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3 sum

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3 sumMy Teenaged niece asked if she could bring a friend home for dinner one evening. As my wife was away I thought why not I could do with a distraction. Better that the TV .So that evening I prepared a meal for 3. Nothing fancy just a salad. The conversation was good we had a few laughs and a load of giggles. Afterwards I cleared away the dishes and as I did so I could hear them laughing and giggling between themselves but thought nothing of it. I just carried on loading the dish washer when, Amy, my Niece's friend came ito the kitchen to offer me some help. As everything was done I was making myself a coffee. At this point I noticed a couple of her shirt buttons had come undone from the top. Tried not to look but her tiny titties just looked so cute being a little exposed lol.My Niece Faith, came into join us and she'd changed into her big rabbit onsie. Couldn't help but notice she'd removed her bra. She's 34b size. I thought to my self that I'm not going to be watching much tv with them dressed like that.Anyway they both went into Faith's room to listen to some music when she came back through to ask if Amy could stay over night. I agreed but insisted I speak with her Mother for her permission. I know her mother so there's was not a problem and I was jokenly told to slap her arse if she misbehaved lol. So that was everything arranged with blankets and everything so I went on the my laptop while they were in the room listening to music. I went and changed into my loose trouser to relax. On the laptop for a while I started to get a hard on lol. Starting to regret letting Amy stay over now. Faith would have been in bed and asleep by now.Soon Any came through to ask for a glass of water. I went into the kitchen with her to get her some and make myself a coffee. When I turned around Amy was standing topless with her cute tits pointing at me. I just stared. I did ask she put something on as Faith could come in at any time. Then I heard her voice saying "it's too late, Uncle Tony. I know already." Amy had just stood there and smiled. You can imagine my panic until Faith removed her PJ bottoms. She has a gorgeous shaved pussy. They both stood in front of me and Faith asked if I was going to stand there fully clothed with my mouth open. I closed my mouth and smiled. They both undressed me. Slowly. Kissing, licking, sucking my lips nipples and cock until I was naked with a huge hard throbbing cock.I fully undressed them and inserted a couple of fingers up there wet pussies. They tasted different lolThey both sucked and licked my cock. Fingered my ass. They lead me through to the bathroom for what I thought was a shower but instead the pissed on me. Fucking loved it. 2 young pussies pissing on me is my idea of bliss lol.hey knelt so I pee'd all over them and they drank as much as they could. Afterwards they sucked my cock taking it in turns to lick and suck. When I came Amy got my load in her mouth while Faith got the after cum lolThey then fucked each other with whatever they could get their hands on. Toothbrushes, fingers, tongues, cucumbers, my cock lolThey came and I got to lick and kiss 2 very wet pissing pussing lol. They then finished me off with 2 nice long slow fucks. Faith's pussy and Ama's ass mmmmmmmmI've left them resting and now am off to join them for anight of fucking lol. See you all soon. Maybe . . .
09-01-2021, at 01:52 PM

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