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Juvenile Sexualitey by Jim Stanley Chs. 10-11

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Juvenile Sexualitey by Jim Stanley Chs. 10-11Juvenile SexualityByJim StanleyChapter 10Bernie and MeI excused myself at the end of the pinochle game. "Goodnight everybody,"was my exit cue, to which everyone responded, almost in unison, "Goodnight,sleep well." I went up the stairs and immediately undressed, lying nakedbeneath the covers, awaiting Bernie's warm body and his 10 inch hard cock.I had no idea how much longer the game would continue and lay theredry-mouthed anticipating all that would transpire between Bernie and methat night. My cock stayed hard thinking of the possibilities. I imaginedhim coming up the stairs, undressing, sliding naked between the covers, andpressing his warm body and hard cock against me. At this point in myreverie, I imagined him taking control. More, I wanted him to take controland do with my body whatever he wanted. I sensed a certain freedom inletting him take over, manipulating my every orifice to his own ends, atthe same time stimulating my sexual appetites over and over. I picturedhim ordering me to lick his entire body, beginning with his feet. Iimagined sucking each of his toes as if they were his cock, my tonguesearching out the inner recesses between his toes and sucking deeply theball of his foot, his arches, his heels. I tasted the salinity of thesweat his feet produced from the confinement of his shoes. My tongue movedever upward, licking his calves, his thighs, the crevices of his groin. Iswallowed his two testicles whole, sucking them tenderly, alternatingbetween them and his 10" shaft, swollen with passion. My tongue continuedits forward movement towards his chest, his nipples, on which I nibbled,half sucking, half biting. My tongue and lips find his mouth and nose andeyes, our tongues entwining, sucking our tongues deeply into each other'smouth. I see myself returning down Bernie's back to his asshole, dippingmy tongue deeply into his luscious hole, tasting his masculinity in itsfullest. As I continued in this fantasy, I heard, "What do you say we callit quits for the night," words of my father. I also realized that I hadshot all over myself and the sheets unknowingly. But I knew there was moreto come and I feigned sleep awaiting my assignation to Bernie's will. Imust have dozed off. My next memory is of Bernie's body pressing againstmy back, his hard 10" cock snugly wedged between my legs, massaging theback of my testicles. "Are you awake, Stas?" he whispered."Yes, Bernie. What time is it? How long have you been in bed?" Iresponded."About 15 minutes, Stas. I've been laying here admiring your hotbody ever since. Your Mom and Dad are already in bed. We all came uptogether. I don't think they're asleep yet because I can hear them makinglove together. I don't think we'll have any problem from them," he added.I listened closely and could hear the bed springs creaking in myparent's room, a sound I had heard often and come to relish. It was one ofthose pleasant sounds associated with growing up that meant the beginningof passionate love for them and myself. They would be devoured by theirlove for one another and their sexual passion. I, in turn, would laynaked, embracing my own passions. Sometimes, I would creep along the floorinto their bedroom to catch glimpses of their loving, rapt by the sounds oflust emanating from their bodies. Orgasm came to them in these moments asthey would to me. Being young, my orgasms would continue through thenight, sometimes three and four cums before rising the next day. Then mythoughts returned to Bernie. I resumed my earlier reverie and pleaded withBernie to take me. "Do with me what you will, Bernie. Please. My body isyours," I whispered."Yes, it is Stas," came his answer, and, with that, roughly turnedme on my back. He rose above me, his legs straddling my chest and insertedhis hard 10" cock into my mouth and fucked. "Suck it hard, Stas. It's allyours. We are going to have the fuck of our lives tonight. Suck, baby!Take it!" he insisted, driving his hard cock rhythmically in and out of mymouth. His left hand reached backward to grasp my cock and balls in thispassionate mouth fuck and stroked them firmly, pulling the skin from myuncut cock far back, expelling the juices of pre cum from my hot pisshole.This went on for about ten minutes, my body growing hotter by the moment.Then he withdrew his cock and lay on his back, ordering me to straddle hischest in a 69 position, my ass, balls and cock hovering above his face, andcontinue sucking his hard cock. The juices poured from his cock and mineas his tongue searched the crevices of my ball sack, my cock, and myasshole. I desperately wanted his cum but he withheld, saying, "Go slownow Stas. I don't want to cum yet." We continued this way for some 20minutes. He commanded, "Stas, stop the sucking and sit on my hard cock,facing me." I obeyed, turned, and sat on his cock pole, the 10" drivingdeep into my hot asshole. I rode it deliriously, Bernie, at the same time,stroking my hard cock as it flapped against his belly. He commanded anew,"Now, turn around again and suck my hot cock. Taste your hot asshole." Iturned again to do his bidding, he, again, searching out my cock and ballsand, especially, my hot asshole which his hot cock just finished fucking.He moaned with pleasure as he tasted the juices from my hot ass. Then heroughly turned me onto my stomach and drove his hot cock into it. Hefucked me wildly and deeply, each thrust seeming to go deeper and deeper,each thrust honing my prostate to new levels of exquisite joy. The bed andsprings jumped with each thrust and I wondered if my parents listened tothese proceedings as I had theirs. At this point of passion, however,neither one of us cared. Just before he came, he withdrew, turned me overand clumsily but passionately shoved his cock towards my face and shot. Mymouth reached for his love juice, most of it squirting to the back of mythroat, some of it splattering over my face, nose, chin and eyes. Then hejammed his hot cock into my throat, wrapped his legs around my head as ifin a head lock, turned me and his body on the side and continued a slowmouth fuck. Then he rested. His cock continued to throb and leak itsjuices into my throat as we lay there, sweating, panting, and, I, stilllusting. We must have slept. I awoke first. Bernie lay diagonally acrossthe bed, his cock resting gently on his inner thigh, still wet and stilloozing the juices of his passion. He slept. I rose over him to suck upthe last drops of his cum and turned him on his side, spoon position andlay at his back in a 69 position. My head met his asshole and I sucked itdeeply, letting my tongue dip in and out of his pink and loose hole. Hisfeet arced backward and I interspersed my tongue bath of his asshole withsucking his cock and balls which protruded backward through his closedlegs. His feet lay folded near his cock and balls and I licked their soleswith gusto. My tongue and mouth sucked the balls of his feet, his heels,his ankles, searching between the crevices of his toes for some aroma ofsweat to heighten my passion. I loved this way for over an hour. My cockthrobbed in pain. I turned to a spoon position now and inserted my cockinto Bernie's wet asshole, moistened by my continuous probing with my hotmouth and tongue. After 10 minutes of slow fucking, Bernie woke. "Stas,"he said, "you've got to do better than that. I want your cock deep in mewith all your hot cum." With that, he rose and knelt on the side of thebed, his ass pointed outward, his asshole relaxed and puckered awaiting thethrust of my cock. "Fuck me hard, Stas. Fuck me hard and deep. Hurt meand fuck me," he ordered. I stood behind him and drove my 6-1/2"uncircumsized cock into his moist asshole. Each thrust was wilder than theprevious. I held on to his shoulders with my left hand for added thrustand depth, my right hand grasping his balls and cock from behind andfucking deliriously. I came not once but four times in his hot ass, eachtime kneeling behind to suck my cum as it dribbled from his asshole. Thenwe lay side by side and slept for another hour or so. But the nightcontinued the way it began, he fucking me and I fucking him. The earlymorning came and went until I realized that it was almost 10 A.M. We musthave slept through my parent's waking and passing through my bedroom on theway down to the kitchen. Since Bernie and I both lay naked, I'm not surewhat they saw or thought. But nothing was ever said or mentioned, and,since then, Bernie and I have repeated our passionate orgies many times.Chapter 11Grandpa and GrandmaThe two most lovable people on earth were my grandfather and grandmother onmy mother's side. Unfortunately, they lived on a farm in another state andI didn't get to see them very often. In the summer, however, when I was 10or 11, my mother would often pack me off to stay with them for severalweeks and, sometimes, for the whole summer. Grandpa was a big burly man,gray haired, red faced, large bodied, and loving. Grandma, too, was large.At age 11, she seemed even bigger, her lap offering a warm welcome at alltimes. They were both in their 80's at the time, still active, stillbuoyant with personality, warmth, and love. Grandpa, too, seemed wellendowed. A large bulge was the first thing I noticed when he wore hisusual blue denim work coveralls. I verified this soon after arriving.Daily, after a hard days work in the fields and the barn, he would come inand ask Grandma to get the water ready for his bath. She would fill thetub with the hot water, add cold to get it to a comfortable temperature andhave Grandpa get in. From the beginning, they would have me get in thetub, too, and we would play. He noticed immediately that I was fascinatedwith his large cock and balls that were buried in a forest of gray hairwhich flowed from his chest and belly down to his asshole. And best of all,he would let me play with it, saying jokingly, "Watch out, it'll bite you."When it got hard, it stood a good 12 inches long with a girth of about 7 or8 inches. When it got hard like that, he would often add, "Your Grandmalikes it the best." Then I began to wonder and fantasize over Grandma'scunt and size, wondering how anyone could receive such a large cock.Grandma, at these times, would bathe both of us, giving all of herattention to our backs and feet. The nicest part of my stay with Grandpaand Grandma was sleeping in the same bed with them. Grandpa always sleptin the nude as did I. Grandma wore a loose night shirt with nothingunderneath. It was here I found additional warmth and security, bound ontwo sides by their warm bodies, basking in the sensuous smells emanatingfrom their pores and crevices. I got to see Grandpa's cock hard often.And I would slide down low in the bed to get glimpses of Grandma's pussyand wonder at its size and workings.One day, about 2:00 in the afternoon, I could hear a calf bleatingin the barn. Grandma was downstairs baking some pies. I slipped down theback stairs and headed for the barn. The barn was built on three levels.The lower level acted as a sub-basement in which were stalls for thesmaller calves. The upstairs and loft were for the other larger a****lsand the hay and feed. I came into the main level and headed for the soundof the bleating calf. Just above the sound, I stopped and peered throughthe cracks in the floor. It was my first encounter with Grandpa's hugecock. Grandpa lay naked in the hay with the calf on its side, his hugecock pumping away at the calf's asshole. His cock, wet with his own andthe calves juices, glistened in the sunlight-bathed stall and accented thehugeness of its dimensions. I watched him shoot his hot load into the calfand stand to dry himself from his sweat and passion with a towel that layby his side. As he stood, drying himself, I realized what a huge manGrandpa was. His gray body hair sparkled in the sunlight and his cock,even though wilting after his cumming, still throbbed from his passion. Iwondered in amazement at how Grandma could ever take his hot cock andcontinued to fantasize over the size of her vagina.Around noon, of each day, Grandma prepared a pail dinner forGrandpa and took it to him, whether he worked in the field or in the barn.Often, she would be gone for an hour or more. One day, I waited until shedisappeared into the barn. I ran down the stairs and followed her. At theentrance, I could hear some jumbled sounds to the rear, coming from theloose hay stack. I climbed a ladder to the loft and crept along until Istood just above the hay. There lay Grandpa and Grandma naked in the hay,she, on her back with her legs raised in a V, he on top of her, driving hishot, fat 12 inches into her cunt. From the sounds, it was evident thatthey were both enjoying the moment immensely. The thought occurred to methen that I would like to try Grandpa's cock in my ass sometime and beganto plan for just that from that point on. I watched these love sessionsalmost daily. I also began to plan on seeing Grandma's cunt more closely.Often, she would return to the house with the pail and continue with hercooking and baking routines, or, sometimes, take a nap. If I were there,she would often invite me to nap with her. As usual, I would take off allmy clothes and lay down next to her.Once, when I thought she was asleep, I slid down in the bed and putmy head right next to her cunt. Her nightie had slid upward revealing hergray hairs and slight paunch. I was still unable to fathom the size of hercunt. On this particular day, the sweat and odor from their lovemakingovertook my senses and I was determined to probe further into the mysteriesof grandma's cunt. I slid my small left hand towards her cunt and probed.I soon found that, not only were my fingers receptive, but my whole fist.I worked my fist into her hot, wet vagina until it disappeared. Since shedid not stir, I probed deeper. Before long, my fist and half of my armwere deep in her cunt, sliding in and out in a fucking motion. Other thana moan or two, she showed no signs of repulsing these thrusts. I continuedmy fist fucking for over a 1/2 hour until I heard her moan and felt a largedischarge of fluid from her cunt washing my fist and arm. I knew that shehad come and withdrew my fist and arm and licked to taste its salinity. Igrabbed my cock with the same fist and, with a few jerks, shot all over mybelly. This nap session became a ritual after this and my fist fuckingcontinued for the entire summer, almost on a daily basis.As the summer progressed, Grandpa would take me with himeverywhere. He seemed to like to have me beside him as he explained thework that he loved and the style of life he and Grandma chose. Ourfamiliarity knew no bounds. If he had to defecate or urinate in thefields, he did so without hesitancy or shame. I followed suit. Once wewere clearing a ravine behind the barns. Our bodies were drenched withsweat and Grandpa took pause to sit down and take out a jug of water. Wedrank and rested. During one of our pauses in conversation, Grandparemarked, "Wish Grandma were here right now," and patted the bulge in hiscoveralls which was massive. My breathing stopped, so excited did I getfrom staring at his crotch. "Want to see it?" he asked. With that, heopened the front of his coveralls, revealing his naked belly, cock andballs, all bathed in sweat. I couldn't resist and took hold of his massivecock and dared to add, "Grandpa, maybe you could put it in me.""Son, I'm afraid that would be too much for you," he responded."Give it a try Grandpa. I'll let you know if it hurts or not," Iadded. With that, I stripped naked, shoes and all, and stood before himsweating and breathing hard. He did the same. He dropped his coveralls,took off his shoes, and, standing naked, began to work my asshole with hisfingers and spit. Five minutes of this and I exclaimed, "Grandpa, please;I'm so hot; put it in me!"I bent over a fallen tree trunk and Grandpa gently began hisinsertion. First the head went in and he asked, "How does it feel?"I urged him to go on. More went in and, even though I felt a tingeof pain, I urged him to go on. As my asshole relaxed, his entire cock slidin to its hilt and he began a slow fuck. "How does it feel now, baby?" hehalf whispered."It's beginning to feel really good now Grandpa. Please fuck mehard!" I exclaimed.The rhythm increased as did Grandpa's moans. His thrust grewstronger and all I could think of at the moment was Grandpa fucking thecalf, thinking how much the calf must have enjoyed it. His big ball sackbegan thumping against mine and its cadence increased my passion. What'smore, Grandpa's strong hands on my shoulders and our hot sweat threw meinto a sexual frenzy and I cried aloud, "Oh Grandpa, fuck me hard. Shootyour hot load into my ass!"With that, I felt a strong surge of warmth fill my hole. Grandpacried, "Oh God. I'm cumming. Take it all baby. Aaiiegghhhh!" Hecollapsed atop me as I lay across the tree and shuddered as his cumcontinued to spurt deep inside me. Afterwards, we both fell atop ourclothes strewn on the ground and rested, his cock still inside me,throbbing, his cum still oozing into my hot asshole. I shot my load at thesame time as Grandpa but caught it in my hand. I shared it with him as welay on the ground, gasping, moaning, loving.After this episode, sleeping with Grandpa and Grandma became adelight. Often, I would sleep with my ass towards him and he would teaseand then fuck my ass. As he fucked me, I faced Grandma and would fist fuckher with my left hand as we lay in bed. Most nights, it led to orgasms forall three of us: Grandpa in my ass, Grandma on my fist and hand, I, in myright hand which stroked my cock as Grandpa fucked me. Hardly a whimperwas heard during these night orgies. The bed shook, naturally. Buteveryone accepted the deception that the shaking was due to nothing butrestlessness.When time came for me to return home, I cried. So did Grandpa andGrandma. But the memories kept me going and, to this day, Grandpa andGrandma yield nothing but fond and loving memories.
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