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Confused, and taken.

Post #1

Confused, and taken.Joe stepped into the hot communal shower and shivered. Just five short minutes earlier, he had ran the 400 yards from the school playing field, through the short corridor, past the gym, and into the changing rooms. He tugged his rugby shirt off, pulled his shorts down, getting tangled in his muddy soaking boots, and somehow rove the boots off leaving them all in a pile. He was nearly into the shower when he realised his socks were still on, having to turn back and add them to his mums new pile of laundry. At just turned 18, Joe was in his final year at school and this would be his last year before hopefully going into further education. University beckoned, and he... as one of the lucky one with affluent parents....had his future all laid out for him. It was 1978 and winter was nearly finished, however today's weather had a little sting in it, making people realise it wasn't quite over yet. The big school shower held 15 people and on days like today, the girls showers were made available for visiting teams. The sleet and rain throughout the match meant everybody needed warming up. Both showers were full. Joe at near 6' and thirteen stone, stood under the life reviving blast of hot spurting water and sighed a sigh of contentment. Heat. "Ok Joe?" Joe looked to his left and saw through the steam, the silhouette of his games master, John Marshall, who was also the match referee. "Oh, hello sir, yes...I'm fine, cold. But, yeh. Ok. Good win, eh. Didn't expect that""Yes, you lot did OK. They were poor mind. Couldn't touch you lot in the scrum. To lightweight".Joe watched his teacher, lathering his hair with shampoo, at the same time stretching his long lithe body under the invigorating hot water. The steam was so thick, Joe could look at his mentors body without fear of being caught by his teammates, and Mr Marshal, who was washing his hair, had his eyes closed. Joe was confused, his eyes riveted on the senior 10 years...and was mesmerised by his ballsack. How could any mans balls hang so low, when it's so cold, outside, was beyond Joe. He cupped his own cock and balls, realising he could hold them comfortably in one hand. Mr Marshal would need two, and even then might struggle. Impressive. He was still staring, when Mr Marshal spoke again. " listening?" As he spoke he turned slightly, facing Joe. "Yes sir. I am". Joe snapped back, dragging his eyes from his thick hanging penis. The mist was thick and seemed even denser around the two talking males. Chatter came from all around them, the team all excited from their win. Most wouldn't know the teacher was even in the shower. "We did them on the wings to, sir. They were poor. We did them good"The older man, widening his stance, took a bar of soap from a shelf and lathered his upper body. He continued talking to his pupil, looking straight into his face, only four feet away. "Yes....mind the score could have been better, you got sloppy and let them score a try." He soaped his hands again, letting them fall to his crotch, soaping his balls, and stretching his thickening cock. "Yyyes, we need to work on that" he stuttered, so needing to drop his gaze, but daring not to. The tall man let one hand drop to his side, and with the other, he manipulated his semi erect penis. Sounds around them were diminishing, becoming virtually nonexistent. Boys don't spend long in communal showers. They were alone. In the distance, above the sound of water running, door slammed every few seconds. They both stood there, waiting. "Yes, we do. Two more games, then it's all over. Your off to university. Play county rugby....worlds your oyster. Lucky lad. Nice cock!" Joe nearly choked. 'Nice cock'.... did Marshall really say that. Naaa couldn't have. "Pppardon""I said..'nice cock'. That's what I said"Joe looked at John Marshall, ten years his senior, and saw him smile. John was looking down at Joe's hardening cock who realised that by watching John touch himself, it was having a similar effect on him. They both had erections. All pretence was gone. Both males ready. All it would take would be bravery. Save water running it was very quiet. Joe had never seen another male erection, except for in some of his dad's Swedish mags, and his own. Mr Marshall was hung. Glancing at his own cock, thinking he was big, then checking teachers cock out....wrong. At nearly 7" he trailed the older mans cock by a good inch. And boy was he thick. That's what the difference was. Must have been at least an inch thicker....."I, don't know what to say, sir. I'm....""'s ok. Honest. Come here. Come..."Joe looked at the cock in front of him and was hooked. It was amazing. Long, thick, a little curved....but, what astounded Joe, was that it stood so hard and was pointing at the ceiling, unlike his own which pointed straight out, pointing at the man in front of him. His leg took a swing and he was virtually fencing cocks with the man who taught him. "Joe, I'm going to touch you. You ok with that? I won't if you don't want me too. I think you do."Joe looked at him and, unable to speak, nodded. It was as if it was all a dream, and he would wake at any moment, sticky bedclothes again, and an annoyed mum. He closed his eyes, and waited. Marshall, looked down and pulled his cock level with the boys, wrapping both hands round the two erections, wanking them in harmony. "How's that Joe. Ok, eh? You ever done this before. Ever sucked a hard cock?" Joes eyes shot open....", definitely not. I'm not bent". "Sure your not. Neither am I. Well, not totally anyway. Ha. How's that feel?" Marshall had released the joined cocks, and was now stroking Joe's cock just using the flat of his hand on the underside of his pulsing weapon. Joe followed Marshall's eyes down, and watched the foreskin moving slightly as he excited the young mans cock deliciously. "Good?" "We, we shouldn't be doing this....""No, we shouldn't. I saw you. Looking at my cock. You want it....I know you do.""I wasn't....really. I wasn't.""Ok..I must have been mistaken. I'll take my hand away. Shall I?" " must. I'm I'm not gay. I have a girl friend""Who?" Marshall had wrapped his hand firmly round the young mans cock and was masturbating him slowly, caressing his sack with his other. "Allison Hall""Oh yes. Pretty girl. Lives in the country. She's a border. That right?" He said, continuing to excite the young man. "Yes...that's right""Open your eyes Joe"Joe opened his eyes, and looked up at the man, holding the hardest erection he'd ever had. "Yes sir""She ever suck your penis, Joe. This girlfriend of yours! Ever get you as hard as this...Joe. Your cock is so beautiful. sakarya escort She ever get you hard, like this"Joe was on the verge of spewing his cum all over the hand holding him, when he tightened his grip, arresting his balls from venting. "No sir. We haven't done much of anything yet". "Still a virgin? Joe. Surely not. It's 1978, for gods sake. Thought you young k**s now were rutting from puberty.""No sir. I'm not. Just the once though. On my 18th.""Haha. So, you've not had Allison. You will.""Sir...I'm going too..."John Marshall let the young mans cock go, not wanting him to come yet. "Time to leave. The janitor'l be round soon, and all these showers are still on....give me a hand to turn them off" And he turned and walked into the gloom, leaving Joe, helpless. "Come on...Joe...snap to it!"Joe's fog in his brain and balls, cleared and he stretched up and turned off his shower and the two remaining ones on his right. It all went quiet. Stepping from the shower area, to the locker room, Joe saw Mr Marshall standing with his back to him, opening a locker. He turned and saw him and smiled. Joe was spellbound. The teachers cock was still as hard as it had been when they were in the shower. Joes wasn't. "Grab your clothes and come with me. Don't worry, we're just going next door. To my changing room. Come on" Joe watched the teacher retrieve a bag from the locker and walk to the door. He held it open, waiting for Joe to follow orders. He obeyed, watching Joe's eyes never leave his cock all the way out.In the corridor Marshall watched the naked young man walk in front of him, licking his lips as ahe envisioned bending him over his desk and rimming his puckered hole before oiling him up and stretching him with his 8"cock. Maybe not today but...."In there. That's it the doors open. In you go""I'm not sure about this. My mum....she picks me up" "Not for an hour Joe. Not for an hour. You know that....besides. Thought you had something to do. I've seen the notice board."'That's right' thought Joe. Study time. He'd planned on meeting Allison. Studying the inside of her mouth, and her bra. He'd planned.....Marshall put his hand on Joe's shoulder and guided the young man to next to his shower cubicle This confused Joe even more. "It's broken" said the teacher, reading Joe's mind. With his hand behind Joe's head, he pulled the young man into him, kissing him deeply, mashing his tongue with his. Joe was momentarily stunned, but his cock rising gave him away "I'll ask you again Joe. Do you want me to touch your cock again. A no response means yes. Ok?" Marshall said softly, while running a finger nail over Joe's left nipple. He was standing so close again, that Joe felt the older mans penis with his own... he didn't pull back "Your cock is very hard, Joe. Does it get as hard when your alone with Allison. Eh? Joe. Does it? Does your head scream as much as yours is now. Does it Joe?" he continued, teasing and torturing the young man. "I've seen Alison you know....she stays in the halls of residence. Doesn't she?" Joe nodded, his eyes tight shut, hoping this would all go away. His cock said different. "Oh yes Joe. I've seen so many girls like her. Even when I went to school. They tell the boyfriend they're a virgin..they say...'oh no don't touch me's not right' then an hour later they're smoking dope, and hoovering some guys cock like there's no tomorrow. Oh yes Joe. She's like that too. I've seen her. In the 'halls'. She's got a red mark, just above her right breast. Like a moon. She's a liar Joe. Believe me. I'm the only one you can trust."Joe heard the words but was so taken with the moment that he couldn't fully understand what they meant. Mr Marshall was so close now that his penis was lying flat to Joe's stomach and his own weapon was being forced to one side. He could feel the hot breath of his teacher in his ear, and the trail of a finger tip on one of his buttocks. "Do you trust me Joe? You can you know. I'll look after you. Your a good looking boy, Joe. See what you've done to me. Got me all excited. That's you Joe. All you. Now, last time. If you want this to stop, your gonna have to say so, otherwise I'm gonna touch this hard cock that's lying against me. You understand, Joe. Speak now, don't,...and I'm taking you to heaven!" Joe couldn't have spoken, even if he'd wanted too. He felt a hand being placed on each cheek and his teacher pulled him in even closer, grinding his erection into his own. He kissed and nibbled Joe's neck and ears, whispering quietly all the things he was going to do to him. Joe just stood and shivered. Not with fear, but excitement. A hand went between them and Joe froze. The hand was his own. In it he had attempted to grasp his new lovers penis. It was to big. He tried to tell himself that the older man must have forced his hand to do such a thing, but no. It would have been a huge lie. The thought of this monster in his mouth and anus, as predicted by his teacher, worried, but still made his heart beat faster. "Oh Joe. What's this? Have you been wanting this, all along. You touch real good. You do. Have you done this before, Joe. You seem awful good for a first time. Joe....tell me."N n n no sir. I've. Nnnnot" "Mmm I wonder! Ok Joe. I was gonna blow you, but maybe, if you wanna go first. I won't mind. What Dya think?" The question was out there, but to Joe it sounded like an instruction. He felt his knees bending and then he was kneeling on the teachers floor. The cock was still in his hand. "That's it Joe. Look at it. Admire it. Stroke it, then.... love it. It's all about touch, and feel. It's about pleasure, and a little pain. Don't worry though. You'll love it. Now, lick along the whole length. Do to me what you wish that girlfriend would do to you. How would you want her to please you...that's it Joe...all the way up...good boy. You sure you haven't sucked cock before?" All his words were said in a softly spoken voice, all spoken with a calming influence, all designed for encouragement. Joe didn't answer, but attempted to shake his head while using his tongue to lick the underside of his mentors cock which was 4" into his mouth. "Your doing so good Joe. I can't tell you how much. You ok down there. Look up at me while you do that. And play with my balls. Stroke them, squeeze them...gently though....I'm not into pain. Good lad. Deeper now. Plenty saliva. That's the secret. Get your mouth all juiced up. Good boy....yes... your so fucking are. Now, let's see how much of teachers cock you can take in that beautiful mouth of yours. It's all down to practice, Joe. And training. I'll get you good! Few adapazarı escort weeks and you'll be the best cocksucker in the north of England. Now, take it to the back of your mouth and rest. Breathe. It's all about the breathing. When you feel ok, take a deep breath and hold it. Then you pull my cock in at your own pleasure. You'll feel like gagging, but your controlling it so its in your hands...or mouth. Haha. All we're doing here, is getting you acclimatised to what your born to do. Your so fucking natural, Joe. Born to it! Knew it as soon as I saw you checking me out in the showers. That's it Joe....god, my cock in your mouth looks so fucking good....."Joe was, as he had said, in heaven. Three quarters of an hour ago he was looking forward to possibly sucking Alison's tits, maybe get a sticky finger at, he was on his knees with a giant cock attempting to get past his tonsils and into his throat. And it felt like he was scoring the winning try. His hands were gripping his teachers firm arse, and pulling his own face as hard as he could onto the hard cock. He wasn't very successful. He wretched....heaving, then coughing. "Easy boy. Slowly. It'll take time to learn. Just rock on it. Stab at it. Your a beginner Joe. Don't worry though. You'll manage just fine. Take the base, and wank it in time with sucking the head. That's it Joe....that's so fucking good Joe, I can't tell.....fuuuck!!! Ooh ooh. Now.... get a finger at my ass hole. When I say push....push like fuck, and hold it. Not long now's alllll good. When I say so, let go of my cock and open ya mouth and stick your tongue out. Ok?" "Uh hu" was all Joe could manage. He understood most of what he'd been told, the rest he'd blag...Marshall, was close. Very close. Looking down into the teenagers eyes, riveted on his own, he knew he'd got a gem. This youth would be the best toy he'd ever had. Destined, he was. "Ok....ya little cocksucking it!" Joe let go of his teachers cock, and with his spare hand drove his forefinger past the mans sphincter muscle and buried it into his ass hole. Seconds later, a roar assailed his ears and a volcano like eruption cascaded into his mouth and onto his face. A jet hit him in one eye, forcing his eyes closed, as the big man forced his weapon back into the poor boys mouth making him gag once again. "FUCK, THATS SO FUCKING GOOD" he bellowed, using the boys mouth as a sleeve for his own pleasure. Joe was in some distress, not having a second to get air in his lungs. However, he would remember later, this seemed to enhance the pleasure of the moment, in a bizarre way, which somehow made him take a further inch of the still hard cock, further into his throat. With a huge gasp he then pulled himself off the cock, sending a mixture of saliva and cum all over both himself and his teachers body. Joe wailed as he replaced a balance of oxygen in his lungs again, but still he coughed all his mouth over the two of them. Marshall just smiled and sniggered. "Good lad. Your a quick learner Joe. Think me and you will have plenty" Joe couldn't speak, he was so shocked at what he'd just done. He automatically took hold of the slightly softer cock and stared at it, wondering at the mixture, dangling from the head. Still regaining his breathing, he leaned closer, and stuck out his tongue, catching the hanging mix of there combined juices. Why he did that he couldn't have explained. It just seemed....natural. "Clean it up Joe. Get all of it off. Lick it up, my little cocksucker. Good boy". Marshall watched in fascination as Joe cleaned all the mixture of his body, using his tongue in a fashion he'd never seen on one so young. He tousled the boys hair, in encouragement, egging him on with praise. Joe revelled in it. Finally, the teacher gave Joe a playful slap on the head and said..."Ok Joe. Your turn. Get up". Joe took himself off teachers cock with a loving plop, and sprang eagerly to his feet. "Joe....that was unbelievable. It really was." and went on...."now, I'm gonna show you how you'll be doing it, in a week or two, after a bit of practice. First of all....I need you to tell me that's it's ok to continue. I need to hear you say the words that you want me to fuck you, orally and anally. I don't want you screaming ****, or any shit like that. I'm gonna suck your dick, and soon I'll be doing your arse. You've gotta understand all this, and be happy! Ok Joe. It's up to you now. I'm listening" Joe could feel the other mans fingers lightly running over his ballsack, all the time he spoke. It was like he was listening to poetry, and the words were mesmerising him. The melodic tone of the seducers voice, calmed the beating of his racing heart...."I'm fine. I want it. Please....""Good boy. Now, right now I want you to lay down on this table and close your eyes, for now. I want you to pull you legs up by taking them from behind your knees. Then hold them. got that?" "Yes sir. I er, think so". As instructed Joe lay on the solid desk, which had been covered in files, but was now clear, save for a phone. He raised his legs up and held them. "Wider. Widen your legs!" Marshall instructed, firmly. Joe obliged. Both targets were visible. "Close your eyes! And relax. Very important you relax." Marshall opened a filing cabinet. extracting a bottle of baby oil and a small 6", thin dildo. "Good boy. Hold those legs open, but breathe slowly. You'll enjoy this. I promise." He lay both items on the desk and proceeded to send the young man into a sexual orbit. Over the next thirty minutes he took his protégé too two orgasms and had raised him hard for a third time. Joe didn't think it possible. While using his mouth and tongue to orally scramble the youths hormonal balance, he had used his fingers and then his tongue and then oil to tease open Joe's back passage. Then, with his entire cock buried in the teachers throat, he then felt something alien, entering his arsehole. Alien, he's, but totally acceptable and to his pleasure. Joe gurgled. Marshall smiled. The well prepared ring, accepted the length with moderate ease. A rhythm was set, where the rubber cock, slid in, back there, at the same time as his penis, disappeared into teachers throat. Marshall watched for reaction, and all he saw was rapture. The youth was loving it, and placed one foot on the desk and used his free hand to encourage the bobbing head too go faster. He'd drank both his loads so far, and the next one he intended to share. "Fuck...sir....this is so fucking good. So fucking wrong....good..good. Fuckkking hell!" Joe tried to control it, but knew he couldn't. With a stifled scream sakarya escort bayan he unleashed his third deposit into teachers mouth. Then lay still. Exhausted. "Open wide" he heard, and automatically did so. He felt something warm on his lips and opened his eyes. Teacher was above him and was feeding him his own cum. He stuck his tongue out as though to say 'thank you' welcoming the sharing. Both tongues met and the two males swirled the warm fluid round between them. It just seemed natural. All this time, Marshall continued sliding the trainer cock into the boys anal passage. He'd need plenty practice before he was ready for the size of his cock. Plenty men and women had tried, but few had managed, even after practice. Joe groaned, again closing his eyes, as the cock was removed, then felt the teachers fingers replacing it. A sensation akin to an explosion in his brain, hit him, as the well practiced fingers found his prostate gland, sending him into raptures. "Like that eh Joe?" "God.....yes yes yes. What the.....fuuuccckkk!!" "Yes..I know. It's good isn't it. Wait till you've got this in you...", and showed him his hard again cock, inches from his mouth. Joe tried to take him in his mouth again, but Marshall laughed. "All good things to those who wait. Don't be greedy. You've got to learn too be patient. Come, on. Get dressed. Let's go for a walk. I want to show you something about your taste in women. Come on...up you get." And slapped his backside hard. Making him start. Marshall pulled on track suit tops and bottoms, no underpants, and no socks. He put trainers on his feet and tied them, while watching Joe put his uniform on. Joe had a good body, and Marshall enjoyed watching him pushing his thick cock into his struggling underwear. He noticed dried cum over his belly, and smiled. 'What a find' he said to himself. "Come on. Let's go." And guided him out of his changing room, and along the corridor towards the staff room. It was all quiet. They passed the janitor, and a few stragglers, on detention, probably.....and into the staff room. It was empty. "Come...." And they continued. "Joe. Allison is not what you think she is" he announced, stopping and speaking to him. "I've seen At the 'halls'. Course I didn't know her really....or you. Mind I'd noticed you. Ha. I'd seen your cute bum. And the rest....haha. Alison, I knew as just another cock teasing slut. She flashed me one day, you know. In class. Let her legs open....quite blatant. Flashed me her knickers. Bitch!" Joe listened, mouth slightly open. Stunned. "I was doing my stint checking on the boarders, one night, and I heard a party going on. I didn't go in coz the noise wasn't that bad, but I did go in the front door, and that's when I saw the mirror. The slut....your girlfriend, was on her knees alternating between 4 lads cocks, sucking them and jacking them off. Didn't see you there. Ahem! You were home. Probably studying or, sleeping. She's good mind. I was impressed. Took all their loads in her mouth. Not a spitter either. I left then. Before I was caught. Or roped in. Haha. She probably did them all that night. Come on...lets see what she's up too." Joe was on autopilot as he was led through a door at the back of the staff room onto a balcony, with a window, looking down into the library. In all his years at the school he'd never noticed the window and therefore had had no worries about being seen. Neither, obviously did Allison. "See, Joe. Nothing but a slut. See how they've got a chair propped up against the door. Sneaky. Eh?"Joe just watched. Speechless. There she was, d****d over a desk, a skinhead between her legs eating her pussy, and another one, at her head, feeding his cock into her throat. Standing at her side was a punk rocker girlfriend of one of them, taking turns in manipulating each nipple. The boys were calm and practiced. They'd used her before. Joe was gutted, but...excited as well. He somehow detached himself, from who it what it was. His cock was hard again. Looking to his left, at Mr Marshall, he saw he too was turned on by the sight. Watching these two skinheads and the multicoloured haired girl, go to work on Joe's supposed girlfriend, had both their cocks standing again. "She ever let you that far?" "No. No, she didn't""How do you feel?""Cheated. Hard!" "I see. You ok with this""Did know...ever and Allison. In here, I mean""Yea. Twice. First time you got her bra off. That's when I first saw her birthmark. Second time she let you suck one...that was all you got. You tried to finger her, but she was having none of it. Now, two days earlier, the big one, the one eating her....he fucked her on that same table. Just where she is now. Took it up the arse too. That shocked me...that did. Don't see many young uns doing anal""Wwwhat! Fucking hell. The cunt""Not wrong their young Joe. They're all the same, believe me. Happened in my day too. All gagging for it but don't want to be classed as a scrubber by the boyfriend. So....they put out to every fucker, but the future husband. Poor shmuck gets fuck all, while the bitch fucks all his mates. "Not right. She's dumped""You seen enough?" "Yes sir""Ok, come back into the staff room. I'll get you a drink. You ok? Don't worry, plenty time in your life to find a good un! Male or female!" Joe was surprised how calm he was. He'd just witnessed his supposed girl, behaving like a complete and utter whore. However, his memory was long enough to balance this, being that he'd also, not been exactly loyal, in fact, he'd probably been worse. What she was doing paled into insignificance, compared with having a teacher defile your anus with oil and toys, while sucking your hard cock while in the sanctum of his own changing room. Joe saw the irony and smiled. "What you smiling at. Thought you'd be bouncing" said a puzzled Marshall, Joe's seducer. "Can I suck your cock again sir? It's awesome" Joe asked, almost pleading. "Joe, of course you can. Not here though. Might get caught. Come to my house later. After six. My landlady goes out then, we'll have some fun. Tell your mum I'm giving you some extra tuition. Best to have a proper excuse for you being at mine. Just in case your seen. Bring some books, make it look right. something for me. Shave your cock! I've always fancied sucking a shaved cock. I feel I can ask that ok? If you want, I'll do it for you" "Well, yea. Fuck, sure. I'd love too. God, I'm hard again..that's the fourth time in an hour. What the fuck.....ill be there. Where do you live.?" "Here. Wright this down. And remember. Say nothing, of this. I'll get sacked, and you'll be labelled queer. Your not queer Joe....just...experimenting. I'm, what they call bisexual. I love fucking men as well as women. Ok....right, here's the address....see you at six....No47.......Joe, couldn't wait......
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