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Pulse with orgasm

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Pulse with orgasmA number of years ago, after experiencing anal play with my wife, where she fucked me with a strap on dildo, I began to fantasize about having a real cock up my arse.I was away with some nudist friends at a big party.I was introduced to a gay couple and just started chatting, after a few drinks, feeling a little drunk, I decided to let the boys know my fantasy.They were pleasantly surprised, and said I could join them back at their caravan. I agreed and followed them back.I was nervous but also extremely turned on at the thought of what was about to happen?.was I ready for this?When we got to their caravan, they were both instantly on to me, one of the guys drops to his knees and starts sucking my cock?OMG..!!! this felt soooo amazing, like I have never experienced..!!! the other guy started kissing me and licking my nipples. Which was a first for me to kiss a guy passionately..I felt a little weird at first but I soon relaxed and tongued him back passionately.I couldn?t believe I was doing this, but the lust was so intense, I thought I want to suck cock..!!! the guy stood up who was sucking my cock and joined in kissing and licking me, I then bent over and held his cock in my hand in front of my face. Without even thinking, I was so turned on, I just sucked my first cock with so much hunger, which was an amazing experience.He layed down on his back, I bent down on my knees to continue suck his cock, and to my excitement and almost invitation, the other guy started to lick my arsehole..!!! This was amazingly delicious?!!!Then I felt what I had fantasized about, a hard cock was rubbing against my arsehole..Continuing to suck this cock in front of me, I felt this firm feeling sinking into my arse?.fuck..!!!! It felt awesome?!!! He was very slow, as he knew it was my first time. When he pulled out then slowly pushed back in?.it felt different to a dildo?.it felt warm..!!! And solid.I was in heaven..!!!!I continued to suck this cock as my arse was now being royally fucked for the first time.We stopped and changed position, they asked me to be piggy in the middle.I was in the middle in a 69, soon after there was a cock straight in my arse again, I was now relaxed, so it slipped straight in?.!!! I went straight into sucking this dick in front of me, I found myself seriously moaning with pleasure, I was now being deep throated?.which felt amazing. This feeling was something I hadn?t experienced before, the feeling in my arse, my cock being licked and swallowed..the orgasm that followed was so amazingly intense I just moaned and gagged on this cock I was sucking as I came in this guys mouth..!!!The guy that was fucking me just kept pumping, holy shit?.!! I started to push back against him, then as he squeezed my arse with his hands, he orgasmed and came in me.One other first for me was when he came in my mouth, Wow..!! Amazing to feel a dick pulse with orgasm and taste my first come.Seriously I think I was fortunate to have 2 guys that cared for me and really made my first experience amazing.
09-01-2021, at 01:53 PM

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