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FunAtBeach, you know I like to have fun in the beach. But now I tell how much fun!! Hope you not get upset for me not say before to you.I and my cyberlover decided to meet in Boracay. He is lawyer in US and his name is Joseph and he looks gorgeous at his early?s 50 based on webcam. You see him on cam and know we like sex together on cam. We had not yet seen each other in person. He had a lot of fantasy in bed which made me surprise as I did not have any idea about his fantasy. I was really curious to try his fantasy like a golden shower and let him tie me to bed, and he would be my teacher. You know I am 36 now and was virgin so long; now I want try more. We decided to meet about 3rd week of April which I was not busy with work cuz the auditing tax season was over and he had client in Philippines to see. We were so eager to meet it make me so horny. One night when you were fucking me I imagine Joseph fucking me and turn me on more. But I not tell you then cuz I wanted some privacy even since we tell each other what we do..He sent me ticket and I tell you my company has conference for three days. I fly to Borocay and check into hotel early evening. I was so nervous think the clerk would have bad ideas about me. Room was nice, I had good dinner and walk around beach and then go back to room and play myself and cum lots as imagine Joseph on next night. In morning then I was lying on the beach chair and let the sun warm my skin. It was early in morning which the sun shine felt so good on my skin. I wore 2 piece which made me feel sexy. My navel ring could be seen which enhance my body?s view. I felt so sexy while waiting for Joseph. I was imagining that Joseph was there with me but unfortunately he would come at night as he was going to meet a client in Manila first. I just told him where I was gonna stay so he could come directly into my room.I was thinking of him while lying on the beach chair. I felt so sexy thinking of his sexy lips and how they would make me feel, and of his cock and his naughty ideas. Hmmm..I wish he was here now. My place was not crowded yet so I could caress my body. Ahhh?so sexy to feel and I moaned a little bit as I was thinking sucking his cock and he was licking my pussy. I was that in gesture when I opened my eyes and shocked that there was a guy in front of me who had been smiling and looking at me probably. I was totally embarrassed and I just gave him a naughty smile which gave him enough courage to approach me. He said ?You seem having fun here, I really enjoy watching you, feel sexy huh??. I smiled and said ?Yes, I feel nice as the weather is really good..nice sunshine and thinking of my bf how I wish he is here now??He said ? are alone and I think you need a company?..He sat beside my beach chair.He introduced hisself and said that he was on vacation too and would leave tomorrow early in the morning after he here a few days. I looked at him and he is so gorgeous and looks yummy. He wear shorts and open shirt show his hairy chest and belly. He taller than you couple inches but chubbier and Caucasian. I like that. I asked him ?Do you have a company?? ..?I don?t have and I think I have now ? then he smiled at me. He noticed my navel ring and said ?Nice belly?nice ring?..?I say, ?I have just got it and the pain is still there.??Very sexy??Then I touched my navel ring ?yeah I feel so sexy with this ring?. I noticed that his crotch was growing bigger and I think his cock get hard hard and he looked lusty. I wanted to pull him down to my belly and let him lick around my navel ring but I?m embarrassed. Think about Joseph already make me horny. I could not stop my sexy feeling.He approached me and touched my hair . ?I like your hair, do you like some nice massage??.. I was so turn on when I felt his skin on my skin. I said ?Hmmm I love massage?.. He massage me immediately..He started my head..down to my neck..going down and down. His palms felt nice and warm.My pussy was getting wet and he could feel my skin was really warm. ?It seems you feel good at my massage?. He sounded so sexy now. I looked at him and I bit my lips. Without any warning he lean down more and kissed me immediately and I grabbed his head and kiss back, and his hand was in my belly doing some circle massage.He was so terribly horny. I could feel his breath. ?It is already hot here and getting crowded?. He whispered into my ear and said ?I do not want to be in news, can you come to my room?? and I said ?oh, I not sure?. But okay, yes!?. We walked together and his arms around my waistline and he did something to turn me on more. So I touched his crotch in a simple way. ?Oh, he is really awake!?..He laughed and hug me.His room was just beside my room. I told him ?Oh I?m your neighbor?..He said ?good?!When we were in the room, we kissed so deeply and he was so good at kissing. We both use tongues. OMG I was turn on now. I removed his short and see his cock hard now. I wanna taste it, and kneel down and licked up and down on his cock, He was so hard. I liked the shape of his cock head. He moved his body and I know what he want. I open my lips and sucked his cock. Wow!! wow !! His cock is thick and average length?You know I like thick but not so long. He sat down on the bed while I was kneeling down and sucking his wonderful cock. He push it deep to my throat fill my mouth. Oh, wow, I love it. I looked at him sexy while sucking his cock?.ahhhhh we moaned together. My pussy was totally wet. He removed my bathing suit top while I was sucking him. I stroked his cock using my tonque?He lead me to lie down on bed and sucked my nipples ?. so wonderful. ?Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dear you do a good job." I grabbed his cock and aimed it into my mouth. He tapped my face with his cock. He was at the top of my head fucking my mouth. I pinch his nipples and they hard. We looked at each other?ahhh. ?I feel so great? he said. I licked his balls, nibble it and use my wet finger at his asshole gentle. He moaned deeply and push his cock deep my throat. I remove my suit bottom to be naked. I want him to see me, and I happy with trim hair around my pussy. We did 69 after few minutes as he wanted to suck my pussy. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?. He have talented tongue and use it on my clit. I love it. I can suck his cock and balls by that position.His ass moved up and down as he fucked my mouth. After many minutes, I told him to lie down as I?m gonna fucked him thru my pussy. He said, ?wait, first need put on this condom.? He opened the package and I hold his cock and help slip the condom onto his wet cock. I never do that before and it was turn on to hold his cock and insert it into condom. He was so stiff and hard?. Then I had to squat and made my pussy wider as he has a thick cock. His fingers played my pussy. ?oh , you so wet, you want my dick honey?? I slided it slowly until got it in all Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love it!!. I moved my hips up and down..1..2..3 slow slow..then fast fuck it!!! I shaked my ass which made him moan deeply. ?Oh baby, that is good!!!? he shouted. He held my hips and helped me to move up and down. He looked at me while I was bouncing my body into his hard cock. He grabbed my nipples and I lied down toward him so he could suck it while I was fucking him hard?He held my waistline while my breast on his chest. He held me firm and fucked me so deeply. He pressed his nails on my skin while my other hand reaching his balls and caressed it.We decided to stand up and looked at the window while he was fucking behind me. My hands were holding at the window. I could not do anything but to moan. He held my waistline and pulled and pushed it into his cock. I was really sweating because the sun shined on our body. I said ?I need cold water?. He removed his cock and got some cold water. We drank together and he sucked my pussy with cold water in his mouth and he drank with my juice. So fucking sexy!!!! He sucked my breast again to make me wet at the same time fucking me. I knelt down and sucked his cock. He tapped his cock on my face teasing my mouth. He was in front of the window? I hid now as I was in front of his cock. He said ?Oh there are couples looking at me, wondering what I?m doing?. It excite me to imagine someone seeing us..He took me up and he sat down on the chair behind the door. We kiss more again, He was sucking my breast while his cock inside my pussy?ahhhhhhh I have difficult to move as my feet could not reach the floor. What he did was he lifted me up and down so his cock go in and out, deep and harder. He was strong enough for his age at early 50?s.He took me on bed as I say I want him to cum on my breast?.I lied down and hold his cock and take off the condom. Now waiting for his cum. I told him to shoot some into my mouth cuz I wanted to see it spurt and taste it too. He got on top to face fuck me again. My hands on his ass pulling him and slapped too. He pull his dick out so I watch.After few minutes, his hands playing his cock so fast and moaned loud ?Babe, I?m cummminggggggggggggg!!!!!! Ahhhhh ? oh baby?..? Then he spurt some into my mouth then onto my breasts. Wow!!! He cum a lot?. I love it, to taste and feel and smell his cum and know he share it to me. He lied down beside of me to rest. I hold his cock soft but not all way soft. He wrapped his hands around my body and kissed me and said ?Amazing..thank you!!??..I said ?I have fun?it is a wonderful fun. You are good for me??. I think we will fuck more again. Oh, I so horny now. To continue this story what will I do when Joseph comes as our room is next to this guy?s room. He is leaving early in the morning and jOSEPh will come tonight.
09-11-2021, at 10:44 AM

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