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Stephine McMann fan fic

Post #1

Stephine McMann fan ficOne night as RAW is going off the air, Stephanie is walking back to her office from the Gorilla Position when she hears Enzo and Cass talking amongst themselves.Enzo: Nah Cass I?m sayin? do you see the size of the fun bags on her?Cass: I hear you Zo, but after what happened to Mick Foley I think you should be more careful where you pitch your tent, if you know what I mean.Enzo: And Look at the ass?oh that sweet juicy ass. I know she?s our boss but damn! I?d love to bend her over her desk and show her what?s best for business how you doin?.Cass: Yeah b*o if I wasn?t with Carmella I?d be sleeping my way to the top.Steph: Excuse me but what the hell are you 2 talking about?Enzo: Nothin? Steph.Steph: Then let me see what you were looking at on your phone.Enzo: Come on Steph don?t you think going through someone?s phone is a little personal?Steph: That?s ok you don?t have to show me the phone but just know that next week you have a handicap match with Gallows and Anderson and your buddy over there is banned from ringside.Enzo sucks his teeth and reluctantly hands over his phone to Stephanie, she unlocks the screen to see one of [Kazi The Krusher?s] Fakes of Stephanie in all her naked glory.Steph: Are you k**ding me right now?! You know what, I have half a mind to fire you?both of you but I?m not gonna do that you see. I see the bigger picture and in the long run I can make your lives a whole hell of a lot worse with you here. Now get outta my sight before I change my mind. You disgust me.On her way back to the office, Stephanie scrolls through the NWF website and finds dozens of doctored photos of her face on the body of pornstars, she immediately becomes enraged and searches the sight for the contact information and sets up a date and time to meet with administrators of NWF.Steph: No! No this is an outrage and I demand to speak to someone in charge.Admin: Ma?am I am the administrator for the site if you have a problem you would have to speak to the president or the owner but both of them are in the main office in Atlanta.Steph: Well I can be in Atlanta in 2 hours.Admin: Ok let me see what I can do.The Administrator puts Stephanie on hold and walks to the main office where the president is meeting with a group of members to come up with a new site strictly for fakes and a separate site for fanfics.Admin: Hey guys I got Stephanie McMILF the phone and she is pissed about all the fakes of her and the fanfics about gangbanging her.Prez: Did you tell her she would have to come to the office and speak to us?Admin: Yeah and she said she can be here in 2 hours.Prez: Good then we can try out this new Idea we?ve been discussing for the last few hours. Tell her we will await her arrival.The Administrator takes Stephanie off of hold.Admin: The President says that he awaits your arrival.Stephanie gets on the WWE corporate jet and tells the pilot to set a course for Atlanta. Once arriving in Atlanta Stephanie exits the Jet and gets into a black SUV that is waiting for her on the tarmac. As Stephanie gets in the SUV she gets a phone call from HHH.Steph: Hey Paul. I have something to take care of real quick here in Atlanta I?ll be home in the morning. No no no it?s nothing that I can?t handle. Yeah?love you too?see you when I get home.Stephanie gives the driver the address to the NWF main office and tells him to step on it. Once they reach the Office the driver pulls up to the curb and goes around the vehicle to let Stephanie out. Stephanie walks inside and is greeted by the receptionist.Recep: Hello how can I help you this evening?Steph: Yes I am here to speak with the president we have a meeting scheduled for right now.Recep: Let me just call upstairs and see if they are ready for you.The receptionist picks up the phone and dials 4 digits.Recep: Yes I have a young woman here that says she scheduled a meeting with the President. What?s your name sweetie?Steph: Stephanie McMILF!Recep: Stephanie McMILF. Ok?ok?ok will do. He said you can come on up they are in the conference room on the 5th floor. When you come off the elevator make a right and it will be the 3rd door on your left.Stephanie rides the Elevator to the 5th floor, she makes the right when she gets off and takes the 3rd door on her left to find Peter looking through pictures in a manila folder.Steph: Am I in the right place?Peter: Who are you again?Steph: Stephanie McMILF.Peter: Right! How can I help you?Steph: Well I?ve been looking over some of the content on your site and I have to say that I am appalled at the filth that you provide to your members, but nothing makes me more furious than the doctored photos of me with my face on the body of pornstars. It?s ridiculous.Peter: I certainly see how this could be a problem for you, but legally we are within our rights to use public images as we see fit.Steph: Yes but you are using my likeness without my consent.Peter: Yes but all the images of you that are on this site come specifically from public internet sites such as Google and other sites like it. That is tantamount to having your picture taken and posing it on a bulletin board for everyone to see and someone comes along and takes a picture of your picture and doctors the copy to his/her liking.Steph: Yes and I am asking you to take them down.Peter: I would love to help you but I can?t. You are one of our most popular models to fake and as for the fanfics just about every man between the ages of 18-40 dream of plowing you as hard as they could. Have you ever considered posing nude?Steph: Excuse me?!Peter: Yeah you can turn a profit and make a good bit of money doing it.Steph: I don?t think so.Peter: You are beautiful and you have the body of a goddess it would make my members very happy to see your real nudes and you could charge for them which would cause us to start a new Premium Members category in which we will charge to view the Authentic Stephanie Mc Mahon Nudes. We would make a fortune.Steph: I mean I was offered a similar deal by Hugh Heffner about 10 years back. I guess I can try it out since there is no other way for me to get these doctored photos down.Peter: Ok great but before we sign the dotted line why don?t you give me a little sneak peek at the goods.Stephanie stands up and begins to remove her blazer.Peter: No no go slow. I want to enjoy every minute of this.Stephanie slowly removes her blazer and begins to unbutton her shirt, she gives Peter a little strip tease as she slowly pops every button going down her shirt. Stephanie opens her shirt to reveal a black lace front bra and she pulls her arms out of the sleeves and tosses her shirt over Peter?s face. Stephanie unzips her skirt from the back and slowly slides it over her round juicy ass to reveal a black lace front thong, she bends over as she pulls her skirt down to her ankles. Peter slaps Stephanie?s ass and she quickly stands up straight. Stephanie wags her finger at Peter.Steph: Ah ah ah, no touching.Stephanie sits down on Peter?s lap and begins to grind her ass all over him and lay her head back, as she grinds her ass on his leg she feels his dick begin to get hard. Stephanie sits up right on Peter?s lap and he unhooks her bra. Stephanie grabs her cups and tries to hold her bra on but peter slides the straps off of her shoulder and begins to kiss up her back staring from her lower back going up to her neck.Steph: What are you doing?Peter: Inspecting my investment.Stephanie tosses her Bra to the floor and continues to grind on Peter?s lap. When Stephanie feels Peter?s throbbing cock she zeros in on it and tries to make him cum so she can leave. Stephanie stands up holding her big juicy milky tits in her arm, Peter begins to kiss squeeze her ass cheeks, he then pulls her thong down. Stephanie turns to face Peter and sits down on his lap.Steph: is this what you wanted? Huh? You want me to put these big tits in your face? Huh?Peter: Yes! This is exactly what I wanted.Stephanie slaps Peter?s face with her juicy tits. Peter cups her breast and begins to suck on her nipple, he then moves to the other tit and sucks that one as well. Peter slaps Stephanie?s ass and squeezes her cheeks. Stephanie grinds her RAW pussy on Peters pants and can now feel the outline of his cock rubbing against her pussy. Stephanie starts to get wet as Peter?s hard cock rubs against her clit. Peter then licks his finger tips and begins to rub Stephanie?s pussy with his fingers. The rubbing of her clit causes Stephanie?s body to quiver and shake. Peter stands Stephanie up and bends her over the Conference table and spreads her ass cheeks and spits on her pussy.Steph: Woah woah woah! What?s happening here?Peter: I am sampling the product.Peter quickly begins to lick and slurp his spit off of Stephanie?s pussy.Steph: Oh fuck yes! lick that fucking pussy baby! Yeah worship that ass! Come on get up in there!Peter smacks Stephanie?s ass while he devours her pussy, he then sticks his tongue inside her cunt and begins to fuck her with his mouth.Steph: Yeah yeah yeah! That?s it just like that! Keep eating my fucking pussy! I?m gonna cum in your mouth!Peter sucks Stephanie?s pussy lips with his tongue inside her pussy hole.Stephanie: Oh my god that fucking feels incredible! Oh my god I?m gonna cum! Make me fucking cum baby yes!Peter continues to suck Stephanie?s pussy until she cums in his mouth. Peter then stands up behind Stephanie and unzips his pants and slowly inserts his long hard dick into her wet throbbing pussy.Steph: OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! That thing is fucking huge!Peter: Yeah I know and I?ve been waiting a long time to give it to you too.Peter tries to push his cock Balls deep into Stephanie?s cunt but he only gets half way before Stephanie tries to pull away.Peter: Nah don?t run I still got more dick for you.Stephanie tries to climb up on the Table but Peter grabs her hair and her hips and pulls her back onto his dick. Stephanie taps out on the table but Peter shoves his cock balls deep into her hot twat. Stephanie?s eyes grow super wide and her legs quiver. Peter begins to slowly pounds Stephanie?s wet juicy pussy. Peter?s cock forces air out of Stephanie?s cunt causing her pussy to make a quacking sound.Stephanie: Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! That dick is so fucking big! FUCK!Peter continues to slam his cock deep inside Stephanie?s pussy, he begins to speed up drilling her pussy and causing it to quack more and more.Peter: God damn this pussy is so good bitch! Holy fuck!Stephani: Yeah you like that wet pussy?Peter: I love that wet pussy?Steph: Yeah I bet you do!Peter stands Stephanie up and squeezes her big milky tits and pinches her nipples, he also slams his cock harder and deeper into her pussy.Steph: Holy Fuck I?m gonna cum on your dick!Peter: Yeah cum on that dick baby!Steph Holy Fuck I?m cumming!Stephanie cums on Peter?s cock and her pussy begins to cream. Peter continues to drill Stephanie?s cunt causing her to cream more and more until she covers his dick and balls in her Pussy cream. Peter finally slows down thrusting his cock hard and deep hin her pussy one stroke at a time until he finally shoves his cock balls deep in her pussy and shoots a hot thick load of cum deep inside her pussy.Steph: Oh my god! Did you just cum in me?Peter: Yeah sorry that pussy got to good.Steph: How am I gonna explain this to my husband. You better hope I don?t get pregnant!Peter: Yeah yeah yeah! So look I?m gonna send my Assistant in here with the paper work so we can get you signed all taken care of. Did you have any other questions for me?Steph: How is this gonna work? Do you guys have a photographer or do I have to supply one?Peter: Nah we have a photographer. My assistant will explain everything in detail when he comes in.Peter Zips up his pants and walks out the door. Stephanie starts putting her clothes back on. Just then Asher comes in with a briefcase and a leather back folder. Asher Lays the Briefcase on the conference table and puts the leather folder next to it, he takes a pen out of his jacket pocket and clicks it so the point comes out and lays it next to the Leather folder.Steph: is that the contract?Asher: Yes it is. All you have to do is sign it and we can make this thing happen.Steph: I need to read it first.Asher: well if you choose to read it first then I have to take you through the contract examination process which is going to take a lot of time. Everything would go a lot faster if you just signed the document so we can move forward with the photo shoot.Steph: You seem like a nice guy but I would still like to read the contract first.Asher: Ok you asked for this just remember that this was your choice.Steph: What does that mean?Asher takes the Leather folder off of the table and sets it in the chair next to him, he then opens the briefcase and pulls out a long thick black drilldo and places it on the table. Asher then pulls out wide knobby but plug and sets it on the table next to the drilldo, he then pulls out a small power drill with a dildo fastened to the bit. Finally Asher pulls out 2 pairs of handcuffs and a string of anal beads and slowly walks over to Stephanie.Steph: What are you gonna do with those?Asher: First I?m gonna I?m gonna handcuff your wrists behind your back then I?m gonna stick that big black monstrosity in your pussy then I?m gonna put that plug in your ass and drill your cunt with my drilldos and lastly I?m gonna stick these beads in your ass and pull them out one at a time. And if you haven?t given up by then I?m gonna fuck you in your ass.Steph: Wow! Ok um I just wanted to read the contract so we can close this deal.Asher: yes well in order to read the contract you must go through this process first.Asher stands Stephanie up and removes her bra and begins to massage her breasts and play with her nipples, he then begins to kiss her neck lightly and bends her over the table. Asher cuffs Stephanie?s wrists together then pulls her back up right by her hair.Steph: Ooh I love it when a man takes charge.Asher: Oh you do, do you?Asher then smacks Stephanie?s ass hard repeatedly causing her to let out smell yelps, he then puts her on her knees on the table and begins to lick her pussy. Asher continues to slap Stephanie?s ass until he leaves a big red hand print on her ass cheek. Asher then Grabs the long fat black drilldo and teases her pussy with it, he then slide the whole thing into her pussy making it disappear from his hand.Steph: Oh wow! It?s hard to believe but this is bigger than the last guys cock!Asher: Yeah and I still haven?t put my cock inside you yet.Steph: Holy fuck you are hitting my spot!Asher continues to push the dildo deep in Stephanie?s pussy and pull it all the way back to the tip before shoving it all the way back in.Steph: Oh my god I?m gonna fucking cum! You?re gonna make my pussy fucking cum! Oh my god!Asher continues to fuck Stephanie with the drilldo until she squirts shooting her cum like a fire hose and her legs begin to shake, he then puts her on her knees on the floor and pulls out a mouth spreader and puts it in her mouth. Asher then fastens the mouth spreader behind Stephanie?s head and slides this fat cock inside and force fucks Stephanie?s face, he grabs her by the sides of her head with both hands and forces his big fat cock deep into her throat. Asher then Stands Stephanie up and bends her over the table and inserts the wide knobby butt plug into Stephanie?s ass causing her eyes to get wide. Asher the grabs the one of the drildos and begins to spin the tip by pressing the button on the drill, he then begins to lightly drill Stephanie?s clit with the drilldo and he slaps her ass cheeks. Asher then sticks the drilldo inside of Stephanie?s pussy and begins to drill her wet cunt.Steph: Oh my god yes! Drill that fucking pussy baby! Oh my god you?re gonna make me cum again!Asher: That?s right cum on that fucking drilldo bitch!Asher drills Stephanie?s pussy with the drilldo until she squirts all over the floor, he then removes the butt plug and slowly inserts the anal beads into Stephanie?s ass.Stephanie: Holy fuck that feels so good.Asher pushes all 30 beads into Stephanie?s asshole and quickly pulls them out, he then reinserts them and then slides his cock into her juicy throbbing twat.Steph: Oh my fucking god! Yes fuck that pussy!Asher fucks Stephanie?s pussy until she squirts on his cock and balls then he pulls his cock out of her pussy and pulls the beads out of her ass, he teases her asshole with the second drilldo before inserting it in her ass. Asher then shoves his cock back into Stephanie?s leaky pussy and continues to slam her cunt while he drills her asshole with the drilldo. Asher spits in his hand and rubs it over his dick and sticks his cock in Stephanie?s asshole. Stephanie?s eyes roll back in her head as Asher pushes his thick fat cock deep inside her asshole, he then pulls it back to the tip and shoves it balls deep in her ass.Steph: Oh fuck yes! Fuck my ass baby! Yes! Yes! Yes! Just like that! Bury that cock deep in my fucking ass baby!Asher continues to thrust his cock hard and deep in Stephanie?s ass, he grabs a hand full of her hair and pulls her head back. Asher continues to pound Stephanie?s asshole until he feels the urge to cum, he then pulls his cock out of Stephanie?s ass and shoves it into the jaw spreader he placed in her mouth. Asher shoots his hot thick load in Stephanie?s mouth and she has no choice but to swallow it. Asher pulls up his pants and fastens his belt.Asher: Ok so the Vice President will be in here shortly to finalize everything with the contract so we can get you signed and back home to your family. Do you have any questions?Steph: I thought you said that you were going to go over the contract with me.Asher: And I did. I showed you everything to expect when signing the contract. Now the vice president will finish up.Asher leaves Stephanie handcuffed and naked laying across the table. Just then Ricky comes in and closes and locks the door.Steph: Are you the Vice president?Ricky: Yes I am.Steph: good then can you uncuff me please these things are starting to chafe.Ricky uncuffs Stephanie and removes the jaw spreader and tosses it to the side.Steph: thank you that last guy was kind of rough but I sort of liked it. Now the contract is over there in that chair.Ricky picks up the leather folder from out of the chair and begins to read it aloud, when he gets to the special terms portion he stops.Steph: Why did you stop? I need to know the terms so we can finish.Just then Ricky drops his pen on the floor.Ricky: Clumsy me I seem to have dropped my pen can you be a dear and pick it up for me Stephanie goes to stand up and walk over but she is stopped by Ricky.Ricky: No no. on your knees.Stephanie crawls over and picks up the pen when she sits up on her knees she looks up to see Ricky dangling his long fat cock above her.Ricky: Term #1?the model will surrender herself fully to the company and all of its members. And will obey their every command. Which means while you down there, why don?t you suck my dick?Stephanie begins to stroke Ricky?s dick and spits on the tip before slurping it off, she then begins to lick the length of his cock and suck his balls. Stephanie then begins to suck Ricky?s long fat cock. Ricky grabs Stephanie?s hair into a ponytail and begins to fuck her face, he shoves his cock balls deep in her throat and pulls it all the way out before shoving it back in.Ricky: Term #2?the model will accept and take any task the member deems necessary. Which means stand the fuck up because I?m about to own your ass.Ricky stands Stephanie up by the ponytail he made, he then bends her over the conference table. Ricky then goes to the opposite side of the table and handcuffs Stephanie?s wrists to the table legs, he then walks back around to the other side of the table and slowly inserts his long fat dick dep inside Stephanie?s asshole.Steph: Holy fucking shit! Your cock is so fucking big!Ricky: Yeah take that shit bitch!Ricky slowly begins to thrust his cock hard and deep into Stephanie?s asshole, he smacks her ass cheeks while he rams his cock hard and deep in her ass.Steph: Oh fuck yes take my ass baby! Fuck it! Fuck it good! Don?t stop baby keep pounding that fucking ass!Ricky fucks Stephanie?s ass harder and harder pushing his cock balls deep in her asshole. The more Ricky slams his dick in and out of Stephanie?s ass the weaker her legs get trembling every time she cums. Ricky grabs a handful of Stephanie?s hair and pulls her back to him he then grips her milky tits with both hands and pinches her nipples as he continues to slam her ass from behind. Ricky continues to fuck Stephanie hard until he feels the need to cum he then pulls his cock out of her ass and uncuffs her from the table. Ricky sits down in the chair.Ricky: Term #3?the model will work until all members are satisfied and have given all donations. Which means get over here and make me cum with them phat ass tits.Stephanie crawls over to Ricky and wraps her big beautiful breasts around his long thick fat cock and begins to bounce them up and down on it, she sticks her tongue out and sucks the tip as she masturbates him with her big tits. Stephanie slams her huge boobs up and down on Ricky?s cock until he shoots a huge load all over her face and tits.Steph: Ok so can we sign the contract now?Ricky: In a minute. The gentleman from HR is gonna stop by and go over the policy agreement with you.Ricky steps out of the room about 5 minutes go by and no one returns so Stephanie starts putting her clothes back on, once she gets her bra and panties back on when James walks in the room.James: Hi I?m James from Human Resources I am here to make sure that the rest of the contract signing goes well.James opens the leather folder and begins to scan the page.Steph: Can we sign this contract already my husband is probably worried sick.James: Yes I am just going over the parts you have already discussed with my predecessors.Steph: Come on just let me sign the papers so I can go. Please! I?ll do anything you want.James looks at his watch then closes the folder, he then sits back in the chair.James: I must go over the Harassment policies before I let you sign the contract. So here it is under no circumstances is the model to be harassed or assaulted?meaning if anyone were to say?grab your ass?James grabs Stephanie?s ass and squeezes her cheeks.James: then by law they would be fired. Furthermore under no circumstances is the model to forced against his/her will to do anything he/she doesn?t want to do?meaning if I were to tell you to come over here and suck my cock, unless you were so inclined you wouldn?t have to do so.Stephanie walks over to James and drops to her knees in front of him and reaches down in his pants and pulls his cock out and begin to suck it.Steph: You mean something like this?James: Yes just like that.Stephanie bobs her head up and down on James? cock, she twists her hands counterclockwise as she rotates her head clockwise. James puts his hand on the back of her head and pushes her face down onto his cock.James: Yeah! That?s a good girl. Yeah keep sucking that fucking dick!Stephanie deep throats James? dick and he holds her face down on his cock until she taps on his leg, he lets her up and she takes a deep breath.James: Under no circumstances will the model engage in any sexual act with any member. Which means you are not allowed to come over here and ride my rock hard cock.Stephanie stands up and removes her panties and straddles James? cock then sits down on it.Steph: You mean like this?James: Fuck yes! Just like that! Now rid that mother fucker slow baby.Steph: God damn this is a big fucking cock!James: Oh this pussy is so fucking wet I feel like my dick is drowning.Steph: Yeah my pussy stays wet. But for you she got super wet.Stephanie rides James? dick bouncing up and down on his rock hard cock. James pulls Stephanie?s bra straps down and begin to kiss and suck her big juicy tits and suck her nipples. Stephanie buries James? head between her milky breasts and continues to slam her pussy down on his cock. James slaps and grabs Stephanie?s ass while thrusting his dick balls deep into her wet throbbing cunt.Steph: Yeah that?s it baby fuck that pussy! fuck it like a man baby! Yes give it to me! Give me that fucking cock! Yes baby make me cum! I want to cum all over your dick! Make me fucking cum on your dick!James pulls Stephanie down on his cock by her hips as he continues to thrust his dick harder and deeper into her pussy. James spreads Stephanie?s ass cheeks and sticks his middle finger in her ass.Steph: Oh fuck yes! fuck my pussy just like that! I?m gonna fucking cum!James: holy fuck you?re gonna make me cum!Steph: Yeah! Gimme that fucking load! I want you to cum in my pussy!James: Oh yeah? You want that fucking cum in your pussy?Steph: Yes! give it to me! Gimme that fucking cum!Stephanie continues to slam her pussy up and down on James? dick until she creams on his cock and balls James thrusts his dick into Stephanie?s wet dripping pussy one last time and shoots a hot thick load dep inside her pussy. Stephanie stands up and James? cum leaks out of her pussy, she tries to walk back to her chair and her legs buckle from all the fucking.Steph: So now can we sign the contract?James: Yeah my supervisor is going to come in here shortly to let you know what the next step is in the process. Please just bear with us I know this is seeming lot a lot to go through but I assure you we are almost done here.James walks out of the room. 5 minutes go by and Max enters the room.Steph: Do you have the contract or do you have to go over terms and policies with me as well?Max: Oh no I have the contract the question is how bad do you want it?Steph: I am fiending for it.Max: Show me.Stephanie removes her bra and sits on the table and begins to play with her pussy.Max: That?s nice but I still don?t get the feeling that you want to sign this contract.Stephanie crawls across the table and pulls Max?s cock out of his pants, before she can suck it he shoves his dick in her mouth and begins to fuck her face. Stephanie tries to push Max?s legs back but he pinches her nostrils together and continues to thrust his cock in her mouth. Stephanie?s face turns a bright red as she tries to gasp for air. Max shoves his cock balls deep into Stephanie?s throat causing her to gag, he finally pulls his dick out of her mouth and she coughs and gags as she tries to catch her breath. Max grabs Stephanie by the hair and stands her up, he slaps her ass until her cheeks turn red. Max then puts Stephanie on all fours on the floor and pushes her face to the floor, he then sticks his dry cock in her ass.Steph: Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my gooooddd!!!Max: Shut up bitch!Max begins to quickly shove his dick in and out of Stephanie?s asshole, he thrusts his cock hard and fast in her ass. Stephanie tries to crawl away but Max grabs her hips and pulls her back on to his cock.Max: Uh uh! Don?t you run from this dick! You take that shit like a woman!Steph: Fuck you!Max gabs Stephanie by the throat and lightly squeezes as he continues to shove his rock hard dick into Stephanie?s ass.Steph: Holy fuck you are stretching my ass out!Max: That?s what a big dick does!Max Jams his cock deep in Stephanie?s asshole until he shoots his hot thick load inside her, He then pulls his cock out of her ass and throws the contract on the table.Steph: Hey I need a pen.Max: I think our Story writer Dylan should have one he?ll be in here in a second.Max zips his pants and fastens his belt and walks out of the door. After about 2 minutes Dylan walks I,.Steph: Oh thank god. Please tell me you have a pen so I can finally sign this damn contract and be done with this.Dylan: I do but it?s a few last minute things I need to go over with you.Steph: Ricky and James already went over terms and policies with me.Dylan: No no not that. Are there any special requests that you have as our new model? I want to make sure I include them in the contract before you sign it.Steph: Yeah first off any story that you write about me I would like to have it reviewed prior to being released. Next any picture of me should not be faked but I must be the model and I must approve of any and all pictures. And lastly My husband must never know what goes on here.Dylan: If that is all I will have the new contract drafted now so we can get you signed and on your way.Dylan picks up the phone and tells the receptionist to come retrieve the former contract and draw up the new one. After a few minutes the receptionist knocks on the door and Dylan hands her the old contract.Dylan: While we wait are there any issues that you want to address before we finalize everything?Steph: Yeah let?s address the issue of that tent you?re pitching in your pants.Dylan: Oh I?m sorry but you are very attractive and beautiful.Steph: Its ok I?m used to it. So are you going to pull it out or are you just gonna sit there and let it throb?Dylan tries to push his big cock down into his pant leg but his excitement caused his cock to keep poking up through his pants.Steph: Here let me help you with that.Stephanie walks over and unfastens Dylan?s belt and unzips his pants and pulls out his long fat cock.Steph: Wow! You boys here at the NWF are all packing huh?Dylan: I can?t speak for them but I know I?m blessed.Stephani licks the length of Dylan?s cock and begins to suck his balls, she licks his sack and begins to suck his dick. Dylan grabs a handful of Stephanie?s hair and begins to thrust his long thick cock in and out of her mouth. Dylan starts to fuck Stephanie?s face slapping her with his cock, he then pushes Stephanie?s face all the way down on his dick forcing his cock balls deep down her throat. Dylan pulls his cock out of Stephanie?s mouth and she gasps for air. Stephanie slides off of the table and wraps her big juicy tits around Dylan?s cock, he begins to thrust his long thick cock between her milky breasts. Stephanie sticks her tongue out and sucks the tip of Dylan?s cock. Dylan stands Stephanie up and sits her on the table and slowly inserts his cock deep into Stephanie?s juicy wet cunt. Dylan slowly strokes Stephanie?s pussy with his big fat cock, he grabs her ass and pulls her pussy onto his dick hard and deep.Steph: Oh my god! Holy fuck! Yes baby just like that! Fuck that fucking pussy! Fuck it good! Yeah make me cum!Dylan: God damn this pussy is so good! It?s so soft and warm! And wet too!Steph: Yes! Yes! Yes! Balls deep fucking go balls deep in this pussy! Yes!Dylan grabs one of Stephanie?s tits and begins to suck her nipple. Dylan continues to ram his cock balls deep in Stephanie?s pussy.Steph: Oh my god I?m gonna cum! Make me fucking cum baby!Dylan: Yeah! You wanna cum on this dick?!Steph: Yes make me cum!Dylan: Cum on my dick bitch! Cum on it!Dylan pounds Stephanie?s juicy wet cunt until she squirts all over his cock and balls. Dylan pulls his dick out of Stephanie?s dripping wet pussy and turns her around and shoves his big fat dick in her asshole and begins to ram her ass hard and deep.Steph: Oh fuck! Yeah! You wanna fuck my ass?!Dylan: No I?m gonna fuck your ass!Dylan wraps Stephanie?s hair around his hand and pulls her head back, he then licks his finger tips and begin to rub her pussy while he fucks her ass hard and deep. Dylan shoves his cock balls deep inside Stephanie?s asshole, he then sticks his middle and ring fingers in Stephanie?s pussy and finger fucks her while her rams her asshole with his long thick dick.Steph: Oh my god yes! Yes yes fucking yes! Oh yeah fuck both of my holes like that! Just like that don?t stop!Dylan fingers Stephanie?s pussy and fucks her ass until he feels the urge to cum, he pulls hid dick out of her ass and puts her on her knees. Dylan strokes his cock until he shoots a huge load all over Stephanie?s face and tits.Dylan: I?m gonna go check on the new contract I will be back in a few minutes.Dylan walked out the door. After 5 minutes Matthew comes by and opens the door and sticks his head inside, he sees Stephanie buttoning up her shirt and adjusting her skirt.Steph: Can I help you?Matt: Actually I am one of the members from the website. They told me that we were getting a new model I just wanted to come for myself.Steph: And do you like what you see?Matt: Very much so.Steph: Well come in and have a seat.Matt: Don?t mind if I do.Matthew steps in the conference room and sat down in the chair Stephanie begins unbutton her top and slowly pulls it open. Matthew sticks his hand in his pants and slowly starts to stroke his cock. Stephanie walks over to Matthew and removes his hand from his pants, she then pulls his dick out and sits on his lap. Matthew?s cock starts to get hard and Stephanie grinds on his rock hard dick, she rubs her wet juicy cunt all over his fat thick cock. Stephanie sits back in Matthew?s lap and raises her legs and pulls her panties to her ankles. Stephanie then leans forward to remove her panties from her ankles and Matthew unhooks her bra, she squeezes her arms together to cradle her ample bosoms and holds her panties up with one finger. Matthew kisses Stephanie?s neck and back then slides her bra straps off of her shoulder. Stephanie continues to grind her naked pussy over Matthew?s exposed dick until he slips his cock into her pussy.Steph: Oh fuck yes baby stretch that little pussy out!Matthew grabs Stephanie by the hips and begin to bounce her up and down on his cock, he bends her over and thrusts his rock hard dick deep inside of her wet juicy pussy.Steph: Yes! Fuck that pussy! Fuck it hard!Matthew slaps Stephanie?s ass while he thrusts his fat cock deep inside Stephanie?s pussy. Stephanie?s pussy stretches around Matthew?s thick veiny dick.Steph: Oh god yes! Gimme that fucking cock! Stretch my fucking pussy out!Matthew continues to slam his cock deep into Stephanie?s juicy cunt.Steph: Yes keep going! Just like that! Don?t stop!Matthew rams his fat thick cock hard into Stephanie?s pussy until she squirts all over his cock and balls, he pulls his cock out of her pussy and shoves it in her ass. Stephanie puts her hands on the floor to brace herself but Matthew stands up and pulls her hips to am and begins to slam his cock hard and deep inside her asshole. Matthew leans over Stephanie?s bent over body and pounds her asshole hard.Steph: Holy fuck! Fuck that tight little asshole! Stretch it out like you did my pussy!Matthew grabs a handful of Stephanie?s hair and pulls her head up and continues to ram haer ass whith his thick rock hard dick. Matthew continues to drill Stephanie?s asshole until he feels the urge to cum, he pulls his cock out of her ass and sticks it in her mouth. Stephanie sucks Matthew?s cock until he shoots a hot thick load into her mouth, she swallows it then opens her mouth to show it.Matt: Oh damn I gotta tell the boys about this one!About 3 minutes go by and there is a knock on the door and Joshua sticks his head in the door.Josh: They told it was you but I couldn?t believe it.Steph: Excuse me?!Josh: Oh sorry I?m Joshua. I?m one of the members of the NWF. The word around the office is that Stephanie Mc Mahon was gonna be the new model for The NWF. I had to come see you in person because I always wanted to tell you how God Damn sexy you are.Steph:[Giggles] Well thank you do you want to come in?Josh: Well just for a secondSteph: Well, here I am Joshua. If you could do anything to me right now what would it be?Joshua grabs Stephanie?s big voluptuous breasts and begins to kiss them and suck her nipples, she buries his face in her milky tits and shakes them in his face. Stephanie drops to her knees and unzips Joshua?s pants and pulls out his long cock, she measures it to her arm.Steph: It?s almost to my elbow.Stephanie wraps her big juicy tits around Joshua?s long dick and starts to bounce her tits up and down on his big rock hard dick. Joshua holds Stephane?s head down and thrust his cock up in between her big juicy boobs while she sucks the tip of his cock.Josh: Oh fuck that feels good! Yeah keep sucking and titty fucking that dick!Stephanie starts to lick Joshua?s dickhole with her tongue, she continues to squeeze her massive tits around his cock and bounce up and down.Josh: Oh shit I?m about to cum!Joshua grabs his cock and begins to stroke it vigorously, he aims his dick at Stephanie?s neck and shoots a huge load on her milky breasts.Steph: Thank you sweetie.Josh: No thank you. Shit they should count that as a make a wish because you just mad my Wish come true.Stephanie laughs then waves bye as he heads out the door. Stephanie grabs her shirt and wipes the cum off of her chest, as she is wiping the jizz off of her chest in walks Niko.Steph: Let me guess another memberNiko: Yeah, but I just came in here to tell you the boss has the finalized contract ready for you to sign and he?s waiting for you in the 10th floor.As Niko turns to leave Stephanie stops him.Steph: Hey wait don?t you want something?Niko: Like what?Steph: I don?t know but the last 2 members got to live out their wildest fantasy. Don?t you wanna take your shot?Stephanie slips her hands down Niko?s pants and grabs his cock.Steph: Or are you going to let an opportunity of a lifetime slip through your fingers?Stephanie gets down on her knees and pulls out Niko?s log fat cock. Niko squeezes Stephanie?s big milky tits around his massive cock and starts to thrust his dick up and down between her juicy tits, he slaps her nipples with his cock then continues to fuck her tits. Next Niko puts Stephanie on the table and lays her on her back, he then mounts the table lays down on top of her and slowly inserts his big fat cock into her wet juicy pussy. Stephanie hooks her legs on Niko?s hips and crosses her ankles behind himpulling him into her wet pussy.Steph: Oh my fucking god! Wow that dick is so big!Niko slowly starts to thrust his dick hard and deep into Stephanie?s pussy, he kisses her neck sucks her nipples. Niko grabs Stephanie?s shoulders and pulls her down on his cock while he slams it hard into her throbbing cunt.Steph: Oh god Yes! Yes yes yes! Gimme that fucking dick! Give me every inch of it. I want it balls deep! Balls deep in my pussy!Niko slowly pushes his cock balls deep into Stephanie?s cunt. Stephanie creams allover Niko?s huge cock and he continues to jam his dick in and out of her gushy wet pussy.Steph: Fuck your boss I am the Queen and all shall bow to me. Starting with you!Stephanie rolls Niko over on to his back and turns around on his cock into reverse cowgirl, she puts her hands on his thighs and begins to slam her wet creamy pussy on Niko?s dick causing her pussy to cream more and more with each stroke. Niko slaps Stephanie?s ass as it bounces up and down on his lapSteph: Yeah! Yeah! Gimme that cock! That nice hard cock!Stephanie continues to bounce up and down on Niko?s dick creaming on his cock and balls, her legs begin to shake and her boddy begins to quiver and she squirts all over Niko?s cock and balls. Stephanie climbs down off of Niko and off of the table, she sees Niko?s cock is still hard so she sucks his dick until he cums in her mouth. Stephanie swallows Niko?s cum and walks out the door. Once on the elevator Stephanie starts to play with her pussy, she rubs her clit and sticks her middle and ring fingers in her twat. As the elevator creeps to the 10th floor Stephanie finger fucks herself until she squirts all over the elevator floor. The doors open up to a dimly lit level. Stephanie make a right when she comes off the elevator and opens the first door on the left. when Stephanie steps inside, the room is completely dark except for 1 single light in the middle of the room shining down on a singles seat at the conference table. On the table lay the contract and a pen. Stephanie hesitantly walks into the dark conference room. Out of the darkness a voice calls out.Man: Please come in don?t be shy.Stephanie steps up to the seat and grabs the pen and picks up the contract.Steph: Finally! It?s about time!After she signs it Kazi steps out of the shadows and approached Stephanie from the right side.Kazi: Great we just have one last thing to take care of and then I?ll sign it and it will be official.Steph: I knew there had to be a catch somewhere because this just seems way to easy. What is it?Kazi: you must honor and pay tribute to all acting members of The NWF.Steph: Pay tribute how?Kazi: Oh I think you already know.Kazi snaps his fingers and 9 shadowy figures walk in the room and occupy the seats around the conference table. One of the shadowy figures hands Kazi the handcuffs. Kazi cuffs one bracelet on Stephanie?s wrist and bends her over the conference table and cuffs the other bracelet to the table leg, he then does the same with her opposite wrist. Another shadowy figure hands Kazi the jaw spreader and he sticks it in Stephanie?s mouth and straps it to her head. 2 other figures had kazi the butt plug and the anal beads. Kazi sticks the butt plug in Stephanie?s ass and he slowly inserts all 30 beads into her soft warm pussy. Kazi then walks around the opposite side of the table and sticks his long thick black cock in Stephanie?s mouth. Kazi grabs 2 handfuls of Stephanie?s hair and fucks her face, he then slowly pushes his cock balls deep down her throat. Kazi holds Stephanie?s face down on his cock and squeezes her nostrils together until she taps on his leg. Kazi pulls his big fat black dick out of Stephanie?s mouth, she gags and gasps for air.Steph: Oh my god!...That dick is so fucking huge!Kazi then walks back around the table and pulls out the butt plug and removes the beads one at a time. Just then one of the shadowy figures stepped up and grabbed Stephane?s head and slides their cock into the jaw spreader and begins to fuck her mouth.James: I need to get my tribute first because I got a long trip home!While James fucks Stephanie?s face Kazi takes out the Big Black Drilldo and sticks it in Stephanie?s ass and uses the other drilldo to drill Stephanie?s pussy. Each one of the members take a turn fucking Stephanie?s mouth.Dylan: Watch out man we all trying to get ours off!James pulls his cock out of Stephanie?s mouth and Dylan shoves his dick right in. Kazi continues to stretch Stephanie?s asshole with the big thick black drilldo, he then drills her cunt and her clit causing her legs to shake and her squirt to shoot all over his face.Peter: It?s my turn with this bitch!Dylan removes his cock from Stephanie?s mouth and Peter replaces it with his own cock. Peter pulls Stephanie?s hair into a ponytail and pulls her face up and down on his dick like a handlebar. Kazi removes the drilldo from Stephanie?s ass and from her pussy and he begins to lick and suck her clit and pussy lips.Asher: Ok let a real man show you how it?s done!Asher takes peter?s place sticking his dick in Stephanie?s mouth. Kazi starts to finger fuck Stephanie?s pussy with his middle and ring fingers.Josh: Hold up hold up hold up You know you gotta let a Certified G get up in this!Asher pulls his dick out of Stephanie?s mouth and Joshua slaps Stephanie?s face with his long thick cock and then shoves it balls deep in her throat. Kazi pulls his finger out of pussy and stick them in her ass and rubs her cunt with his thumb as he fucks her with his tongue.Ricky: I got to have some of that magnificent mouth before I go!Asher pushes Stephanie?s face off of his dick and Ricky sticks his cock in the jaw spreader. Kazi picks up the phone and dials 9Kazi: Kelly get your ass in here. We need your notary stamp.Just then the receptionists comes in the room naked wearing nothing but a 12 inch thick black strap on, she walks up behind Stephanie and spits in her hand and rubs it all over the Strap on before sliding it into Stephanie?s gushy wet pussy.Max: Wait wait wait! I didn?t get my turn yet!Max Pushes Ricky out of the way and shoves his cock deep inside Stephanie?s mouth. Kelly continues to Pound Stephanie?s pussy, she slaps her ass and pulls her hair. Kelly rams the strap on into Stephanie?s pussy until she cums on it. Kelly then pulls the strap on out of Stephanie?s cunt and sticks it in her ass.Matt: Hold up she can?t leave without sucking my dick!Max pulls his cock out of Stephanie?s mouth and Matthew stick his dick in her mouth. Kelly continues to slam her strap on deep inside Stephanie?s asshole, she forces her head down while she long strokes the strap on in and out of her ass.Niko: We saved the best for last.Matthew pulls his dick out of Stephanie?s mouth and slaps her in the face with it and Niko shoves his cock balls deep down her throat. Kelly slams Stephanie?s ass on her strap on until she cums Kelly then walks around to the opposite side of the conference table.Kelly: watch out let me show you do to do this!Matthew pulls his dick out of Stephanie?s throat and Kelly sticks her strap on in her mouth. Kazi teases Stephanie?s pussy with his big black cock rubbing it against her pussy and slapping her cunt with it, he finally inserts his cock into her wet juicy pussy and he thrusts his cock into her pussy hard. Kelly grabs the back of Stephanie?s head and pulls her face onto the strap on. Kazi smacks Stephanie?s ass as he drills her pussy with his huge black cock. Kelly uncuffs Stephanie?s wrists from the table legs and Kazi lays on the able and pulls Stephanie on top of him. The other member continue to take turns fucking Stephanie?s face while she rides Kazi?s dick. Kazi begins to suck Stephanie?s nipples and squeeze her ass cheeks. Kazi spreads Stephanie?s ass cheeks and Kelly climbs on the table and inserts her strap on back in Stephanie?s ass. Kazi and Kelly continue to double fuck Stephanie until she creams on Kazi?s dick, the more they fuck her the thicker the pussy cream gets on Kazi?s cock. Kazi thrusts his cock hard and deep into Stephanie?s pussy until he shoot a thick load in her cunt. Kazi pulls his dick out of Stephanie?s twat and shoves it in her ass. Kelly pulls her strap on out of Stephanie?s ass and removes the strap on from her waist. Kelly Stands over Stephanie and buries her face in her pussy. Kelly forces Stephanie to eat her pussy until she cums in her mouth. Kazi continues to pound Stephanie?s asshole until he cums inside her asshole. Kazi removes his dick from Stephanie?s asshole and puts her on her knees on the floor. Each member takes a turn cumming in Stephanie?s mouth, she does not swallow a single drop until all 10 members have made their biological deposits in her oral cavity. Once all 10 members have cum in her mouth Kelly removes the jaw spreader so Stephanie can swallow all of the loads. The members begin to file out of the conference room one after another leaving only Kelly and kazi in the room with Stephanie.Steph: Oh my god! That was amazing! I?ve never been fucked like that before!Kazi: Well we treat all of our models like the queens that they are. Now I will sign the contract and my receptionist will notarize it and you are done.Kazi signs the contract and Kelly stamps it and Kelly picks up the contract and walks out.Kazi: Next time bring some friends.Steph: Next time?Kazi: Yeah we are having a staff meeting in 2 weeks.Steph: What?!Kazi: Yeah and if you?re not present for it I will be forced to leak the footage to your husband.Steph: Footage? What footage?Kazi: the security footage of the conference room you in tonight along with the footage from this room as well.Kazi smacks Stephanie?s ass and squeezes her cheek.Kazi: Catch You Next Tuesday!Kazi Laughs as he walks out of the door.The End
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