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Biggest surprise of my life (Part 1)

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Biggest surprise of my life (Part 1)It's been a while since I wrote a story here, so I thought it would be great to tell you what happened to me this past weekend.The following really happened and I am placing the story here with the permission of my wife.Saturday I was home alone - my wife went to town. She stayed away longer as usual but it did not bug me as I had things to do in and around the house. At about 5 o'clock I started a fire in order to have a good old barbecue. Just before six, I heard my wife's car pulling into the garage, and I heard two doors opening and closing. At the same time I heard my wife giggling and the sound of a man's voice. It tickled my fancy and I walked around to the garage door. What I saw I was not prepared for, but the feeling in my cock when I saw a huge 6'3" guy with his hands on my wife's butt, kissing her while lifting her off the ground, was unbelievable.He turned his head, looked at me, put my wife down, and said: "AH - this must the the lucky husband...Pleased to meet you". My wife looked at me with naughtiness in her face that I never saw before. She smile the shyest of smiles, and said: "My darling husband, previously I brought you a pussy filled with cum, today I thought I would bring someone that can fill my pussy while you are watching". I nearly came in my pants! I just looked at her, speechless, then looked at this guy, tried to speak, my wife burst out laughing, ran to me, put her arms around me, kissed me with the most passionate kiss she ever gave me while pushing her pelvis into my rock-hard cock. My hand instinctively dropped to her butt, but she grabbed hold of my arm, stopping the downward motion, looked me into the eyes and said: "No my hubby. For the next couple of hours I am off-bounds to you. Hank (not his real name) here is going to be the only man touching me - WHILE YOU ARE WATCHING." With that she grabbed my hand, called a smiling Hank closer and introduced us. I looked at this hunk of a guy, muscular, massive hands, a jaw carved from granite and the whitest of teeth I ever saw. "Hi" he said " Your gorgeously beautiful wife hooked up with me in the bottle-store, started chatting, and told me she knows you have this fantasy of seeing her being fucked by another guy while watching. Needless to say, I immediately volunteered as your wife is one of the most beautiful women I ever saw." I just nodded in agreement as the strain of my cock against my pants was just about too much to bear.My wife grabbed both of us and said "You now know each other, let's go inside"Once inside the house, Hank and my wife sat down on the couch, him right next to her, his hands all over her. I felt a twinge of jealousy, but at the same time I was so horny, seeing him kissing my wife on the face, on her hair, his hand on her tits......AND my wife returning his passionate attention.I went and sat in a chair directly opposite them staring in horny unbelief, my cock on the verge of exploding.His hand went down to her knees, moving upwards, underneath her dress, her legs opening. I could see her white panty, and stared in amazement seeing the incredible wetness of her pussy causing an immense wet patch on her panty.His hand touched the wet panty, and my wife gasped, pushing her pussy forward for him to touch. He stroked her pussy through the panty, and at this moment I could not bear the strain of my cock anymore. I stood up, dropped my pants to the ground, ripped of my t-shirt, and sat down with my fully erect cock now standing up into the air. Precum was streaming down my cock.Hank looked at me, smiled and then with his one finger, pulled my wife's panty to the side. The sight was amazing. Her clitoris was huge. Her lips so wet it looked as if a tap was pouring water onto her pussy. Hank touched her clitoris, and the next moment my wife's hips start quivering, her legs opened wide, she opened her eyes, looked at me and then she came.........I watched, mesmerized, as she had one of the largest orgasms I ever saw her having. Then, just as I thought it was over, Hank's middle finger slipped into my wife's pussy............And she came, her pussy juices dripping from her pussy. After what seemed like an eternity her orgasms subsided and she looked at me and started laughing. "My hubby, that was the most erotic thing that ever happened to me. You watching while another man cause me to orgasm!" She dropped her hands onto Hank's cock and said: "That thing feels like a monster trying to break free. Let's see what you have hidden in your pants." To be honest, I also wanted to see.My wife got up, dropping her dress to the ground, she was wearing no bra, pulled her panties off and threw it over to me with a naughty smile. "There you are my love. Smell the aroma of your wife's pussy caused by another man". I grabbed her panty, and to be honest, the front part was sopping wet. I moved it to my face and smelled her pussy juice, then licked the gusset. The taste was incredible.While this was going on Hank in the meantime got rid of his clothes, and when I heard my wife's gasp, I looked up from the panties. I nearly swallowed my tongue. Hank was the specimen of a rugged bushwacker. Muscles bulging, six pack, and........ a cock not only about 9" long, but thick as I never though a cock could be. My wife was staring in sheer amazement then pushed Hank down on the couch and the next moment she was between his legs grabbing hold of his cock with two hands and then her mouth went over his cock. This was super erotic. Hank staring gasping, pushing up, my wife on her knees, her back arched with her pussy pointing straight at me. It was a sight that knocked me out of my senses. Her pussy juices were dripping between her legs. Her head bobbed up and down on Hank's cock. My cock was aching for release. At this moment in time, it was not just precum oozing out of my cock, but white cum - it was incredible, awesome, never felt this before. I was cumming without cumming - difficult to explain, but so awesome!Hang grabbed hold of my wife's head - pulling her mouth of his cock, grabbed her around the waist and pushed her onto the floor. Her knees lifted, her pussy was wide open, wet, glistening, pussy heaven.....He got on his knees between her legs, his huge monster pointing right at my wife's pussy. She lifted her hips, inviting that amazing piece of meat into her pussy. For a moment I could not fathom how she was going to be able to get such a monster into her pussy, but then I saw the most erotic, wonderful, awesome happening I ever saw.............His cockhead touching her pussy, her lips slipping around his monster, his head moving into her wetness, and then with a sudden push, all 9 inches disappearing into her awesome welcoming pussy. She let out a scream of delight and her legs curled around his body. She started shuddering immediately, and the sound of his cock slipping in and out of my wife's pussy drove me wild.I was watching in an awe-inspired fixation of the wondrous site. The sounds, moans, and my wife's pussy leaking pussy juice, wetting the whole floor below them nearly became too much for me.after what seems like ages, with my cock wanting to spurt hot cum, i saw his butthole started clenching and I knew he was about to shoot his hot cum deep inside my wife's wet hole.His moans grew harder, my wife's legs, clenched around his back, ensured that his cock remained deep inside her, and then with a loud grunt he started cumming. My wife screamed in orgasm, I saw the veins on his cock bulging and releasing as he pumped his hot cum deep inside my wife's pussy. He came with such a force, and such a volume that his cum started overflowing from my wife's pussy, between her butt-crack. Slowly their spasms started residing, and he laid on top of her for a while afterwards. Both of the turned at looked at me. I have never seen such a look on my wife's face. It was clear that she thoroughly enjoyed Hank fucking and cumming in her. Hank had a grin of delight on his face when he looked at me, and then he said: "Mr Hubby, now it is your turn to cum in this cum-filled pussy....". With that he roled off my wife. She looked at me, opened her arms and legs wide. Cum was oozing out of her fabulous pussy. I have never seen such a lot of cum in one pussy from one man, and I realised I was about to enter heaven.I needed no more invitation. My cock strained for release. The smell of hot sex filled the room. i walked towards my wife, my cock proudly erect (Not as huge as Hank's but man - ready to please).As I lied down on top of her she looked at me whispering "I love you my hubby.......I do not want you to make love to me, just fuck me and cum". This was the last straw....My cock slipped into her pussy, filled with her juices and Hank's warm cum. I was in heaven!!! within 20 seconds I started cumming. Never in my life have I experienced such an intense load as right now. Stream after stream of cum shot out of my cock - further filling her pussy, mixing with her juices and Hank's cum.As me orgasm subsided I fell on her - exhausted, looking up at Hank, seeing him smiling. "Now - I suppose that was what you always wanted to see and experience?" he said. I just nodded my head, too scared to speak, as I was scared I would not be able to utter a word.I felt my wife's hands on my shoulder, and as I looked back at her, my cock still inside her pussy, she smiled the most loving of smiles, and said something I never thought possible..."My hubby, be my cuck and clean my pussy." With that she pushed down on my shoulders, my cock slipped out of her pussy, and I moved down between her legs, my head replacing my cock. I saw her pussy. I smelt the wonderful scent of pussy juice and cum. Then - without hesitation, my mouth opened, and I took her whole pussy in my mouth and started to suck. Glob after glob of cum and juice entered into my mouth, and I swallowed and swallowed. The taste of her pussy, with Hank and my cum mixed was absolutely out-of-this-world fantastic. My tongue slipped below her pussy, licking her asshole clean of cum, below her butt, licking up all cum that dripped on the floor. Never in my life have I tasted what I tasted. My cock started getting erect, my wife started breathing harder, and then I had the surprise of my life. Huge hands wrapped around my waste, pulling my butt up into the air. My wife started giggling and then as I felt Hank's cock touching my asshole, he said, "I am now going to fuck your beautiful asshole until you cum on your wife's body......"SO - That will be the second part of my story............................................. ...................
09-11-2021, at 10:44 AM

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