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SilkMy parents have the k**s this weekend.That?s usually the ticket to some sex for hubby and I. But, after eight years of wedded bliss, sex had oftentimes lost its edge. Kiss a little. Rub a little. Suck a little (if I was lucky). Fuck a little. Come. I wanted this evening to be more special. To have more excitement, more energy.?I?m going to rinse off before bed. Can you bring us up a drink?? I was sure he was anticipating the lovemaking as I was.The shower heightened my arousal. I?d been thinking sex all day. I touched myself and felt the wetness and it wasn?t water. Moving my fingers to my breasts, tweaking each firm slippery nipple. Turning away from the shower, I foamed my pubes. The razor inched along my mound. I?d give my man a fresh trim to feast on, hopefully.I dried myself and left both the towel and robe in the bathroom. I felt light goosebumps rise on my skin as I moved from the warmth to the coolness of the bedroom.He was in the room and the glass was on the nightstand. He gazed at me and the bed.In the center of the bed lay the props I arranged, a rainbow of silk scarves.?Is that what you want,? he asked.?It?s my favorite,? I said quietly. ?I love everything we do together, but I have to admit it?s my favorite.? It was very rare that we indulged in this sort of play. I probably was a bit reserved about asking.I could see him stir, his boxers ever so slightly bulging.?I guess I didn?t know,? he replied.?You know, there?s not much I wouldn?t try once,? I said.I reached out to him, cradling him through the fabric of the shorts, gently squeezing. ?Tie me up, please!?He gathered up one of the scarves, holding in both hands. Gently, he touched the silk to my breasts, moving it back and forth. ?Wrap the scarf over your eyes,? he said. ?I don?t want you to see anything.?Blindfolded, he led me to the bed and had me lie down on my back. Several minutes izmir escort later, I found myself spread-eagled and bound on the bed. Between my legs, the throbbing began.With yet another scarf, I felt him tease me again, dr****g it over my face and then my now stiff nipples, caressing, tickling. Moving it south, he wrapped it between my legs and began a seesaw motion with the scarf. The silk tickled my smooth wetness and his movements warmed me quite nicely. I could feel the dull ache starting to build.His wet tongue tickled my naval and gave me a little jolt. Moving to my breasts, he kissed each taut nipple.?Oh,? I exclaimed. ?Stay there for a while,? I pleaded.?I?m in charge here,? he countered and clamped a nipple between his teeth gently. As he released the nipple, my breast jiggled.The sound of the vibrator startled me and my immediate impulse was an attempt to close my legs, but the tethers restricted me. He moved it to the base of my neck. What a sublime feeling! Silk, sweet vibrations and the anticipation of what was to come ? me. The vibrator moved front, and, what I?d hoped would be center. But, he teased me. It circled my breasts, then attended to the nipples, which hardened to a point of near pain. Lower, to my naval. ?Ahh,? I said breathlessly. And, then, as abruptly as it started, he turned it off!?Hon, don?t tease me!? I said.?I said I?m in charge. Now, put it in your mouth and get it wet for me,? he replied. He brushed the vibe to my lips and I lapped it hungrily. Down it went, purring away to my pussy. He played games with my labia before getting down to business and going for my bud. As my clit was hit, I jerked. It wasn?t a large vibe, but as it touched me I could feel its power. Angled against my clit, it was getting me there quickly. But, he halted again!As he spread my thighs the scarves tightened around my ankles. His tongue lapped izmir escort bayan at my sheath. Inserting a finger, he continued to lick. Me, moaning as he explored deeper. Repositioning himself, he parts my smooth folds and focuses on my swollen clitoris. Lord, I was wet. His tongue began its acrobatics. It felt like he was writing on my bud and in a short time I come with a shudder, pressing my sex to his face. His hands slide to the curve of my bottom, caressing my thighs.My climax surprises him. ?My, that was fast,? he observed. ?You know I love it when you eat me,? I replied, still catching my breath. ?It?s like I?m a classical instrument in the hands of a great maestro.? He moved his body forward and straddled me, kneeling over my breasts. His cock brushed my chin. ?Lick me,? he said. My tongue swirled over the length of his shaft. I could sense he was very hard. His breath quickened as I licked. I opened my mouth wide, but missed the target.?Whoops, babe, I need some help.??My pleasure,? he quipped, guiding his penis to my moist lips. I took the tip in, gently holding it with my teeth.?Here, I want you to see me, see how big I am,? he said, as he began removing the scarf from around my head. He was hard alright. It was obvious he was enjoying our play as much as I. As I took in more of him, I glanced at my tethered body, sort of an X-rated snow angel, and couldn?t help but break into a little smile. Responding, slowly, he thrusted in my mouth and I took as much as I could of the oral fucking. ?Oh, yeah,? he said as he moved in and out. I could feel his shaft pulsing and I prepared for an impending orgasm. He surprised me by withdrawing.I?m going to put a pillow under you,? he said quickly, touching one of my cheeks and sliding the cushion under. He playfully rubbed the tip of his shaft against me. Deliberately, he guided his cock into me escort izmir and I reacted with a slight hitch. His movements were slow, measured, and with an acute angle. I push myself up, sliding him harder into me. One of his hands caressed my breasts while the other rested on my mound as he thrusted. He placed his thumb on my clit and I tightened my pelvic muscles, almost as a way of saying thanks.. He rubbed the spot as we moved faster on the bed. The feeling of his thumb, the quickened pace, was taking me over the top. I was beginning to climax and as my legs buckled the soft silk scarves reminded me of their presence.Struggling against the restraints, writhing on the bed sheet, clenching and unclenching my fists, I yearn to wrap my legs around his muscular thighs, to run my fingernails down his back ? but the ties prevent me. I give in to the pleasure, leaning back, moaning, looking at his face as he pumps away. We catch each other?s gaze. As he increased the speed and intensity of his thrusts, I could feel the pressure of the orgasm rising. He places both thumbs on my mound and massages me as he pumps. Our eyes lock and he smiles as he nears his ultimate release.Reaching orgasm together, we breathlessly pant and he collapses to the warmth of my breasts, wet with perspiration. I kiss him affectionately on the top of his head. Unable to caress him, all I can do is to hold him inside me, flexing my muscles and tightening myself around his shaft. We lay with little motion for several minutes as I repeated the flexes.His spent penis was covered with both my juices and his milky white ejaculate. Standing now, next to the bed, he took a sip from the drink and offered it to me. I swallowed. Stroking himself, it was clear that he was growing harder, the slickness enhancing his masturbation. It was rare we could go at it twice in a night. Our honeymoon in the islands, perhaps, and that was morning, noon and night. I was pleasantly surprised.He smiles, releasing the scarves from my legs. His hardness slapped against his belly.?My turn,? he said, with a sly grin. ?Tie me up!?
09-09-2021, at 11:36 PM

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