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Singles Party Fuck

Post #1

Singles Party FuckAdrian chatted me up at the singles party. We did a couple of dances and then we went to a dark corner where he slowly ran his hand up my leg under my dress and rubbed his fingers over my cunt-mound. He deftly pulled my panty to one side and slipped his fingers into my now soaking wet cunt. I was on heat and I whispered to him I needed his cock fucking me. We quietly slipped out the front door and went to his car. Sitting in the front seat he leaned over and as he kissed me he put his hand into my blouse past my bra and started to maul my tits hard and rough. After groping my tits and cunt for a few minutes, he started the car and drove me to his house up at Kurrajong Heights. He made me a cup of coffee then as I was drinking it he took off my top and unzipped my skirt. He slid my panties down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. Next was my bra till I stood in front of him completely naked, exposed and ready to be fucked. I was so horny my cunt was dripping wet. As I lay on the floor, he stripped and climbed between my wide spread legs, and with one hard deep thrust, rammed his rock-hard cock deep into my waiting pussy. I felt the bulbous helmet-head hit my cervix and I started cumming immediately. I was a slut on heat, needing to be fucked and used in the filthiest ways possible.As he rammed his cock deep into me I was yelling at him to ?fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck my cunt with your cock, I am a slut, your slut, fuck me now, push your cock into my cunt, fuck me, I?m your slut?. He pulled his cock out of my sloppy wet cunt and moved up till his cock was at my mouth, I opened wide and he plunged his cock between my waiting lips. He stopped, groaned and started to jerk as he spurted string after fat string of warm, wet cum into me. I love guys cumming in my mouth and I swallowed every drop. He rested for a bit and when his cock got hard again, he rammed his cock deep into my wet, squelching cunt for a few minutes then pulled out and turned me over onto my knees, my saggy tits hanging lewdly under me. He got behind me and slowly rubbed his cock over my wet pussy to get it lubed from our fucking. He pushed it up to my asshole and put some pressure until his cockhead plopped through my sphincter and then he slowly buried his hard fat cock into my ass. He started to move faster, fucking my ass deeper and deeper with each thrust. I lowered my chest onto the floor so my nipples were being rubbed by the rough texture of the carpet, and to give him deeper access to my ass. I could feel his cockhead pushing past my sphincter, and the pain each time he pushed into my ass. Pain turned to pleasure! Suddenly I felt several huge orgasms rip through me. I am a cum slut and I love it. My whole body was shaking so hard from my orgasm and my clit was tingling like it had been shocked with a cattle prod. His cock felt so large in my ass, and then he pumped a huge load of cum into me. I felt his cock pulsing as the cum jetted into my slut-whores? ass, pushing me into another orgasm. He pulled out and I heard the plop as his cock fell out of my fucked ass. I heard a muffled noise and as I looked up, several naked guys came into the room. I didn?t care if they saw me naked and being ass-fucked, I was so horny and in need of cock. One of the guys got on his knees behind me and put his cock up to my puckered asshole and slowly pushed forward until his cockhead plopped into my ass past my relaxed sphincter. I was being ass-fucked again. His cock was being lubed by Adrian?s cum, and it felt so sexy as the cum was squelched out of my ass and dribbled over my cunt and clit, only to pool on the floor underneath me.?She is an ass slut this one? he said as he rammed deep in my ass. ?The slut loves cock fucking her ass?Adrian told me later that he had called them from the party and arranged for them to be at his place in Kurrajong so they could gangbang me. I didn't care. I was as horny as hell and wanted cock. Lots of cock fucking my ass, cunt and mouth. From then on so many cocks were shoved into my ass, mouth and cunt I lost count of how many cocks used me or how many orgasms I had. I was fucked into me and by the morning I had cum all over my face, hair, and tits and it was dribbling out of my cunt and ass.I told them all I wanted it again as soon as possible, so they made some more calls and about an hour later more guys began arriving, stripping off and fucking my well used wet, cum-filled cunt and ass.They must have been calling a lot of guys cos there was a steady line of cocks waiting to fuck me. In ones and twos they used all my fuck-holes.We had a break for a bit cos I needed more coffee, and a rest from cock in my cunt and ass. As we were sitting there all of us naked, several guys were playing with my floppy tits and fingering my cum-soaked cunt. We chatted and they asked if I had k**s. I told them I had three daughters that all loved to fuck as much as I do. They asked if they would like to be fucked too. I told them, yes I think they would love a Sunday gangbang. A couple of guys asked where they were and I told them at my home in Lithgow. It didn't take them long to ask my address and they both quickly dressed left to get them. After they left to pick-up my daughters I called the sluts on my mobile and told them some guys were on their way to pick them up so they could be gangbanged too, and to get their cunts ready for some hard, serious fucking. About an hour or so later, the girls walked into the lounge. They were all in various stages of undress, and it didn?t take but a minute or two and the guys had surrounded them and they were naked. They were the new fuck-meat. Their tits, cunts and asses for the cocks? use and enjoyment. And they would soon be full of cocks and cum.Cassie was already a mom with 2 black babies, and had full 38d tits that had fed two babies and innumerable men. She was a little thick in the waist but her hips were wide and accommodating to any cock. She had a big-lipped fat cunt that was topped with a nice fat clit and trimmed pussy-lips. She loved nothing better than to be gangbanged by as many cocks as possible. (The most she had been fucked by at one gangbang session was 47. But they had all fucked her at least twice each, maybe more.) Preferably big black ones. Black ones that had big full balls of cum. Big black cocks that she eagerly opened her legs and cunt to as they filled her welcoming cunt. She had participated in a lot of black-cock-only gangbangs where she had been fucked by dozens of nigger cocks. Eagerly sucking and fucking great quantities of nigger cum as her hubby watched her being a black-cock fuckslut.Cathy is a good-looking slut-fuck. Nice full 36DD tits with big nipples, wide hips and a puffy shaved cunt. A cunt that loves having cocks and cum inside it. Black cocks. With full black balls. The slut Cathy had worked on cruise-ships in the Caribbean for 3 years as a hairdresser and had fucked a lot of Jamaican and mulatto cocks. She loved black, nigger or brown cock fucking her cunt and ass and pumping her full of cum. She was insatiable. She went to the bars onboard where the black staff gathered, and would chat-up her prospective fucks. She never wore her panties and would let them get their black fingers over and into her sopping wet pussy. She would kneel in front of and suck their cocks till they pumped cum all over her face as the other guys would cheer the slut on. They would then take the slut back to their cabins and mercilessly fuck her over and over with their black cocks, leaving her a ravaged bit of fuck-meat. She got pregnant several times, having a black baby growing in her womb; but she aborted them all as soon as she found out.Rachel was the youngest of the sisters but was by no means lacking in sex appeal. She too had a nice pair of tits and was slim waisted with a very sexy hip shape that screamed ?come fuck me?. She had been fucking and sucking cock since 13 and loved nothing more than having cocks in her very accommodating mouth, ass and cunt. Her first fuck was a big 8 inches that left her cunt bloody and broken in. And full of cum. She fucked him every night for 2 months after he had ravished her little cunt and stretched her wide to accommodate his cock. She even fucked some of his mates he brought to her one night. She loved being a young cum slut.The three slut-sisters were laid on the floor, their legs were pushed open and a cock was shoved into each of their cunts. As they felt the cock-meat sliding into their gaping cunt-holes they raised their legs and brought them back to open up their cuntal regions to the pounding cocks. Guys sat at their heads and a cock was shoved into their waiting mouths as others started to maul and squeeze their tits. They were nothing more than fuck meat for the cocks to use for their own pleasure. Cassie was the first slut to cum and as she had an orgasm rip through her loins, her legs were shaking violently from the ecstasy. Her cunt was squirting all over him as he rammed into her cunt hard. Her tits were bouncing lewdly on her chest as the cock fucking her unleashed a huge load of cum up her quaking mommy-cunt. She had just been bred again by the load of cum that had been spurted into her womb up through her cervix, but she wouldn?t find that she was pregnant again from a stranger-fuck for a couple of months. Her cervix was spasming like a suction pump, sucking the cum into her womb to mix with her new batch of fertile eggs. One of the sperm wriggled violently close to one of her eggs and burst through to breed her. The slut now had a fertilised egg deep in her cunt.Then Rachel started to mewl as her orgasm was starting to grow deep in her belly. The guy fucking her started to pound her hard as she was cumming on his cock. She was telling him to ?fuck me hard, fuck me hard, fuck me, fuck me, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck my slutty cunt, fill me with cum.? As the slut was cumming she was shaking from her orgasm, her tits flopping wildly and her arms trying to grab his hips to pull his cock deeper into her cunt so he could pump his cum into her womb. The guy made one last hard lunge into her spasming cunt and stayed still as he pumped his huge load of young cum into her slutty cunt, spraying the opening to her womb with wet, sticky loads of his cum.I was getting so horny watching my three daughters being fucked in front of me. My daughter?s cunts and assholes clearly visible to all in the room. The cum oozing out and running over their puckered assholes. Two guys had their fingers and hands in my cunt area and were rubbing my clit and shoving fingers into my cunt. It was too much and I had another orgasm hearing and watching my daughters being fucked and used as slutty whores right in front of me.Cathy was now being roughly fucked in her cunt and several guys were sitting around her head as they wanked their cocks. Suddenly two of them groaned and jerked as thick wads of cum spurted out all over Cathy?s face, landing in big puddles and ropes of cum on her nose, lips, hair and eyes. She had her fingers up sweeping the cum into her mouth as she greedily sucked her fingers clean of the cum. As they finished cumming they were replaced by more guys wanking till they too blew cum all over Cathy?s face and tits. Cathy was soon a mess of cum all over her. I couldn?t resist it any longer and moved over to Cathy and started to lick and swallow the messy cum off her tits and face. I was in wet-cum heaven. We kissed each other and swapped the cum in our mouths ? snowballing. Then I continued licking and cleaning the cum off my daughter?s face and tits.After all the sluts had been fucked by the first lot of cocks, some of the guys turned the three sluts over and pulled their asses into the air. The girls now had their assholes presented to them all and 3 of the guys got behind each slut and rubbed their cocks in all the cum, then pushed them up to each sluts anal-hole and pushed till they all popped into their anal passage and started to vigorously fuck their sphincter and asshole. All of the girls were pushing back hard as they had their assholes ravaged. They were wincing at the pain of the cocks taking their asses, but it soon turned to pleasure as the cocks were lubed by the cum in the sluts? asses.Several guys had me over by the big picture-window and had me bent over facing the opening as they roughly fucked my ass from behind. I could clearly be seen from the street as they used me. Many cars went by and some slowed down. Some even pulled into the drive and joined the many men there in the process of fucking us. My tits were bouncing and flopping back and forth as I was screwed by many cocks. I looked out the window and watched as cars drove by with the occupants seeing me being fucked. I had so many orgasms from being on display as I was fucked. This behavior continued for hours as they fucked and used me and my daughters as sexual fuck-sluts. We were just four cunts to be used over and over as cum-buckets and receptacles for their sperm. Nothing but cumbuckets.Some of the guys had quietly rummaged through one of the girls? handbag and had found her mobile phone. They looked through the numbers till they found her home number and called it. I don?t know what was said but about 45 minutes later all three of the sluts? hubbies turned up at the house.They were quietly lead into a dark corner of the big lounge-room where they could see their slut-wives being fucked in all manner of ways. They said nothing, but all took out their cocks and started to wank to the sight of their wives being used and fucked so lewdly and openly. The rest of the guys shielded the husbands from being seen by the sluts. For over an hour as their sluts actively encouraged the men to fuck them in all manner of ways, they watched their slut-wives being fuck-whores, taking cocks in all their holes. Watched as their wives were totally and wanton sluts for cock. Watched as cock after cock was shoved either in a cunt, mouth or ass. Watched as gallons of other men?s cum was filling their slut-whore wives? cunts asses or mouths.Cassie is always very vocal and she was telling the cocks to ?fuck me hard? and ?fuck me deeper? etc.Cassie taking two black cocks in her ass at the same time, stretching her ass wide: Cathy letting them shove huge dildoes in her cunt as she squirmed and orgasmed on them: Rachel getting the guys to bukake her face and tits. My daughters were being sluts and whores for the men, and looking at the state of their hubby?s cocks, their hubbies were enjoying it. I never knew that the boys loved seeing their slut fuck wives, my daughters, being fucked by stranger cock. Getting their cunts and asses full of cum and cock. I made a mental note that we would have to have a family fuck soon.Several of the guys formed a circle around me as I knelt on the floor and they started to wank their cocks as I took two cocks in my hands. I knew what they wanted of me; I had done it many times before. They wanted to bukake my face and tits. Cum all over me, cum running down my face, dripping onto my tits and pooling in between my legs, making me a cum-slut. I hoped they would spurt their warm wet cum into my mouth as well so I opened my mouth and several spurts of cum coated my teeth and tongue with their man-juices. I swallowed it all. I love eating and swallowing guys cum. All my boyfriends and my hubbies had all had their cocks sucked by me till they dumped huge loads of warm wet cum in my mouth to swallow. I am a cumslut.
09-11-2021, at 10:44 AM

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