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with my aunty 1

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with my aunty 1HiThis is Rakesh from ChittoorAs i am great fan of Indian Sex stories i felt like i must contribute my story alsoI would like to share my story pleas forgive me is the story is long because if it try to make it short I am sure it will loses the eroticismI am 28 working in Hyderabad from the past 3 year and the story what I would like to narrate and share with you guys is 4 years backRight after my inter second year my father asked me to help him with his sugar cane work because he can afford for my further education to which my mother and her brother (my uncle) did not agree and while my uncle discussed with him my father got annoyed with him and told him if you are so much worried about your nephew then why do not you keep him with you and give him the further education, then my mother and uncle decided that I will stay in my uncle house and do my further study, I wanted to finish my degree and then do bed in Chittoor.So after my inter I was also helping my father till the college start and then my uncle came to pick me and my father apologized for his miss behavior and on the same day he ask me to come, as soon I reached there I greeted my uncles wife and she looked very upset then the same evening I could hear my uncle and jayanthi aunty were having heated arguments? about my visit, according to her my father did drama there so that he knew that my uncle would take the responsibilities, by hearing that conversation I was really upset and could not sleep for very long time, the next morning I got up again I said good morning to my uncle and aunt and she did not respond to my wish very well, my uncle took me to my college and done all the admission process, paid all the fee, and also as he was about to leave he told me that I will not be here for 2 week and please do not get pissed off with your aunty, and he gave me 500 rupee and left,after my college I went home and it was around 3 pm and the room was locked because she also works in bank and she will return only after her work, around 6 pm she came back and saw me on door step and told I am sorry for making you wait, for that I said it is all right, then she asked me if I would like to eat something I said no it is okay then she started yelling at me see rakesh you will be here for long time and it is not possible for me to take aydın escort care of you in every step so every time when you feel hungry it should be your responsibilities that you will do it on your own and please do not accept me to do it all the time for that I aid okay.And night as she told I took my dinner on my own and also washed all the vessels, while washing she came to kitchen and told me not to do it, and if you do this your mom and uncle might think something else but I still did not stop washing as I finished cleaning I told her till I am here it is also my responsibilities that I will do the house hold things which I can do and pleas aunty please feel free to ask my help, she was just listing to me but did not respond, as I was coming out I told her good nigh then she just said umm okay,Next morning also I got up early and started helping her and I washed my cloth on my own, she asked me to use the washing machine but I said I prefer to do it on my own she dint say anything that day she gave me another pair of key so that I will not wait till she comesAfter my college I came home again and kept myself busy in my study which went on for few more days and one evening she asked why I do not watch t vi said that I am not sure if I can do it or not then she asked me why ?Me: no aunty I do not how you will respond to it and you might think I am behaving in such a way as if it is my own houseAunty: yes rakesh according to you, your mom, and also to your uncle I am one bad women, all right it is up to you how you want to have an image about me I am nowhere to stop, but let me tell you in case if you feel like watching tv pleas go on and also you can use the computer of kripa which has not been used for many days (kripa is my uncles only one daughter who is working in Hyderabad she is 6 year older than me) she got job in some IT company recently and she was using the computer and she left for the job no one used that) so she suggested me i make use of the computer, but I was really confused the way how my aunt behave with me, she seems to be never liked me but at the same time sometime she show concern for my feelings, that day I was so happy to hear those words from her, and as she was leaving for the first time she said good nightLet me describe my aunt (her name is jayanthi afyon escort she is working in a bank and she average good looking women, she is bit fat and also has big chest and bum, she always keeps her well and neat, always wear nice cotton cloth and also the way she chooses her dress was superb, she has very beautiful pair of feet with long toe which is always pedicure in parlor and some time she keep red polish on it she never expose her skin to anyone she not very white but she has very beautiful skin tone and also keeps her always wellThe next morning jayanthi aunty wished me and also she was bit okay with me, after that she asked why I am not going to college today for that I said today from our college all are going for excursion and as I am not going I am staying back home, she asked me why I am not going then I told her the fee cannot pay,She asked me how much it is? , I said it was 800 then she asked why I did not ask her the I kept silent then on her own she started yelling because I am no one for you, only with uncle you ask, she started crying please do not make a bad women, I am not bad as what you and your family thinks of me I am human to and I do have feelings to, I said no aunty there is nothing like we do have respect for you,Aunt ? then why dint you tell me or ask for moneyMe- aunty am sorryAunt- at what time they are going?Me- to nightAunt okThen she called one of our lecture because she knew few of them very well as kripakka also studied in the same college and told my lecture if I can join, for that they said yes, I told my aunt I still do not want to go because I do not have many coloure dress and in the excursion every one wear colour dress, she told me that she will take leave for her bank and take me to the shopping and ask me to get ready, she took me to few shop which I have ever seen till that time and bought many t-shirt, jeans pant and a pair of shoe,I asked her if you spend so much on me don?t you think uncle will scold you, she said your uncle will be very happy if he will know this but you do not have to tell and also worry about all this, I found a big changes in my aunt, then one the way she stopped and went the parlor and asked me to wait for some time then when she came out I could see her beautiful feet with red paint on sakarya escort it, I always use to like a feet of a women and felt guilty for seeing and getting attracted to my aunt feet,We rushed home and she helped me to pack my bag and kept according to matching as I did not know enough about it, she made chapathi for my night journey, and also dropped me to the place where we were expected.And I came after the 4 days of trip when I reached home she was so happy to see me, she asked to get fresh up and mean while I will prepare something to eat then she asked about the trip while having breakfast, then she said that she was really missing me a lot in 4 days and was waiting to see me back, and she asked if I missed her to I said yes,Slowly we were getting very close and when my uncle came he was so happy to see my aunt because as he could make out the care what she was giving to me, my uncle comes home only once in 2 week because his working place was very far from Chittoor, and when we were only 2 at home we become very close, we always use to go out and have dinner,shopping and all and one day asked her why you paint your nails in parlor and why not your do it on your own she said it is not easy and also they give a nice massage and pedicure to her feet which will make her relax I asked her what is pedicure she explained me about it, then I told her that even I can do to her, for that she said no I cannot make you to do it and if I do that your mom will super angry with me,I told her I won?t tell her either you also do not tell let me try do a favor as you do so much to me, and that same evening I asked if she wants to do it for that she said okay, I quickly got the warm water with salt and asked her keep her feet on the tub she lifted her nighty a bit and kept her feet on the warm salt water as she was doing itI kept rubbing her feet, and also she lifted her leg till her knee and for the first time I was seeing her beautiful thick legs I washed her feet so well and i could see her relaxing she was slightly moaning then she saying wow rakesh you are doing really well than the parlor lady and I told her I can do this every day but I really got tempted and felt like kissing those feet and sucking her toes toe I know it was so wrong I was enjoying her feet so much then she thanked me for doing it and also told me you better also learn how to paint those nails so that i do not need to go to parlor and spend so much money for it I said I am happy to do itI will stop this here and wait for your commentsPlease do comment if you would like me to continue my narration
09-06-2021, at 11:50 PM

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