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Treasure hunt

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Treasure huntThose of you that have read my other experiences will understand that whilst I would present as a regular mum if you see me in the street, beneath that somewhat prim exterior lurks a woman with an extremely high sex drive. Luckily I am married to a very understanding man, he is a voyeur, that gets off on me putting myself around a little. I do not consider myself a slut as I do not fuck around, other than my husband I only fuck a few people, and all with his permission. that is, unless I get myself into a situation where I could be injured if I do not go through with it. That being said I am more than happy for guys to play with my tits, suck my nipples, indeed I really enjoyed being fingered by guys, to that end I rarely wear knickers so that access to my cunt is fairly unrestricted. Thousands of guys would have played with my tits and nipples and the number that have fingered me would be in at least the high hundreds. Here is a photo that my husband took of me being fingered by a guy that we did not know at a wedding of one of my friends, my husband loves looking at this photo. He loves the look on my face and the fact that I am opening my legs to help the guy gain access. I still don't the name of this guy!So that you get a picture of who I am, below is a photo of how you might see me when I am out and about in town during the day.Those that have read my other experiences will also know that I have a neighbour who is a good friend of my husband, and with my husbands approval is also my fuck buddy.Rob and I get off from time to time, we both really enjoy it.This occasion I was organising a surprise Treasure Hunt for my husbands upcoming birthday. We were going to organise a Treasure Hunt where everyone would drive to different locations to find clues, follow that clue to find another clue, until finally we all ended up in one place for a BBQ. Rob and I were checking out the final location. I arranged for him to pick me up at 4.00 pm. At this point I want to dispute a long considered opinion that it is the male that determines what happens, that is far from the truth, it is always the female that is the instigator. I got ready for Rob to call around and wore my, and my husbands favourite little dress, see below.As you can see, it is short with a zipper all the way down the front and when I wear it with no knickers or bra underneath it often ends up like this.OK so I decided to wear this little dress, with no bra or knickers, for my Treasure Hunt afternoon with Rob, I opened the zipper to half way between my tits, so that sometimes he could look over and see a nipple, I know he likes that I was in control and I would determine what happened today..He knocked on the door, I answered and and walked down to his car wearing this little dress and stilettos. "God you look gorgeous" he said, "Well, what did you expect" I replied.It was about a 30 minute drive to the park where we were going to finish the Treasure Hunt, and we made small talk during the drive, I shifted around in my seat so that my dress stuck out at the front and I knew that he could see my nipple, this was already making me wet.We got the the venue, in the middle of the park three was a BBQ inside a shelter and a couple of tables with benches, I can't walk very well in stilettos on grass so I stopped and bent forward to take off my shoes, Rob was behind me "My God" he said 'you are bare down there" "Of course" I said, "when to you recall me wearing knickers?" "Come here" he said and I walked over to him "Yes" I said, he put his arms around me, hands on my bare bum and pulled me towards him, he already had an erection. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him gently on the lips, then I pulled away and looked him in the eye as he moved his fingers between my legs, I was so wet. Without breaking eye contact he slipped a couple of fingers deep inside of me, I just continued to look him in the eye, then he moved his other hand to my bum and as I was running with juices slipped a finger easily up my bum, I could feel his fingers, 2 in one hole, 1 in the other rubbing against each other. "MMMM' I said, that is really nice, but we must do something about this" as I grabbed his erection. "let's go over to the shelter" He took his fingers out and we walked to the shelter. "Sit down' I said, so he sat with each leg astride the bench. I stood in front of him and completely unzipped my dress letting it fall open so that he could see all that I had. My husband had shaved my cunt the night before so I knew that It was looking very enticing, especially as it was so wet.I stood astride Rob as he sat on the bench, his cock was sticking up to the sky, I then lowered myself onto his cock and he slid easily into me. I eased up and own on him as he sucked and nibbled at my nipples, I love sitting astride a guy, we can get such good penetration that way. All of a sudden I could see a little dog running up to us, I slowed my movement on Robs cock as I could see a guy running toward us calling his dog. The dog was not interested in leaving and just sat there looking at us. The guy grabbed the dog and said 'Sorry for the intrusion" I did not mean to interrupt you' "No worries" I said, as I looked at his shorts where his cock was pushing to get out. "Come here" I said, "let me help you with that" he approached, I saw that he was only about 20, his shorts had an elastic waist so I only had to pull then down a little, and then the same with his undies, his hard cock sprung into view. It was a good size and circumcised, my husband is not circumcised and I do like circumcised cocks for a change. The head of his young cock was very bulbous, red and shiny, I leaned forward a little, making sure that he could see my tits, and took his cock in my mouth, gee but it was hard, he sighed as I worked my mouth up and down on him and licked the head of his cock. Unfortunately it did not take him long to cum and I felt gushes of his cum squirting into my mouth. When he had finished, I looked at him and opened my mouth showing him a mouthful of his cum, which I swallowed, I then licked the head of his cock clean. 'That was fantastic' he said 'The best blow job that I have ever had" "You need to experiment with older women" I said 'They know what they are doing, and the more that you do it with older women the longer you will last' "I enjoyed it too, I like to suck a young cock from time to time" All this time Rob was gently fucking me, and all this was too much for him, as he exploded into me. I gave Rob a big hug and eased up off of him, his cum running down my legs. I put my hands down there and slipped a finger into my cunt, all the time the young man, whose name I still do not know, was watching and his cock was getting hard again. "Sit down here" I said to him and I stood astride him "you are about to get some sloppy seconds" and I eased down onto his cock, It was a good size with plenty of girth and was filling me nicely, seeing that he had just cum his lot I was looking forward to a good session with a young cock, but he lasted on;y about 2 minutes, I had forgotten how quickly young cocks recover. He shot his lot inside of me, after a few moments I stood up again, cum dripping out of me, I cleaned his cock up with my tongue."Thanks again' he said, I never expected anything like that. He pulled his short up grabbed the lead of his dog and started to walk away. " We will be here again on the Sunday after next' I said, "It is my husbands birthday' "Happy Birthday" he said to Rob, "He's not my husband" I said, he is my fuck buddy". All this time my dress was hanging open, so I walked up to him, put my arms around his neck, kissed him gently on the lips and whispered into his ear "Maybe see you again sometime"I then went back to Rob who had a bottle of water and some tissues and was cleaning himself up, it is at times like this that I am pleased that I was naked under my dress, it makes things much easier to clean up.Rob and I went back to the car, "That was a bit different" he said "Yes" I said" I really enjoyed it and I am sure that Trev will love it when I tell him tonight" I sat there in the passenger seat with my legs slightly open the whole way home, just giving Rob something more to enjoy on the way home.I do love playing with younger guys, it is good if there is two of them as they do not last very long. Here is a photo from the start of a session that I had with some young guys, my husband too k the photo. That was a good night that I will have to tell you about later, there were 4 young guys in total and they really wore me out as they all had permanent hard-ons.
04-06-2021, at 07:02 PM

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