me was a half-naked brunette still trying to take off her blouse. Her eyes fleeted to the large mirror in front of her, where her eyes fell onto my terrifying form. Her eyes widened like a doe caught in the head light but before she could turn around and scream, I had my gloved hand strongly cupping her mouth while the other hand sank the needle into her neck. The brunette struggled for a little before the d**g kicked in and she went limp."...can't you believe that?" the blonde called out from the other room. "Claire? You still there?"So the brunette has a name. I smirked and went out to the other room."Claire?" the blonde poked her head out. She immediately saw my towering form and she was only barely able to let out a squeak before I silenced her with my palm. I pushed her into the room and use my body to force her against the wall. She tried to scratch my face but her nail simply sk**ded harmlessly against the thick fabric of my balaclava. I took out the other syringe and prick her right at the vein running along her neck. Once the syringe's emptied, the blonde's struggle became sluggish and a moment later, her arms fell limply to her sides.I hauled her up over my shoulder, took her out and went back to for the brunette. She was exactly where I had left her. I picked her up and hauled her out of there and quickly moved to where I had come from. I went to the place I hid the duffel bag and suitcase. I placed the brunette into the duffel bag and the blonde in the suitcase. Once I had sure that no one was around, I took off my balaclava, stuffed it into my pocket and then turned my jacket inside out. Then, I headed my merry way along the way I came from and soon found my way out into the open street. Just in time, the alarm on my wristwatch announced the end of the two minute timer.There, I climbed into the van that I had rented from an unlicensed rental service that could not be traced. The back had been retrofitted to carry cargo and the seats had long been taken out. I had placed a couple of mattresses on the otherwise inhospitable platform. I took the girls out from their confinement and laid their sleeping forms on the mattresses. I grabbed the handcuffs I had placed in there and cuffed their hands behind their back and their ankles together. A red ball gag in each of their mouth finalized the setup and they were ready to be transported to the BDSM chamber I had prepared just for them.I didn't fail to notice the brunette's perky breasts and dark nipples or the fact that the blonde was only wearing her lacy undergarments. Their bodies were truly the finest specimens of female sexuality as far as I had encountered in my decade long trade. No cellulite. No birth mark. No scar. The only disappointment was the tiny tattoo peeking out from the blonde's panties. I peeled the panties away and revealed a very naughty tattoo that I was pretty sure her daddy didn't know about."You are a really naughty girl, aren't you?" I whispered while tracing the tiny elegant cursive strokes that spelled out 'Insert Meat Here'. There was an arrow pointing down to what appear to be the pinkest looking cunt I'd ever seen aside from porn. My cock hardened at the suggestive sight but I shoved my arousal out of my mind. Now was not the time. Once these two were safely in the lot, there would be plenty of time to play with their girly bits.I pulled a blanket over their naked body and then climbed into the driver's seat. I gunned the engine to life and drove into the main road back to the studio.Chapter 3I was browsing the internet when the brunette roused from her slumber. She shifted lazily for a couple of second before her head snapped to attention. She tried to sit up but was held down by the chained collar that I had put around her neck. I watched with amusement as the girl turned from a dazed stupor to full on alert, as if she remembered the things that had happened at the dressing room. With her limbs shackled to the bedpost and her eyes blindfolded, I wouldn't be surprised if she got into a fear-induced epileptic fit."Hello there." I greeted in a manner that I use to greet all new slaves. "You shouldn't move too much. You might hurt yourself."She went pale as she slowly turned to face me. I stood up and walked to her. The floor was covered with wooden panel and each stride the heel of my shoes clacked loudly. And as I neared her, the girl tried to scoot away as much as the restraints allowed only to find her body colliding with her blond friend's."There's no escape." I informed and watched the scared girl trembled in fear. Not so tough now huh.I placed my palm on her smooth breast and kneaded the voluptuous mass. The girl yelped as if I had just touched her with a hot brand."Stop. P-please!" She pleaded. "I have money. My parents are rich. They will pay you.""Oh, I'm sure they will." I agreed. "But you see, I have quite a fortune myself. Enough to live comfortably till the day I died.""Status then. What about status? Shares. Stocks. Political position. You name it." this girl knew how to bargain even when terrified. I had to give her that. But it was a stupid offer nonetheless, an offer only idiots would take up. Status required recognition and recognition was not something any criminal wanted as our entire freedom rested on our anonymity."I think I have something better in mind." I said as I gave her nipple a light squeeze."Name it." she snapped desperately. "I'll give you anything.""I'm sure you will, darling." my hand slid down her body, passed her midriff, her flat stomach, and then the cute triangular brunette bush and finally rested on her warm pussy."Nooo! Stop. Please. I beg you." she tried to close her legs but the restrains kept her accessible enough for my hand to wander freely. She trashed her petite frame about to unlatch my hand from her. I placed my forearm on her stomach and pressed her down while my hand continued to rub along her helpless sex. As I did so, I noticed her nipples began to grew hard, no doubt aroused by the forcefulness of my approach. "Pleaseee!!!" She squealed."Ugh, shut up Claire!" pretty blonde growled groggily."Hmm. Looks like your friend has awaken." I told the brunette and watched the blonde paled as she realized the predicament she's in."What the fuck?" she screamed. "What is this? Claire! Where are you?""Claire is beside you." I informed and pinched the brunettes clit until she yelped."Who the fuck are you?" the blonde shouted. "Let me go. Do you know who my dad is?" she began trashing about just as Claire did just a moment ago."Oh, I know who your daddy is, sweet cake." I removed myself from the brunette and went to the blonde. "The Chairman of Pymex am I right?""How..." she swallowed nervously."How do I know?" I finished the question for her. "Well, someone's been telling everyone who her daddy is.""My daddy is going to kill you if you don't let me go." she screamed and the brunette beside her began to cry. Tied down, naked and completely at my mercy, I was surprised that this airhead hadn't figured out her complete vulnerability yet."I don't think so, slut." I grabbed a fistful of her head and pulled her towards me. The chain rattled and the collar around her neck tightened. The blonde began to turn white as she struggled to breath. When she began to choke, I let her go and watched her face flushed into crimson."You fucking bastard." she spat once she caught her breath. "My dad's going to skin you alive.""Well, if only your daddy can find me. Slut." I reminded and splayed my fingers on top of the lewd tattoo. "And of course, that is if he can find you first."I felt the blonde trembled and an appreciative smile curved my lips. I was pretty sure she knew why I had touched there. "Daddy is so not going to be proud with his little girl having this tattoo.""Don't touch me." she snapped angrily.Jesus. This girl really was something. I would have thought she would be a crying mess like the brunette over there by now. In fact, every slave that I had my hands on turned into a sobbing mess within the first few minutes of waking up. But apparently not this blonde. This blonde was really something else. Time to step up the ante.I grabbed the blonde's hair and yanked her to cut off her airway once more. As I held her head in place, my other hand prodded her pussy until two of my fingers slid into her dry snatch. "You will be sorry talking to me like that, slut." I hissed into her ear.I began to finger-fuck her cunt. I watched her mouth opened as gagging sound escaped her throat. "I'm gonna make sure your cunt's real sore, slut." I felt her pussy gripped around my relentless fingers while her legs trashed about in vain trying to shield herself. Eventually, her opening began to dampen, allowing my fingers to move faster and faster.Once her face turned blue, I let her go. Her cunt practically squeezed my fingers out. The blonde then groaned like a maimed a****l as she writhed and tensed. At first I thought she might be having a case of cardiac arrest, which was highly unlikely with her age, until her cunt squirted a shot glass worth of female cum onto the bedsheet."Ahhh....!!!" she cried at the same time trying to catch her own breath."You didn't just cum now, did you?" I asked rhetorically with a sense of surprise. God, how long had that been? Thirty seconds?"Don'! You...asshole." she gasped with a very red face."When will you learn your lesson." I made a mock sigh and then yanked her head up once more. She made a gagging sound as I abruptly cut off her breath. My two fingers found their way back into her wet snatch and resumed the finger-fucking where we had left off.Her legs twitched and pulled against the restraints. Her body twisted and turned like a trapped fox desperate to escape. The chain rattled on and on, mixing with the sloppy sound of fingers moving in and out of the hole between her legs. When her face turned blue, I let her go again and watched the blonde arched her back. A second dose of girly cum oozed out of her battered sex."Ahh...stop...!" she gasped.I yanked her head up again. "You better start saying please master." I hissed and resumed the intense regiment of finger fucking. Her cunt gaped and squeezed my intruding fingers as if desperately trying to get me out. I repeatedly stroked the wet opening hard and fast until it squirted the third and perhaps, from the considerably smaller amount, the last time. The blonde went limp and collapsed onto the bed."What do you want, slut?" I growled at the gasping girl."Puh...puh....leeezzz...stop..." she finally said while still struggling to get the much needed air into her lungs."Please stop what?" I asked while seizing her nipple in a tight pinch."Ahhh...p-please s-stop, master." she corrected."Good girl."I stood up from the bed and marveled at the huge wet spot that had formed around her hips. I hadn't seen such productive squirter for a very long time and if this bitch wasn't rich, I would sell her off to the highest bidder. Squirters of this magnitude are a rare find and highly sought in the slave market. Squirters can't pretend to have an orgasm, which makes them all the more fun to play with. Hence the higher price."You are quite the squirter, aren't you. Let's see if your friend here can squirt as much as you do.""No! Please don't." the brunette started to struggle. "Oh, please. My parents will give you anything you want. Just let me go." the brunette offered as I made my way to the large wooden box where all the sex toys were kept.I pulled open the box. Inside were a bunch of dildos and enough plugs to fill every single hole the girls had three times over. I fished around the pile and finally pulled out a purple vibrator dildo the size of a Wii controller. The common size most girls have for their fun time in the bedroom."Please. I beg you. Please. Just let me go." the brunette trashed relentlessly. "Please let me go master."I couldn't help but to smile at her calling me master. "Nice try, whore. But no. You are getting an orgasm now.""Please oh please oh-" I cut her plea short by covering her mouth with my hand. I pressed the button on the vibrator dildo and a buzzing sound reverberated through the room. Then, I nuzzled the tip of the dildo between her pussy lips. The girl arched her back as she struggled to get away from the vibration but I made sure the tip stay where I wanted it to be. The brunette mewled, whimpered and occasionally yelped when I hit a sensitive spot."The faster you cum, the faster we can move on."After a while, the brunette began trembling and judging from the flushing of her body, I knew she's pretty much aroused by now. Her cunt would be really wet and welcoming. I was right when I gave the vibrator a light nudge and the whole thing sank right into her pussy. As if like a loaded spring being released, the girl jerked her hips away. The vibrator came loose from my grip and fell out of her pussy and onto the bed."Aww, is that too powerful for you?" I remarked snidely at the panting girl.I climbed up the bed and straddled the brunette, my ass pinning her hips down onto the bed. With one hand, I pressed one of her thigh down, forcing her to open wider. I retrieved the vibrating dildo from the bed and plunged it right back to the brunette's pussy. Her reluctant opening widened and sucked in the vibrating device. The girl tensed up but this time, she wasn't able to move much."Pllllleeeeaaaasseeee stopppp..." the girl wailed and I instantly regretted not having her gagged. It wasn't like I was afraid of the neighbors hearing the girls' cries. It was just that their shrieks were really getting on my nerves. I would gag them later on, especially the brunette. But for now, I had to make do.I pumped the vibrating dildo in and out of her. Her snatch quivered at the intense stimulation and the brunette squealed like a fucking banshee. Her thigh tensed so hard I thought she might even get herself a cramp. Cramp could seriously tear a muscle fiber, which was not something that I wanted. So I let her thigh go and watched her snapped it up to attempt to close her pussy. The chain rattled and stopped her from closing it entirely, allowing me an ample amount of space to keep working her pussy real hard."Ughhh....." she let out a guttural groan as if she's struggling to keep herself from cumming. Well, not on my watch. I hastened my strokes against the helpless pussy and finally, the brunette surrendered to the stimulation and let out a powerful jet of girly cum. It wasn't as much as the blonde, but if was enough to be considered as a squirter.I pulled the dildo out and watched the cunt gaped as if it too needed air. When the cunt stopped gaping, I filled it up with the dildo all over again."Ahhh, please stop." the brunette cried."Please stop what?""Please stop, master. Please oh please." she cried out a girly squeal and her pussy unleashed yet another torrent of cum out as if to reward my hard work."Good girl." I climbed down from the bed and tossed the used toy onto an empty basket. I turned back to look at the two girls and marveled at my handiwork. The bedsheet had to be changed, that's without a doubt. But for now, I would let these two rest a little. The blonde, while I was working on the brunette, seemed to have dozed off. And I was pretty sure the brunette's going to follow soon.Well, it's only been an hour. There's still a lot of time left before I intended to let them go. There's no rush.Chapter 4I went back to the hotel. I needed to show the hotel's CCTV that I was not away for long period of time. The more I was seen at the hotel, less of a suspect I would be in the eyes of any potential investigator. In fact, just as I expected, there were already policemen at the lobby of the hotel asking questions. As I approached the elevator, one officer came up to me."Good day sir." he said in a very accented English. "Have you see these two girls before?" he showed me two pictures. One was the blonde and the other was the brunette."Yeah." I said."Where?""Seen them at the bar by the beach." I knew I couldn't lie about this detail as the bar had CCTV."When?""Yesterday afternoon. Why?""Just a routine investigation. Can I have your information?" the officer asked.I gave him all my fake identification. Under simple investigation, my identity was as legit as any other. Only upon intense scrutiny would they know that the identity was fake. But by then, I would have been in another country or had a new identity all together. Then again, I had a feeling that this officer wouldn't go beyond the simple checkup.I went up to my room and took a quick shower to wash off the dried sweat. The shower was a relief and part of me knew that the girls needed shower too and really soon. I hated dirty slaves and even if I hated these to girls more, I still didn't want them to smell like yesterday's piss. After washing myself off, I called for room service and ordered my lunch.While waiting for the room service to come, I retrieved my laptop from the safe and linked it up to a private server. A few moments later and the laptop screen displayed the footage of the hidden camera on the ceiling of the lot. From this angle, I could see the splayed form of the two girls on the large king size bed. The two were already awake and were screaming at the top of their lungs. Well, they could scream all they want and not a single soul would hear them. The studio used to be rented by wannabe rock bands and the entire wall was fitted with soundproof matting. The two would realize how futile it was to scream for help very soon.The room service came shortly after and delivered the things I ordered. I took my time to eat the meal since I couldn't leave too quick as it would be suspicious. I had to stay at least an hour before I could go. In my line of work, one could never be too careful. When the hour's up, I took off into the market and bought food for the girls. I didn't know what they liked but as long as it wasn't fried insect, I was pretty sure their hungry stomach wouldn't complain much. I even got two dog bowls from the local pet shop, one's pink and the other's light green, which are essential for their punishments.When I entered the lot, the girls squealed in fear. The brunette pleaded as usual and the blonde conveniently added in as if they had both planned to negotiate in advance to convince me to let them go. The brunette told me how much I would be getting and the blonde topped up the amount to twice of that offered by the brunette. Well, if only the girls knew that no amount of money could get their sorry asses out of this. Besides, I would let them go, eventually. But these two didn't need to know that for now."Shut up. Anymore sound coming from your mouth and I will stuff something in it."That shut them up immediately. I went to prepare their food, which were some kind of porridge with meatballs in them. It wasn't in anyway vile but to these two, who dined all their lives with chateau wine and caviar, it would be. And I was counting on that.I poured the viscous matter into the dog bowls. Then, I went to the wooden box and picked up a cattle prod. It was of course tweaked a little to reduce the amount of current in the shock. Leather isn't the same as delicate feminine skin. I never liked damaging my slaves and I ensured the cattle prod's power was never too high. Still, it would definitely still hurt.I pulled on the balaclava and then proceeded removing the girls' blindfolds. The bright light blinded them temporarily while their eyes adjusted. Soon, the two sets of teary eyes, one hazel brown and one bright blue, fell on me. I waved the cattle prod in front of them and then triggered the tool. A spark sizzled between the two tiny metal prong."I'm going to untie you one by one. If you try to do anything stupid, like say escaping, bloody pray that you get away. Because if you don't, I'm going to make sure that you wish you weren't born a female."The two girls squirmed at the threat. They had sampled just how rough things could get just a moment ago and obviously didn't want anymore of it. I went to the brunette first. I unclasped the chain to her collar and then one by one, I released her limbs. I held her tightly by her delicate neck and yanked her out of the bed."Please. Just let us go." she sobbed. "Owh!""Every time you talk without permission, I will shock you." I warned and nudged her forward with the cattle prod. She limply went to the spot where I had laid the dog bowls. I grabbed one of the nearby chain and then locked it into her collar hook. It had a mechanism that required some skills to open so no slave could open it on the fly and escape."Now, get down on your four.""What?"I pressed the button on the cattle prod and electricity surged through the brunette's skin."Ouch!" she cried and quickly got onto her four."Good girl. Now eat. The pink bowl is yours."She looked up to me with a frown of confusion. But the girl had obviously learned not to speak unless given permission to as she remained quiet."You may speak." I informed."Fork and spoon.""There's no fork and spoon. Use your mouth and only your mouth." I said and couldn't help but smiled at the look of horror in the brunette's face. I went back for the blonde and dragged her to the same spot. She was very forthcoming now, as though she kind of realized that talking too much wasn't going to save her skin anymore than begging the sun for rain."Now eat up.""But we-" the blonde spoke and received a shock from the prod."Ask for permission before you speak."The blonde's face contorted in an emotional dilemma. In one hand, she was obviously new to the 'getting permission' department. On the other, she disliked the pain she would receive every time she breached the code. It was fun watching the girl contemplated while tears stung her eyes."May I speak?" she finally asked in surrender."Yes.""We can't eat this." she looked at the two bowl of grub."Why not?""It's disgusting."she sniffled."You have even tried it yet. How would you know?""We never eaten something like this." the blonde choked on her own sob."Well, I tell you what. This food is going inside you one way or another. If you don't eat it, or can't finish it, I will shove it all up into you through the other end.""Y-you won't." the blonde said in complete disbelief."You want to try?" I growled. Not that I would since there's a high chance of causing unwanted bowel infection. Still, as the saying goes, they didn't need to know.The two girls exchanged a look of despair before reluctantly lowering their head onto the meal. One bite after another, they began consuming the food on all four. That would certainly shatter whatever self-esteem they still had left. I found it to be very effective in subduing a slave, as though it solidified the notion that they were owed in every sense of that word.It was slow and deliberate at first. But as they began to realize how tasty the food was, they appetite grew. Small bites turned into larger ones. I watched their heads bobbed up and down as they munched away at the dog bowl. I couldn't help but to enjoy their cute butts propped up into the air as they ate.I went back to my seat and checked the state of severity of the search. So far none of the news outlet had yet knew of the k**napping. It wouldn't be long though. Whatever the case, I needed to release the two before the news get wind of it and made this whole thing public. When it's public, the police would be forced to search harder. It wouldn't be long for the police to find me after that.After half and hour or so, I checked back on the two, they were both trying their best to finish up the few bits of the grub at the edges of the bowl. No doubt they were terrified that I really was going to go through with what I said and shove whatever leftover into their assholes. Satisfied with what I saw, I pulled the bowls away. The two girls looked up at me in utter fear that it was almost comical. The fact that their faces were covered with grub added to the amusement."You won't be able to eat them anyways. And no, I'm not going to shove them in your assholes." I informed and saw the two girls visibly relaxed."Now, time for your training.""Emmm..." the brunette whimpered."Don't worry, if you are a good girl, I will make it enjoyable." I remarked. I went with the blonde this time. Once I had her collar unclasped from the chain, I pulled her towards one of the wooden stocks."No." she retreated only to collide her back with my body. I wrapped my arms around her small frame and carried her to it."That's one." I cryptically said when I placed her down on her feet. She immediately tried to run away as expected of all new slaves. I grabbed hold of her neck and forced her down until it was rested on the semi-circle carved out of the wood panel."That's two." I informed. "Now, put your hands on the curve.""No you sick pervert." she screamed and struggled."That's three strike now. Slut." I growled. I grabbed the short chain installed to the wooden panel and clasped it onto the blonde's collar, trapping her head at where I wanted her to be. Then, I secured each wrist before finally swinging the other half of the stock over the top and locked the blonde in place."Ahhhh....let me go you sick fuck!" she tried to pull away but the stock kept her body in place and at a ninety degree bent."That's four now, slut. You really don't want the count to be too high." I warned as I knelt down by her legs. I pulled her legs apart and then locked each ankle to the respective shackle bolted to the ground. I took a step back and looked at the setup. The blonde was certainly in a very humiliating position where her bare ass was in complete display and her legs parted considerably for easy access to her pussy. I checked the restraints again making sure they were secure and weren't cutting off blood to any limb.I went to the wooden box and opened up the cover. In there, I grabbed a bottle of lube, a length of climbing rope and a butthook. The blonde turned wide-eye staring at the stuff that I was bringing to her."Get away from me!" she cried while pulling against her restraints."That's five, slut.""I don't fucking care. Let me out or I will fucking kill you." she barked rabidly."It seems like you haven't learned anything." I turned around to the wooden box and retrieved a ballgag. I went back to her and the first thing I did, despite her vehement resistance, was installing the ballgag. "There, much quieter." The blonde's eyes were bloodshot with both anger and despair. I gave her a pat on her head and then walked around to her ass. I squeezed a generous amount of lube onto the bulbous tip of the butthook and spread it evenly with my fingers. Then, I hooked my arm around her stomach and held her still. Once I had a firm hold on her, I eased the butthook right into her tight asshole."Emmmmmpphhhh..." the blonde cried a muffled protest.I ignored her and kept up the pressure. Eventually, her asshole yielded and spread open for the bulbous tip to enter. There's a guttural groan coming from the blonde as I eased the hook deeper into her. Once the hook was firmly secured inside her, I tied one end of the climbing rope around the hook and then inserted the other end of the rope through a tiny ring installed at the top of the wooden stock. I pulled the rope until the blonde began to arch her back and her butt perk up. Satisfied with the taut of the rope, I finally tied a simple knot around the ring to keep everything in place.I put some lube on my fingers and then jabbed them into the blonde's propped cunt. The blonde cried out of her gag but her ass remained relatively still. I increased the pace and fingered her hard. Her ass had remained still the entire minute of harsh fingering. Obviously, the hook had worked perfectly. Either that or she really enjoyed being fingered. But then again, no slave liked being fingered that harshly on their first day, or the first week for that matter.I turned to the brunette now. She was already a sobbing mess, no doubt, after witnessing the way her friend was being bound. There's another wooden stock right beside the blonde's and it was still empty. It doesn't take a genius to figure out who's going to fill in that place."Your turn, whore." I said and went to her. She scampered away like a terrified rat while shaking her head. I couldn't help but to smile at the recognition of her own fragility. She truly realized how weak she was and if she hadn't, the next hour would solidify that notion properly.Hell, I might have been cruel, or sadistic for that matter. But whatever that I had done to them was very much the same a BDSM enthusiast would pursue. Unknown to these two, however much I hated them and wanted them punished, I still kept safety the highest priority. But boy I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy scaring the living crap out of them."Either you be a good girl and get yourself into the stock, or I can haul your ass there and then whip till your ass bleed. Your choice, whore." I informed."I'll go there on my own." the brunette sniffled and sobbed."Good girl."I unclasped the chain from her collar and ushered her to her inescapable fate. She obediently placed her neck and wrists onto the semi-circles and let me locked the stock in place. Then, I went to her ankles and secured them to the ground as I had done with the blonde's. Once I got her secured, I fetched a ballgag, a butthook and rope from the wooden box. Within a minute, I had two beautiful young things, stocked and hooked, ass perked up and cunt exposed, gagged and helpless, and ready to be trained.From the wooden box, I picked up a cushioned spanking paddle. These girls couldn't handle the wooden paddles yet and I was not that much of a sadist. I went back to them and began rubbing the smooth leather surface of the paddle against her ass cheeks. The blonde squirmed against the restraints and mewled through the gag.I lifted the paddle about a foot and sent it back down. A loud smack cracked the silence of the room. The blonde lunged an inch forward before coming back to position."Five strikes, slut." I reminded. "Each strike earns you five extra spanking. First strike, never speak without permission." I then landed five consecutive smacks onto her bare butt. The nubile flesh jiggled at each hard strike."Emmmmpppphhhh..." the blonde squealed bloody murder."Shut up. You deserve it." I reprimanded and landed yet another five smacks, each one slightly harder than the next. The once pale ass began to turn red."Emmmppphfffkkk....Ewwww...""Did you just say 'fuck you'?" I asked rhetorically in a very ominous tone. I knew exactly what my slaves even when they were gagged. It was a skill I developed over years of training them. The blonde quickly went silent as though she realized how much trouble she's in right now."When will you ever learn my little slut." I sighed and went to the wooden box. After a quick search, I found what I was looking for. I went back to the blonde and knelt in front of her. Then, I showed her the content I had in my hand. They were to silvery clips with weights attached to it. "Do you know what they are for?"The blonde swallowed nervously and shook her head slowly."I will show you." I grabbed her by her left nipple and clamped the silvery clip on it. The blonde cried in pain and then cried once again when I fastened the clip to the other nipple. "Better watch your mouth, slut. Or else the next thing I clip will be your sorry cunt."The blonde blinked in the tears but still didn't not look away from my eyes. Almost as if she was challenging me, taunting me to do my worst. But as a trained slaver, doing my worst was not something I would ever go for. It's too risky and too damaging to the slaves. Still, I enjoyed a little challenge. And I would be loving every single moment in breaking this bitch in."Let's continue."I resumed the spanking. I took my leisure and spanking the blonde. Each stroke began to be more erratic and unpredictable than before. When the blonde thought that I would spank her, I ended up with rubbing the paddle on her warm ass. Each spank also sent her lurching forward and the weighted clips swung back and forth pulling against her nipples. I loved the way how her body responded as she slowly grew wetter by the second. Some females have a tendency to get aroused when being dominated and looked like this blonde here belonged to that category.When I had finally delivered the promised twenty strokes, the blonde was squirming in heat. Her pink pussy lips were glistening with wetness and a few droplets of her arousal had slid down along her inner thigh. I tapped the paddle lightly onto her heated sex and teased it further."You are turned on by the spanking, aren't you?" I remarked snidely. "You are such a little horny slut." I added. It was some kind of mental manipulation on my part. Being told the same thing over and over again and you will be exactly that.I turned my attention to the next girl. She had been neglected for long enough and she too deserved a spanking of her own. When I saw the swollen lips the brunette's pussy, and the beads of arousal rolling out of her gaping opening, I chuckled in amusement. It seemed like the anticipation of being spank was enough to get this one all wet and horny."Look at what we have here." I mused loudly and pushed two fingers into the wet hole.The brunette moaned in what sounded like delight and ground her ass against my fingers. It seemed little brunette here too loved to be dominated. I had seen slaves becoming submissive within the first few hours and began to enjoy the training rather than hate it. But still, training shouldn't be all enjoyment and no pain. I had long learned not to be carried away by the seemingly accepting behavior of the slaves and failed to train them appropriately."Aren't you a dirty little whore?" I mocked, hoping that the words would jar her off the state of arousal she was possessed by. Immediately, the brunette shook her ass in whatever narrow space afforded by the hook. Her moans were no longer derived from arousal but from irritation.I pulled my fingers out of her and then administered ten smacks onto her lovely round ass. I watched her body tensed and relaxed at each smack. blood rushed to the hurt area and her ass turned red and spotty. Evidently, she went back into the state of arousal that had once possessed her. Her cunt was practically drooling with need."Look at your worthless cunt, whore." I mused as I rubbed my fingers along the wet crevice. "It's so wet and ready. I'm sure you want something big and hard inside you right now."The brunette mewled in what sounded like somewhere between wanting me and hating me."Do you want me to fuck your worthless cunt, little whore?" I asked salaciously while my finger gently prodded the troubled flesh.The brunette raised her ass slightly as if searching for more stimulation from my finger. I eased the pressure off a little, keeping my touch frustratingly light. She seemed to notice my deliberation and grunted in annoyance. I watched her grinding ass with amusement as she desperately sought the stimulation my oh so teasing finger provided."Do you want me to make your slutty pussy cum?" I teased and pushed my finger one knuckle into her. A light moan escaped the brunette's throat. I roughly pulled the gag off her mouth, causing the girl to yelp. As I sank my finger deeper inside her, she squeaked."You have to beg if you want to cum." I informed with a snide smirk. I couldn't say I wasn't proud of myself to see the girl who once thought she could walk all over me now found herself in the verge of begging me for relief.I watched her eyes blinked with needs. At the same time, I saw the battle that she was fighting inside her head. The battle that all new slaves had. To resist and suffer or to surrender and relieved. Most battle always ended up with the slave giving in and even if the slave didn't at first, a few hours of constant teasing would convinced her otherwise."You want to cum don't you?" I goaded and shoved a second finger into her wet opening.She shut her eyes tightly and shook her head."No? Well, I'm not so sure if that's what your body wants?" I moved the fingers out only to slid them all the way in. Her legs gave way a little, the hook pulled against her asshole, and she quickly straightened back up. Poor little sweet cake had no where to go but to endure my teasing."Ahhh...please." she whimpered."Please what, whore? What do you want?""Emmmm...I cum." she whined."Only a whore can cum on a stranger's fingers. Are you a whore?" I teased further.She said no but her ass kept grinding on my fingers. Her pussy clenched relentlessly around my fingers, as if it was begging for more."Come on. You can say it. Say 'I'm a whore' and you can cum all you want." I goaded. All new slaves needed a little encouragement to get them going. Needed a little 'yeah, it's normal to admit that' kind of talk."I'm..." she mewled and then clammed up."You are what?" I continued to work on her drenched pink lips. "You don't say it, you don't get to cum.""I'm a whore." she finally cried out in utter desperation."Good girl." I rewarded her with a third finger. "Now say it like you mean it.""Please. Just let me cum.""You know what you need to do to cum."A short silence later and the brunette began repeating the words as if her life depended on it. Every time she said it, I would move the fingers faster, rewarding her for her compliance."Now beg me to make your worthless pussy cum.""Please make my worthless pussy cum, master. Please make this whore cum." she cried out.And that was all I needed to go full force on her pussy. She let out a guttural groan before her ass trembled violently and gush of feminine cum shot out of her stimulated cunt. While she squirted, I kept my pace and fingered her further till she began to struggle against the hook and shackles to seek reprieve. The restraints kept her relatively still while my fingers continued with the assault and before long, her cunt surrendered another bountiful dose of cum to me."That's it, whore. You like that don't you." I patted her butt patronizingly. "Now that I've made you cum, I think it's only fair that you make me cum as well."I unbuckled my pants and pulled out my hard erection. I had been waiting for too long and my cock was already aching with the need for release. I remembered the snark remark she had made on the beach yesterday and had vouched to return the favor. I penetrated her wet sex harshly. The warm welcoming nubile opening sucked me in and wrapped around me tightly."Oh, god. You have a tight pussy." I shuddered as the pleasure spread through my body."You are so big!" she protested. I might have heard wrong but it did sound like she wasn't completely disgusted by the fact that I had my cock inside her. Most slaves did. On the first day at least. Hence the restraints. Well, whatever. Like it or not, her pussy wasn't going anywhere until I said so.I pulled my cock out and then pounded hard into her once more. The brunette lurched forward from the momentum only to be pulled back to receive the next thrust. Sounds of wet flesh rubbing against wet flesh reverberated through the room. My hips smacked against her ass at each violent blow.When I felt my balls twitching with the promise of release, I hastened my pace. The stock squeaked at the seams and the chains rattled at the roughness done to the occupant while screams of what sounded like pure ecstasy echoed in the room."You like that don't you? You like being fucked like a whore." I growled as I approached my release."Yes. Ahh...I'm your whore. Fuck my worthless cunt, master."Her unexpected respond hit me like a lit candle on the powder room and I felt my balls clenched. The floodgate fell open. A surge of cum rose through my hard throbbing flesh and rope after rope of my potent seeds filled up the brunette's inviting cunt.As soon as the cum hit her, her pussy clenched hard around my cock, milking me, drawing more cum out of me. I growled and the girl squeal as we both hit our climax hard.With my balls drained, I pulled my cock out of her cunt and watched the thick white cum leaked out of her snatch. She was a really good fuck, I had to say. In fact, her cunt might have been the best I had fucked. And to my surprise, she had enjoyed it much that I anticipated. I didn't like the fact that her punishment had become her entertainment but the orgasm she gave me was more than enough to compensate."Are you on pills, whore?" I asked. The last thing I wanted was accidentally fathering a c***d with a slave. It didn't make good business."Yes." she panted."Good girl." I gave her ass a little pat and turned to the now neglected blonde.Apparently, this little naughty slut was leaking all the while her friend was being fucked. Her cunt was as wet, if not, wetter than the cunt of the now well fucked brunette. However much I would love to fuck her cunt too, my old age certainly hadn't been too agreeable with my body. My cock was limp and it would take about an hour before I could pound her. Still, there's various toys in the wooden box that could do the same job.I went and picked out a dildo as thick as my cock. Grabbing a stool nearby, I positioned myself in front of the blonde's bare ass. Her inner thighs were glistening with rivulet of her arousal flowing out of her cunt. I tipped the dildo right at her opening and shoved it in without any warning. The blonde lurched forward and let out what almost sounded like an appreciated moan.I grabbed hold on her gag and just like it with the brunette, I yanked it down. The blonde let out a loud gasp as if she finally caught a breath of fresh air."Do you want to cum too, slut?""Fuck you." the blonde hissed."Still haven't learned your lesson, I see." I said nonchalantly while shoving the dildo into her a few times."Ahhh..." she quivered with needs."Beg me and I will forgive you.""You will never get away with this." she threatened while squirming to find some sort of relief for her troubled pussy."Oh, I'm pretty sure I will. Now, do you want to come?" I kept the dildo sliding in and out of her sedately. Enough to edge but not enough to make her cum."Go to hell.""Been there." I casually said. Not that these two knew what hell really was. I doubt they didn't even realize they were in heaven throughout their sheltered lives. And if they thought this was hell, wait till they got k**napped by a sadistic slaver. This was far from hell.And to some, it might even be the haven of salvation. "So, cum or no cum?""Stop asking me!" she growled .I shrugged and kept the dildo sliding in and out of her eager cunt. The blonde trembled while squirming against her restraints. Every time she pulled too hard against the butthook she would snap back into the default position. There's simply no escape from the bondage and the sooner she realized that I was not going to stop fucking her cunt, the faster we could move on."Your cunt is leaking like crazy." I remarked. The sloppy sound of the dildo sliding against her moist flesh was a testament to that."Stop!" she whimpered."I'm not going to stop until you cum." I said and gave her ass a slap. "And I'm not letting you cum until you beg. Either way, you aren't going anywhere until I get what I want.""You are evil!""I'm surprised you only realize that now.""Ahhh...stop..." her voice croaked and thick with arousal."You know how to stop it, slut.""Ugh...stop. Please." she pleaded."Try again"I moved the dildo faster and when she tensed as if she's at the verge of release, I slowed the movement. The blonde undulated her hips a little, obviously trying to illicit more pleasure out of the dildo. But no amount of undulation could help her if she did not beg. I would simply slow down enough to compensate for the unwarranted movement."Okay. Okay! I give up. Ugh! Please make me cum.""Try again with more sincerity.""Emmmm..." she whined. "Please make me cum master.""You want me to pound this cunt till it squirt.""Y-yes..." she whimpered."You want me make you squirt like a slut?""Y-yessss...please just make me cum already. Master."That was a good enough answer and I hastened the motion. I drove the dildo in and out of her fast enough to drag her pussy lips along at every stroke. The sound of wet flesh slapping grew louder and louder until the blonde began squealing in orgasmic delight. The cunt clenched and squeezed the dildo out of it before shooting out a stream of transparent liquid onto the floor. It almost looked like she had just pissed herself."Good girl. That wasn't too hard now, was it?"The blonde girl began to sob in despair. It was the kind of crying when a slave had been broken. I had robbed her sense of control and forced her to reconcile with the fact that she was nothing but an sexual object. A lot of slaves went through such a phase and ultimately most surpassed it. Still, I knew I had made my point and these girls had received the punishment they so deserved."How is it being treated like shit?" I grabbed the blonde by her cheeks and held her eyes to mine.The blonde only sobbed and cried harder."Not that good isn't it. Next time, try not to piss off people you don't know. They might turn out to be your fucking nightmare. And you too." I turned to the brunette, whose eyes were red with tears."Now, can I have your daddy's number. I need to make a call so they know where to find their missing little girls."Chapter 5I made a call to the blonde's father through an encrypted channel. However the movies would like you to believe that it takes a minute to crack your location, current technology can do it in a few microseconds. Encryption is always the best way to stop people from finding where you are.Needless to say, the blonde's daddy was terrified by the k**napping and had offered ransom even when I didn't ask for it. But ransom was too slow and too risky, and I never wanted the money in the first place. I told him that he would know where to get the girls in an hour and told him to make preparation to receive them.Of course he didn't know about the deeds done to his daughter. He would know soon enough when his little girl confide everything to him. Or maybe not. Who knows.I used the remaining one hour I have with the girls to clean them up of any incriminating evidence. That included douching out the brunette and get every last drop of my cum out of her pussy. Then, I gave the two a mild dose of sedative and watched them go to sleep. Once they were out, I picked them up and took their naked form to the van.I drove a good ten miles away from the lot and parked my van near an alleyway. I took the girls out and placed them behind a dumpster and covered them with a blanket. I wouldn't want anyone to stumble across their naked form and start r****g them. They had received their punishment and that was the end of it. Once I was sure that they were safe, I retreated to an inconspicuous vantage point that allowed me to look into the alleyway.I gave the blonde's dad a call and told him where exactly his daughter was. Ten minutes later, three black sedans pulled up on the street and a dozen of men in suit leapt out. It didn't take long for them to find the girls and then lifted their slumbering form into one of the cars. The three cars drove off into a distance.I came down from the vantage point, got into my van, and then headed back to the hotel. There were more police surrounding the area. But they weren't questioning. They were more like patrolling, as if the hotel had become a dangerous place for illicit business or something and needed the extra vigilance. I had no doubt that my action was responsible for that. Nevertheless, they would come and go. And everything would return to normal real soon.There was no report of the k**napping in any media outlet. Apparently, the k**napping must have been too brief for the news to catch on. Either that or the girls' parents had silenced the press. I would place my bet on the latter since no parents would want the public to know that their daughters had just been ****d and found naked at a dumpster. Especially not parents with a multi-billion dollar company to manage and social image to uphold.The lot was cleaned with a group of professionals to rid off any form of evidence that would lead the investigators back to me. Not that there was much investigation going on anyways. Still, one could never be too careful. The lewd furniture were dismantled and were taken into storage together with the wooden box filled with sex toys.I checked out of the hotel three days later and went back to the States. It was time to find my next potential slave to be trained and sold. It certainly isn't a good career path but sometimes, someone has to do the dirty job to remind society why they should never keep their guard down and continued to be vigilant.EpilogueI was sipping a Gin and Tonic at the very same bar by the beach. The bartender was different now. Nevertheless, the Gin and Tonic was quite the taste to behold coming from this tiny shack.Just around an hour ago, I had sold a slave to a successful stock broker. The man obviously could have gotten any women he had wanted with the amount of money he earned. But he needed to feel the excitement derived from the purchasing of a slave. It wasn't so much about the money or the woman, it was more of the act of buying a slave itself. At least he didn't seem like a person with a soul of a demon and my slave was kind of fond of him too.Since I hadn't had any slave to train, and my previous dealing had paid me a rather handsome paycheck, my schedule was cleared for the coming few weeks. I had decided to come back to Honduras, to the very same beach I did my business a year ago and enjoy the peace and quiet the crashing of waves provided.Then, a loud bubbly giggle shattered that silence, invoking some stark memories I had of this place. In front of the bar were two young girls in bikinis. I had to blink in disbelief, wondering if I just had a bad case of de javu. The brown haired girl was wearing a turquoise bikini set that didn't do much to cover her nubile body. The redhead on the other hand was more modest with her choice of swimwear but still revealed a lot of her young feminine curves. "Stop looking at us creep." the brown haired hissed. "Stop wearing so revealing then, bitch." the answer came out of my lips so naturally it shocked me. "What did you just call me?" the brown haired girl came into of me and slapped my drink away from my hand. "Do you know who my daddy is?"It seemed like history always repeat itself...-The End-
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