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ChatOriginal copy of a chat I had. it starts only when it's beginning to be hot. We chatted more than one 1 hour before this, though I#m still not sure if it was fake or not.Stranger: I just cut myself by accident You: How and where?Stranger: With my razor, I was shaving, and just below my underwear line it hurtsYou: shaving and chatting at the same time? not clever..Stranger: I know this now :3You: If it is just bleeding a little, put white toothpaste on itStranger: What does it do?You: stops bleeding, but it burns slightlyStranger: Nice one secondStranger: Its a nice sensation You: so it works? goodStranger: Yes it does Stranger: And the stinging is quite niceYou: getting naughty?Stranger: Did you guess that pain turns me on? XDYou: don't know, there are people that love pain; not me!Stranger: I don't love it, but little stinging things like this and being bitten really arouse me...You: just looked up "arouse" in a dictionary, and there are translations in the direction of "turns me on", so I'm still not sureStranger: Makes me want to get naughtyYou: ok, may I help?Stranger: It is after midnight, so I'm technically 18, sure You: What, it's your birthday?Stranger: Yep You: Happy Birthday little Lady!Stranger: Thank you, big boy! You: It's not so big..........You: Do you have to remove your piercings for shaving?Stranger: On my vagina yeahYou: Are they in now?Stranger: Yeah, I shave every other day so it doesnt get out of control, I can shave around them like thisYou: So you have finished shaving?Stranger: Just about yepYou: completely smooth, I would give a lot to test itStranger: You wouldn't need to give a lot, I'd let you, strangely enoughYou: would you prefer my tongue or my finger?Stranger: You choose, I'll take a photo now, so you can make a better decision Stranger: Hope you don't mind I have my padlocks in right now ;pYou: padlocks? Nice ideaStranger: Yeah 3 little ones going through both sides, like a chastity belt :3Stranger: I find it hot, and really comfyStranger: thought something like that when you mentioned the piercings first time, but then it was too early to askStranger: Aww, yeah, I have the keys on a chain around my neck, and no one knows what theyre for except meYou: I thought they would go through piercing rings not instead of.....Stranger: They're piercing padlocks, tiny little things, I prefer it to rings, they don't make any noise when I walkStranger: The rings sometimes hit each other and make little noisesStranger: Kind of embarassinglYou: you sit with these? you must be all wet the whole dayStranger: I get used to it, and I'm pretty good at not getting wet, I need to be naked or in pain to actually get wetYou: I'll start with two fingers at the top of your labias, each on one side, going down slowly......Stranger: And I'll be playing with the keys in my mouth...You: I grab the third padlock and pull it gentlyStranger: Lowest or highest?Stranger: Me againYou: The lowest, I started from the top going down, remember?Stranger: Oh yeah :3 I'm pulling on it nowYou: You like little pain? I continue pulling it until you say stopYou: pull, release, pull again........Stranger: Pulling it never hurts too muchStranger: Its always just right, perfect to get me really wetYou: getting wet already? I carress your clit with my thumb, still playing with the padlockStranger: Im doing what you say, to myself... And yeah I am alreadyYou: Now i pull all 3 padlocks woth one hand and put one finger of the other hand between the padlocks and the skin betwenn your labias, rubbin the finger gently up and downStranger: Mmm... You know what I like... You: going all the way from the clit down to the small opening of your vagina, up and down, up and down. The other hand still plays with the padlocks...........Stranger: Mmmm keep goingYou: Now I change, I take the upper padlock, move it so that it lays on your clit use the padlock to work your little scepterYou: are you cmpletely naked?Stranger: Mmmm, yeah I amYou: My mouth grabs one of your nipples, catching the piercing with my teeth, whilst one finger go down below the third padlock in slowly enters the warm, wet sorrounding of your vaginaStranger: Mmm, I stroke your head, and my legs tense a little from the pleasureYou: I am still pressing the padlock to your clit with my thumb, releasing the pressure, raising it again, drawing small circles with the padlock, Ma finger in your vag coms up to the inner front side, playing with your G-SpotStranger: My vag tightens around your finger, and I muffle a moanYou: I add a second finger, starting to fuck you with small, short moves, my mouth wanders up to the side of your neck and I give you small bites thereStranger: The keys drop from my mouth and I breathe heavily and press your head to my neckStranger: You won't fit anything more than two without unlocking me xYou: I keep on with the bites, wandering down to your breats again ( big? small? ), giving little bites to the smooth side of your breast. My fingers start fucking you deeper, mylittle finger caresses the outside of your back regionStranger: Look at the pic Hun, theyre 32C in uk sizesYou: which pic?Stranger: I release your clit for a while, using my now free hand to remove the chain around your neck, not without kissing and biting itStranger: Mmmm, if you take the locks off, I can make my vag as tight or wide as you want, you ould put a fist in me, and I'll be tight enough for your penis to only just fit in meStranger: Could*You: I will only remove the lowest lock, at the moment it's not me to have the fun!You: On the way down my hand squeezes your right breast really tightStranger: don't be gentle, if it hurts it'll only make me more wetYou: On the further way down I let the keys scratch your skin, the I remove the lowest lockStranger: MmmYou: (possible new pic? )You: My two finger fuck you even deeper now, touching your cervix and my little finger starts to push into your anusStranger: Ok one second, and sure xYou: The other hand starts pulling the two locks again until your labias are stretched to the maxYou: every time when I release the tension, my little finger works your clit, doing it harder every timeStranger: Mmmm... My cameras out of battery now, so no more after this oneStranger:******.jpgYou: I add a third finger into your vag, shall I add the remaining to your back entrance?Stranger: Put whatever you want, wherever you want, my body is your property right nowYou: SO a second finger is entering your anus, two fingers fucking you from behind and 3 in the front, again I am biting your breasts, pulling the rings untril your nips are very long, the other hand playing hard with the remaining locks and your clit. How do you feel?Stranger: Like I'm on fire (it's a good thing)You: Are you about to come?Stranger: Yep but I come pretty fast, about 4 or 5 times during sexYou: You came already?Stranger: NearlyYou: Remember both my hands are still carressing you,squeezing you, widen your ass and vag, the tempo is rising.......Stranger: If you put 5 fingers in my vag and two from your other hand in my ass, I will, in about ten seconds, and then I'll be really wetYou: If you like, so now I remove the remaining locks, while I give you a big bite in the side of your neckYou: Now there is space for playing.....................................You: The 2 fingers of my left hand are leaving your anus, only to be replaced by the first and the middlefinger. I push 3 fingers of my right hand deep and har in your vag.Stranger: Mmmmmmm then what?You: After a few strokes I add the little fingerYou: And then the thumb. It's little place now, while all fingers of one hand are inyou up to the knuckles.Stranger: Do you want to push them further?You: I try, slower now, as the pressure will be pain enough.Stranger: It won't be painful for me, it'll be niceStranger: I have lubricant if you wantYou: With no chance to enjoy your beautiful big breasts now, I touch your clit with my tongueYou: I think I feel you shiverStranger: You do, I gasp and grab the bed sheets it feels so goodYou: No lube, babe, if you need to be more wet, help yourself on your clit, grb and squeeze your tits, do whatever you need to do, otherwise it will hurt moreStranger: I play with my titsStranger: Spread my legs a little more so you get a better viewYou: I push on, while my dick seems to burstYou: Do you feel my fingers all around the mouth of your uterus?Stranger: Keep going til you're in to your wrist, and then try to go furtherYou: I push on ...................and finally I'm all in, the fingers build a fist now, my fingers n your arse do feel what's going on in your vag, now im pushing it forward and aftStranger: Mmmmm, I close my legs around your arm, tightening my vag a little around your fistYou: I'm leaving your ass, my fingers grab your little knob and squeeze it hard and softStranger: I want your dick in me...You: later, first I will make you come, remember, you're all mine, it's not yours to ask for itStranger: Mmmm okay You: I stretch yout inner Labias the the max, let them go an squeeze your clit againStranger: I bite my lip trying not to screamYou: Now, while my fist still works inside you, pulling back and forth, turning left and right, sometimes opening the fingers as wide as possible, I start giving you a few beats on your buttocksStranger: Mmmmm, I Lie on my front and let youYou: back to the clit, pushing it against the bones as herd as possible, followed by a few mild circles around it, suddenly squeezing it againYou: hard*Stranger: Mmmm I just cameYou: now tell me what you can do for meStranger: Well i got my Tongue pierced for a reason being your slave I can and will do anything for youYou: ok start thenStranger: I get up and push you down onto the bed gently, then I kiss your neck, and keep kissing lower and lower, till I reach your dickStranger: I grasp it in one hand, my rings not hurting it but pressing against the shaftStranger: And gently buT firmly lick the tip with the tip of my TongueYou: feels goodStranger: Then I start to run my Tongue down the shaft, putting your dick further and further into my mouth as I goStranger: And as I reach as far as I can go, I put pressure on it with my Tongue, the warm bar feeling amazing against the shaft, and I start to suck slowlyStranger: Then I get faster and more vigourous, holding your shaft while I suck and gently but tightly cupping your ballsYou: I start with fucking movesStranger: Mmm, I loosen my grip with my Tongue and move my head back a little so you can thrust more easilyStranger: What do you want next Hun?You: I grab your hair hard and start fucking your wonderful little mouthYou: after a few strokes I gget you on your belly and start to fuck you from behind, how does it feel?Stranger: Heavenly, you're the perfect size, I can squeeze it with my vag muscles and its the best feeling I knowStranger: How about you?Stranger: Are you enjoying me?You: Oh yes, I vary my rhythm, fucking you deep and hard, then slow and still deep, slow with only the tip of my dick between your labias, nearly completely out, only fuck get him deep in againYou: bad sentence, difficult to type with one handStranger: I come again, my juices get on your dick heightening the sensation for us bothYou: that's good, I need your juice, as I will fuck you in the ass now. You want?Stranger: YesssStranger: I spread my cheeks for youYou: Okay, I remove my dick from your vag, and just when I'm about to enter your backdoor slowly I remember that you like pain...............You: So I ram it all in in one move, then I stop, no movement inside you............Stranger: My ass tenses up around you and I scream from pleasureYou: I will not move, tell me what you want me to doStranger: Hard and fast, I want your jizz in my assYou: hard and fast, okay, I pull you up to your knees without leaving you, grab both of your buttocks very hard and start ramming my dick in to you..........Stranger: MmmYou: Now I grab around and tickle and squeeze your clit againStranger: Mmmm, bite the back of my neck, hardYou: do you feel it, it tastes niceStranger: What do i taste likeStranger: ?You: YOur neck tatses like strawberries, mixed with sweat, wonderful, I'm nearly about to comeStranger: Speed up, make it the best orgasm you've ever hadYou: Will you swallow?Stranger: I'll do whatever you wantYou: Then turn around and swallow all of it.........Stranger: Mmmm okayStranger: It tastes lovelyStranger: Better than I ever thought it'd tasteYou: Why? first time you swallowed?Stranger: First time :$You: Wow, what an honour, take it as a birthday presentStranger: ^ that's a blushing face, and thank you, best 18th present anyone could haveYou: Was nice to chat with you, nearly 4 o'clock here now, angry when I leave?Stranger: Unfortunatelyi don't have an email address, but if you want to talk again, email me on my sisters email, I use it more than she does, and if the subject is h***** she won't read it, do you want it?Stranger: I wont be angry I need sleep tooYou: Yeah, would love, do you have FB account?Stranger: if you want it x
04-06-2021, at 07:02 PM

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