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My sexual dream fantasy about harrybush1

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MY SEXUAL DREAM FANTASY ABOUT HARRYBUSH1Had a dream last night about my friend Harrybush1. I stayed over her house and was sleeping in her guest bedroom. In the morning she must have opened the bedroom door to see if everything was ok and while I was sleeping I must have kicked the covers off of myself.When she looked in she noticed that the covers were pushed down by my feet and came in to pull them over me. As she was walking up she noticed I was laying there on my back nude and my cock was hard and laying on my leg. She stood there staring at my engorged manhood fantasizing how she would love to play with that rock hard cock. She started to feel the heat between her legs and she leaned in for a closer look. As she was staring at my cock she felt her pussy burning with desire and she also felt her pussy was wet and her juices were dripping down her leg slightly.She leaned in closer and started to lick the swollen head of my cock gently. I was in a deep sleep and thought I was dreaming that my cock felt like it was on fire with this hot girl licking my cock. It felt so good. I then woke up to look down to find Harrybush darting her dripping wet tongue all around diyarbakır escort the head of my cock and sliding it up and down the length. She sensed I awoken and looked up at me to see the pleasure on my face. She also felt that her pussy was on fire. Our eyes locked and I knew at that moment she wanted to continue sucking my rock hard cock and she knew I wanted to lick her Gorgeous pussy.Without saying a word I immediately moved over on the bed and she ripped her cloths off and lay sideways along beside me with her pussy right in my face. I could see her clit was swollen and her lovely lips were glistening with her juices, her nipples were rock hard and pointing out. We looked at each other for a moment knowing that we both wanted to give each other ultimate pleasure.I immediately slowing touched her swollen clit with my dripping wet tongue and felt her quiver. I wanted to go as slow as I could so she would feel every sensation of pleasure that her pussy desired. She knew instantly that I wanted her to do the same to my bulging Cock.She slowly slide her tongue up and down the long length and every time she got to the bulging fethiye escort head of my cock she dropped her mouth on it and swirled her tongue all around, then she would slide her tongue down the length again. I was doing the same with her swollen clit. Sliding my wet tongue up and down the length and rolling it over the top of her hard clit.I could feel her start to tense up ever so slightly and I slowly pushed my finger into her sloppy wet pussy and reach up with my other hand and grabbed her big breast and started to pinch her rock hard nipples at the same time I started to slide my tongue up and down her clit a little faster and I could feel her drop her head right on my cock taking it in deeper and as she came up she was swirling her tongue on the bulging vein underneath at the same time she grabbed my cock with her hand and gently started stroking my cock with the same motion as her mouth. As her mouth went down so did her hand as her mouth came up so did her hand. We could see each others face and both knew we didn?t want this to stop. The sensation we were both feeling was absolute pleasure. She had a gorgeous body. edirne escort Full breasts with rock hard nipples, a perfect clit with luscious lips and a firm ass. As I was sliding my sloppy wet tongue up and down her swollen clit I would start to dart my tongue in her pussy beside my finger and taste her sweet juices. I felt her pushing her pussy into my face and I could also feel the building up of the pleasure in my groin all the way to my ass.My cock was starting to get harder and she knew it was coming and it gave her more pleasure in her pussy. Her ass cheeks started to stiffen. I could feel her legs start to quiver and shake and my cock was so ready to explode in her mouth, but I held on until she was about to explode.At that time I felt her whole body stiffen and then she just exploded with delightful pleasure and moaned. I just couldn?t hold on for one more second. I just let my cock burst with a heavy long stream of cum shooting into her mouth as she kept pumping my cock, her pussy was oozing with her orgasmic juices as I kept shooting load after load into her mouth as she moaned with delight. She just kept swallowing every bit of cum I could shoot into her mouth and I just kept licking her clit until I knew she had nothing left. It felt so intense and I knew she felt the same. We both just rolled over looking at each other, spent with such enjoyment and pleasure.Then I woke up from my dream with a rock hard cock and nobody there..
09-06-2021, at 08:12 PM

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