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Mira, an Indian wife?s rite into sexual awak

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Mira, an Indian wife?s rite into sexual awak---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By mirax86@xhamster. Based on real events.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The knock on the front door startled me. As I slipped out of the bed, my phone buzzed. A message from Harini. ?I have sent him to check on you?. I checked the time. 11:48 PM. Was that Ram at the door? I walked quietly to the front room and checked the eyeglass. It was Ram. He must have heard me come up to the door because he said softly ?Mira, it?s Ram. Open the door?. I paused for a second, perplexed, undecided, as the day?s events flashed by in my head. My husband was supposed to return from a long work trip today but had called very late in the day to say he had to call off his trip. His excuse didn?t really matter. Things had been going downhill for a while, frequent misunderstandings, verbal spats, his travel had been taking a toll on our relationship. I had been looking forward to having him home, discuss issues we had been having and treat him to a really good time. I had preened, spent money at the salon, had some light makeup on, did my nails.. purchased a revealing, sexy nightie ? I was hot and ready for him. So when he called to cancel, I had called Harini and had vented my unhappiness and frustrations with her. My husband and I had known Harini and her husband Ram for a few years now. While I had grown very close to Harini, my husband and Ram while not close buddies, were friends nonetheless. Ram used to be quite friendly with me, he would tease, make advances, especially when the two of us were found alone. I knew he liked me, I had caught him staring at my physical assets quite a few times and he had not once flinched when caught. But I didn?t take his salacious banter or advances too seriously, we were all just friends, hanging out and enjoying each other?s company.Over the past year with my husband taking up travel, I had been spending a lot more time with Harini and Ram. So even though it was so late, after the initial hesitation, I opened the door to let Ram in. As I quietly closed the door behind him I suddenly felt very naked in the flimsy silky spaghetti nightie I had on me. It complimented my curves very well. But now it was drawing the unintended attention of another man, the cleavage, the bare legs and my curves in a figure hugging nightie stopping just a few inches below my v. I could feel my heart beat a little faster, my nipples were making their presence known through the low cut top. I tried to cover up a little folding my hands over my chest but that only accentuated the cleavage. I nervously asked him ?What are you doing here so late? I am okay, tell Harini not to worry?. Ram didn?t say anything for a second, his eyes roving over my near naked person in admiration. Then he replied. ?Harini and I talked after your conversation with her and we just wanted to make sure you were okay. You were sounding so glum and angry, I had to come over and check.? He took a pause and then continued. ?I am glad I did not wait till the morning. You look delicious in this dress.? I blushed a little with this comment, feeling all the more conscious of his close physical presence and my wardrobe. He took a pause ?Your husband does not know what he missed tonight but now that I am here, I will set things right.?He took me by my elbow and guided me to the bedroom even I was nonplussed trying to process his last remark. Harini and Ram had been to our apartment many times before and of course Ram knew the layout. I resisted a little. ?Ram, what are you doing?? I was getting a little nervous now. ?I have something to show you? said Ram. What did he mean by that, I thought. We reached the bedroom, it was dimly lit by a lampshade resting on the nightstand. ordu escort He sat me down on the edge of the bed, my nightie climbed up, dangerously close to revealing my shaved crotch. I was not wearing any panties. I hardly ever wore bra and panties at home, certainly never going to bed. Without another word, Ram dropped his pajamas. He was not wearing anything under and I was now staring at his semi erect penis. Ram is around 6?, about 190 lbs. He was not ripped by any means but had meat in the right places, with well-built arms, shoulders and legs. He was not lean and skinny like my husband. So there I was, almost in a state of shock looking at his stout legs, hair all trimmed and almost transfixed by his thick, long attractive uncut cock. I could never have imagined the day to be unfolding the way it was now. I was broken out of this spell when he took a step closer and commanded ?Hold it.? My face was now inches away from his penis, my head at the level of his stomach, I am 5?2?, seated, him 6?, standing. I looked up at him with fear, shock and anger all mixed ?Ram, wha? what are you doing?? In response, Ram took his t-shirt off to reveal his broad bare chest. He was now completely nude, less than a foot away. ?Didn?t you tell Harini you wanted my cock?? asked Ram calmly. My heart skipped a beat as a conversation with his wife a few months back flashed before my eyes. I had been skimming through some pictures on her phone when I came across a video showing Harini, eyes open, looking at the camera, holding a thick long dark cock at the base while she sucked the head expertly. Harini had caught me staring at the video and had chirped nonchalantly ?That is Ram and he took that video yesterday. He is kinky like that.? I had been surprised, embarrassed but had found it hard to pull away from what I was seeing. We had some girly fun talk after, with me acknowledging Ram certainly carried quite the package. If I had a similar tool at my disposal it would be in my mouth as well every day and she was lucky. She had teasingly said she would let me borrow him whenever I wanted, that is what friends were for. We had of course laughed it off.Again I was pulled back to the present, this time as I felt Ram roughly grabbing my long hair in his large right hand as he pulled my face towards his cock. As his cock touched and rubbed on my face, I tried to squirm my face up to look at him in protest. The instant its head had touched my cheek I had felt the moistness, smelt his precum. As I looked up and opened my mouth to speak, he pushed his cock in my mouth. This had all happened too fast for me to process. Ten minutes back I was going to bed angry, depressed and cursing my husband. And here I was now, with an unexpected visit and an even more uninvited visitor in my mouth. I was surprised not only with the turn of events but also with the size and weight of it stretching my mouth. He had started to slowly fuck my mouth moving his hips in a gentle practiced rhythm, holding my head by my hair in a tight grip so I could not turn my head or neck. My vision glassed as tears brimmed, I was beginning to realize the enormity of what was happening. I had never been unfaithful to my husband even as I had found other men attractive and would have never solicited this. Almost unwittingly, my right hand trembling as it had been, crept up to touch and feel this thing that was violating my mouth. Saliva mixed with some of his precum was beginning to leak from the sides of my mouth. I was trying to make sure my teeth was not hurting it, it was almost as if I had accepted what was happening. Something deep inside me had been desiring this; it had been a roller coaster of a day, I was emotional, perhaps badly needing some love and attention.After feeling and appreciating the length, the veins on his engorged penis, my right hand settled at the base pushing back his shaved balls ever so gently. I didn?t even mersin escort realize when he eased off fucking my mouth and my hand and mouth took over, my hand grasping it firmly at the base, now gently stroking his hard meat, pulling his foreskin back as my tongue met the large head for the first time. ?Don?t forget the twins.? he said as he brought my left hand to his testicles. I submissively cupped his balls and as I gently massaged and cupped them with my left palm, I couldn?t help admiring how big and heavy they felt. They looked too big for my tiny hand and my thoughts began to stray into how they would feel banging into my perineum. I was almost certain I was moist if not wet between my legs now. I once again cursed my husband. His thing should have been in my hands, not another man?s. But I seemed to have traded for something better.?Good girl. I knew your beautiful mouth was very capable? he said as he encouragingly guided my head. My mouth was beginning to foam with drool and precum, my tongue getting a bit tired, licking his glans, circling the large bulbous head and sucking the rest of it in my mouth, I had not much practice recently and certainly had never encountered Ram?s size. With him gently pushing it deeper in my mouth, I was trying hard to accommodate his length and girth but it was already glancing off the back of my throat. I had swallowed less than half of it, I knew any more would end up going down my throat and make me gag. Ram?s hands had moved from my head to my neck and then the shoulders. Without saying as much, he pulled the straps of my nightie down, as they slid down, the top collapsed on my lap, revealing my proud breasts dotted by perfectly placed medium sized brown and erect nipples. Ram let out a sigh of appreciation. I couldn?t imagine what his view was like from the top but I knew I must have looked fine. I knew I had a good body, my breasts were the right size for my petite 130 lb frame and I was very much in shape with a derriere that got plenty of attention from men. I closed my eyes as I felt Ram fondling my breasts, rubbing his rough hands over my sensitive nipples and when he pinched them gently I think I had a small orgasm. I had to cough out his cock from my mouth and place my hands on the bed to balance myself. I was trembling, swallowing the saliva and juices still in my mouth, still keeping my eyes closed, when he pushed me on my back. I was at the edge of the mattress, being pushed back on my back made my nightie ride up exposing my shaved and bald pussy.Ram let out a low whistle as he said ?Lovely lips, great landscaping, you are even prettier than I had imagined?. He was obviously referring to my shaved cunt and labial lips. I had my eyes closed, didn?t really know what to say or do. I felt emotionally drained, confused, exposed, dirty, thinking a man other than my husband had set eyes on my treasures and I was letting him. He took a step back and spread my legs, placing his big strong hands under and around my thighs from below in one swift motion. I opened my eyes in alarm now, I felt very open and vulnerable and while I had enjoyed the earlier sexual contact, I was very, very defensive about this going any further. With my head raised off the bed, our eyes met. He was bent over, his nose and mouth hovering over my pussy which was very aroused by now. Maintaining eye contact, his brawny hands keeping my legs spread and raised, he brought his tongue out and teasingly licked my clit with the tip of his tongue. Once, twice, thrice each time using more tongue than the last time. I shuddered. My head dropped back to the bed, my eyes closed again and I let out a deep sigh as he dragged his tongue, now flatter, over my labial lips, top to bottom and back. He licked and teased the outer lips this way for a while and then dived into the inner folds caressing the clit, kissing and sucking the folds. I was getting dizzy, my hands clenching malatya escort the sheets either side of my head, my eyes closed tight, my head to the side, my exposed breast heaving, as I savored this incredible sensation. I never had anyone place their pucker there before, Ram was the first. My soft moans matched his licks and dips and then he paused, raised his head and said ?You are very tasty Mira. And very wet.? I felt his breathe as he moved up, over my tummy and now it was the turn of my breasts to experience his mouth and tongue. I gasped as he took turns on them, licking the areolas, deftly nibbling the nipples, he was easily able to take a sizable amount of breast, nipple and all into his large mouth. And he sucked and sucked on the pounds of flesh, gently twirling his tongue over my nipples and alternating shallow with deep sucks. If I was wet earlier, he had me leaking now.I had been so enjoying what was happening to my breasts I did not realize I had been enjoying his heavy love meat rubbing on my pussy, at times coming to rest between the lips. He had moved his arms from under my legs, his palms now resting on the bed supporting his broad upper body and his forearms had spread my legs even wider. I had been tossing my head from side to side, my eyes tightly shut, my teeth and fists clenching, unclenching, moaning, gasping, trying to fight the intense orgasm building between my legs. Then he stopped and raised himself, pulled me by my thighs to the edge of the bed so part of my naked butt was now over the edge, raised my legs over his broad manly shoulders and I felt its head pushing into the folds of my soaking, wet pussy. Realizing what was about to happen, I let out a small scream and tried to push him off. ?Nooooo?. Ram, please don?t, I cannot do this, we are friends, I am sorry but let me go.? But it was like trying to push an ox and from the position I was (lying down), it was almost futile. With a slight annoyed grunt, he pinned my hands down over my head with his right hand and thrust his cock hard into my pussy. Though I was very wet, I had not been prepared for his big penis. There was no warning, no slow or gentle entry. Though my body had been yearning for a fuck prior, I would have likely said ?No? if he had taken it slower. I would have come to my senses. Perhaps. I began to sob, partly with the burn he had caused with the violent entry, partly because of the sudden sense of guilt. This didn?t seem to bother him. He had entered an inch or two with the first thrust, he now pulled out a little, flexed his hips and then rammed it in again. And again. And again he went, forcing himself deeper inside each time, withdrawing most of his penis and then thrusting it hard inside my vaginal folds and he did not stop till he was buried to the hilt. On the last few thrusts, I felt him banging my cervix, I did not even understand how he could even put all of it inside my small vagina, but he did. He had almost ripped my pussy apart in under a minute. My vagina was on fire, pulsating, hot, hurting, stretched like it had never been before and trying hard to adjust to the big intruder inside her. He had muffled my resistance, placing his mouth over mine. He now let go off my mouth, he still had my arms pinned over my head, my legs supported on his shoulders and then he pulled all the way out, light glancing off his cock, coated in a wet white slime. Ram said ?You were very tight. You told Harini your husband is about average so that felt about right. You will not feel the same when he enters you the next time.? He let that register, pausing to enjoy my mortification, positioned himself, found my pussy?s entrance easily and ripped into my now sore vagina in one hard violent thrust that buried him again to the hilt. I gasped as the breath was knocked out of me. I felt him in my stomach. Surprisingly, the shame and hurt apart, the violent sex he was delivering had rapidly built up an intense orgasm. I was just unable to process that feeling. How could I be possibly enjoying this? But some part of me was. The other part, the typical cultured mindset with deep rooted values was in denial and fighting for modesty to be regained.To be continued..
09-06-2021, at 08:06 PM

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